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This page contains an archive of every blog post published on Toontown Rewritten's website throughout the year.

This page lists all blog posts that were posted on Toontown Rewritten's website during the year of 2019.


Halfway Day of Ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics

Posted by Franz Neckvein on January 16, 2019 at 2:30 PM

I said zat I'd be back, and here I am! We're halfway zere, Toons. Ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics end in just sixteen more days on February 1st, 2019 at 11:59 PM Toontown Time! But zat is of no concern. After all, zere are hundreds, if not thousands of new Toons entering Toontown every day! I can see ze Cogs quaking in zere' boots, seeing all of ze new Toons growing stronger every day.

Franz Neckvein lifts a piano as Winter Laff-o-Lympics Laffletes fight the Cogs.

Now is no time for talk, no, now is time for pep talk! After all, you all want to know how each of ze teams is doing, ja? Between ze delicious Team Milk & Cookies and ze toasty Team Hot Cocoa, who knows which vill win? I don't know these things, but I do know who's in ze lead so far!
How many Toons have joined each team? Let's see what ze Loony Labs' Loonix computer tells us.
Holy smokes! Zere are 10,615 Toons on Team Milk & Cookies, and 13,828 Toons on Team Hot Cocoa! I bite my tounge from what I said before, zere have been nearly 25,000 Toons participating in ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics! Not only zat, but there is a nearly 40/60 split between each of ze teams.
But ze Toons on each team doesn't decide ze victor. Right now, it looks like Team Hot Cocoa is in the lead! Toons on Team Hot Cocoa have earned more Laff Points in total than ze total Laff earned by Team Milk & Cookies! But ze race is not over yet, ja? There's still plenty of time for either team to pull ahead for ze win.
I vill see everyone after ze Laff-o-Lympics ends, and only zen will I bring ze final results! If you still haven't begun, zere's still plenty of time to participate in ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics. Now get out zere and train your mopey muscles!

Seeing Double in ze Double XP Weekend

Posted by Franz Neckvein on January 25, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Come here, itty bitty Cogs! I've got ze finest Trap Gags in all of Toontown, just vaiting for you! Look into ze Hypno Goggle eyes, and fall into ze trapdoor! Bahahahaha! I tell you, zese Cogs fall for my traps every time! Even if zey can't take ze jokes, zey sure are happy to fall for zem!

Franz Neckvein attempts to Hypnotize Cogs, but gets dizzy instead.

In fact, let's do ze teensy test, Toons. Vhat would happen if I kept ze Hypno Goggles on all weekend? Ze Cogs vill keep coming, and I can keep trapping zem! Ze only limit is how many Trap Gags I can carry. In fact, I think I can keep zis' up forever. Say hello to my little friends, Cogs!
I vill destroy, all of... ze Cogs... Oof. I'm feeling dizzy. Ven did zat Cold Caller turn into two Short Changes? Ooh, I think zat I am seeing double. Now, vhat will happen if I destroy both of zese Cogs zat I see? I see now, I am getting ze Double XP!
Aha, for as long as I wear ze Hypno Goggles, every Toon will receive Double XP! I don't know how long I can keep zis' up, so I'll just have to keep zem on for zis weekend. From now until January 27th at 11:59PM Toontown Time (PST), every toon vill receive Double XP! Zis should be a wonderful way to finish strong with ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics Toons, ja?
Now, if you can excuse me, I am feeling very sleepy and sick to ze stomach. Seeing double is far worse zen you may think...


Ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics Wrap-Up

Posted by Franz Neckvein on February 2, 2019 at 7:15 PM

HELLO LAFFLETES, far and wide, from Donald's Dreamland all the way to my hometown of Toontown Central! Welcome to ze finish line! Ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics have officially come to a spectacular finishing act. Of course, zat means ze time has come to announce ze winners of ze event, ja?

Franz Neckvein celebrates the end of the 2019 Winter Laff-o-Lympics with the victors.

I am so proud to see all of my puny Laffletes grow up into champions! Zat is ze Punchline Gym's purpose. First, I vill list how many Toons received each medal:
• A total of 2,251 Toons vill receive the Bronze prize!
• A total of 409 Toons vill receive the Silver Prize, including an exclusive SpeedChat phrase!
• Finally, 238 Toons vill receive the Gold Prize, which contains an exclusive Toon T.A.G.S. style!
But zat's not what you're all here for, I get zat. In my hands, I hold ze winning team of the 2019 Winter Laff-o-Lympics. Who vill it be? Perhaps ze warm and toasty Team Hot Cocoa, or vill it be ze delicious and sugary Team Milk & Cookies? Ze truth is, both teams got lots and lots of ze Laff points. Toontown is now stronger zen ever in fighting ze Cogs! However, I must crown a single winner...
Ze winner of the Winter Laff-o-Lympics is Team Hot Cocoa! Congratulations to all Cats, Crocodiles, Deer, Monkeys, and Mice who participated in ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics and gained 50 Laff Points! Once again, you vill receive zese rewards prizes ze next time you enter Toontown:

Team Hot Cocoa

• 5000 Jellybeans
• 1000 Racing Tickets
• One Gag-Up All Unite
• One Max Toon-Up Unite
• Two 600 Bean Unites
Finally, I vould like to thank all Toons who participated in ze Winter Laff-o-Lympics. Ze Cogs are getting stronger by ze day, and ve will need all the strength possible to fight back ze intruders. To all of ze Laffletes, Thank YOU for making zis' a Toontastic Winter Laff-o-Lympics!
Now, there's no time to vaste, I am already behind on my training! If you need me, I vill be exercising my strength back at ze Punchline Gym. Until next time!


Waiting for Chocolate

Posted by Sir Max on February 14, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Hello there Toontown, it's your favorite part-time Toontown Blog enthusiast Sir Max. As is tradition every year, ValenToon's Week is in full swing. As is tradition since this year, I lie in wait at my estate, alone. It's okay though, I know something good will happen this year.

Sir Max Discovers the true meaning of ValenToon's day.

After all, there's only a few more days to go until half-priced chocolate at the Dropping Degrees Diner! Most people buy their chocolate before ValenToon's week, but little do they know how easy it is to find after the fact!
While most Toons may be concerned with finding true love or some other malarkey, I'm more concerned with how long it'll be until I can get cheap chocolate! I may not be a fan of the consumerism associated with ValenToon's day, but I do love massive piles of chocolate! It's even better than Halloween, let me tell you.
Maybe a stroll outside will ease the pain of waiting for chocolate. The Estate is very calming, after all. Wait a minute... are those... CHOCOLATE HEARTS on the ground?
Happy ValenToon's Day, Toontown!

