Rabbit racing

A runaway Toon seems to have had slipped on a banana peel while racing and caused a bit of a ruckus! Luckily, there is probably some form of edit tool that can clean things up. Remember to avoid plagiarism when editing.

Delighted is part of the collection of animations which can be purchased through the special tab of Clarabelle's Cattlelog. The animation consists of your Toon appearing as though they are trying to display something and the sound that accompanies this is clapping and a loud somewhat ' Da-Dah!' sounding music.


  • Upon crocodiles and deer being added, they did not have special models for their smiles, resulting in them keeping their normal smile.
  • In the official Toontown Rewritten Subreddit Discord server, there is an emote based on a Toon's grin during the animation. It is called :TheGrin:.
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