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As the clock continues ticking and time runs by, things may start to become irrelevant within Toontown Rewritten. This page seems to have information on content that had been removed from Toontown.
Director of Ambush Marketing Doomsday
Director of
Ambush Marketing
Basic information
Type: Supervisor
Lowest level: 50
Highest level: 50
Preceded by:

Cogs and Skelecogs

Succeeded by:

The Chairman

"The Chairman won't be happy until you are."
―Director of Ambush Marketing

The Director of Ambush Marketing is large, level 50 Supervisor Skelecog. Sent straight from the Chairman himself, the Director of Ambush Marketing was responsible for exercising ambush marketing with an invasion known as Doomsday, which caused an unexpected interruption during the Toon Council Presidential Elections. While some Toons managed to deal damage with Whole Cream Pies against the Supervisor, he was ultimately defeated by Flippy at the end of the event with a Wedding Cake. With him defeated, Doomsday ended.


The Director of Ambush Marketing has been shown to have a small pool of attacks:

  • Jump: The jump is the Supervisor's main attack. He shouts "ENOUGH!", jumps in the air, and comes slamming down, taking 10 laff points from any Toons on the ground. Unlike the Mover & Shakers' small, visible shock-wave, the Supervisor's attack affects the entire ground.
  • Brain Storm: Unlike jump, Brain Storm targets one Toon, but can deal splash damage. The Supervisor sends out a Storm Cloud that rains words that locks onto a single Toon. Words start falling on the targeted Toon, but can deal damage to any Toons under the cloud. Like the jump attack, it deducts 10 laff points from all Toons that were hit.

Name of origin

"Ambush marketing" is a marketing strategy wherein the advertisers associate themselves with, and therefore capitalize on a particular event without paying any sponsorship fee. However, the name was given to the Supervisor simply because he coordinated Doomsday; "ambush" means to perform a surprise attack.

Trading card

Series 4
Director of Ambush Marketing
When the Cogs needed their initial marketing push on "Doomsday" - the day they invaded - there was no better Cog fit to suit it than the Director of Ambush Marketing, a Supervisor sent straight from the Chairman himself who organized the intricate business ploy against the Toons. Besides, what better way could Ambush Marketing be exercised than with an invasion?

Likes: Free advertising
Dislikes: Toons, Cake mix


  • The Director of Ambush Marketing is the only Cog to ever be level 50 and to be a "Supervisor" type.
  • The Director of Ambush Marketing is the first Cog to mention the Chairman in Toontown Rewritten. He quotes, "The Chairman won't be happy until you are."
    • This makes little sense, because the Cogs' main weapon against the Toons is making them sad. Unless making Toons sad is what makes Cogs happy, as they dance after they defeat all the Toons in a fight, so he could be saying "The Chairman won't be happy until you are not." Alternatively, he could have meant "until you are happy with our offers," as the apparent goal of the invasion was to market the Cogs' way of life to Toontown.
  • Just before he was defeated, the Supervisor said to Flippy, "I hope you won't pull out of the deal like your predecessor." Flippy's "predecessor" was most likely referring to Slappy.
    • The Supervisor also quotes, "Don't worry, he is in safe keeping now," implying that he may be in the Cogs' clutches as of now.
  • If the Director of Ambush Marketing's health follows the regular formula of Cog health, he would hypothetically have 2,652 health points. This means that he requires 61-74 Whole Cream Pies to defeat, depending on their damage value. Although this is unlikely, given the level 12 Cogs do not follow said health point pattern.
  • The Director of Ambush Marketing's body type and color of his tie was originally incorrect: he was the size of a Bottom Feeder with a tie to match at the 2:55:52 mark in the official YouTube livestream of the elections. Later, at the 3:00:50 mark, after the server was taken down to fix this, the Director of Ambush Marketing got his correct body type: a tall thin Skelecog with a build similar to a Loan Shark wearing a green Cashbot tie. This is proven in this video posted by Slate, where he keeps his Loan Shark Skelecog body type and tie color. This can be seen at the 37:19 mark in the video.
    • The event also plays out smoother in Slate's video, showing much more NPC dialogue missing from Toontown Rewritten's official stream from the day before.
  • The Chairman revealed a memo stating that the Cog corporations had a success in ambush marketing with an off-camera sales pitch.
  • During a livestream filmed by Smirky Bumberpop, the Toons managed to defeat the Director of Ambush Marketing before he even got to the election stand, causing this scene to act up as Flippy still threw the pies at what was meant to be where the Cog was standing. This can be seen around the 2:36:07 mark.
  • The fight against the Director of Ambush Marketing is similar to the fight against Jolly Roger in the closed MMORPG, Pirates of the Caribbean Online.


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