A Very S.I.L.L.I. Day

Posted by The Fissiontons on February 26, 2019 at 11:59 PM

Fissionton, look.
What's this? We’re not only logged into Toontown’s “Social Media” accounts...
Ah! But also their blog post announcement doohickey.
Salutations, Toontown. For those of you whom may not remember me, my name is Doctor Fissionton, and I'm joined today by my colleague: Doctor Fissionton. It's the 26th of the month, of course, which means we're here to discuss today's anomaly!
Do you think it was a tad too theatrical?
Nonsense, it's a grand finale.
Yes, plus it's been one year since they first met us.
Much longer since we met them.
Now Toons, as you may recall, the 26th of every month has resulted in some sort of anomaly of time thanks to a certain Doctor. Some have been too small to notice, and some have been hard to miss. It's a ripple effect caused by his initial time travel experiment. Today's anomaly, for example, put every Toontown Social Media account into the control of the S.I.L.L.I. (Scientists Interested In Laugh Levels Increasing).
Not that we would ever suggest taking advantage of a situation such as this.
No, not at all. Dimm, please step away from the terminal!
Some of you may ask: What's Fissionton up to? Why post the S.I.L.L.I. test video? What has he been doing all of this time?
Some of them are already on the verge of an answer.
I knew that giving the Doctor a puzzle would put it in their hands.
With patience, they'll understand what we've been working towards since the beginning.
Toontown, brace yourself. The Final Plan is well underway. Loony Labs will keep you updated with their newly-found social media access. We're nearing the turning point in Toon History. This minute may mark the end of the 26th, but today's anomaly is far from over. See you soon.

The Twenty-Sixth Test

Posted by The Fissiontons on February 28, 2019 at 11:59 PM

Hello, hello. It's Doctor Fissionton again. You know, the one who is two? Rippling in and out of time? 26 million Silly Particles? Posted on the Toontown Blog two days ago? Yes! That's me.
By "me" you must mean "us."
When you're not bound by time, why bother being bound to grammar?
I suppose there are more pressing things to worry about.
Yes. Why don't we show them today's test?
Ever since the 26th of this month, an anomaly has been tearing through Toontown. It's the reason we're having to write a post so late -- ever since the anomaly led the Loony Labs Scientoons to start using social media, all of the computers have been occupied for every moment of the day! As you may have noticed, however... We've had a bit of a hand to play in the events of this anomaly.
I must say, their collective effort has been quite outstanding.
The best and brightest are piecing our puzzles together in record time!
All of these years of training truly have paid off for them.
They may even be starting to understand what we have been working towards.
Though, this puzzle has proven to be harder than the others.
It'll be much easier once we realized that we already dotted their a's for them.
With each step towards The Final Plan, the ripple becomes closer to stabilizing. Loony Labs is learning more about the Tooniverse, the anomaly, and the silliness behind it all. Silliness is a powerful entity, with effects even I -- we -- could not have foreseen.
Fissionton, take a look under this microscope for a moment.
Is that dust on the lens, or is that what we're looking for?
If we screen it correctly, it'll make a contrasting difference.
The hour is growing late, and Doctor Surlee will certainly want to run more tests early in the morning. It's both past and before our bedtime, which means it's as good of a time as any to leave you to it.
Don't worry, you'll be back here soon. Best of luck.


Gone Fission: Part One

Posted by The Toontown Team on March 3, 2019 at 11:00 AM

If you've been keeping a close eye on Toontown this week, you'll know that something big is happening! On Thursday, this all came to a boiling point when Toons discovered Part One of a two-part web comic called "Gone Fission." Read on to learn more, then click on the image below to view the comic!

'Gone Fission: Part One' - Click here to view the comic!

So, how did we get here? Keen-eyed Toons may have noticed some very strange happenings on social media over the past few days. Thanks to the anomalies of the 26th and the meddling of Doctor Fissionton, Loony Labs has taken over Toontown's social media!
In addition to the social media silliness, several videos were posted on the Toontown Youtube channel. These videos seemed like simple Silly Meter tests, but they turned out to be much more! Some super smart sleuths across the Toontown community found that each video contained a small puzzle placed by The Fissiontons, which led to the comic that you'll find above.
What comes next? It's hard to say, but we're certain that more Silly Meter silliness will be involved. Based on the last panel of the comic, it looks like we'll find out more on March 6th!

Lastly, let's end this post to a huge shout-out to our puzzle solving community. We love putting together these Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) for you to solve, and we hope that you have as much fun solving them as we have creating them!
If you find these mysteries intriguing, you should check out the Toontown Rewritten subreddit and the Toontown Rewritten Discord Server, which are two communities full of dedicated Toons who worked together to solve this puzzle. Join now so that you can be involved with the next one!
NOTE: These communities are not officially sponsored by Toontown Rewritten. We trust the moderators of these communities and know that they maintain a family friendly environment, but we do not manage either of them. Ask a parent before joining!

Information About The Silly Meter Update

Posted by The Toontown Team on March 5, 2019 at 9:00 AM

You've watched the videos, read the blog posts, solved the puzzles, and bought a hype train ticket to each and every station. We've been right there with you every step of the way, but today we are more excited than ever for one big reason: We will be releasing The Silly Meter Update tomorrow, March 6th!

A group of signs outside of Toon Hall are all pointing to the Silly Meter.

Normally, we'd keep you on your toes until the update starts going out, but there's a few things we want to tell you about ahead of time for this update. The Silly Meter Update is the single largest expansion we've created to date, and while we've taken great care to prepare such a monumental release, we know that it won't be perfect right away!
The following information will give you a few details about what to expect from this update, and how you can help us make it as great as it can be!
Balancing Updates
To say that the Silly Meter Update is releasing tomorrow... Is only partially true. The real truth is: The update was released weeks ago!
Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed several maintenance periods with seemingly no visible updates. In fact, these maintenance periods were to add and adjust an invisible version of the Silly Meter so that we could test and balance it with thousands of players, rather than just the small handful that we have on our Quality Assurance Team.
While we've done our best to get the Silly Meter balancing just right so that the meter doesn't fill up too quickly, nor too slowly -- we know that we're going to need to make some tweaks as you all begin to play and explore its full potential. Be sure to expect additional balancing updates throughout the first few days. Our ears will be wide open to hear your feedback!
Reporting Bugs
What's a Toontown update without a few bugs to squash? The Silly Meter Update has been going through rigorous testing for weeks thanks to our QA Team, but due to us being a volunteer team with limited resources, it's impossible for us to cover every inch of an update like this which impacts every little part of Toontown.
We hope that there won't be too many issues, but we ask you to please bear with us throughout any bugs you find! In order to help us get the release in tip-top shape, be sure to report them to us so that we can squash the bugs as quickly as possible. We've done everything we can to test this release with our own resources, now we need your help to report anything we missed!
The First Cycle
There's no doubt that you've seen some of what Doctor Fissionton and Doctor Surlee have been up to recently! Throughout the first "Silly Cycle" (Our term for a full run of the Silly Meter, from start to finish), you may see some special in-game events occur in Toontown while the Silly Meter rises to peak silliness.
What does this mean? Well, you may experience a bit of extra wackiness related to the story which won't be there for future play-throughs! Keep in mind that this first Silly Cycle is going to be a bit different than the ones that will happen after the event is over. The first maxing of the Silly Meter deserves a grand celebration, after all!
Send Your Feedback!
Following the release of the Silly Meter, we're going to be working around the clock to monitor the update to handle all problems and feedback that we receive. YOU are essential to helping us make this update successful!
If you have questions, bug reports, suggestions, or anything else you want to convey to us: Send an email to! We'll also be monitoring our social media pages, reading community websites, and talking to you in game to make sure everyone is heard.
Our goal with the Silly Meter Update has been to produce an expansion that is fun, long-lasting, and higher quality than any update Toontown has received. We can't predict the unforeseen problems that may pop up after release, but we are not going to stop working until we're fully satisfied that those goals have been met. We are Toontown players just like you, after all, and we are super excited to play our creation alongside you!

