Minigolf playground
Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf
Basic information
Treasure: Acorn
Connects to
Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres
Bossbot Headquarters

Portable Hole Network Bypass

Chip n' Dale's MiniGolf is a sub-neighborhood located after Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres which features access to the Minigolf mini-game via golf karts. This area serves the purpose of meeting up for golfing, as well as the location of the entrance to Bossbot Headquarters. Before the release of Bossbot Headquarters, a giant mystery tunnel stood in the location of the HQ's entrance. Toons that would enter the mystery tunnel would simply come right back to the minigolf area. There are a total of 9 golf karts (3 for each of the 3 tournament types), with each holding up to 4 Toons.


The ground is mostly green grass, with several dirt paths. There are several trees scattered around the area. Immediately in front of you after entering the area is a path leading up to a center dirt area with a marble and gold statue in the middle. The statue is of Goofy bringing back his golf club to strike a ball. Leading off from this center dirt area are three paths to the left, forward right and right. The left one leads to the area for "Walk in the Par", the forward right one leads to "Hole-Some Fun" and the right one leads to "The Hole Kit and Caboodle". Straight ahead from the statue, although not having a path, is the Bossbot HQ tunnel - a dark ominous tunnel made up of dark ashen looking bricks that follow the theme of the HQ itself. Upon entering, you are taken to the courtyard of Bossbot HQ.


Walk in the Par

Hole-Some Fun

The Hole Kit and Kaboodle


  • The mystery tunnel served as a placeholder for the Bossbot Headquarters tunnel and was removed when development surrounding Bossbot HQ was finished and the area was released to the public.
    • During April Toons Week in 2015, the mystery tunnel was removed and replaced with Barbecue Headquarters as a prank.
    • The tunnel was still under construction when Bossbot Headquarters was first released. To get to the area, you had to be at the coordinates (64, 111) in Chip n' Dale's MiniGolf and use the Resistance Salute animation.
  • While the game assumes the sport played in this area is minigolf, it is in fact midget golf.


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