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Doctor Surlee
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"By now, you likely know my secret: Toontown Rewritten is my experiment. An experiment that the fate of Toontown as we know it rests upon. I came from a timeline that happened prior to this, a timeline that ended in 2013."
―Doctor Surlee[src]

Doctor Surlee is an NPC monkey Toon who is the director of Loony Labs, and a member of the S.I.L.L.I. (Scientists Interested in Laugh Levels Increasing) team. He can be found in Toon Hall inspecting the Silly Meter with the rest of the Scientoons. Toons may speak to him to grab a ToonTask to obtain a Silly Reader and learn more about the functionality of the Silly Meter.


Activating the time reversal

Doctor Surlee travels back in time to October 26, 1998 to begin "The Rewritten Experiment."

"My name is Gyro Gearloose, and today my story is rewritten."
―Doctor Surlee before being rewritten.[src]

After Doomsday, Gyro Gearloose revisited his personal lab that was transformed into the center of the Cogs' business - Cog Nation. He rewrote himself into becoming a monkey named Doctor Surlee by using The Rewritten Device that he invented in order to hide his identity so that no Toon would find out he created the Cogs, and to travel back in time starting on October 26th of 1998. Activation of the time reversal allowed Doctor Surlee to begin "The Rewritten Experiment." However, by activating the time reversal, unforeseen consequences would soon follow.

Causing unforeseen anomalies

"...October 26th, 1998. That's the day I came back to. The day that, as they say, I threw a gigantic rock into the fabric of time that has caused ripples every month following it."
―Doctor Surlee[src]

A series of anomalies that occurred on the 26th of each month was caused by the imperfections of Doctor Surlee's pocketwatch that was used to activate the time reversal. Ripples would occur on the 26th per month at most, starting with the first ripple that occurred on November 26th in 2013 (2002). Many of the ripples revealed every single blueprint of Doctor Surlee's inventions.

Doctor Surlee would soon be met by two Toons commonly known as "The Two" on April 26, 2014 (2003) for the first time. With every appearance they made, they expressed their significant understanding of the 26th, what it means to be rewritten, and what Doctor Surlee was trying to accomplish. Knowing that he was going to need their help, Doctor Surlee triggered a ripple by creating a blog post announcing the return of on January 25, 2018 (2007), right before the 26th, to pay a visit from "The Two."

"The Two" did in fact appear as Doctor Surlee had hoped for them to. Documents and Research Reports found on proved "The Two" was Doctor Fissionton in the form of both a dog and a cat. For years, Doctor Fissionton teased Doctor Surlee about the anomalies but with good intentions in mind.

A secret unveiled

"I wanted to trigger a ripple in order to lure out the Two... Err, the Fissiontons... But I never expected anything of that magnitude. A tidalwave. I was scared to face the town after the entirety of my secret was unveiled."
―Doctor Surlee when a Toon confronted him with the "Good luck!" SpeedChat phrase.[src]

With all of Toontown, even Flippy, knowing Doctor Surlee's secret ever since LL-TERMINAL26's transmission on, he was afraid to come out of hiding from his personal lab. When Toons sent reports to Loony Labs about a certain fire hydrant on Silly Street trying to spring to life, Doctor Surlee knew he could not pass up on the opportunity to do some research on silliness. Toons were instructed to collect 2,600,000 Silly Particles to help Doctor Surlee with his research. Once all Silly Particles were collected, Doctor Surlee met with Doctor Fissionton inside Toon Hall's secret room.

With the help of Doctor Fissionton and the rest of Loony Labs, Doctor Surlee reconstructed a brand new Silly Meter that would propel Toontown's silliness to new heights that had never been achieved before, in order to put an end to the 26th. After years of hard work from the Scientoons, Doctor Surlee's latest invention was completed and revealed to the public on March 6, 2019 (2008). About a week later on March 13th, the Silly Meter maxed for the first time and ended the anomalies of the 26th.

Trading card

Doctor Surlee
This mysterious monkey and leader of Loony Labs is the greatest genius in Toontown. Portable holes, Laff meters, and even the Trolley itself were all his creations! You'd think that with such wacky ideas he'd be the happiest Toon around, but Doctor Surlee has never so much as cracked a smile. There's a lot of mystery regarding what he's been up to, but everyone knows that Toontown wouldn't be nearly as wacky without him on our side. If you're having trouble finding him, check the date -- for some reason he doesn't come out on the 26th anymore.

Likes: Blueprints, Secret codes, Pocket watches
Dislikes: Mailboxes, Uncertainty


  • Surlee may be a pun on either "surely" or "surly". Despite Joey saying that Surlee's name is a pun on "surely"[1], it is also possible for his name to be a pun on "surly", meaning unfriendly and bad-tempered. While Surlee is not exactly an unfriendly Toon, "surly" does have a similar meaning with other adjectives such as "glum" and "grumpy" which would make sense for someone who does not crack a smile.
    • A "Toon News for the Amused!" page on Loony Labs from Toontown Online stated that Doctor Surlee never cracked a smile. Joey confirmed that this is still true in Toontown Rewritten's storyline.
  • Doctor Surlee is a member of the Toon Council.
  • In a blog post from January 26, 2014, Flippy says that Doctor Surlee is a good friend of his. This was even before Flippy became president of the Toon Council, considering they both met on the day Flippy moved into Toontown.
  • Doctor Surlee played a big role in the Toon Council Presidential Elections.
    • He used the Portability Design to make Slappy's hot air balloon out of small balloon toys.
    • He created the camera bots and the Toon TV that the cameras broadcasted in.
    • During Doomsday, he kept the Toons updated on what the Cogs were doing.
  • Doctor Surlee is the only known Toon Council member to undergo a trial with the Chief Justice.
  • Doctor Surlee created bypasses in the portable hole system that allowed Toons to teleport from certain areas via coordinates and triggers. For a whole day on June 26, 2014, his bypasses were the only way to reach Lawbot Headquarters before the tunnel opened, which stayed active for less than a month.
  • On August 26, 2014, at 2:00 PM PST, Doctor Surlee investigated Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf to see what was making the Silly Meter go off the charts. He found a crowd of Toons gathered in anticipation for something crazy to happen because of the 26th. Doctor Surlee stood in front of the crowd and said "At this point, I'd say we are the 26. A ripple. Just another ripple. Perhaps an anomaly." Some information about Doctor Surlee was collected from his responses to some of the Toons' questions:
    • He is unaware of when his birthday is since he has not celebrated it for so long.
    • He knows Sir Max but does not know a "Joey". Sir Max apparently has a habit of giving Doctor Surlee a headache.
    • "Surlee" is actually his first name since he prefers to go informal.
  • Since Slappy's absence, Doctor Surlee appeared at Tutorial Terrace from 2014 to 2019 during the Twelve Days of Winter to continue the tradition of delivering Polar Bears. He hinted towards "something big" happening, told Toons to train their gags and buff their laff, and said that Slappy would one day be saved.
  • As revealed by Doctor Fissionton on January 26, 2018 from his terminal's transmission, Doctor Surlee's full name is Surlee Gyro Gearloose.



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