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Chief Justice
Cog information
Type Lawbots
Location Lawbot Courthouse
Attack information
Number of attacks 3
Weakest attack Bump
Strongest attack Jump (boss Cog)
Lowest damage 1
Highest damage 10
Statistics based on attack damage.
Preceded by

Big Wig

Succeeded by

The Chairman

"I may be blind... But Justice is NOT!"
―Chief Justice

The Chief Justice, commonly known as the C.J., is the boss of the Lawbots. He resides within the Lawbot Courthouse in Lawbot Headquarters.


The C.J. is a large Cog who wears a slate blue robe that resembles gowns worn by supreme court judges. He wears a blindfold, a bowtie, and a white powdered wig. Unlike the other bosses, his body is set upon a judge's podium instead of a gear. He has an undercarriage that opens up to allow the Lawbot Cogs to enter a battle with Toons for the first round.



  • "Hmm, what's on the docket today? Aha, we have a Toon on trial! The prosecution's case is strong..."
  • "I may be blind... But Justice is NOT!"
  • "I should have known you Toons would try to upset this trial."

Before jury selection:

  • "Bah, so you passed the bar exam."
  • "Jury selection will now commence."


  • "Order in the court!"
  • "Objection sustained!"
  • "Strike that from the record."
  • "Your appeal has been rejected. I sentence you to sadness!"
  • "[Toon name], I find you in contempt of court!"
  • "You're all in contempt of court!"

Toons win:

  • "Impossible! The defense won? No. I declare a mistrial! A new one will be scheduled. Hrrmpphh. I'll be in my chambers."

Cogs win:

  • "I find in favor of the plaintiff."


In order to battle the C.J., Toons must earn parts for their Lawbot Cog Disguise by completing Professor Flake's ToonTasks, which can be done after completing ToonTasks from Donald's Dreamland.

The boss battle begins as the C.J. exits out of his chambers and comes forward to greet the "defenders" from the elevator while discussing Bumpy Bumblebehr's trial. Toons are later removed from their Lawbot Cog Disguises and the C.J. initiates the first Cog battle round shortly afterward.

First round: Cog battle

The first round is the Cog battle. This round consists of 40-45 Lawbots in total, which is about 20 Cogs on each side. The minimum level of Cogs is 8, and the highest level of Cogs is 12. When all Cogs on either side of the C.J. are all defeated, the C.J. marks this by saying, "Bah, so you passed the bar exam." After all Cogs are defeated, the C.J. then moves back to his bench to initiate the jury selection.

Second round: Jury selection

The second round is the jury selection. This round is the shortest of both rounds, with a time limit of 70 seconds. Toons will get in their cannons and are faced with a jury box of 12 seats. Each Toon has 70 seconds to try and fill up 8 of the 12 seats by firing their cannons with several NPCs into the jury seats opposite of the cannons. The most common strategy for this round is to wait 22 seconds before firing in order to minimize how many seconds Cogs have to take back their seats. By following this strategy, Toons should not fire any shots after the 45-second mark, since it takes Cogs that much time to fly in and take over a jury seat. If Toons fire at 15 seconds, the Cogs will not have enough time to take back any seats. It is wise to aim accordingly as the jury box slowly moves upward. There needs to be a total of eight Toons to have a balanced jury; the more Toons placed on the jury, the more weight the Toons' evidence will have. After 70 seconds, the scale round commences.

Third round: Scale

The third round involves the large scale in the center of the room. In this round, Toons must obtain evidence from Bumpy Bumblebehr's bench and throw it into their pan to outweigh the Cogs' pan, which the Cogs will also throw evidence into theirs. Toons can easily outweigh the Cogs by stunning them and throwing evidence into their pan consistently. If all Cogs are stunned at once, Toons gain a heal of 10 laff points and their evidence gains extra weight for the next 20 seconds. At random times, the C.J. will sound an alarm, yell "You're all in contempt of court!", and perform a jump attack. If a Toon fails to dodge the C.J.'s attack, they will lose 10 laff. Toons should also be wary of their surroundings, and avoid being hit by large gavels and evidence thrown at them by the Cogs as the scale round progresses.

Once the Toons' pan hits the bottom, the C.J. states that he wishes to declare a mistrial then proceeds to retreat to his chambers. After his door closes, Toons perform a victory dance, receive skill points for their gags and credit for their ToonTasks if any, gain a promotion for their Lawbot Cog Disguise, and obtain a specific Cog Summon given by Bumpy Bumblebehr. However, if Toons fail to supply enough evidence in their pan, they will go sad.


  • Bump: Although this is not an actual attack used by the C.J., Toons can lose one laff point when bumping into his undercarriage.
  • Swipe: The C.J. swipes at the Toon who bumps into him if they are near him, deducting five laff points. Other Toons in close proximity can be affected by this attack as well.
  • Jump: The C.J. jumps up and slams back down to the ground, deducting 10 laff points from any Toon who remains on the ground. This is a powerful attack that can be avoided by pressing the default "Control" key on the keyboard to jump.

Name of origin

A "Chief Justice" is the presiding, most senior judge of a supreme court.

Trading card

"I may be blind... But Justice is NOT!"
Presiding over the Lawbot Courthouse, the Chief Justice takes only the most dire of cases in Cog Politics. When court is not in session, the Chief Justice retreats to his chambers, powdering his wig. Bumpy Bumblebehr, a Toon who ended up on the wrong side of the law, has had his trial postponed over and over thanks to Toons who don't respect their right to remain silent.

Likes: Powdered Wigs, Bribes
Dislikes: Toons, Balanced Juries


  • Differing from the other bosses, the Chief Justice is the only one whose name is not a reference to a corporate or business-style title. While many of the other Lawbot names are references to lawyers, the Chief Justice's name comes from the judicial side of the legal system.
  • The Chief Justice has a variety of differences compared to the other bosses such as:
    • the only boss to wear a blindfold.
    • the only boss to not sit atop a gear.
    • the only boss to get defeated without ever being harmed.
    • the only boss to spread taunts towards the Toons individually or among all.
    • the only boss to never use Throw Gears as one of his attacks.
    • the only boss to never have Skelecogs present during a Cog battle.
  • The Chief Justice was first revealed when Doctor Surlee was placed on trial for creating bypasses via the portable hole.
  • The Chief Justice wears a blindfold in relation to the expression, "Justice is blind". However, he often describes himself as the one who is blind.
  • At the beginning of the battle in the opening scene, the Chief Justice states "The prosecution's case is strong..." which implies that the case against Bumpy Bumblebehr is criminal. However, when the Toons lose, the Chief Justice says "I find in favor of the plaintiff", contradicting his former statement by implying that Bumpy Bumblebehr's case is civil.
  • Toons would previously go sad without losing their gags if they lost against the Cogs during the scale round. As of the 2.7.0 update released on December 15, 2020, Toons now lose their gags.


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