Phew! That wraps up all of the information we needed to get off of our chests. Tomorrow, we'll have a full blog post from Doctor Surlee telling you all about the features of the Silly Meter to coincide with its release. Stay silly, Toontown fans. We'll see you tomorrow!

Introducing the Silly Meter

Posted by Doctor Surlee on March 6, 2019 at 6:00 PM

Good afternoon, Toons. My name's Doctor Surlee from Loony Labs, and the other Scientoons insisted that I be the one to tell you today's big news. After working tirelessly with the S.I.L.L.I. Team, it's finally time to unveil a device that has been years in the making. Introducing my most exciting invention yet, the new and improved Silly Meter!
When Toontown came together and collected all 2.6 million Silly Particles, this is what we needed them for. Never before has a scientific marvel such as this been attempted, let alone created, in Toontown's original or rewritten history!
What's so impressive about it, you ask? I would just give you my blueprints, but Professor Prepostera suggested passing along this helpful summary for the less scientifically savvy. It outlines how the device works, what affects it, and how to interact with it.
The Silly Meter
The Silly Meter measures all of the silliness throughout Toontown. The more Toon activity going on, the more silly Toontown will be, and the more the Silly Meter will rise! Activities such as throwing a party, playing a round of golf, taking over Cog buildings, and defeating Cogs all generate Silly Points. In fact, practically any activity in Toontown will.
But it’s not all fun and games! The Cogs are stern-faced to silliness, and activity such as Cog Invasions, Cog Buildings and even Cogs roaming the streets will lower the Silliness levels. Fight back against them to keep the Silly Meter high!
As time goes on and the Silliness rises, you’ll begin to notice some wacky happenings throughout our town. By our predictions, the streets will gradually begin to come alive with dancing fire hydrants, juggling trash cans and moving mailboxes.
Once the street props are fully animated, they will even help you in street battles against the Cogs, give you bonus Silly Points, and increase your movement speed when nearby!
The Silly Reader

Silly Reader

With the combined efforts of myself and my colleagues at Loony Labs, Toons can track silliness on the fly with a new Shticker Book addition called the Silly Reader! It will update them on Silly Meter status, their own Silly Points, and detailed stats about all of the silliness-generating activity.
Want to get in on the action? Talk to any Scientoon inside Toon Hall and ask them about getting a Silly Reader! You’ll need to have had some experience with silliness already in order to maneuver the device, so you'll need 30 Laff points or a Level 4 gag.
Additionally, due to the large number of Toons that we’re expecting to see, I’ve roped in my colleagues Professor Purrview and Doctor Fumbdound from the C.A.K.E division of Loony Labs to assist with giving out Silly Readers. Make sure to say hello before they leave!
Silly Cycles
Like many things in life, the silliness of Toontown happens in cycles. The Silly Meter has been designed to go through several phases:
Active Phase
This is the phase where Toons can earn Silly Points and push the Silly Meter to its peak! There is no active reward during this part of the cycle, but the Silly Meter undergoes several transformations to account for rising levels of silliness across Toontown. Make sure to check out Toon Hall every now and then to see the various forms of the Silly Meter emerge!
Reward Phase
This phase occurs after the Silly Meter maxes and lasts for a few days. When Toons are able to generate so much silliness that the Silly Meter's capacity can no longer stand it, all of Toontown will receive a special reward for two days! Heightened silly levels do all kinds of wacky and wonderful things to Toontown. You won't want to miss a second of it!
Cool Down Phase
If we kept the Silly Meter running around the clock, it would get so silly that it might just grow legs and walk out the door! The cool down phase allows both the Silly Meter and town-wide silly levels to normalize for about two days. Once the meter has reset and the silly levels have had time to stabilize, the Silly Meter moves once more into the "Active" phase!
Silly Rewards and Silly Teams
Once the Silly Meter reaches its peak, every Toon in Toontown will be rewarded with a Silly Reward! During the active phase of each Silly Cycle, there will be three possible rewards available. There are numerous possible rewards that could appear in a variety of combinations!
The Scientoons are always working on researching new rewards, but for now, here is the entire list of possible Silly Rewards. The first three are the active ones for this first Silly Cycle!
Sillymeter laffteam.png

Overjoyed Laff Meters:
A little joy goes a long way! +8 Maximum Laff Points while the Silly Meter is maxed.

Sillymeter fishteam.png

Decreased Fish Rarity:
Holy Mackerel! Rare fish are easier to find with this silly perk.

Sillymeter beanteam.png

Double Jellybeans:
Double your fun (and money) with double jellybeans for all activities!

Sillymeter gardenteam.png

Speedy Garden Growth:
Make your gardens bloom faster than Daisy's to ramp up your garden experience.

Sillymeter racingteam.png

Double Racing Tickets:
Ready, set, GO get Double Tickets at Goofy Speedway! Doesn't apply to Grand Prix races.

Sillymeter teleportteam.png

Global Teleport Access:
Who needs ToonTasks? Temporarily unlock teleport access to all areas of Toontown!

Sillymeter trickteam.png

Doodle Trick Boost:
Jump! Backflip! Dance! Doodles perform tricks more often and earn more experience.

Sillymeter toonupteam.png

Double Toon-Up Experience:
Earn double experience for Toon-Up gags in all battles!

Sillymeter trapteam.png

Double Trap Experience:
Earn double experience for Trap gags in all battles!

Sillymeter lureteam.png

Double Lure Experience:
Earn double experience for Lure gags in all battles!

Sillymeter soundteam.png

Double Sound Experience:
Earn double experience for Sound gags in all battles!

