The Clothing Shop in Toontown Central

Clothing Shops are Toon Buildings found within each one of the six main playgrounds. Each Clothing Shop offers clothing for purchase, and is occupied by an NPC Toon who works as a tailor.


Each Clothing Shop in every playground looks the same, but in a different color that matches with the playground's theme. The shop is elevated, so there are stairs leading to the door. The front of the shop has a window, displaying some clothes, and on the left is a stand with a coat on it. The roof is circular, containing stars and stripes decorated on it.


Clothing Shops sell shirts and shorts, but not accessories. Each shop has its own set of item designs, which come in a variety of colors for the Toons to pick. Buying an item is done in two ways: one way is using a Clothing Ticket, which can be obtained by completing certain Just for Fun! ToonTasks; another way is by paying 200 jellybeans, which will be removed from the Toon's jellybean bank.



  • If a Toon selects a new shirt and new shorts and confirms the purchase, they could get both for only one ticket.
  • Returning the ticket is always a part of the Toontasks.
  • Clothing shops came out on January 2, 2014.


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