clan, also known as a "guild", is a group of two or more players that have banded together for a specific purpose in a game. Usually, these groups are used for socialization or achieving a specific goal of some kind. In Toontown RewrittenToons may do this to increase their chances of success in boss battles, have a buddy system for training group gags such as Toon-Up or Trap (the latter of which requires lure to activate), or to meet friends. Most clans have one or more leader—as well as a schedule, which allows members to pick, choose, and easily find which events they can join in on.


  • Most clans seem to mainly meet and recruit specifically in Toontown Central or Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres.
  • "Warrior Cats" clans are one of the most well-known clans. The name of this clan is based off of a juvenile fantasy book series called "Warriors". Usually, these groups will be seen roleplaying or pretending to be Warrior Cats using a planned or unplanned dialog that forms a story between the Toons involved. These Toons will nearly always be cats and in natural colors: brown, black, orange, or yellow.
  • Some clans are comprised of Toons of the same species or color or with the same clothes or style, usually to form an aesthetic look.
  • Some clans specialize in doing boss battles at scheduled times and with their own special rules to make the battle harder or easier (depending on their preference).
  • Some clans just progress in the game together where the only rules are to be kind and have fun. Others sometimes abide by rules encouraging them to progress through the game in a certain way.
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