Butterflies TTC

Butterflies in Toontown Central

Butterflies are animate creatures that are found in the playgrounds of Toontown Central and Daisy Gardens. Butterflies vary in wing colors. They have no legs, and are capable of tilting their head to the side.


Butterflies will fly in a seemingly straight line, while swaying from left to right and slightly changing altitude when fluttering.

Each butterfly has its own determined path, where it would appear on ground level, reach its destination, land, and fly back to its starting point. This will be done in a continuous loop.


Fireflies were introduced on October 25, 2018, as part of the Halloween theme, and appeared exclusively in Donald's Dreamland playground. Each firefly appears as a yellow circle with a glow around it. Fireflies slowly fade-in, then hover around the playground while fading out and back in, until disappearing.

In the release note, it was stated that fireflies are "a fierce ally of the already prevalent butterfly threat in Toontown Central".[1]


  • Some backpacks resemble the butterfly wings.
  • Prior to October 25, 2018, when reaching their destination, butterflies would either disappear after landing or move down into the ground, and then re-appear in their starting point.[1]
    • During the same update, released for Halloween, fireflies were added to Donald's Dreamland.


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