Chief Justice
Chief Justice
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Type: Lawbots
Preceded by:

Big Wig

Succeeded by:

The Chairman

I may be blind... But Justice is NOT!
―Chief Justice

The Chief Justice, commonly abbreviated as the C.J., is the boss of the Lawbots. He resides in the Lawbot Courthouse at Lawbot Headquarters.


The Chief Justice has a similar appearance to the other bosses. He wears a slate blue robe, which resemble the gowns worn by Supreme Court judges. He also wears a blindfold around his eyes. Unlike other bosses, his base is a judge's podium instead of a gear. He has an undercarriage below his base with two doors that open on each side to release Cogs.


Main page: Lawbot Courthouse

In order to battle the Chief Justice, you must complete all ToonTasks in Donald's Dreamland. You will earn your Lawbot Cog Disguise by completing ToonTasks given by Professor Flake at The Precipitation Foundation.

The battle consists of three rounds: the Cog battle, the jury round, and the scale round. You must complete each of these rounds in order to progress onto the next one.

Round 1 - Lawbots

The first round of the Chief Justice is the Cog battle. This round consists of 40-45 Cogs in total, which is about 20 Cogs on each side. The minimum level of Cogs is 8, and the highest level of Cogs is 12. When all Cogs on either side of the CJ are all defeated, the CJ marks this by saying, "Bah! So you passed the bar exam!" After all Cogs have been defeated, the CJ then moves back to his elevator, and then the jury round begins.

Round 2 - Jury round

The second round of the CJ is the jury round. This round is the shortest of both rounds, with a time limit of 70 seconds. Toons will get in their cannons, and are faced with 12 seats, the jury. Each Toon has 70 seconds to try and fill up 8 of the 12 seats by firing their cannons with several NPCs into the jury seats opposite of the cannons. The most common strategy for this round is wait until 22 seconds before firing in order to minimize the amount of time Cogs have to take back their seats. By following this strategy, Toons should not fire any shots after the 45 second mark, since it takes Cogs that much time to fly in, and take over a jury seat. If Toons fire at 22 seconds, the Cogs will not have enough time to come back in and take the seat back, making the Toon shot in the seat permanent. The jury stand is slowly moving backwards, so it is wise to aim accordingly. The average number of Toons on the jury is 9. The more Toons placed on the jury, the easier the scale round will be, since evidence will weigh more, along with various other bonuses. After the 70 seconds runs out, the scale round begins.

Round 3 - Scale round

In this round, Toons will receive evidence from the defendant, and throw it into the pan. While they are doing this, the Cogs are also throwing their evidence into their pan. Toons can easily out weigh this by working together and throwing in evidence consistently. If all Cogs are stunned, all Toons get a 10 point laff boost, and their evidence will weigh twice as much for the next 20 seconds. Gavels are spread throughout the courtroom. Hitting the handle of a gavel only does a -2 laff loss to the Toon, but hitting the head of the gavel does a -20 laff loss. The CJ, up on his stand, also does damage to Toons during this round as well. At random times, the CJ will sound an alarm, and a few seconds later, he will jump. If a Toon fails to dodge this attack, that Toon will lose 10 laff. It is best to have your sound on during this round, since you will be able to hear his alarm, and avoid his jump. However, there will also be a red exclamation point above the head of your Toon when he does this attack, signaling that you should jump when it appears. Although Cogs throw evidence into their pans, they also throw evidence at Toons. If a Toon fails to dodge this evidence throw, it does a -5 laff loss. Once the pan hits the bottom of the Toons side, the CJ will give up, and return to this chambers. After his door closes, the Toons dance, receive their XP, promotions, and a specific summon. If the Toons fail to put enough evidence in their pan, and the Cogs win, all Toons will go sad, but will not lose any gags, receive promotions, or gain any summons.


Main page: Cog Summons

There are three different rewards that a Toon can receive after successfully defeating the CJ. There is the common "Summon a Cog", the rare "Summon a Cog Building", and the rarest "Summon a Cog Invasion".

  • Summon a Cog - A random summon will be given to any Cog in your Cog Gallery. After clicking the button from the Cog Gallery to summon, your summoned Cog will fly down and land, and begin walking like any other Cog.
  • Summon a Cog Building - A random summon will be given to any Cog in your Cog Gallery. After clicking the button from the Cog Gallery to summon, your summoned Cog Building will fall out of the sky and land on a nearby Toon Building. According to the dialogue box in the Shticker Book, the shopkeeper agrees to allow their building to be temporarily taken over.
  • Summon a Cog Invasion - A random summon will be given to any Cog in your Cog Gallery. After clicking the button from the Cog Gallery to summon, your summoned Cog will then invade all of Toontown, but only in the district you summoned it in. The amount of Cogs in an invasion can vary from 3,000 to 10,000.

Name of origin

The Chief Justice is the presiding, most senior judge of a supreme court.


  • The Chief Justice has a variety of differences compared to the other bosses such as:
    • The only boss to wear a blindfold.
    • The only boss that does not get defeated but instead returns to his chamber.
    • The only boss to spread taunts towards the Toons individually or among all.
    • The only boss that does not use Throw Gears as an attack.
    • The only boss not to summon Skelecogs during the Cog battle.
    • The only boss battle where Toons will not lose their gags from going sad during the final round.
  • The Chief Justice was revealed when Doctor Surlee was put on trial for creating teleportation bypasses.
  • If a Toon jumps onto the CJ's platform as it rises, the CJ will attempt to swipe at the Toon for 5 laff, much like the VP's Attack.
  • The Chief Justice wears a blindfold in relation with the phrase, "Justice is blind". In the game, however, he states that he is blind but justice is not.
  • If the Cogs' pan reaches the bottom during the scale round, all remaining Toons will automatically be saddened and sent back to the Brrrgh. However, they will not lose any gags.
    • This is one of only three ways in which a Toon can go sad and not lose their gags. The other way is to get hit by the trains in Cashbot Headquarters, and from the oil fountains in Bossbot Headquarters.
  • This is the only boss battle to include cannons.
  • When the Chief Justice jumps, his head reverses.
  • When the Toons lose, the Chief Justice will say "I find in favor of the plaintiff", proving that the case is civil and not a prosecutable one.


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