1. Visit Ahab at Ahab's Prefab Sea Crab Center (Seaweed Street)
  2. Visit Claggart at Claggart's Clever Clovis Closet (Lighthouse Lane)
  3. Visit Mrs. Starch at Wet Suit Dry Cleaners (Barnacle Boulevard)
  4. Return to Ahab.
  5. Visit Admiral Hook at Hook's Clock Repair (Barnacle Boulevard)
  6. Give Admiral Hook 3 Squirt Gun gags.
  7. Return to Ahab.
  8. Visit Rocky Shores at the Able-Bodied Gym (Seaweed Street)
  9. Defeat:
    1. 4 Cashbots in Donald's Dock, or
    2. 6 Bossbots in Donald's Dock, or
    3. 2 Sellbots in Donald's Dock
  10. Return to Ahab.
  11. Defeat a 2+ story Cog building in Donald's Dock.
  12. Return to Ahab.

Reward: Final gag training (based on player's choice of Lure or Drop)

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