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The Mingler performing Paradigm Shift, the most powerful attack.

A Cog attack is an attack used by a Cog that deals a certain number of damage towards a Toon. The damage, accuracy, and usage of attacks vary depending on the attack being used, the Cog's level, and the Cog's type. There are a total of 59 Cog attacks.



The damage of a Cog attack is the amount of laff points a Toon loses if the attack successfully hits.


The usage of a Cog attack is the likelihood of a Cog performing that attack.


The accuracy of a Cog attack is the likelihood of the attack hitting or missing a Toon.


If a Cog uses an attack that targets a single Toon, it is more likely that the attack will be aimed at the Toon who inflicted the most damage to the Cog. This does not always apply, and occasionally the Cog will attack a Toon who did not inflict any damage at all. This does not apply to group attacks, that being because group attacks target all Toons in battle and the accuracy of the attack does not change depending on whether the Toon attacked the Cog.

Signature Cog attacks

To view a list, see Category:Signature Cog attacks.

A signature Cog attack is an attack that is only used by a certain Cog. There are a total of 23 signature Cog attacks. They are usually, but not always, stronger than other attacks used by the Cog.


  • There are about ten unreleased Cog attacks that do not appear in-game but are mentioned in the localizer code and phase files.[1]
  • There's not one attack used by all four Cog departments.