The Big Cheese, one of the eight building-only Cogs

Building-only Cogs are Cogs that are normally not found in streets, and can only be encountered with in Cog Buildings, Cog Facilities, and boss battles, hence their name. These Cogs accommodate the seventh and eighth positions in the Corporate Ladder (levels 7-11 and 8-12, respectively).

Building-only Cogs can also be found in streets during Cog Invasion, which can also occur using a Cog Summon.

List of building-only Cogs

Cog type Cog name Position Level range
Min Max
Bossbots Corporate Raider 7 7 11
The Big Cheese 8 8 12
Lawbots Legal Eagle 7 7 11
Big Wig 8 8 12
Cashbots Loan Shark 7 7 11
Robber Baron 8 8 12
Sellbots The Mingler 7 7 11
Mr. Hollywood 8 8 12
The Cogs
FlunkyPencil PusherYesmanMicromanagerDownsizerHead Hunter
Corporate RaiderThe Big Cheese Chief Executive Officer
Bottom FeederBloodsuckerDouble TalkerAmbulance ChaserBack StabberSpin Doctor
Legal EagleBig Wig Chief Justice
Short ChangePenny PincherTightwadBean CounterNumber CruncherMoney Bags
Loan SharkRobber Baron Chief Financial Officer
Cold CallerTelemarketerName DropperGlad HanderMover & ShakerTwo-Face
The MinglerMr. Hollywood Vice President
GoonsSkelecogsVirtual SkelecogsVersion 2.0 Cogs
Director of Ambush MarketingThe Chairman
Building-only Cogs Boss
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