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[[Category:Clothing Shops]]
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The Clothing Shop in Toontown Central

Clothing Shops are Toon Buildings, found within each one of the 6 main playgrounds. Each Clothing Shop offers clothing for purchase, and is occupied by a Tailor- an NPC Toon.


Clothing Shops sell shirts and shorts, but not accessories. Each shop has its own set of item designss, which come in a variety of colors for the Toons to pick. Buying an item is done in two ways: the first is using a Clothing Ticket, which can be obtained by completing certain "Just for Fun!" ToonTasks; the other- if the player does not possess any cards- is by paying 200 jellybeans, which will be removed from the player's Jellybean Bank.



  • If a Toon selects a new shirt and new shorts and confirms the purchase, they could get both for only one ticket.


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