One of a Mr. Hollywood's many phrases.

Cog Speak is a special SpeedChat category, that can be used while a Toon is in a Cog Disguise.

Default Phrases

There are many Cog Speak phrases, depending on where your Cog Disguise is on the corporate ladder. These phrases can be used no matter which Cog Suit you have.

  • It's my day off.
  • I believe you're in the wrong office.
  • Have your people call my people.
  • You're in no position to meet with me.
  • Talk to my assistant.

Exclusive Phrases

Main category: Cogs

Every level of every Cog Disguise has a set of exclusive Cog Speak phrases.

For a specific Cog, see the Cog's article. All of its starting phrases are available in Cog Speak if the Toon is at the Cog's place on the corporate ladder.


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