Donald's Dock
Basic information
Treasure: Starfish
Population: 97 Toons
Number of buildings: 69
Connects to
Lighthouse LaneWalrus Way, The Brrrgh
Barnacle BoulevardPunchline Place, Toontown Central
Seaweed StreetMaple Street, Daisy Gardens
Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres
Cog information
Minimum level: 2
Maximum level: 6
Maximum building stories: 4 floors
Data is by normal gameplay.
Donald's Dock Over

Donald's Dock, commonly abbreviated as DDock or even more commonly abbreviated as DD, is a seaside-themed neighborhood east of Toontown Central. It is connected to Daisy Gardens, The Brrrgh, Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres, and Toontown Central. It is the second playground that Toons work in. Once the quest line here is completed, Toons can move on to Daisy Gardens.

While Donald's Dock may be the second playground, the Cog level has been increased to six, allowing any Cog that isn't building-exclusive to appear on the streets that allow it. Level six Cogs become a common level in every playground succeeding Donald's Dock.

When a Toon finishes a C.E.O. they are automatically sent to Donald's Dock.


Donald's Dock is designed to look like a sailor's dock:

  • Thick fog and salty sea air are present to give more of a sea-side feeling. 
  • The Toon HQs in this neighborhood resemble small boats with sailor hats on them. These, unlike all other Toon HQs, can only be found on the water.
  • The treasure in this neighborhood is a starfish, which can only be found in the Playground's water.
    • The starfish treasures heal 10 laff points each.
  • There is a lighthouse on Lighthouse Lane.
  • Seagulls can be heard in the background of the playground music.
  • It includes a rideable boat which stops at two docks.
    • When the boat arrives, the ramps to the boat lift out of the water. When the boat leaves, they go back down.
    • Donald Duck used to pilot this boat in Toontown Online, but he was removed in Toontown Rewritten due to copyright reasons.



Donald's Dock has three streets:

Streets main purposes are to house buildings and connect neighborhoods, as well as providing a place to battle the Cogs.


  • The boat in Donald's Dock is named the Miss Daisy. It is named for Daisy Duck and even sports a figurehead in her likeness.
    • The boat does not have any NPC Toon driving it. This is different from its original appearance, as it was driven by Donald Duck in Toontown Online. This is probably because the Disney characters were removed from the playgrounds to avoid copyright issues.
    • Despite this though, the game Match Minnie is still used, and still uses Minnie Mouse. The signs which point to the various playgrounds have the Disney characters' pictures on them as well.
  • Punchline Place, the Donald's Dock playground, and Barnacle Boulevard were released in November 16, 2013.[1]
  • The starfish migrated to Donald's Dock on November 17, 2013.[2]
  • It is one of the two playgrounds owned by Donald Duck, the other being Donald's Dreamland. In a blog post[3] by Sir Max, it was revealed that Donald's Dreamland was originally supposed to be owned by Daffy Duck, but was given to Donald because he ranted about Daffy not even looking like a real duck.
    • Daffy Duck is one of the characters from the cartoon Looney Tunes.
  • On December 16, 2013, Sir Max passed over the imaginary award to Donald's Dock for the first neighborhood completed.[4]
  • On March 20, 2014 the collisions to a fence in Donald's Dock were added.[5]
  • When the boat in Donald's Dock stops, it makes a Foghorn sound.
  • Donald's Dock is the first playground where Cog buildings become much more common whereas in Toontown Central, Cog buildings only appear via Cog summons.


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