The Cashbot Cog Disguise tab under "Cog Disguises" in the Shticker Book

The Cashbot Cog Disguise is a dark green uniform with dollar signs all over. The disguise also has a visible dark green tie and a pocket on the left hand side of the disguise.


It is the Cog Disguise that is needed to access Cashbot Vault and is used to fight the Chief Financial Officer. To get this disguise, Toons must complete ToonTasks in Donald's Dreamland. There are twelve ToonTasks to do for this and the disguise has a total of twelve parts.

Promotions and Cogbucks

Main page: Cogbucks

After the suit has been completed, Toons also need Cogbucks to get a promotion in order to be allowed to fight the CFO. The minimum level for the disguise is a level 1 Short Change and the maximum level is a level 50 Robber Baron. Once a Toon maxes their suit, they will no longer need to collect Cogbucks to fight the CFO.

Cashbot Cog Suit ToonTasks

There are a total of 12 tasks required to complete the Cashbot Suit, one for each suit part. Some involve visiting specific NPCs and obtaining certain tasks from them, while others are randomized.

  1. Nat's Tasks (Reward: Upper Left Leg)
  2. Teddy Blair's Tasks (Reward: Lower Left Leg)
  3. William Teller's Tasks (Reward: Left Foot)
  4. Nina Nitelight's Tasks (Reward: Upper Right Leg)
  5. Honey Moon's Tasks (Reward: Lower Right Leg)
  6. Dreamy Daphne's Tasks (Reward: Right Foot)
  7. Smugy Mascara's Tasks (Reward: Pelvis)
  8. Sandy Sandman's Tasks (Reward: Upper Torso)
  9. Random Task (Reward: Upper Left Arm)
  10. Random Task (Reward: Lower Left Arm)
  11. Random Task (Reward: Upper Right Arm)
  12. Random Task (Reward: Lower Right Arm)


  • Lord Lowden Clear, leader of the Toon Resistance, is always wearing a Level 50 Robber Baron Cog Disguise.
  • When you become a level 13 Robber Baron, you will gain teleportation access to Cashbot Headquarters.