Cog Facilities are special areas within each one of the four Cog Headquarters, dedicated for Cogs of the headquarter's Cog type. Each facility consists of a number of rooms- some with Cog battles, puzzles or other obstacles- that Toons can enter and complete. The facilities are the main way for earning promotions for Cog Disguises, which is required for entering the boss battle of the given headquarters.




A top view on the Sellbot Factory

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The Sellbot Factory is the facility of the Sellbots. It is located in an area, accessible via a tunnel at the Sellbot Headquarters. The factory consists of several compoints of rooms, with alleys connecting the various compounds.

There are two entrances to the factory, and 11 different rooms with battles. In order to complete a factory, the Toons have to complete at least six battles: two in the way to the main compound, one within in, two battles against the Cogs that guard the exit, and finally the battle against the Factory Foreman, a level 9 Skelecog, which must be defeated in order to complete the factory.



A battle in the Cashbot Mint

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The Cashbot Mints are the facilities of the Cashbots. There are three different mints: coin, dollar, and bullion—each with an increasing number of battles. Each one of the three mint types has multiple floors—each floor has a different sequence of rooms and battles—and when entering a given mint, the Toons will reach a random floor and have to complete it.

A mint consists of various rooms of battles, but also numerous rooms with obstacles, which are meant to slow the Toons down or to remove some of their laff if not careful enough. In the end of each mint is the Mint Supervisor, a level 12 Skelecog.


District Attorney's Office

The entrance to the District Attorney's Office

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The Lawbots' facilities are the District Attorney's Office. There are four different offices- A, B, C and D, each with 3 to 6 floors, respectively. All floors have the same battles: the first, with 2 level 10 and 2 level 11 Cogs; and a second battle, with 3 level 11 Cogs and one level 12. The room at which the first battle of a floor takes place can change, but the final battle always takes place in a library.

Between the floors are several obstacles: stompers, giant security goons, and light beams. There are also rooms with puzzles, which the toons have to solve in order to move to the next room. A room with puzzles will have 2 different puzzles, from a variety of 4. Failing to complete a puzzle will trigger a battle of Virtual Skelecogs (which do not reward toons with Jury Notices).

After the final battle of each floor is an elevator, leading to the next floor. The final battle at the top floor will instead have the District Attorney's Clerk, a level 12 Skelecog.


The Front Three Tunnel In The Rain

The entrance to The Front Three

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The facility of the Bossbots is the Cog Golf Course, which comes in three difficulty modes, from easy to hard: The Front Three, The Middle Six and The Back Nine, with 3, 6 and 9 floors. Each floor is identical to the previous one, and with two battles: one against the four level 10 Cogs, and another battle against four level 11 Cogs. The first battle of a floor would have one Version 2.0 Cog, whereas the final battle would have two.

Until the end of each floor are several obstacles, which must be completed in order to proceed; failing to complete a maze would remove laff points from the Toons.

At the end of each floor is a golf cart that would bring the Toons to the next floor. The final battle of the last floor of a course has three Version 2.0 Cogs; one of them is the Club President, which is the boss of the course.


There are various similarities between the facilities:

  • The Cashbot Mints and the District Attorney's Offices use the same rooms as the Sellbot Factory. These three facilities also have elevators, leading to their entrances.
  • All facilities can be accessed via boarding groups.
  • All facilities have a unique boss in their end.
  • The rooms of each facility are reused throughout the entire run.
  • All facilities will not give gag XP, ToonTask progress, in the case of the Sellbot Factory, disguise parts, Merits, Cogbucks, Jury Notices or stock options to Toons that are not in the final battle when the boss is defeated.


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