I just want to talk about how other Toons, mostly ranting youtubers (#DJYC21215) are mad at Toons because something. Here's the list:

1. Soundless/Lureless Toon is a bad Toon

YOU CANNOT GET ANGRY AT SOMEONE THAT HAS HIS FREE MIND TO CHOOSE HIS GAGS! You aren't a dictator who orders other Toons to have their gags. For example, my primary Toon (known as Cap'n Coconut) is going to be lureless I decided that he'll don't have this gag and I'm happy with it. Otherwise I can use some SOS lure.

2. Everybody hates Bottom Feeders

I mean EVERY LV 1 COG DISGUISE. Like lv 45 Robber Baron won't invite lv 3 Short Change, "because it's a low suit". There's a campaign (that really isn't) called "YOU WERE A COLD CALLER TOO! Stop rejecting low suits". I mean what's the problem with it? This is like rich people won't give money to poor ones: if the low suit won't get invited, he couldn't be a higher suit, right?


Everybody tells that you can't train gags in a boss battle or in mints etc. BUT WHERE THEN?! There is a 2x bonus in boss battle, in factories,office A etc. There are even x6 bonuses for bullion mint or office D. You want someone to waste their time training gags?

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