District Attorney's Clerk New
District Attorney's Clerk
Basic information
Type: Lawbots
Lowest level: 12
Highest level: 12

The District Attorney's Clerk is a level 12 Skelecog found within the District Attorney's Office located in Lawbot Headquarters. He is the boss of said facility, where he is fought alongside three level eleven Cogs, whom could be either Legal Eagles or Big Wigs. The Clerk himself, however, will always be a Big Wig due to his level 12 status.

The room that the District Attorney's Clerk resides in will always be a room containing bookshelves, chairs, and a lamp.

When they are defeated at the end of an office, experience for all used gags and Jury Notices will be given to all players. The maximum amount of Jury Notices earned depends on the office the Toons entered.


  • Each floor in a District Attorney's Office ends with the exact same battle, but only the last floor has the Clerk.
  • The layout of the room that the District Attorney's Clerk resides in is based on the layout of the Oil Room from the Sellbot Factory.
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