Sillymeter throwteam.png

Double Throw Experience:
Earn double experience for Throw gags in all battles!

Sillymeter squirtteam.png

Double Squirt Experience:
Earn double experience for Squirt gags in all battles!

Sillymeter dropteam.png

Double Drop Experience:
Earn double experience for Drop gags in all battles!

You choose which reward you would like to see in Toontown by joining the Silly Team that corresponds to that reward. By joining a team, each Silly Point you earn will go towards your team’s total. Change your mind about which reward you would like? No problem! You can change your Silly Team allegiance anytime before the Silly Meter maxes via the Shticker Book.
The team with the most points earned at the time the Silly Meter reaches its peak will unlock that reward for everyone in Toontown, even if you don't have a Silly Reader!
Taking Toontown to New heights
Thanks to the blueprints from Doctor Fissionton, the Silly Meter you see today in our town's renovated Toon Hall is capable of tracking more silliness than we had previously imagined. With improvements made to its technical workings across the board, we are able to harness that silliness to bring Toontown spectacular rewards. We in the scientoonfic community believe that this innovative work will bring Toontown to new heights, and perhaps give us the power we need to push the Cogs off our streets for good.
On that note, I need to get back to work. Now that the Silly Meter is in full operation, there is a great deal of research to be done! The other Loony Labs scientoons will keep you posted throughout the week as the Silly Meter rises. I'll see you in Toon Hall!


Welcoming Toontown's Newest Citizens!

Posted by Professor Prepostera on March 9, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Greetings, Toontown. Professor Prepostera of Loony Labs here. As many of you may be aware, Toontown's Silly Levels have been rapidly rising over the past few days. This is a result of Loony Labs' fantastic work on the Silly Meter, and of course the result of the thousands of Toons out there having fun!

A happy animated mailbox in Toontown Central.

Some elephant-brained Toons may recall the Hydrant Hijinks of April Toons' Week last year. This occurrence was no mere coincidence. In fact, the Silly Levels of the fittingly named Silly Street were higher than normal! This caused an incredibly silly reaction, a Fire Hydrant sprung to life!
Needless to say, Toontown's entire scientific community was in a frenzy during that fateful week. However, the Silly Meter's completion has allowed us to harness the power of silliness and the potential of high Silly Levels. In simple terms: you may have noticed that Toontown has a few new citizens!
That's right, the Fire Hydrants, Trash Cans, and Mailboxes of Toontown have all gained sentience and are coming to life! Who knows what knowledge mailboxes have gained after years of reading everybody's mail? Perhaps learning to communicate with them shall be my next scientific foray once things have calmed down. I'm sure Doctor Surlee would be interested as well.
Anywho, apologies for that tangent. My point is, as the Silly Levels of Toontown rise, the more movement we'll see in these street-bound citizens. Who knows, perhaps they'll get up and start helping out in battles? Bah, that's far too wacky, even for high concentrations of silliness. I do predict, however, that Toons will receive movement boosts when running near them as the Silly Levels soar higher!
Regardless, I'm back to Toon Hall to keep watch of the Silly Meter. There's still valuable data to be collected, and I don't want Doctor Dimm to be the one taking notes! I'll see you all another time with an update on the Silly Meter's levels.

Doubling Down on Silliness

Posted by Double Talker on March 10, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Toons, let's step back for a moment. You might want to double think the whole Silly Meter fad. Ever since this so-called "Loony Labs" started talking about silliness, us Lawbots have been working double overtime just to analyze the codes that this device has been violating. It's time we step in to double down on silliness.

One happy mailbox.

I've done the research myself: Silly Particles are harmful to Toontown. I've seen the gravitational anomalies with my own four eyes. And this "Doctor Fissionton" duo? They might talk in double, but they're no match for the knowledge of this Double Talker.
Besides that, the rise of silliness has become an immediate threat to Toons and Cogs alike. Fire hydrants, mailboxes, and trash cans have began fighting in the streets -- and without any sort of machinery to power them. It's dangerous, nonsensical, and downright disruptive to the order that this town desperately needs.
I know some of you may be fond of this silliness, but when you look at the facts, I'm sure you'll agree with me. Trust me, I've studied this silliness myself -- and I'm not one to double cross.
We'll be coming into Toontown to help you lower the Silly Levels back down to how they should be. Everything will go back to normal as long as you don't try to fight us back.
Don't think of it as an "invasion," we think a better term is "friendly takeover."


Claim Your Silly Meter Start-Up Shirt!

Posted by Professor Purrview on March 12, 2019 at 4:15 PM

Hi, Toons of Toontown! Professor Purrview here. I can't tell you how excited I am to be writing an OFFICIAL Loony Labs post! Now, as much as I’d love to talk about my claw-some job as a Scientoon, I’ve been sent to inform you about the silliest new addition to your wardrobe!

Use the code 'MAX-THE-METER' in your Shticker Book to get the Silly Meter Start-Up Shirt!

You see, earlier today, Tammy the Tailor rushed into Toon Hall, hollering that her tools had started working on their own! Pins and needles sliding and sewing, bows and ribbons flying and tucking, and balls of yarn bouncing and spinning. I knew that the rising Silly Levels were the culprit. Tammy and I ran to her shop and watched her tools stitch together the most amazing shirt weave ever seen!
Toons of the world, behold... The Silly Meter Start-Up Shirt! Handcrafted with the finest giggle-lots and chuckle threads, this shirt is the direct result of the first monumental silliness overload that the Silly Meter has experienced. More of these shirts will be whipped up by Tammy’s toolkit and given to Toons in celebration of the Silly Meter's first Silly Cycle!
Simply use the code "MAX-THE-METER" on the Codes & Options page in your Shticker Book to have your very own shirt delivered straight to your mailbox. Make sure to hurry! According to our calculations, it doesn’t look like Tammy’s trinkets can toil for that much longer. Pins and needles get tired too, ya know. This shirt is an exclusive to celebrate the first Silly Cycle, and will be available until March 23rd at 11:59 PM.
Toons, we're so close! The Silly Meter is almost filled to the top, and you won't want to miss the moment it occurs. Even us Scientoons can't predict all of the silliness that will happen... We can predict, however, that The Silly Meter should hit its peak by tomorrow! Don't worry about crowding Toon Hall when that happens, as almost every area in Toontown will have its own effects from the silliness.
There's no time to dilly dally around! Zaptions and Quirks must be analyzed further, and now is the purrfect time to clock in some research hours while the Silly Meter is nearing its zany zenith. I’m gonna need to refill my milk bowl -- today’s silliness is just getting started.

