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|playground = Daisy Gardens
|name = Daisy Gardens Clothing Shop
|image = Daisy Gardens Clothing Shop.png
|npc = [[Bonnie Blossom]]
|street = Playground
|playground = Daisy Gardens
|name = Daisy Gardens Clothing Shop
|image = Clothing Store DG.png
|npc = Bonnie Blossom
|street = Playground}}
'''The''' '''Daisy Gardens Clothing Shop''' is the [[:Category:Clothing Shops|Clothing Shop]] in [[Daisy Gardens]]. [[Toons]] can purchase [[:Category:Clothing|Clothing]] with a [[Clothing Ticket|clothing ticket]] here. The tailor here is [[Bonnie Blossom]].
<gallery position="center" captionalign="center" widths="100">
Shirt 175.png
Shirt 48.png
Shirt 49.png
Shirt 50.png
Shirt 55.png
Shirt 52.png
Shirt 54.png
Shirt 47.png
Shirt 56.png
Shirt 176.png
Shirt 51.png
Shirt 57.png
Shirt 113.png
Shirt 110.png
Shirt 118.png
Shirt 111.png
Shirt 114.png
Shirt 121.png
Shirt 112.png
Shirt 115.png
Shirt 119.png
Shirt 116.png
Shirt 109.png
Shirt 120.png
Shirt 117.png
Shirt 7.png
Shirt 3.png
Shirt 6.png
Shirt 5.png
Shirt 2.png
Shirt 1.png
Shirt 4.png
[[Category:Daisy Gardens]]
[[Category:Daisy Gardens]]

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