I may be blind... But Justice is NOT!
―Chief Justice
Chief Justice
Chief Justice
Basic information
Type: Lawbots
Preceded by:

Big Wig

Succeeded by:

The Chairman

The Chief Justice, commonly abbreviated as the CJ, is the boss of the Lawbots. He resides in the Lawbot Courthouse at Lawbot Headquarters.


The Chief Justice has a similar appearance to the other cog bosses. He wears a slate blue robe, which resemble the gowns worn by Supreme Court judges. He also wears a blindfold. Unlike other cog bosses, his base is wooden instead of metallic. He has an undercarriage below his base with two doors that open on each side to release Cogs.


Main page: Lawbot Courthouse

In order to battle the Chief Justice, you must complete all ToonTasks in Donald's Dreamland. You will earn your cog disguise by completing ToonTasks given by Professor Flake at The Precipitation Foundation.

The battle consists of three rounds: the cog battle round, the cannon round and the scale round. You must complete each of these rounds in order to progress onto the next one.


The Chief Justice is the presiding, most senior judge of a supreme court.


  • The Chief Justice is the only Cog boss not to get destroyed or change form; instead he just returns to his room.
  • The Chief Justice was revealed when Doctor Surlee was put on trial for creating teleportation bypasses.
  • The Chief Justice wears a blindfold as a pun to the phrase "Justice is blind". However in the game he states that he is blind, but justice is not.
  • If the Cogs' pan reaches the bottom during the scale round, all remaining Toons will automatically be saddened and sent back to the playground. However, they will not lose any gags.
  • This is the only battle where you do not lose your gags if you become sad during the final round.
  • This is one of only two ways in which a Toon can go sad and not lose their gags. The other way is to get hit by the trains in Cashbot Headquarters.
  • The Chief Justice will say, "I find in favor of the plaintiff".
  • This is the only boss battle to include cannons.


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