"Behind these doors lies the biggest gathering of Cogs we've seen since the original invasion."
Good ol' Gil Giggles when speaking to Toons before entering the dining room.

The Bossbot Clubhouse is the home of the Chief Executive Officer, which is located at Bossbot Headquarters.

Inside the Clubhouse, there is a kitchen where Cogs prepare food for the C.E.O. The C.E.O. resides in a large dining room full of tables with conveyor belts used to serve food. Toons can infiltrate the Clubhouse (with a Bossbot Cog Disguise and enough Stock Options) and battle the C.E.O.. 

When Toons enter the Clubhouse, they will be greeted by Good ol' Gil Giggles and Version 2.0 Cogs on each side of the kitchen. When all 30 Cog Waiters are defeated, the Toons will then proceed to the dining room, wearing their new Waiter disguises, and must feed all Cogs three oil cans within 5 minutes. Once the timer has run out, the C.E.O. will realize the Waiters are actually Toons and remove the disguises. The Cogs that remain follow the C.E.O.'s orders and fly over to battle whenever there is room in the fight.

If the Toons successfully defeat all Cogs, they will face off against the C.E.O. himself. Upon the C.E.O.'s defeat, the Toons will earn pink slips, which can fire Cogs out of battle.


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