A Cog Building is a building owned by Cogs that fall down from the sky when a Cog walks into a Toon Building. These Cog Buildings can be up to 5 stories tall depending on the Cog's level that walks into it and its location. For example, a level one Flunky in Toontown Central would most likely spawn a one-story building, and a level 9 Two-Face in Donald's Dreamland would most likely spawn a five-story building. All Cogs can create a Cog Building, though higher Cogs will generally do it more than lower level Cogs. They also often serve as locations for building-only Cogs, which as the title implies, only appear in Cog Buildings. Toons can take these Cog Buildings down in order to progress with their ToonTasks or to get points on the Toon Platoon. Should a Toon defeat all the Cogs in the building, the building will be taken down and the Toon Building that used to be in its place will reappear. The only thing that can be done inside Cog Buildings is battling Cogs working inside. If a Toon Building is a Cog Building for too long, the building will be taken down, as if a group of Toons saved the building. This is done to prevent the whole street from being taking over by Cogs.


The exterior of a Cog Building is a grey tall skyscraper lacking any color. When a Cog takes over a Toon Building, the surrounding street decoration will be hidden with the Toon Building too. All of the Cog Buildings have eyes on the top. The knock-knock doors turn into a doorway for incoming and outgoing Cogs. The doorway is replaced with a elevator, which the Toons must enter to proceed.

Above the elevator are white circles, which indicate how many floors the building has, and the name of the building. If Toons have entered the building and are in it, the elevator door will remain shut, and the circles will show the current floor the Toons are on. Cog Buildings are named after the building that it replaced, but the word "Inc." is put at the end, along with the type of Cog took over the building. For example, if the building called Cat's Pajamas is turned into a Cog Building by a Sellbot, it will be called "Cat's Pajamas, Inc." along with "Sellbot" on the bottom. If the building does not have a name, then it will be called "COGS Inc."

Stories of a Cog Building

The stories of a Cog Building are the number of floors in a Cog Building; each building varies in difficulty. The number of stories a Cog Building will have is based upon the Cog level, usually the higher the cog level, the more stories a Cog Building will have. The higher stories are accessed using an elevator. The difficulty of the Cogs usually increases as the Toon(s) advance through the floors. The appearance of the Cog Building interior is dependent on the floor, the first floor is a boiler room with boilers on the side walls. This is also the only floor in a one story building. Floors in between the boiler floor and the boss floor are platforms from which one can see dozens of Cogs behind their desks working or sleeping and the top floor is the office of a Cog Building boss, a Cog which's level is overall higher than normal for Cogs in the said neighborhood. This Cog is always the one that starts the battle, with the battle starting phrase, "I'm the boss.

You can find building only Cogs in at least 2 story buildings, as the highest Cog Building in a 1 story can be a 6, and the lowest building Cog level is 7, so you can't find building only Cogs in 1 story buildings.

XP multipliers

Battling within Cog Buildings can provide multipliers to gag training points and promotion points. This multiplier is dependent on the current floor that a Toon is battling on, with floor 1 giving no multiplier and floor 5 giving the highest multiplier.

These multipliers can provide an efficient way of increasing one's gags or even a promotion, especially during a Cog Invasion which further doubles this multiplier. 

The formula is as followed:

Cog Building multiplier = (f/2+0.5), where f is the floor number
XP multipliers
Floor Without a Cog Invasion With a Cog Invasion
1 1x 2x
2 1.5x 3x
3 2x 4x
4 2.5x 5x
5 3x 6x



The warning message when a Toon tries to enter a Toon Building after a Cog enters inside.

A Cog Building forms when a Cog randomly enters a Toon Building. The building can not be accessed until the Cog Building has fallen. Any non-NPC Toon will be kicked out of the building. Attempting to enter the building when it is being taken over will bring up the message "Watch out! There's a Cog in there!".

The number of stories a Cog Building has depends on the Cog level and the playground. There is a low chance of a Cog Building forming in Toontown Central because of the low Cog level range, and it is impossible for buildings over four stories tall to form, unless a high level invasion is taking place.

Cog Buildings turn back into Toon Buildings once they have been defeated, however, Cog Buildings take themselves over if they have been standing for too long, or if too many Cog Buildings exist on a street. The maximum amount of buildings on a street at one time varies by street.


Up to four Toons can fit into a elevator to go into a Cog Building. On each floor, after the Toons defeat the Cogs, they have 90 seconds to get to the open elevator and move on the next floor. If they do not go into the elevator in time, or chooses not to proceed to the next floor, they will be kicked out of the building and sent back to the nearest playground. After defeating all floors, the Toons are shown exiting the elevator outside the building and watching the Cog Building turn back into a Toon Building.


Bronze Star

A Toon with a bronze star.

After a Toon defeats a certain amount of floors, they will get a star above their nametag and be listed on the Toon Platoon. Toons can get the following stars:

  1. Bronze Star (10 floors)
  2. Bronze Spinning Star (20 floors)
  3. Silver Star (30 floors)
  4. Silver Spinning Star (50 floors)
  5. Gold Star (75 floors)
  6. Gold Spinning Star (100 floors)

If a Toon doesn't defeat a Cog Building for a long time, or if Cogs take over their buildings that they rescued, and the building points given from that building that the Cogs reclaimed are needed for the current star, they will lose the star if they have bronze, and they will get downgraded if it is a higher star. You can view all the Toons who have stars on the Toon Platoon boards in every Toon Headquarters.

Each district's Toon Platoon is unique. If a Toon switches to a different district, their progress from the previous district of which they came from will disappear.


Elevator music
Bottom floors
In-between floors
Final floor


  • Cog Buildings can have an influence on the Cog types that appear on a street; for example, if there is a Bossbot Cog Building on a street, the number of Bossbots on the street would most likely increase. This is because of buildings spawning Cogs of their type onto the streets.
  • Cogs can enter the front door of Toon Buildings to turn them into Cog Buildings. When this happens, any players inside will be pushed out the front door, and a pop-up that says "Watch out! There's a Cog in there!" prevents players from entering the Toon Building before it's replaced with a Cog Building.
  • After defeating a Cog Building, whoever helped defeating it until the end of the battle are awarded a picture of their Toon in a wall inside the Toon Building after it is saved.
  • There is a rare incident in which a Cog takes over a building that has just been taken back by Toons.
  • You can determine what Cog level took over the building by either subtracting three from the boss or by seeing who is the lowest level of the building. For example, if the boss of the building is a level 9, then the Cog who took over would have been a level 6.
    • Walrus Way and Sleet Street contain the easiest 5 story buildings since the highest Cogs in the street is a level 7 thus creating 5 story buildings that have a level 10 as the boss.
  • There is only a specific range of Cog levels in a building regardless of how many floors there are. If a level 6 took over a building, then the levels inside that building would be 6, 7, 8 and 9 being the boss. If a level 9 took over a building, then the levels inside would be 9, 10, 11 and 12 being the boss.


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