Bossbot Headquarters
Basic information
Type: Bossbot
Location: Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf
Area information
Minimum level: 8
Maximum level: 10
Special Cogs: Version 2.0 Cogs
Data is by normal gameplay.
Facility information
Facilities: Cog Golf Courses
Minimum level: 10
Maximum level: 11
Facility boss: Club President
Boss information
Facilities: Bossbot Clubhouse
Executive Office Tower
Minimum level: 9
Maximum level: 12
Boss: Chief Executive Officer
Media files
Courtyard Rain Sound Effect
CHQ rain ambient

Courtyard Music 1
Bossbot Entry v1

Courtyard Music 2
Bossbot Entry v2

Courtyard Music 3
Bossbot Entry v3

Portable Hole Network Bypass

Bossbot Headquarters (also known as Bossbot HQ or BBHQ) is where the Bossbots reside. It is located behind Chip 'n Dale's MiniGolf at Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres. When visiting Bossbot HQ, you will find the Cog Golf Courses, the Bossbot Clubhouse, and the Executive Office Tower. The playground is home to a very dark and dreary theme, with one of the most prominent features being the Bossbot Clubhouse which sits atop a large hill. It was released on May 3, 2015 in Toontown Rewritten.


The courtyard is the main area of Bossbot Headquarters in which Toons may choose where to go throughout the headquarters. In the front middle side is the clubhouse and other sides of the courtyard is three different Cog Golf Courses, which are the facilities of Bossbot HQ. There are golf carts leading to the Front Three, the Middle Six, and the Back Nine.

An oil fountain is located in the center of the area. If a Toon makes contact with the oil, the Toon will lose five laff points.

Cog Golf Courses

Main page: Cog Golf Courses

The Cog Golf Courses are the facilities of Bossbot Headquarters. The three different courses are the Front Three, the Middle Six, and the Back Nine. The Front Three does not have a laff limit while the Middle Six requires 95 laff points and the Back Nine requires 100 laff points. Like inside the clubhouse, Version 2.0 Cogs reside in the Cog Golf Courses. There are many Bossbots inside the Cog Golf Courses, especially the Back Nine, making them essential places for earning large numbers of Stock Options. The Front Three rewards 764 options, The Middle Six rewards 1874 options, and The Back Nine rewards 3350 options.

Bossbot Clubhouse

Main page: Bossbot Clubhouse

The clubhouse is the banquet hall and the home of the Bossbots and the Cog boss, Chief Executive Officer. Upon finishing your Bossbot Cog Suit, you may enter the clubhouse. When entering, the Toons will be greeted by Good ol' Gil Giggles who will then instruct the Toons involved to battle thirty Version 2.0 Cogs, and the C.E.O. himself directly.

Toons who successfully defeat the C.E.O. will earn pink slips, which can fire Cogs out of battle.

Executive Office Tower

Main page: Executive Office Tower

The Executive Office Tower is the new large building located at Bossbot Headquarters on the right side of the courtyard. At this moment, members of the Toon Resistance were completely unable to infiltrate the large tower that gleams over Bossbot HQ, leaving its contents completely unknown to Toonkind. Security goons have blocked all possible entrances, and peering through windows has revealed nothing except for several large elevators large enough to fit a Cog boss. An upcoming event is rumored to take place within the Executive Office Tower.


  • Bossbot Headquarters is the last Cog headquarters to have been released in Toontown Rewritten.
  • Bossbot Headquarters is known to have the darkest/most eerie music and is considered the most dangerous area in all of Toontown.
  • According to one of Team LHAAFBBHQ's mission updates, they found a letter containing a partial picture of the headquarters itself looking a whole lot different, including the Bossbot Clubhouse and a never-before-seen area that was being worked on. The never-before-seen area was later revealed to be the Executive Office Tower.
  • During April Toons Week in 2015, a prank was pulled by the Toontown Rewritten staff involving Bossbot Headquarters. The Mystery Tunnel located at Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres was replaced with the same dark, charcoal-stained tunnel. The tunnel led to the area from ToonFest, but was known as "Barbecue Headquarters".
  • Bossbot Headquarters is the only Cog headquarters to receive a big reconstruction. Unlike in Toontown Online, the headquarters houses a big oil fountain surrounded by spinning gears, along with Cogs roaming the courtyard and a new building called the Executive Office Tower.
    • With the new Executive Office Tower, this also makes Bossbot Headquarters the only Cog headquarters to have three different kinds of facilities.
    • The inside of the Bossbot Clubhouse was also completely redesigned. In Toontown Online, the clubhouse contained a simple straight path from the door to the elevator; in Toontown Rewritten, the clubhouse sits atop of a large hill with a winding stone path surrounded by several oil geysers.
  • When Bossbot Headquarters was released, touching the fountains did not remove laff due to their main purpose being bugged.
  • Even though the courtyard has changed, it still currently looks like the same courtyard from Toontown Online in the Shticker Book.
  • Bossbot Cog Buildings can be seen in the horizon from the main zone of Bossbot Headquarters.
  • The Executive Office Tower is currently unaccessible. When attempting to enter it, a message pops up saying that Toons are unable to enter due to security goons.