Cog gallery

A maxed book of Cog Summons.

Cog Summons are rewards given to Toons when defeating the Chief Justice. The ability to summon either a CogCog Building or Cog Invasion is granted, depending on the summons a Toon has already received. All participating Toons in the boss battle will usually receive the same type of summon. A summon can be activated by going to the Shticker Book at the Cog Gallery page and then clicking on the icon next to the Cog.

Types of Summons

There are three kinds of summons:

  • Cog Summon
  • Building Summon
  • Invasion Summon

Cog Summon

A cog summon is usually the first summon in the list summons. When used, it summons that cog to the area, where it will walk around, following street rules. There is a chance that the summoned cog will create a building if given enough time. If the cog level does not match the street level, it will match it level the closest it can to the street level.

Building Summon

A Building summon is obtained if you have a cog summon of that same cog. When used, it will summon a building, which proceeds to come down. It will follow the rules as if the cog used walked into that building. Just like any other building, a summoned building will produce cogs.

Invasion Summon

An invasion summon is obtained by having both a cog and building summon of a cog. When used, it will summon an invasion on that district. If the district is a 'safe' district, it will not work. The invasion time is random and can be viewed on sites which allow you to view invasions.

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