Making Up for Lost Time

Posted by The Fissiontons on March 13, 2019 at 6:30 AM

There isn't much time left.
Till the Silly Meter reaches its peak, that is.
We are rapidly approaching a new era in Toontown's history!
Once they find our Final Pieces, the Final Plan will be complete.
If you have been living underneath Toontown Central's fountain, seven feet and six inches beneath the earth, searching for evidence of a butterfly infestation (we know you're out there) -- then you probably don't know that the Silly Meter is on the brink of reaching the top! As we near this event, Doctor Fissionton and I figured that we should make up for lost time and tell you what we've learned throughout our adventures.

Doctor Fissionton and Doctor Fissionton look down at Doctor Surlee's pocket watch.

What do you think they need to know most?
What only we can tell them.
I suppose we ought to start with what's most important, then.
The greatest wisdom of our journeys?
Hmm, if only there was enough time to tell them that recipe for a perfect pie.
First thing's first: Things are not always what they appear to be. Just look at us! If you look at us one way, we are a blue dog. If you look at us another way, we are a red cat. What you see depends on your perspective.
If you assume you are seeing things clearly, you won't look for additional perspectives, and will find it more difficult to solve problems. Sometimes, the solution to a problem is removing the very thing that you thought was integral, the supporting infrastructure under-girding everything you thought you knew about the situation.
Here's the most important thing that all of Toontown needs to know, however: Work together. Never underestimate the power of collaboration. Moreso than a good joke, the cure for sadness is each other.
Which will fill up your Laff Meter faster: Waiting in the Playground to cheer yourself up, or having a friend make you laugh with a great Toon-Up gag? It took us being split in two and hurled throughout time and space to understand the importance of depending on others... Don't make the same mistakes that Doctor Surlee has by taking on life alone.
I imagine they're confused with us at this point.
Granted, we've always had a flair for confusion.
Soon, they'll know what this has all been for.
You know, Fissionton, I just realized something.
What's that?
I believe we've finally realized who we are.
Perhaps, instead, who we are meant to be.
I hope that they'll forgive us.
I'm positive they will. Now, we better go get ready.
Good luck, Toontown! Go on and send the Silly Meter through the roof and beyond. Unfortunately, we have something else to attend to now. We'll be cheering you on through each and every Silly Particle throughout all of time.

The Silly Meter Has Reached the Top!

Posted by Professor Prepostera on March 13, 2019 at 8:30 PM

Despite this evening's earlier malfunction... THE SILLY METER HAS FILLED UP! It's like nothing I've ever seen before! My Silly Reader went off the charts! These results just can't be correct... From my understanding, Silly Particles haven't just caused gravitational anomalies, but major atmospheric interference too!
Dimm, pick yourself up off the floor! We must check for other funny fluctuations.

Professor Prepostera at the very first Silly Meter maxing, with the first winning Silly Team: Decreased Fish Rarity.

From what I can see here, upon reaching maximum Silliness, the Silly Particles overwhelmed the Cog's ability to function -- causing them all to explode simultaneously! This is unprecedented. The possibilities we can unlock with the Silly Meter are far beyond our original predictions. Surlee, are you seeing this?
...Surlee? He didn't come back to see this moment? Come to think of it, where are Doctor Fissionton and Doctor Fissionton? I wouldn't expect them to have missed this. Bah! There's no time to look for them right now. Let's see the position of our three Silly teams.
With a tremendous total of 13,551,901 Silly Points (not accounting for the negatives), it's time to congratulate our first ever winning Silly Team: Decreased Fish Rarity! That means for the next two days, all rare fish in Toontown will be easier to find. Several new docks have been added to each pond, too! If I didn't have so much work to do, I'd go out and start fishing myself.
Once again Toontown, you've outdone yourselves. On behalf of Loony Labs, thank you to each and every one of you who helped us with this experiment. Don't forget, you can claim your own Silly Meter Start-Up Shirt for a limited time. Go out and enjoy your reward, and get ready for the next Silly Cycle!

WAIT! There's one more thing. Doctor Fumbdound tells me that we've captured data from the moment that the Silly Meter maxed, so that we can run simulations of the event and allow other Toons to analyze it. The event will run in all areas of Toontown, not just Toon Hall!
We'll be running the Silly Meter max event at the following times tomorrow for those who missed it. These are all in Toontown Time (PDT).
• 9:00 AM
• 12:00 PM
• 3:00 PM
• 6:00 PM
• 9:00 PM


Celebrating Pie Day in the New Toon Hall!

Posted by Flippy on March 14, 2019 at 3:14 PM

Toons of Toontown, happy Pie Day! Undoubtedly, this is one of my favorite days of the year. Who doesn’t like pies? Strictly speaking, it isn’t Pie day, but Pi day. But'cha know what? With all the Silliness going on around here, it could be any day!

Flippy Bakes Pies in his New Office!

Whatever you decide to call it, one thing remains the same. I’ve got some freshly baked pies for you all in Toontown Central! Just walk up to my stand and I’ll give you some! In fact, this year I have extra pies to make sure we can all enjoy the fun. Just make sure not to throw them at me. Do you know how hard it is to bake more pies with pie on your gloves? It makes the bowl very slippery!
Speaking of making more pies, my newly-built office is bigger than ever! It's fantastic that I can look out the window and see the rolling Toontown hills smiling back at me. I truly do appreciate the major remodel of Toon Hall, and the extra space has given me more room to do what I love best! What's that? Well, making pies of course! I do enjoy talking to all of the new Toons entering Toontown, but I'd be lying if I said that baking pies isn't amazing.
Anyhow, enjoy the pies while they last! I'll be closing up my pie stand at Midnight Toontown Time (PDT), so get'cha free pies while you can! Let me tell you, making pies with all the Silly Meter Maxing anti-gravity has been a challenge. In fact, there's still two more simulations of the Silly Meter Maxing event at 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM Toontown Time (PDT)! I'll sleep well tonight with how tired I am!
Once again, let’s let the pies fly this Pi day!

Stay Sharp on the Ides of March

Posted by Back Stabber on March 15, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Hello there, Toons. You might find it odd to see us out and about today, but it is the Ides of March, after all. It seems that the Double Talkers of last week did not get the point across quite as well as we'd anticipated. Feh, you even allowed for that piercing Silly Meter to reach its maxing point! Don't you know that the Silly Levels are spiking to the highest levels seen?

The Backstabbers invade on the Ides of March

To that, I warn you of Loony Labs' true intentions: to backstab all of you while you aren't looking. I could never think of doing such a horrible thing. But look at those downright batty Scientists. We cannot stand for such sharp tactics. To further assist in taking down these "friends" at Loony Labs, us Backstabbers are paying Toontown a visit with yet another Mega-Invasion.
Come now, why wouldn't you trust us? We're just here to ensure that Toontown remains as sharp as a tack. We'd never pull the wool over your eyes, honest. Don't make the same mistake you made with those Double Talkers, simply let us do our work and Toontown will be back to the way it once was.

