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{{Building|Playground = Minnie's Melodyland|BuildingName = Casa de Castanets|BuildingImage = Casa de Casanets.jpg|NPC = Carlos|Street = Alto Avenue}}Casa de Castanets is a [[Toon Buildings|toon building]] on [[Alto Avenue]] in [[Minnie's Melodyland]]. It's shopkeeper is [[Carlos]].{{BuildingList/AltoAvenue}}[[Category:Shops]]
[[Category:Major Buildings]]
[[Category:Major Buildings]]
[[Category:Minnie's Melodyland]]
[[Category:Minnie's Melodyland]]

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Ice cream cone
Casa de Castanets is a toon building on Alto Avenue in Minnie's Melodyland. It's shopkeeper is Carlos.
Alto Avenue
Alto Avenue

1. Ragtime Drycleaners
2. Blues News
3. Four Score Antiques
4. Hard Rock Shop
5. For Good Measure Expert Tailor
6. Full Stop Shop
7. Tenor Times Newspaper
8. Plummeting Pianos
9. Dance Around the Clock Shop
10. Canto Help You!
11. Riff's Paper Plates
12. Music is Our Forte
13. Accidental Insurance
14. Carry a Toon Movers
15. Notations Office Supplies
16. Tuba Toothpaste
17. Flats Sharpened
18. Barbershop Quartet

19. Chin Rest Pillows
20. Pitch Perfect Roofing
21. More Scores Sporting Goods
22. Rests Rooms
23. Happy Mandolins
24. Piccolo's Pizza
25. Shave and a Haircut for a Song
26. The Treble Chef's Cooking School
27. Do, Rae, Me Piano Keys
28. Tuning Forks and Spoons
29. Dr. Fret's Dentistry
30. Please Refrain
31. Club 88
32. Catchy Toon Apparel
33. Casa de Castanets
34. Fifi's Fiddles
35. In Four-Four Time
36. Tom-Tom's Drums

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