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Cashbot Mints
Cashbot Mint.png
Basic information
Type Cashbots
Location Cashbot Headquarters
Area information
Special Cogs Goons
Facility information
Facilities Coin Mint
Dollar Mint
Bullion Mint
Minimum level 10
Maximum level 12
Facility boss Mint Supervisor
Mint theme

The Cashbot Mints are a facility located in Cashbot Headquarters with elevators to each mint situated throughout the courtyard and is where Cashbots store large quantities of their money. Toons often infiltrate the Cashbot Mints to recover Cogbucks for promotions on their Cashbot Cog Disguise. The Cogs in each mint are either level 10 or level 11, with level 11 Skelecogs also making some appearances. The boss of the facility is the Mint Supervisor, a level 12 Skelecog.

Each mint consists of 20 different floors, each with a different number of Cogs and obstacles, including stompers, rotating gears, lava/acid rooms with moving platforms and giant stompers. Toons would be transported to a random floor when entering a mint.


Coin Mint

Main page: Coin Mint

The Coin Mint is the shortest mint that consists of four to six sets of Cogs, totaling between 16 and 24 Cogs. The elevator leading to the Coin Mint is located on the left near the entrance to Cashbot Headquarters. It does not have a laff requirement. A Coin Mint can award 356-544 Cogbucks, which helps with earning promotions on low-level Cashbot Cog Disguises.

Dollar Mint

Main page: Dollar Mint

The Dollar Mint is a medium-length mint that consists of six to nine sets of Cogs, totaling between 24 an 36 Cogs. The elevator leading to the Dollar Mint is located in the middle of the railroad paths. It requires Toons to have at least 66 laff points to enter. A Dollar Mint can award 679-1,004 Cogbucks, which helps with earning promotions on mid-level Cashbot Cog Disguises.

Bullion Mint

Main page: Bullion Mint

The Bullion Mint is the longest mint that consists of nine to eleven sets of Cogs, totaling between 36 and 44 Cogs. The elevator leading to the Bullion Mint is located on the left side before the Cashbot Vault entrance. It requires Toons to have at least 71 laff points to enter. A Bullion Mint can award 1,202-1,496 Cogbucks, which helps with earning promotions on high-level Cashbot Cog Disguises.


Three of the following Cogs can appear in the Cashbot Mints.

  • Money Bags: a common Cog. Money Bags only appear as level 10 Cogs. Due to this, Money Bags will never appear in Skelecog form.
  • Loan Shark: a very common Cog. Loan Sharks can appear in any battle as a level 10 Cog, a level 11 Cog, or a level 11 Skelecog.
  • Robber Baron: a very common Cog. Like Loan Sharks, Robber Barons can appear in any battle.


There are many obstacles scattered around the mints. Toons must get past these obstacles to proceed to the next section. In every map, laff barrels give 8 laff and gag barrels randomly contain any type of gag, which is shown by the icon on the barrel.

