"It was all slapstick and seltzer in Toontown until robot businessmen invaded the town to create their own corporations and put an end to all fun. Luckily -- they can't take a joke!"
Toontown Rewritten

Cogs are the main antagonists of Toontown Rewritten. They are evil business robots with the objective to convert Toontown into a dark corporate land. Their corporate ladders comprise of eight Cogs each, with a total of 32 different Cogs with levels normally varying from level 1 to 12, as well as a boss from each ladder. Cogs use a set of attacks to sadden the wacky, cheerful Toons into losing all their laff points; stronger Cogs tend to have higher health and stronger attacks.

In the Toontorial, Tutorial Tom states that the Cogs cannot take a joke. To affect the Cogs, Toons use a variety of jokes called gags to battle them.

The Cogs made their first canonical appearance as antagonists at the Toon Council Presidential Elections, transforming the event into Doomsday when unleashing an ambush marketing invasion. Before they were antagonists, their first appearance was in particular Trolley games where they would provide friendly competition. After the defeat of Doomsday, the Cogs now roam the streets of Toontown, taking over Toon Buildings by dropping Cog Buildings on top of them.


The Cogs were first known as "Trolley-bots" that would appear in various Trolley games to compete against participating Toons. On March 26, 2014, the Trolley-bots were recalled when Doctor Surlee accidentally left them in debug mode. Toons would receive a single whisper of a secret message from playing Trolley games involving the Trolley-bots that offered unusual information; i.e. "DS-Debug1: Serial Suit #0045 Method". This was the first in-game ARG that players had to gather and solve, which is documented in "Call Log".

The Toon Council Presidential Elections was the day the Cogs first started invading Toontown. A level three Yesman, the first Cog to appear in Toontown (outside of Trolley games), made Slappy go sad. Later during the event, more Cogs led by the Director of Ambush Marketing arrived. Eventually, all the invading Cogs were defeated by Flippy and the rest of the Toons.

After the Cogs invaded the Toon Council Presidential Elections at Toontown Central, Toontown was completely in peril, so it was up to the Toons to fight against the Cogs to keep Toontown safe and full of happy laughter. To this day, Toons still fight off against the Cogs to protect Toontown from their latest schemes.

The Cogs

HD cog emblems

Sellbots Cashbots Lawbots Bossbots
Cold Caller Short Change Bottom Feeder Flunky
Telemarketer Penny Pincher Bloodsucker Pencil Pusher
Name Dropper Tightwad Double Talker Yesman
Glad Hander Bean Counter Ambulance Chaser Micromanager
Mover & Shaker Number Cruncher Back Stabber Downsizer
Two-Face Money Bags Spin Doctor Head Hunter
The Mingler Loan Shark Legal Eagle Corporate Raider
Mr. Hollywood Robber Baron Big Wig The Big Cheese
Vice President Chief Financial Officer Chief Justice Chief Executive Officer

Cog Invasion

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An invasion happens when a specific type of Cog from any of the four corporate ladders take over a certain district. They can happen at any time in any district. During this time, no other Cog, except the invading Cog, are roaming the streets and Cog Buildings. Skill points are doubled if a gag is successfully used.

In some cases, the Cogs will go above and beyond to launch full-scaled Mega-Invasions. Whenever a Mega-Invasion occurs, the invading Cog will take over most districts, but only a few will remain as "safe zones".

Cog Buildings

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The Cogs have their very own type of buildings that are being dropped onto Toon Buildings in order to turn Toontown into a corporate skyscraper. Toons can revert a Cog Building back into a Toon Building by defeating all the Cogs inside the building. If a group of Toons successfully defeat the Cog Building, their names and faces will be shown as portraits on the wall inside the building. If a Toon can capture enough of these buildings without them being reproduced by the Cogs, the Toon may earn a star over their head.

The number of floors in a Cog Building can be up to five floors. When a Cog walks into a Toon Building, that means a Cog Building will take its place. A Toon who attempts to enter the Toon Building along with the Cog will be forced to exit out. The type of Cog Buildings vary from the Cogs' corporate ladder: Sellbot, Cashbot, Lawbot, and Bossbot.

Cog HQs

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The four branches of Cogs each have their own respective headquarters. Thanks to Lord Lowden Clear along with assistance from certain members of the Toon Resistance and many Toons across Toontown, the location of each Cog headquarters had been pinpointed:


Cog grunt
COG VO murmur
COG VO question
COG VO statement


  • The Cogs are referred to as "The Suits" in the game's phase files and source code.
  • In Toontown Online's "Toon News... for the Amused!", all Cogs were said to have weaknesses to certain gags. In battle, however, all gags work the same against all Cogs, and said weaknesses were most likely just for comedic purposes.
  • Doctor Surlee, an alias of Gyro Gearloose, invented the Cogs.
  • A Cog's maximum health can be determined by using a specific formula, where x is the Cog's level. However, this does not work for level 12 Cogs since they have an additional +10% health boost.
  • In street battles, when a Cog defeats a Toon and there are no more Toons left in the battle, they will taunt by dancing and then fly away.
  • There are three Cog body types: thick (fat), thin, and muscular (broad chested). This is applied both for ordinary Cogs and for Skelecogs.
    • Fat Cogs are mostly Cogs at the bottom of the corporate ladder.
    • The Cogs at the top of the corporate ladder mostly have the muscular (broad chested) body.
    • The only body type that has a unique move is the thin body, and that is shaking the ground.

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