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As the clock continues ticking and time runs by, things may start to become irrelevant within Toontown Rewritten. This page seems to have information on content that had been removed from Toontown.
Camera Bot

Camera bots were an invention of Doctor Surlee consisting of small, flying robots that filmed the Toon Council Presidential Elections. They were the basis of the footage that took place on Toontown Rewritten's official livestream for the election, as well as the Toon TV itself within the game.


  • The camera bots replaced the scrapped Toon by the name of Lenny Flair who was originally going to be the election's cameraman.
  • The camera bots' propellers are similar in appearance to those of the Cogs.
  • According to one of Doctor Surlee's papers, the Cogs re-purposed the camera bots as goons.
  • The little piece of concept art from the below gallery reveals that the camera bots could make another appearance in the future, possibly having something to do with Operation: Duck Hunt.


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