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Cog Golf Courses
Cog Golf Course.png
Basic information
Type Bossbots
Location Bossbot Headquarters
Area information
Special Cogs Version 2.0 Cogs
Facility information
Facilities The Front Three
The Middle Six
The Back Nine
Minimum level 10
Maximum level 11
Facility boss Club President
Course theme #1
Course theme #2
Course theme #3
Course finale

The Cog Golf Courses are a facility located in Bossbot Headquarters. Toons often infiltrate the Cog Golf Courses to either defeat many Version 2.0 Cogs and obtain parts of their Bossbot Cog Disguise for Shep Ahoy's ToonTask or to recover Stock Options for promotions. The Cogs in each course are either level 10 or level 11, with some being ordinary Cogs and some others being Version 2.0 Cogs. The boss of the facility is the Club President, a level 11 Version 2.0 Cog.


The Front Three

The Front Three has three floors, containing 24 Cogs in total and six Cog battles. It does not have a laff requirement. The Front Three awards 764 Stock Options, which is useful for earning promotions on low-level Bossbot Cog Disguises.

The Middle Six

The Middle Six has six floors, containing 48 Cogs in total and 12 Cog battles. It requires Toons to have at least 95 laff points to enter. The Middle Six awards 1,874 Stock Options, which helps with earning promotions on mid-level Bossbot Cog Disguises.

The Back Nine

The Back Nine has nine floors, containing 72 Cogs in total and 18 Cog battles. It requires Toons to have at least 100 laff points to enter. The Back Nine awards 3,350 Stock Options, which helps with earning promotion on high-level Bossbot Cog Disguises. It can take about an hour or less to complete, even with the aid of Sound, making it the longest facility in all of Toontown.


Three of the following Cogs can appear in the Cog Golf Courses. They can also be a Version 2.0 Cog.

  • Head Hunter: a common Cog. Head Hunters can only appear in battles with level 10 Cogs, as that is their maximum level.
  • Corporate Raider: a very common Cog. Corporate Raiders can appear in any battle, as a level 10 or level 11 Cog.
  • The Big Cheese: a very common Cog. Like Corporate Raiders, The Big Cheeses can appear in any battle.

Stock Options

The Cog Golf Courses are the preferred option by most Toons to collect Stock Options in order to fight the Chief Executive Officer, subsequently promoting their Bossbot Cog Disguise. Each of the three courses offer a different amount of Stock Options in total.

Course Number of Stock Options Most popular usage
The Front Three 764 Low-level promotions
The Middle Six 1,874 Mid-level promotions (i.e. Head Hunter)
The Back Nine 3,350 High-level promotions (i.e. The Big Cheese)


Mole stomp

Hit all the red moles before time runs out. Beware of the tan moles, however, as they can launch a Toon in the air if they step on them. If the time runs out, Toons will lose 20 laff points and the time will reset.

Hedge mazes

Race through the hedge mazes for a laff bonus. The first Toon to complete the maze receives a full toon-up, and all other Toons receive 20 laff points (if they reach the end). If the time runs out before a Toon could make their way out, that Toon would lose 20 laff points and the Toon would get teleported to the end. Toons can see what direction to go based on the textures of the hedges. If there are vines, Toons need to go left. If there are no vines, Toons should go right. There are also colored flags that hint how far a Toon is from the end of the maze.

It should be noted that there is one maze which defies the vine logic. A Toon should walk past one set of bushes and come to another set that has vines. From there, turn right instead of left. Walk through a weird zig-zag and then take another right.

Cog golf

Destroy the Cog golf ball to earn a gag restock. In order to destroy the Cog golf ball, Toons must destroy the surrounding colored golf balls by matching three or more of the corresponding color (or by using an exploding ball). If Toons complete all puzzles before the time runs out, their laff and gags are partially refilled. If the time runs out, Toons will lose 20 laff points but the next door is unlocked regardless.

Final battle

Main page: Club President

At the end of a course, Toons will battle the Club President along with three other Cogs, two of which are level 11 Version 2.0 and one is a regular level 11. Defeating the Club President and the three Cogs will award Toons with gag experience and Stock Options.


Like the District Attorney's Office and Cog Buildings, there are gag experience multipliers in the Cog Golf Courses battles. Unlike the offices, however, Toons will get a higher multiplier if they chose a harder course, regardless of what floor the Toons are on. These multipliers are essential for quickly leveling up gags or, if a Toon's gag track is maxed, earning back a level 7 gag.

The Front Three 3 4x
The Middle Six 6 5x
The Back Nine 9 6x


  • To gain maximum Stock Options, it would take 7 Back Nines, 13 Middle Sixes, or 31 Front Threes.
  • Despite being one of the final areas that Toons encounter, there are no level 12 Cogs found here, making it the second lowest facility in terms of Cog levels, ranking only above the Sellbot Factory.
  • Unlike the Cashbot Mints and the District Attorney's Office, the Cog Golf Courses have unique room models.
  • Cog Golf Courses are the only facilities to not include an elevator, and have more than one unique soundtrack of its own.
  • This is the only facility to find Version 2.0 Cogs in.
  • The last floor of a Cog Golf Course has three Version 2.0 Cogs at the end, unlike the other floors that only include two Version 2.0 Cogs.
  • Since an update released on November 24, 2015 (ttr-beta-v1.10.10), icons of all Toons appear on top of the screen when entering a maze in the course, and lighting up when the respective Toon has completed the maze.
  • Since an update released on July 1, 2016 (ttr-beta-v1.12.0), the final floor of a Cog Golf Course now plays a different soundtrack to the rest of the floors.
  • Since an update released on July 17, 2016 (ttr-beta-v1.12.1), there has been a fourth Cog Golf Course soundtrack in the game's files, named "Bossbot_Factory_v4". This soundtrack is currently not used anywhere in Toontown Rewritten.
  • If Toons fail to complete mole stomp in a given floor four times, the obstacle would say "Stomp failed! But the moles left." and the door to the next room automatically open instead of having a fifth round.