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There are two Discord servers that are aimed specifically for Toontown Rewritten. One Discord server is maintained by subreddit moderators of /r/ToontownRewritten, and the second Discord server is the official hub for all things Toontown that is maintained by the Toontown Rewritten Team.


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The /r/ToontownRewritten server is a great way to chat with over thousands of other Toontown players, make new friends, assemble groups for all sorts of activities, share content creations, and much more. Although this server is considered unofficial and has a primary focus on Toontown Rewritten, they also allow off-topic discussions through a specific text channel.

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Toontown Rewritten

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The official Toontown Rewritten server is the main hub for all things Toontown. This server allows players to stay up to date on the latest information for Toontown Rewritten across the game, the Toontown blog, and social media. Players can also submit feedback and bug reports through their respective text channels without having to rely on email.

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