Go Green for the Leprecog!

Posted by Eugene on March 17, 2019 at 2:30 PM

Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Have ya heard the news? What news!? Are ya tellin’ me ya have no idea about the Leprecog? Yes, yes, the Leprecog. A wee little Cog that comes around evr’y Saint Patty’s Day and gobbles up all the beans it can find. Dastardly lil' fellow he is. Leavin’ no beans for the rest of us. I’ve heard that he scurries through our very streets, ready to pounce on us helpless Toons and steal our beans! Egads, it gives me the shivers.

The Leprecog!

Luckily, ya know me - good ol’ Eugene the Irishtoon! My green gloves, dyed with all-natural green jellybeans, will sure make that Leprecog skedaddle. Whaddya mean my gloves aren't green? Oh- blast it! Ye didn't see anything, I tell ya. Anywho, back to the conversation at hand. One pair of green gloves for every Toon should do the trick. Because the Leprecog hates the sight of a bean put through the wringer. Hmm... yes. It dislikes that very much. That sounds good. Good Job, Eugene. Smart move. Don’t ya go lookin’ this up in the library! I’ve already done all the studying for ya. Lepre...cog...ology is a serious practice. Hehe.
Oh, where was I? Ah! So stop by me ol' shop, Green Bean Jeans in Daisy Gardens! Don’t let the Lepre... umm... what'd I call the thing... come on, use yer noggin’... AHA! THE LEPRECOG!
Ahem. Don’t let the Leprecog ruin your Saint Patty’s Day this year and let me dye your gloves a shiny green hue. I need yer business for me shop, after all. I MEAN... I need yer... citrus... for me... cough. Eck Agh Bleh. That's right. Grab yerself a pair of shiny green gloves, Toons! Remember, these limited time special gloves'll be available until March 21 at 11:59 PM Toontown Time (PDT)! They also conveniently disappear from yer gloves at that time as well. I oughta be increasing the quality of my Green Beans one o' these days, maybe they'd last a wee bit longer. Once the gloves are gone, I suspect my cough'll be clearin' up. Hachoo! Ah! Sick noise. All you gotta do is walk up ta' me and say "It's Easy to be Green!" from yer Handy-Dandy SpeedChat menu. Now make like a Leprecog and skedaddle on over here, before I run outta Green Jellybeans!

Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019!

Posted by The Toontown Team on March 22, 2019 at 3:30 PM

Silliness is on the rise all throughout the Toontown Community -- and so is the blood pressure of our staff members! It can only be one thing… Today, we're formally announcing that the Fifth Anniversary of ToonFest will be hosted from August 1-4 at the most Toontastic location we've ever visited: ReplayFX 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!
Check out our announcement video to see footage of last year's event, and read on to learn how we're making the fifth anniversary our best ToonFest yet!

What is it?
Once again, we’re bringing the boatloads of real world Toontown fun for all ages to a can’t-miss celebration where you can hang out with fellow Toons, meet the The Toontown Team, participate in activities like our annual pie toss, and more! We're kicking things into high gear for our fifth anniversary, and we'll tell you more about that in the coming months leading up to the event.
Running an event like this for five years running is no small feat, and the only one to thank is YOU! Whether you've attended ToonFest in person or watched online from home: You’re the reason that we spend countless hours making sure that ToonFest becomes bigger and better every year.
Where is it?
This year's ToonFest is being hosted for the third year in a row at ReplayFX 2019, which is in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event starts on Thursday, August 1st and will end on Sunday, August 4th.
We know that some Toons may be disappointed that we're returning to Pittsburgh instead of expanding to a different area. Our team spent a long time considering several other places, but at the end of the day, our goal is to pick the location which we know will provide the BEST Toontown event ever. Above all, coming back to ReplayFX allows for us to focus less on logistics and more on fun!
If you're unable to make it to the event, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that we'll talk about in the future to make sure you can enjoy it from home.
Want to Know More?
If you’re feeling "TOON ENOUGH" for the task, check our ToonFest information page, which has all the information you need to learn more about the event and plan your trip. We’re really excited to spend a weekend with Toontown fans from around the world, and like always, we’re here to make this a highlight of your summer vacation!
Don’t take a breather just yet, though! ReplayFX is a very popular convention, and tickets and hotels may sell out quickly. That’s why the best time to purchase tickets is right now!
Our behind-the-scenes and announcement blog posts will continue, so keep your eyes glued to the Toontown Blog for more information along as we get ever closer to August 1st. There’s only 132 more days to go!


Sound Is No Longer Supported by the Toon Council

Posted by Sir Max on April 1, 2019 at 4:00 PM

Toons of the world -- I'm here to bring you some important news from the Toon Council. Have you ever been taking a nap in Dreamland, just to be woken up by an AHOOOOGA howling into the night? Have you ever had your sound on just a little too loud when your friend decides to use an Opera Singer? Do you ever inexplicably end up in bizarre, almost conveniently written for entertainment situations? If you're like me, all of these things and more have happened to you. That's why the Toon Council is officially ending support for the sound gag track.

Sir Max holds some sound gags, ready to be crushed when Toon HQ rises into the sky.

In addition to the noise complaints in Donald's Dreamland and the rising cost of Fog Horns, Loony Labs studies have shown that the sound gag track has become detrimental to Toontown. Don't believe me? I've got one of the finest Scientoons in all of Toontown here to provide his insight into the effects of sound gags all across Toontown. Take it away, Doctor Dimm!
"Hello, my name is Doctor Dlimm! Is that supposed to say Dimm? Aha, yes, I am Doctor Dimm! My pay-ten-ted ree-search...says that sound gags can cause serious damage to Toon health. This is because of... 'improvise a big word here.' Say, Sir Max, Did you want me to fill in something right there? Alright, let's start over. This is because of... Uh... 'Divisionagonal-ducktosis.' Caused by sound waves. Now, how much longer do you want me to read from this script, Sir Max?"
Oh, never mind him. The sound waves must have given him a case of divisionagonal-ducktosis, too! Anyway, starting next week, Gag Shops will no longer be selling sound gags. The "Sound" tab of the Options Panel will also be removed, just for good measure.
Until then, Toon Troopers will be patrolling Donald's Dreamland to make sure that these sounds no longer disrupt anymore of my -- uh, our -- naps.


Happy April Toons Week, Toontown!

Toontown Gets a Silly Surge!

Posted by Sir Max on April 1, 2019 at 4:00 PM

A good day to you, Toons! Doctor Surlee here, returning to my work on the Silly Meter in Toon Hall. I apologize for my absence over the past few weeks. I needed some time to think about the past, the present, and even the future. A great deal has happened as of recent! I can tell I returned on a good week, however, because Toontown's silliness is so far off the charts that our predictions are showing an incoming Silly Surge.

