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A Mover & Shaker invasion

A Cog Invasion is when one type of Cog takes over Toontown in a certain district. Whichever type of Cog is invading, only that Cog can be battled and see for the period of the invasion. The first canon Cog invasion (besides Doomsday) that occurred was on May 13, 2014. Toontown was then invaded by the Movers & Shakers. The first Cog invasion was reported by the Toon Headquarters at the Toontown Rewritten news blog.


Main page: Cog Summoning

Cog Summons are special rewards that are granted to a victorious Toon by Bumpy Bumblebehr should they successfully defeat Chief Justice. These vary in effects, some summoning single Cogs, other suonging Cog Buildings, and others having the power to summon a even Cog Invasion. A Cog Summon can be used by opening the Shticker Book, opening the "Cog Gallery" page, and clicking on a small button next to a Cog's face and selecting a summoning option.


  • There was a V2.0 cog invasion that occur on May 26, 2014. Doctor Surlee, who was part of the "Valley group", sent a memo to Toon HQ to let them warn all Toons that V.20 cogs were taking over Toontown.
  • A cog invasion only affects one district, but give double gag experience points.
    • When combine with a building's floor multiplier, gag experience speedily grows. 


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