New districts

Districts are each an identical copy of Toontown. There are, however, minor differences which vary depending on the district; these differences include the number of Toons, Cog Buildings, and Cog Invasions.

Clicking on a district name will provide the number of Toons in that district, and if a Cog Invasion is currently ongoing.

List of districts


These are the current districts remaining.

Welcome Valley

Main page: Welcome Valley

Welcome Valley is a district that new Toons enter when arriving to Toontown for the first time upon leaving the Toontorial. It is a Super Safe district, and Cog Buildings and Invasions will not occur ontop of the normal protection. As Toontown's sub-district, there is more than one Welcome Valley. If a Toon leaves Toontown Central while in a Welcome Valley, they will be teleported out of Welcome Valley.

SpeedChat only

These districts only allow the use of SpeedChat. A SpeedChat icon is displayed next to their names indicating as such.

  • Boingbury
  • Gulp Gulch
  • Whoosh Rapids

Super Safe Districts

These districts are safe from summoned Cog Invasions, Mega-Invasions, and certain events like the Grand Prix. A message is displayed above the "Teleport Here!" button to indicate what the district is safe from.


These districts were introduced to the game from time to time but have all been removed or renamed.

  • Acrylic Acres
  • Avant Gardens
  • Baroque Bluffs (Super Safe)
  • Blinky Bluffs (Super Safe) (renamed to Baroque Bluffs)
  • Bliss Bayou (Super Safe)
  • Brush Bay (Super Safe)
  • Calligraphy Cliff
  • Colorful Canvas
  • Easel Acres (renamed to Avant Gardens)
  • Eraser Oasis (Super Safe)
  • Fortissimo Forest
  • Graphite Gulch
  • Paintbrush Field
  • Pastel Plains
  • Pianissimo Plains (Super Safe) (renamed to Pianissimo Plateau)
  • Pianissimo Plateau (Super Safe)
  • Pigment Point (Super Safe)
  • Renaissance River
  • Stencil Steppe (Super Safe)
  • Vibrant Valley (renamed to Thwackville)
  • Watercolor Woods (Super Safe)


  • The Toontown Rewritten Team disclosed that Toons will not be allowed to teleport to a friend in a full district, but this rule was withdrawn in Semi-Open Beta.
  • During Alpha, Toontown Rewritten used the district interface from Toontown Online's earlier days, which showed the number of Toons in a district rather than an indicator for quiet, ideal, or full districts.
  • During Alpha, more districts were added for the Toon Council Presidential Elections to avoid players from lagging or crashing. This was done to ensure that Toons could get a chance to experience the event without clogging up certain districts.
  • The amount of Toons that can enter a district was originally 400. This was at one point changed to 500.
    • The amount of Toons it takes to make a district "Ideal" is 300.
  • Avant Gardens may have been a pun on the French word, "Avant-Garde."
  • Vibrant Valley had often intended to be the one of the most populated districts due to the popularity of the Toon Valley district in Toontown Online.
  • Some districts are listed as safe zones from Mega-Invasions.
  • Special districts that only allow the use of SpeedChat were a feature that had already been completed long before the v2.0.0 update released on September 1, 2017, but was cancelled for an unknown reason. This feature ended up making a return.
  • Through testing, it has been determined that when Toons enter Toontown, they will be placed in the non-full SpeedChat+ district with the most Toons.



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