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{{NPC|playground = The Brrrgh|name = Clerk Penny|image =Clerk Penny Improved Picture.png|gender = Female|species = [[Duck]]|color = Citrine|bldg = Goofy's Gag Shop|x = 180|y = 130|street image = The Brrrgh Map.jpg}}
Clerk Penny is one of 2 Gag Shop Clerks in The Brrrgh's gag shop.
'''Clerk Penny''' is a [[duck]] [[NPC]] [[Toons|Toon]] who works at [[Goofy's Gag Shop]] in [[The Brrrgh]].
==SOS Toon==
Clerk Penny is also an obtainable SOS toon from the VP. She is a 4 star Trap SOS.{{NPC|playground = The Brrrgh|name = Clerk Penny|image = ClerkPenny.jpg|gender = Female|species = Duck|color = Citrine|bldg = Goofy's Gag Shop}}
Clerk Penny is also an [[SOS Toons|SOS Toon]]. She is a 4-star Trap SOS. When called in battle, Penny will use [http://toontownrewritten.wikia.com/wiki/Quicksand Quicksand], which deals 70 damage to all [[Cogs]] when [[Lure|lured]].
ttr-screenshot-Thu-Aug-28-19-08-41-2014-1287867.jpg|[[Clerk Penny]] in [[The Brrrgh]] [[Gag Shop]]
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Clerk Penny
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Clerk Penny is a duck NPC Toon who works at Goofy's Gag Shop in The Brrrgh.

SOS Toon

Clerk Penny is also an SOS Toon. She is a 4-star Trap SOS. When called in battle, Penny will use Quicksand, which deals 70 damage to all Cogs when lured.

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