The Cashbot Vault is a facility located in Cashbot Headquarters. It is the home of the Chief Financial Officer, who is the boss of the Cashbots, and is also the place where the fight against him takes place. It is the place where the majority of the Cogs' cogbucks are stored, although they are not seen physically, as they are locked away within safes and vault doors.


From the outside, the Cashbot Vault appears as a large, marble structure. Its exterior design bears some resemblance to Lawbot Headquarters, mostly the marble aesthetics and the pillars holding it up. The door leading into the Vault lobby is a large silver door, with a green dollar sign painted on it, which is opened with large, golden handles. Lights can be seen along the side of the building, along with large, glowing panels positioned above the platform where the door is. On the inside, the vault lobby retains the marble style. Glowing lights are aligned along the outer floor, as well as some positions on the ceiling, as well as inside the elevator. Large windows are adorned along the side of the lobby, giving Toons and Cogs alike a view of the tall towers stationed within Cashbot HQ, which are presumably the Cashbot Mints. A large marble staircase leads up to the elevator, which has another dollar sign printed on top of it. Like all other Cog bosses, this elevator can hold up to and including 8 Toons at one time, who will be transported to the Vault itself.


  • In Toontown Online, Toons who entered the Cashbot Vault would sometimes be teleported far away out of bounds. It is unknown why this occurred.


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