Bugs are in-game errors which occur due to malfunctions in the game's programming. A bug can negatively impact gameplay, although it may instead produce desirable effects, which makes it susceptible to being exploited.

Reporting bugs

If any unusual activity occurs, it is likely to have occurred because of a bug. Bugs can be reported by emailing Toontown Rewritten directly at, or by creating a post using the following links. It is important to include a description about the bug and a screenshot if possible.


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To take a screenshot, press F9 on Windows, or fn+F9 on macOS. Pressing F10 instead will result in taking a screenshot with some debug information at the bottom. Screenshots can be viewed in the "screenshots" folder which is usually located in the Toontown Rewritten files. It is also possible to view screenshots in the Shticker Book by clicking on the snapshots icon.

Screenshots are recommended as they provide useful information such as the coordinates of where you took the picture which are embedded into the metadata of the file. Pressing shift+F1 on Windows or fn+F1 on macOS allows one to view his coordinates above his or her Toon's head in a thought bubble.

Experimental features


Anti-aliasing is disabled by default due to graphics card incompatibilities. However, it can be turned on on again by modifying "settings.json" in the Toontown Rewritten folder by opening it as a .txt file. This feature was originally enabled by default when it was implemented on July 5, 2014 in ttr-beta-v1.3.1[1], but was then disabled by default in ttr-beta-v1.3.1 on the same day.[2]

Bugs and Glitches

  • On October 4, 2014, there was a major bug which caused the progress of every Toon not to be saved if they had crashed. The issue was resolved the following day, but this caused some Toons to have their progress reset to the previous day.
  • There were several glitches during ToonFest 2015; one of which allowed Toons to reach 'impossible' heights on the trampolines. This was later patched in an update.[3]
  • Following Halloween 2015, there were several bugs with Toons' eyes.
    • Their eyes would remain open when they were sleeping instead of closing.
    • The surprised animation caused eyes to remain surprised even after the animation was used.
    • Occassionally, a Toon's eyes would close even when they were not sleeping.
  • The party gate has a malfunctioned hitbox that easily allows Toons to clip into the Grey.
  • Walking backwards into a hollow space or a body of water will result in the camera spazzing out.
  • Teleporting anywhere in Toontown while swimming in a body of water will store the water sound and will keep playing until exit the game is closed completely.
  • By going near the geyser from Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres while clicking the Clarabelle's Cattlelog button when the geyser starts will make the game think the Toon is still interacting with the geyser, causing the Toon to float around in a strange pose.
    • Interacting with a game table after using the geyser glitch will make the glitch seem normal for a bit before the Toon gets "sucked up" while continuing to have the picnic games popup even without interacting with the picnic table. Visiting another playground corrects the glitch.
    • When you use the glitch on the picnic table, then go to another playground before the timer runs out, a glitched timer at 0 will stay at the bottom right of the screen until you close out of the game.
    • Interacting with a picnic table after using the geyser glitch on a picnic table will have your Toon freeze in place until the time runs out on the table.
      • After the following, pressing any of the games then choosing to hop off will cause you to teleport.
        • Going on a geyser then clicking the Hop Off button will make your Toon be stuck in a jumping state until you press CTRL.
    • Interacting with both kinds of tables then pressing Hop Off will make your toon weirdly drag along the ground until you jump.
  • A Toon can walk underwater by pressing "No" when using the Clarabelle's Cattlelog menu.
  • If you spam click on the dropdown which shows/hides a friend's gags while running up to one of the fences in Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres, it will cause you to clip through it.
  • If you go to your house, use the piggy bank, go into the house editor (without moving), put a piggy bank, chest or closet in front of the object you used before, then exit the editor, then you will be using the piggy bank and the other object that you chose at the same time.
    • If you then cause the Piggy Bank interface to disappear, you will then be able to use the other interface while not actually being near the object. However, the effect disappears when you leave the house.
  • If you jump into the middle of the railings in the Toontown Headquarters, then you will oscillate in between the walls. This can be fixed by simply by walking out or jumping out.
  • If you teleport on a traction-less moving platform, then you the position won't update, causing you to teleport in otherwise impossible places.
    • If the moving platform has traction, then this can still be done, however instead of teleporting, you need to jump, then press "No" when using the Clarabelle's Cattlelog menu.
  • If you try to put the Telephone out of bounds in the house editor, and you still are holding down the direction to put it out of bounds, then it will sink into the ground.
  • If you put a item from the attic back into your house while leaving the house editor, then you can still move around the object even though you are not in the house editor.
    • This can cause the camera to move if you move objects which focus the camera on them when used, like the piggy bank, during the glitch.
    • If you do the glitch normally, but try to take out multiple items from the attic at the same time instead of one item, then the game will crash.
    • If you move the item around, then all objects that you placed in the house will have their collision disabled.
      • If you place the telephone inside the closet before, then do the freely moving house objects glitch, and do the collisionless objects glitch using above method, you can use this to get inside the closet, then you can activate the telephone while using the closet. Before the catalog shows up, press the check or the x on the closet menu. This will cause the stickerbook to be able to be used during the catalog menu. Now, click on the stickerbook, but not the button which closes the catalog menu. If all of this is done correctly, then both the stickerbook interface and the catalog interface show up at the time. The effect will be gone when you leave the house, however the effect will reappear when you go back in the house.
        • If you do the above, then click on the Hang Up button, the blue background will not show up, but the stickerbook interface still pops up.
        • If you do the stickerbook during catalog glitch, then open and close the stickerbook, you will be able to walk anywhere with the catalog interface. However, the effect is lost when you leave the house.
        • If you walk around during the glitch, then decide to hang up, then your character will slide for a little bit.
        • If you do the stickerbook during catalog glitch, transfer some jellybeans to your jar from your piggy bank or vice versa, then try to buy something from the catalog, the game will crash. Also, the number of jellybeans shown in the catalog will be incorrect.
  • During a Party or Toonfest, if you put the cannon at its highest setting, launch, then move into the invisible wall, you will be able to clip through the walls.
  • During a Party, constantly going on and off the edge of the Dance Floor, or sometimes even just going off it, can cause you to be displaced a huge distance. The easiest way to peform this is to go in a straight line that is close to the edge of the dance floor, and is perpendicular to a line with the two points of the point of the edge of the dance floor that it is close to and the point of the edge on the opposite side.
  • If a Toon attempts to use the telephone immediately after another Toon exits Clarabelle's Cattelog, the telephone becomes stuck to the previous Toon's size, and is unusable until all Toons leave the estate.
  • Wearing the snowman head and then entering an area that doesn't allow the snowman head triggers a glitch. This happens due to the game not being allowed to render the snowman head, and tries to load a normal Toon state with the delighted/grin animation simultaneously, which often produces a warped Toon mouth.



    Experimental: Turn on anti-aliasing by default
    Disable Experimental anti-aliasing by default due to graphics card incompatibilities. For those who want to continue helping us test out this experimental feature, you can turn it on again by modifying "settings.json" in your Toontown Rewritten folder.
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