Daisy Gardens
Basic information
Treasure: Daisy
Population: 93 Toons
Number of buildings: 64
Connects to
Elm StreetSilly Street, Toontown Central
Maple StreetSeaweed Street, Donald's Dock
Oak StreetSellbot Headquarters
Cog information
Minimum level: 2
Maximum level: 6
Maximum building stories: 4 floors
Data is by normal gameplay.
Daisy Gardens Over

Daisy Gardens, commonly abbreviated as DG, is a flower-filled neighborhood of Toontown located to the southwest of the town. It is connected to Toontown Central, Donald's Dock, and Sellbot Headquarters. It is the third playground that Toons work in. Once the ToonTasks here are completed, Toons move to Minnie's Melodyland.

Daisy Gardens is unique due to being one of two playgrounds where Toons don't train for a new gag track. The only other playground to have this trait is Donald's Dreamland; coincidentally, both playgrounds are owned by ducks.

Daisy Gardens is also notorious for the key tasks that are given out in exchange for teleport access to the neighbourhood; the task requires Toons to get two keys (a fake one and then the real one) from either Legal Eagles or Minglers. Most Toons will choose to obtain them from Minglers, due to their high abundance in the Sellbot Factory, which Toons are required to go through in order to complete Coach Zucchini's task. Legal Eagles, however, can be just as common, either through high level buildings found on Oak Street or Maple Street, and also as a result of any invasions that may occur.


Daisy Gardens is designed to look like a well-kept garden.

  • Bright blue sky.
  • Abundant flowers and trees.
  • Butterflies seen flying around the area.
  • The Toon Headquarters buildings looks like watering cans with pink bowl hats and the buildings on the streets are often named after puns for flowers and gardening, with the streets being named after types of trees.
  • In the playground is shaped like a flower if viewed from above.
  • In the middle of the playground is a maze, where a giant daisy located in the middle of the maze is constantly spinning, rising and descending while doing so.
  • The treasures of this playground are daisies, the type of flower that the playground is named after.
  • Daisy Duck used to roam the playground in Toontown Online, but she was removed from Toontown Rewritten to avoid copyright issues.



Daisy Gardens has three streets:

The streets' main purposes are to house buildings and connect neighborhoods, as well as providing a place to battle the Cogs. In Daisy Gardens' case, this also provides access to Sellbot Headquarters.


  • Before Toontown Rewritten was released publicly, Daisy Gardens is where Toons could obtain Beta Key ToonTasks
  • Daisy Gardens was the last playground in the ToonTask order to be released in one of the early Beta versions of Toontown Rewritten.
  • In Toontown Online, Goofy used to walk around Daisy Gardens until he was replaced by Daisy Duck.
  • Daisy Gardens is the only playground where the street names do not include alliteration.
    • In addition, each of the streets are named for a different type of tree.
  • Daisy Gardens' shops used to lack a unique theme and would simply reuse the street theme. This was changed when a new theme called "Daffodils and Daisies" was implemented on July 1, 2016.


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