CFO craning

Cranes are tools used in the Chief Financial Officer boss battle where up to four Toons may step onto a podium in order to operate a crane. They are used to throw goons or safes at the C.F.O. to deal a certain amount of damage. Toons can throw goons at the C.F.O. at any given moment; however, throwing a safe is only needed when the C.F.O. has been stunned by a goon, or when the C.F.O. is using his Safety Helmet, which throwing another safe will remove the safe off of the C.F.O.'s head. To stop operating a crane, simply click the "Leave Crane" button on the bottom right corner or press the "ESC" key.

Effectively using a crane

Cranes require a certain skill to use, one that is developed over time. In a Toon's first few C.F.O. runs, it is generally not a good idea to immediately grab a crane, especially if there are Toons with a Money Bags, Loan Shark, or Robber Baron disguise in the respective boarding group. This is because the boarding group is likely to have a few Toons who are highly experienced at handling the cranes. When the time is right, below are some important pointers to remember. Old Toontown veteran players who are returning after an extended break may want to review this section in order to refresh themselves with how to use the cranes.

  • Remember that the crane operates on momentum, meaning the more it is used, the more it swings around. This can be an issue for those who are beginning to crane, but eventually Toons will adjust to the experience.
  • The ideal method for picking up goons and safes is to move the crane in the direction of whatever the Toon wants to grab, and press and hold the "CTRL" key when the crane moves over it. This will usually pick up whatever it is your trying to grab. Do not lightly tap the "CTRL" key, as this will cause the magnet of the crane to drop the object.
  • Once the Toon has a goon or safe attached to the magnet of their crane, position the crane back in the middle of the screen, and make sure it is perfectly lined up with the C.F.O.. Players can use their Toon at the bottom of the screen as a guide. If the crane is not lined up correctly with the C.F.O., there is a risk of unsuccessfully hitting the C.F.O. with a safe or goon.
  • When the crane has come to a stop, rhythmically press the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys on the keyboard. The ideal method is to wait a full second in-between key presses, thus building momentum with the crane. When enough momentum is built up (usually after four key presses), let go of the "CTRL" key as the object is nearing the peek of its swing. This will send the object flying directly towards the C.F.O. to damage him.
    • The Toon can choose to pick up up a safe and throw it to another Toon. This is optional if the Toon wants to throw a safe at the C.F.O. when he is stunned but there are no safes nearby for them to use. Therefore, it is wise for the player to move the crane as close to their screen as possible, and then send the safe to the other Toon.
    • In the event that there are too many goons within the battle arena, the Toon can grab a safe and drop it on large crowds of goons to destroy all of them at once. The Toon can also drop a safe in front of the C.F.O.'s hatches to prevent new goons from exiting out of that hatch, causing goons to immediately explode.
  • Release the arrow keys and wait for the crane to come to a complete halt if the crane is swinging around too rapidly for the Toon to control it.

Remember that the Toon is vulnerable to attack from both the C.F.O. himself and the goons while operating a crane.


  • Ironically, the cranes behave more like wrecking balls in real life, swinging back and forth to build up momentum.
  • The magnet the crane uses is the same as the Small Magnet but larger in size.
  • There is no way of practicing how to operate a crane outside of the C.F.O. boss battle itself. This is often suggested by the Toontown community from time to time, and whether Toontown Rewritten plans to move forward with implementing such a feature is unknown.
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