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Caroling is a special activity during the Twelve Days of Winter where Toons visit Snowman to obtain a special limited-time ToonTask where they sing a carol to Snowtoons. When a Toon says the correct carol to that specific Snowtoon, they receive 100 jellybeans. The last Snowtoon will offer 100 jellybeans and a Snowman Head.



1. A Tasty Carol

"Hello again, warm fella!
Here's a holly jolly hint for you.
The first Snowtoon is a short fella, lost in a maze.
His favorite carol is rather tasty - and ends with a SPLAT!
Come back when you need to hear the hint again!

Snowball can be found walking around within the maze in Daisy Gardens.

2. An Alluring Carol

"Listen closely and I'll tell you a hint.
She normally hangs out on a street where teeth chatter year-round.
Much like her angelic wings, her favorite carol is quite alluring.
Now, where was that exit...

Snowangel can be found walking around the Christmas trees outside of Chattering Teeth, Subzero Dentist on Sleet Street in The Brrrgh. The building is between the street's Toon Headquarters and its fishing pond.

3. The Hottest Carol in Town

"Listen closely and I'll tell you a hint.
He's the only Toon that rather stand than swim.
He may be cool, but his favorite carol is the hottest in town.
Farewell, joyful traveler!

Snowshoe can be found walking around within the sea water in Donald's Dock.

4. The Merriest Carol of All

"Listen closely and I'll tell you a cooooooool hint.
This sporty Snowtoon loves being active, contrary to her name.
Her favorite carol is the merriest of them all.
Stay cool, (Toon_Name).

Snowcat can be found walking around the Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf area in Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres.

5. A Bright Carol

"Hey there, hello! Hiya!
Cat got your tongue? Don't worry, I'll give you a hint.
He's a little bit of a snowflake, but he can sing like a tenor.
He's scared of the dark, so sing him a bright carol to cheer his spirits.
Again... Don't say spirits. He really is a scaredycat.
Enjoy your very merry caroling quest!

Snowflake can be found walking around behind the Toon Headquarters on Tenor Terrace in Minnie's Melodyland.

6. A Classic Carol

"AHHH! I TOLD you not to sneak up on me like that.
My GREATEST FEAR is forgetting a hint...
Oh, no. I think I FORGOT your hint!
Oh, nevermind. I remember.
He's a tall Snowtoon, one I believe you've already met.
He loves the caroling classics, just like his name and location.
Now RUN, run quick! You don't want to be ICECREAM too!

Snowman can be found walking around in Toontown Central.


  • Unlike trick-or-treating, riddles for caroling in relation with shopkeepers were changed twice.


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