Entrance Room
  • The room that Toons first start at when entering a mint. It contains various forms of Cogbucks and stacked boxes.
  • A very small room that does not feature any Cog fights or obstacles.
  • Every mint room is connected via hallways.
  • Toons are able to go back into any previously completed rooms via hallways, so long as they have not fought the Supervisor and completed the mint.
Paint Mixer Room
  • A large room with two main platforms attached to the entry and the exit, separated by green paint. The entry platform has a staircase leading to it, but the exit one does not. Three moving platforms bridge the gap between the two main platforms.
  • Toons must jump on the platforms to get across without falling into the paint. This room is similar to the room of the same name in the Sellbot Factory.
  • Any Toon that falls in the paint will lose 8 laff, but they are able to climb up to the entryway's platform and try again.
  • Toons are unable to progress without successfully completing the platforming.
  • Two barrels that give a total of 16 laff are available at the end of the platforming section.
Lava Room
  • A small room with a pool of lava. Three platforms are floating within the lava. Toons must use them to proceed without taking damage.
  • These platforms sink as Toons stand on them, so Toons must jump quickly from one platform to the next. However, the platforms themselves do not move, unlike the ones in the Paint Mixer Room or the ones in the Sellbot Factory's equivalent Lava Room.
  • If Toons fall in the lava, they lose 8 laff.
  • A barrel that gives 8 laff is available at the end of the room platforming section.
Spinning Gears Room
  • A small room containing large stacked rotating gears. Stairs that lead to the exit are blocked off by a horizontally long pillar that does not reach the ceiling. Toons cannot jump over this pillar.
  • Toons must jump on top of each rotating gear one at a time to jump over the pillar and reach the exit.
  • In the northwest corner of the room is a barrel that gives 8 laff atop a pillar. To reach it, Toons must reach the top of the gears and jump there instead of towards the exit.
Stomper Room
  • A room containing three stompers in a diagonal pattern.
  • Toons must time running through the three sections.
  • Toons lose 8 laff if they are crushed by a stomper.
  • A barrel that gives 8 laff is available at the end.
Giant Stomper Room
  • A large room full of giant stompers, containing a platform with holes and a room to the left.
  • Giant stompers are a much bigger version of regular stompers. They can cover an entire room and can be avoided by jumping in holes in the ground.
  • Toons lose 8 laff if they are crushed by a giant stomper.
  • In the middle of the room, Toons may enter a side room to the left that contains three restock barrels and two laff barrels.
  • These stompers usually have gag barrels at the end.
Giant Stomper Room.jpg
Diamond Cog Room
  • A room in the shape of a diamond, as the name implies. There is a large wall in the middle of the room.
  • There are four groups of four Cogs in this room; one near the entrance, one near the exit, and one on each of the wall's sides.
    • The Cog sets near the entrance and exit have two level 10s and two level 11s. The Cog sets on the sides have three level 10s and one level 11.
    • It is possible to skip one of the side Cog battles.
  • Due to the number of Cogs in the room, coupled with the lack of restock barrels, players commonly refer to this room as the "Doom Room."
Cog Room
  • A medium-size room containing a single set of Cogs to battle. There are two pits in the room which Toons cannot interact with.
Ledge Room
  • A room that transfers onto an upper ledge via stairs. The layout of this room is similar to the Sellbot Factory's Boiler Room.
  • There are four sets of Cogs in this room. One set is around the corner from the entrance, one set is to the left of that, the third set around the corner near the staircase, and the fourth set is atop the ledge.
    • The first set consists of four level 10s.
    • The second set contains two level 10s and two level 11 Skelecogs.
    • The third set also has two level 10s and two level 11 Skelecogs.
    • The final set is four level 11 Skelecogs.
Diamond Goon Room
  • Diamond Goon rooms are large diamond-shaped rooms with many Goons inside. At the end of them, there are boxes that prevent the Goons from moving into the hallway.
  • Most of the goons can deal 3-10 damage to Toons, similar to those in the Sellbot Factory.
Goon Pit Room
  • An alternate goon room that features two pits, similar to the single Cog battle room. A staircase at the end leads to the exit.
  • The end of the room hides a laff barrel.
Cashbot Mint Goons.jpg
Pusher Room
  • A tight room with bright white walls that presents itself as a maze; if Toons go to the right they find it is a dead end. The left section features a gear Toons must use to elevate themselves, followed by a platform that has a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt pulls Toons back. Pushers will be trying to push the toons inside a pit with Goons.
Box Room
  • A small room containing a stomper and a box. Stairs that lead to the exit are blocked off by a horizontally long pillar that does not reach the ceiling. Toons cannot jump over this pillar, similar to the Gear Room.
  • Toons must either push the box forward in order to make the jump over the pillar, careful so as not to get squished by the stomper, or jump on the stomper and use it as a platform to jump off of.
  • A barrel which gives 8 laff is available at the end, to the right.
Skelecog Room
  • A small square room that can appear in any of the three Cashbot Mints. This room consists of a group of four level 11 Skelecogs.
  • The Toons must battle these Skelecogs to proceed.
Cashbot Mint Skelecog Room.jpg
Obstacle Course Room
  • Toons have 120 seconds to complete an obstacle course that involves jumping on spinning gears and avoiding a stomper. If not completed in time, the Toon will lose 20 laff and a shelf will be moved to make a shortcut.

Final battle

Main page: Mint Supervisor

At the end of a mint, Toons will battle the Supervisor along with three other Cogs, all of which are level 11. Defeating the Supervisor and the three Cogs will award Toons with gag experience and Cogbucks. There are several possible layouts of the Supervisor's room:

  • A small room with a boarded floor, containing not much else apart from the Cogs.
  • A small room with various configurations of money (in bags, on pallet boards, in cash bundles, or in the form of gold bars) surrounding the Cogs.
  • A small room containing a staircase Toons must ascend in order to reach the Cogs.
  • A large room full of pallet boards that contain cash bundles, hiding one restock barrel and one laff barrel. At the end of the room, Toons must ascend a staircase that leads to the left to fight the Cogs.


When battling inside the mints, a Toon's gag experience is increased by a special multiplier, similar to Cog Buildings. The multiplier value is dependent on the mint a Toon is in.

Coin Mint 4x
Dollar Mint 5x
Bullion Mint 6x


  • The Cashbot Mints are the only facility to include randomized Cog and suit point values.
  • Cog Nation can be seen printed on the crates inside the mints.
  • Each mint has its own currency stored on shelves in different areas.
    • The Coin Mint has bags of coins.
    • The Dollar Mint has stacks of dollar bills.
    • The Bullion Mint has pyramids of gold bars.
  • The term "bullion" refers to gold or silver in the form of bars, referencing the gold bars located throughout Bullion Mints.
  • The Bullion Mint is located on the opposite side of the Coin Mint, and vice versa.
  • The Bullion Mint is often used by Toons to train their gags because of its rather large 6x multiplier.
  • Regardless of the mint type, the Obstacle Course room will always contain a shelf full of dollar bill stacks.
  • All of the rooms in the Cashbot Mints are actually rooms from the Sellbot Factory but with new textures and objects. This trend would also be reused for the District Attorney's Office.