New districts

Districts are each an identical copy of Toontown. There are, however, minor differences which vary depending on the district; these differences include the number of Toons, Cog Buildings, and Cog Invasions.

Clicking on a district name will provide the number of Toons in that district, and if a Cog Invasion is currently ongoing.

List of districts


These are the current districts remaining.

  • Blam Canyon
  • Boingbury
  • Bounceboro
  • Fizzlefield
  • Gulp Gulch
  • Hiccup Hills
  • Kaboom Cliffs
  • Splashport
  • Splat Summit
  • Thwackville
  • Whoosh Rapids
  • Zoink Falls

Welcome Valley

Main page: Welcome Valley

Welcome Valley is a district that new Toons enter when arriving to Toontown for the first time upon leaving the Toontorial. As Toontown's sub-district, there is more than one Welcome Valley.

SpeedChat only

These districts only allow the use of SpeedChat. A SpeedChat icon is displayed next to their names indicating as such.

  • Boingbury
  • Gulp Gulch
  • Whoosh Rapids

Super Safe Districts

These districts are safe from summoned Cog Invasions, Mega-Invasions, and certain events like the Grand Prix. A message is displayed above the "Teleport Here!" button to indicate what the district is safe from.

  • Blam Canyon
  • Fizzlefield
  • Gulp Gulch


These districts were introduced to the game from time to time but have all been removed or renamed.

  • Acrylic Acres
  • Avant Gardens
  • Baroque Bluffs
  • Blinky Bluffs (renamed to Baroque Bluffs)
  • Bliss Bayou
  • Brush Bay
  • Calligraphy Cliff
  • Colorful Canvas
  • Easel Acres (renamed to Avant Gardens)
  • Eraser Oasis
  • Fortissimo Forest
  • Graphite Gulch
  • Paintbrush Field
  • Pastel Plains
  • Pianissimo Plains (renamed to Pianissimo Plateau)
  • Pigment Point
  • Renaissance River
  • Stencil Steppe
  • Vibrant Valley
  • Watercolor Woods


  • The Toontown Rewritten Team disclosed that Toons will not be allowed to teleport to a friend in a full district, but this rule was withdrawn in Semi-Open Beta.
  • During Alpha, Toontown Rewritten used the district interface from Toontown Online's earlier days, which showed the number of Toons in a district rather than an indicator for quiet, ideal, or full districts.
  • During Alpha, more districts were added for the Toon Council Presidential Elections to avoid players from lagging or crashing. This was done to ensure that Toons could get a chance to experience the event without clogging up certain districts.
  • The amount of Toons that can enter a district was originally 400. This was at one point changed to 500.
    • The amount of Toons it takes to make a district "Ideal" is 300.
  • Avant Gardens may have been a pun on the French word, "Avant-Garde."
  • Vibrant Valley had often intended to be the one of the most populated districts due to the popularity of the Toon Valley district in Toontown Online.
  • Some districts are listed as safe zones from Mega-Invasions.
  • Special districts that only allow the use of SpeedChat were a feature that had already been completed long before the v2.0.0 update released on September 1, 2017, but was cancelled for an unknown reason. This feature ended up making a return.



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