"No! The Chairman won't like this."
―Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Basic information
Type: Bossbots
Preceded by:

The Big Cheese

Succeeded by:

The Chairman

The Chief Executive Officer, commonly abbreviated as the C.E.O., is the head of the Bossbots. He resides in the Bossbot Clubhouse at Bossbot Headquarters.


The CEO is a Skelecog dressed in golfer's attire that seems to be bolted to his body as well a beige shirt under it. Like the other Cog bosses, his lower body is a tank with a hatch on the front and one on the behind, although we never see this open. Like the Vice President, he has two sets of eyes and teeth, one on the left side and one on the right side. This is hard to see though, as he does not have an actual head. Instead, lightbulbs and jaws are sticking out of his neck, some of which resemble golfing clubs. His attacks are heavily golf-themed.


  • Fore! - The CEO grabs a golf stick and swipes it, causing waves of giant, semi-transparent golf balls to be shot around him in a pattern, each targeting a Toon. Those who are using the seltzer bottles or the golf balls can avoid this attack by jumping off. Others can dodge by simply walking out of the way.  
  • Throw Gears - The CEO throws small projectile gears at the Toons as if they were shurikens.
  • Swinging - The CEO swings his club at a nearby Toon and fires smaller golf balls in a stream towards the Toon.

Toons can also take damage if the CEO runs over the table they are stationed at or if a Toon accidently runs into the CEO.


CEO red treads

The CEO's treads after being pelted with golf balls

The CEO battle will start out with a battle of 30 Version 2.0 Cogs. These Cogs will be level from level 9-12. After the Toons defeat them all, the Banquet will start where Toons have to start serving the Cogs with cans in 5 minutes. After that, the Toons will be exposed and fight any leftover Cogs that did not explode. Once the leftover Cogs have been defeated, Toons will have to use seltzer bottles to directly hit the Chief Executive Officer or use golf balls to slow him down.


The Chief Executive Officer is the position of the most senior corporate officer (executive) or administrator in charge of managing a for-profit organization.


  • When the CEO is defeated, he is demoted to a Flunky and then a new Cog is promoted to take his place.
  • The CEO was originally supposed to be on a golf cart in Toontown Online, but the idea was scrapped from development.
  • In Toontown Online, you were supposed to shoot golf balls at him to slow him down, but a bug made the golf balls do almost nothing. This forever-lasting bug was then fixed on Toontown Rewritten.
  • The CEO was the last boss to be released on Toontown Rewritten, after members of the community managed to discover the secret coordinates leading to Bossbot Headquarters. See also: ARG: MINGLERMAIL Memo Management.
  • The cutscenes of the entire CEO battle were recreated by rewriting and adding more to all of Good ol' Gil Giggles' speeches, rewriting two speeches from the CEO, and implemented a feature where the CEO spins around after being defeated.
  • The CEO boss battle is the only battle where the toons do not meet the boss cog almost immediately after they reach the area where the boss is fought in. The toons do not meet the CEO until after the first round is completed.
  • The CEO boss battle is currently the only place in the game where Golfing mechanics are used.


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