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"They do realize that we're two Toons, don't they?
That's only a matter of how you look at it. I'd say we're the same Toon.
Now you're just going to confuse them!
―The Fissiontons[src]

Doctor Fissionton, formerly known as "The Two" or "???", is a Toon who was present in the Toontown Rewritten timeline as an anomaly after being ripped away from time caused by Doctor Surlee's unstable pocketwatch, prompting him to split into two and create an alternate variation of himself as a bright red cat. Mysterious as he is, Doctor Fissionton had good intentions to help Doctor Surlee complete his latest invention that took Toontown to new heights of silliness and ended the 26th. As a Scientoon who became the project lead of C.A.K.E. (Categorizing All Known Energy), Doctor Fissionton researched various types of Silly Particles, with the help of Professor Purrview and Doctor Fumbdound.


Aftermath of Doomsday

It was not until April 26, 2014 (2003) that the Fissiontons made their first appearance as "???" in a blog post on the Toontown Rewritten website to speak to Doctor Surlee while addressing a memo sent by the Chairman regarding the performance of Doomsday that was labeled by the Cogs as a "successful sales pitch". While their identity was at first unknown to the Toontown community, the Fissiontons appeared on the 26th from time to time addressing concerns to the Doctor.

An incoming transmission

On January 26, 2018 (2007), Doctor Fissionton's terminal, LL-TERMINAL26, published a transmission that would lead to a complex ARG on providing many answers as to who he is and how the 26th began. Research Reports and documents written by Doctor Fissionton were found detailing many scenarios that had happened with the C.A.K.E. team and the truth about Doctor Surlee. Toons across Toontown solved the ARG and the very last puzzle offered by the Fissiontons unveiled a still image of them behind a Silly Meter cardboard cutout.

The Final Plan

After reports from Toons were sent to Loony Labs about a certain fire hydrant on Silly Street trying to spring to life, a Silly Particle search occurred where Toons had to collect 2,600,000 Silly Particles while Doctor Surlee focused on analyzing the fire hydrant. Once all Silly Particles were collected, Doctor Surlee met with Doctor Fissionton at a secret room of Toon Hall. Now that Doctor Surlee felt comfortable with all of Toontown knowing his secret, Doctor Fissionton revealed what "The Final Plan" entailed: to help Doctor Surlee construct a brand new Silly Meter.

Maxing of the Silly Meter

"We stood atop its center silo and faced down a giant skeleton horror, which swept away our laff with a mere flick of the wrist. I see that center silo now as a place of hope, as odd as it may sound. It is both the ending and the beginning, a reminder to me that the Cogs can—and will be—beaten by small acts of valiance by regular Toons like you and I. I do hope I get to stand on that center silo again. Time is a funny though... In its light, there's probably an angle in which I am standing on it right now."
―The Fissiontons[src]

Unbeknownst to Doctor Surlee, the Fissiontons mysteriously departed from Toon Hall minutes before the Silly Meter reached its peak for the first time on March 13, 2019. As soon as he noticed that his pocketwatch began to glow, however, Doctor Surlee immediately rushed out of Toon Hall to locate Doctor Fissionton from atop the Center Silo in the Sellbot Factory. Doctor Surlee tried to convince Doctor Fissionton to revisit his lab and try to fix things up, but Doctor Fissionton insisted that the only way to save Toontown would be to write a new timeline rather than attempting to rewrite the old timeline and that they could not continue to exist in a world where their story was never retold. Doctor Fissionton offered a bit of insight to ensure Doctor Surlee realizes that he could not save him but can successfully save Toontown with the other Toons. Right before Doctor Surlee's eyes, the Fissiontons floated in the air and disappeared, causing an eruption of Silly Particles all over Toontown from the severe silliness of their final exit.

Trading card

Series 4
Doctor Fissionton
Doctor Fissionton and his "rewritten" colleague, Doctor Fissionton, know everything there is to know about anomalies in Toontown -- because they are anomalies themselves! By helping Doctor Surlee propel Toontown's silliness to new heights, they began a new chapter in Toontown's timeline and ended all anomalies caused by his pocket watch. While Doctor Fissionton may have "Gone Fission", his actions have set a course to save Toontown.

Likes: C.A.K.E., Puzzles, Being Mysterious
Dislikes: Time Paradoxes, Plot Holes


  • Part of the character of Doctor Fissionton was inspired by "The Lutece Twins" from a game called BioShock Infinite.
  • When Toons met Doctor Fissionton in the Toon Hall for the first time during the Great Silly Particle Search, a special soundtrack played as Toons spoke to them.

MarielofToontown - Fri Oct 26 15:20:22 2018 UTC
I don’t know who the Lutece Twins are, but I love this fan art!
JoeyZio - Fri Oct 26 15:50:48 2018 UTC
They're from a game called BioShock Infinite, which actually had some inspiration on the character of Doctor Fissionton!
MarielofToontown - Fri Oct 26 16:20:27 2018 UTC
TMW you were there for the creation of Doctor Fissionton but didn’t know this fact. This makes the fan art even better though!


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