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"I managed to visit the lab today for the first time since I left. It's a skyscraper. It's the center of their business -- their "Nation"."
Doctor Surlee[src]

Cog Nation is an area that is believed to be the Cogs' top headquarters and where the Chairman resides in. Although it is currently unknown where Cog Nation is located, there had been many forms of evidence indicating that Cog Nation exists.


  • Cog Nation was mentioned on from some of the Cogs' memos.
  • Cog Nation is mentioned in Doctor Surlee's papers. What used to be his lab is now a skyscraper that would become the center of the Cogs' business.
  • "COG NATION" is printed on crates in Cashbot Headquarters.
  • The word "cognation" is available in SpeedChat Plus.


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