Doctor Surlee with his Panda3D button in front of the Silly Meter in Toon Hall.

What's a Silly Surge, you ask? Thanks to April Toons Week, silliness has hit an absolute peak! There's so much silliness in the air that a Silly Surge is doubling all Silly Points and reducing the Silly Meter's cool down time. The other Scientoons have done some preliminary study on this matter, and have predicted that this phenomenon will last until the end of April Toons Week. The Silly Meter is already active again, so get out there and earn as many Silly Points as you can before the Silly Surge ends!
In my absence, the other Scientoons have been hard at work, optimizing and tweaking the Meter in the wackiest of ways. Now that the Silly Meter has begun to stabilize, it will require less fine-tuning. However, I did notice a peculiar new button on our Silly Meter analysis tools, one that looked suspiciously like a panda. I pressed it out of curiosity, and lo and behold, Toontown received a major performance boost! As some Toons call it, "much less laggy."
I also briefly spoke to Flippy upon my return to Toon Hall, and told me the Toon Troopers have been working on some great things too. For instance, new signs have been added inside of buildings and flickering has been almost entirely eliminated from streets.
With all that said, I'd like to thank all of Toontown for making the Silly Meter a reality. With the help of every Toon in Toontown, we're fighting back the Cogs and increasing the Silly Levels exponentially. In what feels like a lifetime ago, I never could have dreamed of this plan coming to fruition, yet here we are. From the bottom of my heart... Thank you.
Have an amazing April Toons Week, everyone!


P.S. - Doctor Fissionton left this image on my desk, with a note for me to include it in my next blog post... Even after ending all of the anomalies, they just love to watch you solve mysteries. Best of luck solving whatever puzzle they've put together for you. I'm sure they put together something amazing. (And, knowing them, perhaps a bit difficult...)

Gone Fission: Part Two

Posted by The Toontown Team on April 13, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Earlier this week, the conclusion of the two-part tale, Gone Fission, was revealed! By coming together and working as a team, the community's best puzzle solvers banded together and located the concluding chapter of this two-part comic which reveals why Doctor Surlee and the Fissiontons disappeared during the Silly Meter's first maxing.
Click on the image below to read the comic:

'Gone Fission: Part Two' - Click here to view the comic!

From scouring Loony Labs' terminals and finding a mysterious "Cogalogue" to reading Professor Purrview's classified memos, Toontown's ace puzzle-solving team of Toons identified five equations which revealed the final password: fliCKeR. Rather fitting, isn't it?
The Toontown Team had a lot of fun putting together these puzzles, and we hope you enjoyed working them out! If you would like to help with cracking the next puzzle, we recommend checking out some of the Toontown community fansites where players gather to talk about these things. If you're age 13 or older, we recommend checking out the Toontown Rewritten subreddit or joining the Toontown Rewritten Discord Server.
NOTE: These communities are not officially sponsored by Toontown Rewritten. We trust the moderators of these communities and know that they maintain a family friendly environment, but we do not manage either of them. Ask a parent before joining!

New Toontown Ad: Take Back The Town

Posted by The Toontown Team on April 16, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Toontown Rewritten is looking like a shiny new hot rod from Goofy Speedway thanks to the recent Silly Meter Update and the major engine upgrade that improved performance! With all of these new things and ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019 on the horizon, we decided it was time to give Toontown something else new to reflect the new newness of everything: A new video ad!
Check out "Take Back The Town" below.
We put a lot of work into making sure this ad captured the true wackiness of Toontown, and hopefully we succeeded! You can use this ad to help spread the word about Toontown by posting it on social media, sharing it with your friends, or just liking and leaving a comment on YouTube. After all, Toontown is more fun with more Toons.
Hang on tight, because the fun doesn’t end there: This summer, celebrate the 5-Year Anniversary of ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from August 1-4. We have some very exciting things to show at the event, in addition a whole weekend full of real-world Toontown activities that you can't experience anywhere else!
We have just one question for you: Are YOU Toon Enough?

The Cog Memo Mystery

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on April 29, 2019 at 4:00 PM

Good afternoon, Toons. Lord Lowden Clear of the Toon Resistance here. As of late, things have been relatively quiet on the Cog front. Besides a few brief acts of retaliation after the launch of Loony Labs' incredible Silly Meter, the upper management of Cogs, Inc. has been silent on the matter... Or so we thought.

Lord Lowden Clear explains the Cog Memo Mystery in Minnie's Melodyland.

Months ago, the Toon Resistance intercepted a Cog Memo directly from the fabled Cog Nation itself. However, the Cogs have wised up to our past antics, and the layer of encryption has been too tough to crack. Thanks to some gossip overheard from a Name Dropper, we have reason to believe that this memo is even more important than we originally anticipated. We've had our finest Resistance Rangers looking into deciphering the Cog-speak, but very little has come of their research.
I expressed our conundrum at the Toon Council meeting last week, and it was then that Doctor Surlee came up with another one of his brilliant ideas: What if the Toons of Toontown could assist with decoding this memo? After all, many dedicated Toons keenly decoded the difficult puzzles of Doctor Fissionton. One thing is certain though... we must take action before the Cogs can bring their plans to completion.
19-4-29 messymemos.png
You can take a peek at our current progress in decoding the Cog Memo by clicking on the preview above. If you're knowledgeable about the most puzzling parts of Toontown, then the Toon Resistance needs your help! Grab some friends and try your hand at decoding the memo.
In the meantime, the Toon Resistance has already begun planning our next course of action. The final kinks in our plans are still being worked out, but rest assured that when the time comes, the Toon Resistance will be calling upon all of Toontown for assistance.
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance

What is the C.F.O. Project?

Posted by Whispering Willow on April 30, 2019 at 2:00 PM

This is Whispering Willow from Talking In Your Sleep Voice Training. As of last night, some extremely intelligent Toons have officially helped The Toon Resistance decode that important memo from the Cogs! All day and night I have had Resistance Rangers running in and out of my door; there is a great sense of urgency to get ahead of the Cogs before it's too late...

Whispering Willow performs the Toon Resistance Salute in Talking In Your Sleep Voice Training.

