Cashbot Mint
Cashbot Mints
Basic information
Type: Cashbots
Location: Cashbot Headquarters
Facility information
Facilities: Coin Mint
Dollar Mint
Bullion Mint
Minimum level: 10
Maximum level: 12
Facility boss: Mint Supervisor

Cashbot Mints are a facility located in Cashbot Headquarters, with elevators to each mint situated throughout the courtyard. As the name would imply, they are used by the Cashbots to store large quantities of their money. There are three different facilities: Coin Mint, Dollar Mint, and Bullion Mint. They store money bags filled with coins, crates of dollars, and bullion stacks respectively. The Cogs in each mint are either level 10 or level 11, with level 11 Skelecogs also making some appearances. The boss of the facilities is the Mint Supervisor, a level 12 Skelecog.

Each mint consists of 20 different floors, each with a different number of Cogs and obstacles, including stompers, rotating gears, lava/acid rooms with moving platforms and giant stompers. Toons would be transported to a random floor when entering a mint.


Coin Mint

Main page: Coin Mint

The Coin Mint is the shortest mint, with the least number of Cogs and obstacles. The elevator leading to this mint is located on the left near the entrance to Cashbot Headquarters. Coin Mints consist of four to six sets of Cogs, with four Cogs in each, totaling between 16 and 24 Cogs. Unlike the Dollar Mint and Bullion Mint, the Coin Mint does not have a laff requirement. Each Coin Mint can contain 356-544 Cogbucks. This mint is normally used to finish up promotions or by lower Cashbot Cog Disguises who want an efficient way of gathering Cogbucks.

Dollar Mint

Main page: Dollar Mint

The Dollar Mint is a medium-length mint. The elevator leading to this mint is located in the middle of the railroad paths. The Dollar Mints consist of six to nine sets of Cogs, totaling between 24 and 36 Cogs. It has a laff requirement of 66 laff points. Each one can contain 679-1004 Cogbucks. This mint is common for earning promotions for mid-level disguises like Bean Counters and Number Crunchers.

Bullion Mint

Main page: Bullion Mint

The ​Bullion Mint is the longest mint, with the most number of Cogs and obstacles. The elevator leading to this mint is located on the left side before the Cashbot Vault entrance. Bullion Mints consist of nine to eleven sets of Cogs, totaling between 36 and 44 Cogs. It has a laff requirement of 71 laff points. Each Bullion Mint can contain 1202-1496 Cogbucks. This mint is most commonly used by higher levels of disguise (i.e. Money Bags, Loan Sharks, or Robber Barons in particular) for bigger promotions.


Three of the following Cogs can appear in the Cashbot Mints.

  • Money Bags: a common Cog. Money Bags can only appear in battles with level 10 Cogs, as that is their maximum level. Due to this, Money Bags will never appear in Skelecog form.
  • Loan Shark: a very common Cog. Loan Sharks can appear in any battle, as a level 10 Cog, a level 11 Cog or a level 11 Skelecog.
  • Robber Baron: a very common Cog. Like Loan Sharks, Robber Barons can appear in any battle.


There are many obstacles scattered around the mints, with different ones on each floor and mint. Toons must get past these obstacles to proceed to the next section. 

Paint Mixer Room

  • Toons must jump on rotating platforms to get across without touching the paint. This room is similar to the room of the same nature in the Sellbot Factory.
  • Any Toon that falls in the paint will lose 8 laff.

Lava Room

  • A small room with a pool of lava. Three platforms are floating within the lava. Toons must use them to proceed without taking damage.
  • These platforms sink as Toons stand on them, so Toons must jump quickly from one platform to the next. However, they do not move, unlike the Paint Mixer or Lava Room in the Sellbot Factory.
  • If Toons fall in the lava, they lose 8 laff.
  • Barrels will give 8 laff.

Spinning Gears

  • Jump on top of rotating gears to reach the next section.

Stompers/Giant Stompers

  • There are numerous stompers scattered around the mints. Toons lose 8 laff if crushed by them.
  • Giant stompers are a much bigger version of regular stompers. They can cover an entire room, and can be avoided by jumping in holes in the ground.
  • Toons lose 8 laff if they are crushed by a giant stomper. These stompers usually have gag barrels at the end.
Giant Stomper Room

Diamond Room

  • A room in the shape of a diamond, as the name implies.
  • There are four groups of four Cogs in this room; one near the entrance to the room, one near the exit of the room and one on each of the sides.
    • The Cog sets near the entrance and exit have two level 10s and two level 11s. The Cog sets on the sides have three level 10s and one level 11.
      • Due to the number of Cogs in the room, coupled with the lack of restock barrels, Toons commonly refer to this room as the "Doom Room."

Ledge Room

  • A room which transfer onto an upper ledge via stairs. The layout of this room is similar to the Boiler Room.
  • There are four sets of Cogs in this room. One set is around the corner from the entrance, one set is to the left of that, the third set around the corner near the staircase and the fourth set is atop the ledge.
    • The first set consists of four level 10s.
    • The second set contains two level 10s and two level 11 Skelecogs.
    • The third set also has two level 10s and two level 11 Skelecogs.
    • The final set is four level 11 Skelecogs.


  • Goons are very common in each mint floor and type. Toons will almost always have to pass through a room filled with goons.
  • Most of the goons can cause 3-10 damage to Toons, similar to ones in the Sellbot Factory.
Cashbot Mint Goons

Skelecog Room

  • The Skelecog Room is a small square room that can appear in any of the three Cashbot Mints. This room consists of a group of four level 11 Skelecogs. The Toons are forced to battle these Skelecogs to proceed.
Cashot Coin Mint Skelecog Room

Timed Obstacle Course

Toons have 120 seconds to complete an obstacle course that involves jumping on spinning gears and stompers. If not completed in time, the Toon will lose 20 laff.


Final battle

Main page: Mint Supervisor

At the end of the mint, Toons will battle the Supervisor along with his three assistants, all of which are level 11. Defeating the Supervisor and the other three Cogs will reward Toons with gag experience and Cogbucks.


When battling inside the mints, a Toon's gag experience is increased by a special multiplier, similar to ones in Cog Buildings. The multiplier value is dependent on the mint a Toon is in.





Coin Mint 4x
Dollar Mint 5x
Bullion Mint 6x


  • Cog Nation can be seen printed on the crates.
  • The term "bullion" refers to gold or silver in the form of bars, referencing to the gold bars located throughout Bullion Mints.
  • Mints are the only facility to include randomized Cog and suit point values.
  • The Bullion Mint is located on the opposite side of the Coin Mint.
  • Each mint has its own currency stored on shelves in different areas.
    • The Coin Mint has cases of coins.
    • The Dollar Mint has huge stacks of dollar bills.
    • The Bullion Mint has pyramids of gold bars.
  • All of the rooms in the Cashbot Mints are actually rooms from the Sellbot Factory, but with new textures and objects. This trend would also be reused for the District Attorney's Office.
  • Just like other buildings, each gag track's experience caps at 300 experience points per mint.
  • The Bullion Mint is often used to train gags because of its rather large multiplier.


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