I tried to get more details from Lord Lowden Clear before he rushed out the door, but he was in a rush, yelling something about putting an Operation into action. My shop is our designated emergency field operations base for Cashbot HQ, so it's quite clear why so many Resistance Rangers have been running through after reading the memo. To catch everyone up to speed, here is the Cog Memo some of our finest Toons in Toontown were able to decode:
It has recently come to the attention of upper management, collectively managed by The Chairman, that the value of Cog currency (herein referred to as "Cogbucks") has significantly crashed in value since the beginning of this fiscal year. The Sellbots have conducted market research to determine that a competing currency has nearly tripled in value in that same time: A Toon currency known as "jellybeans."
Our insider surveillance reports that the infamous scientist, Doctor Surlee, and two unknown colleagues have been working on a "Silly Meter" device; we presume to raise the market value of these "jellybeans" even further. The Toons are not ones to focus their efforts on economic growth, and yet their continued purchase of nonsensical products such as "gags" among other non-CPSC (Cog Product Safety Commission) approved wares has risen ever since this "Silly Meter" project began.
The currency exchange rate has dropped to a meager one jellybean to 4.398 Cogbucks. Such numbers are unacceptable, and drastic action must be taken. It’s time to launch a project of our own.
At the order of The Chairman, let it be known that development of the C.F.O. Project has been accelerated to allow for effective distribution of Cog products across the entirety of Toontown. A number of valuable and highly confidential assets for this project will be shipped via train to Cashbot HQ in the coming weeks. Cogs employed at Cashbot HQ’s Train Yard must be on high alert -- the project will never succeed if the Toon Resistance stands in the way.
The C.F.O. Project must be delivered ahead of schedule. No overtime compensation will be provided. Get back to work.
We could hardly read through all of this business mumbo-jumbo without yawning because of how boring it is. That is, until we saw the Chairman's orders about a top-secret "C.F.O. Project." We have no idea what this project entails, but Lord Lowden Clear pointed out that it must have something to do with that greedy Cashbot C.F.O.
If what this memo says is true, we can't sit back and wait. We must direct our efforts to launch a strike against Cashbot HQ, and shut this C.F.O. Project down before it even begins! It's time to show the Cogs a good laugh before they take ours away.
If you want to help the Toon Resistance, just stop by my shop and ask "Would you like some help?" Keep your eyes and ears open for more updates!


Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters Begins TODAY!

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on May 2, 2019 at 2:00 PM

The Toon Resistance has been monitoring Cog activity for years: shutting down factories, infiltrating the Bosses’ offices, and intercepting classified memos. Ever since the construction of the Cashbot Headquarters, the Cashbot freight trains have been a vital part of Cog infrastructure. Today, Toons, we're shutting those freight trains down.
After uncovering a highly classified Cog Memo with mentions of a "C.F.O Project" to fight back against the Silly Meter, I went straight to work putting together our fiercest operation yet. Toons of Toontown, I'm officially initiating Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters.
The Resistance Outpost
19-5-2 outpost.png
Crashing an entire Cog Headquarters is no easy feat. That’s why I’ve instructed a number of Resistance Rangers to construct an entire Outpost located at the heart of Cashbot Headquarters! Here, we have barrels of Gags and plenty of jokes for Toons of all experience who want to help out. It seems that some Resistance members went a bit overboard with the wall art... I suppose we can never have too much wackiness, can we?
The Toon Resistance, at the Toon Council's approval, has set up a teleportation bypass for all Toons to have temporary teleport access to Cashbot HQ as well! We've even partnered with Goofy's Gag Shop, setting up a temporary stand within a train car. You’ll never be without a full backpack of Gags to take on the Cogs throughout this battle!
Resistance ToonTasks Return
19-5-2 toontasks.png
It's been a long time since Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters, and the Toon Resistance has grown enormously. However, there simply aren’t enough Rangers to complete all of the ToonTasks for this Operation! Throughout the Headquarters you’ll find brand new ToonTasks to take on, with some very special rewards for you to get your gloves on.
From Double Experience, new Unites, special SOS Cards and fabulous apparel -- there’s certainly something for everyone to get excited about. In fact, we'll be adding even more rewards as the Operation continues! There are over twice as many rewards as Storm Sellbot that we'll be rolling out.
These ToonTasks are vital in making this operation a success. We need them completed in record time, Toons! That’s why you will only have the duration of this operation to complete them. Once our takeover of Cashbot Headquarters concludes, so will the ToonTasks, and you will not be able to claim your reward.
The Toon Resistance needs YOU!
19-5-2 mastersofdisguise.png
If this mission is to be a success, we all must work together. Whether you are a high-laff veteran or a new Toon in town, team up with your friends to help us Crash Cashbot Headquarters once and for all!
The Toon Resistance has once again teamed up with Loony Labs to create the Cashbot “Rental Suit”. If you don’t yet have your own Cashbot disguise, pick up one of these and slip right past the weakened Cashbot security straight into the C.F.O’s vault.
We can’t let the Cogs get ahead of our plan. Starting today, until May 31st at 11:59 PM Toontown Time (PST), Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters is in full effect. If you're ready to fight back against the Cogs and put a stop to the "C.F.O. Project", you know where to find us. If you're not ready to team up with the Toon Resistance, you can visit any S.A.F.E. district for an Operation-free experience.
Now, let's keep them busting -- with laughter! See you at the Outpost, Toons.
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance


Toon Resistance Report: Bulletin Belle

Posted by Bulletin Belle on May 8, 2019 at 2:15 PM

Heyo, Recruits! Did my ads get your attention? I’m Bulletin Belle, the newest Resistance Ranger recruiter. Maybe you’ve seen my stands and banners around Toontown. Works of art, don’t you think? Well, now that I’ve got your eyes peeled: We need your help in Operation: Cashbot Headquarters! The other lead Rangers and I can’t wait to meet you! The only problem is... Neither can the Cashbots.

Resistance Ranger Bulletin Belle is ready for action in Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters!

Before becoming a Resistance Ranger, I was helping Sandy over at the Subzero Sandwich Shop on Walrus Way. That hysterical horse just loved the advertisements and banners I’d publish. I worked day in and day out, creating hundreds of out-of-this-world posters for the shop! Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if I ever got paid. Sandy only really ever fed me the leftover Frozen Fish sandwiches at the end of the day. Hmm... I need to make a call.
One day, when I was closing up shop, Lord Lowden Clear himself walked in carrying a stack of my banners, posters, and newspaper ads. With a big mighty bark, he boldly said, "We need a Toon like you... And sixty Frozen Fish sandwiches, please." Now, I lock arms with the Toon Resistance! I scurry through the streets of Toontown finding new Toons to recruit and Cog Buildings to paint. It’s not a one Toon job, though. I’ll be needing your help with my ToonTasks for Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters!
Come to Cashbot HQ and pay me a visit, and I might just give you a souvenir for your good deeds. Which would you like? Perhaps a Cashbot Stopper Shirt? Afterward, I can give you as many Cogbuck Unites as you need as long as you help me with my to-do list, which is a type of unite only available during this operation!
I have some other designs that I've been working on in my downtime, but... Doh! I shouldn't have said anything. You didn't hear anything, didja? Anywho, I'll see you around the Resistance Outpost!


Toon Resistance Report: Cassie Peppercakes

Posted by Cassie Peppercakes on May 12, 2019 at 2:00 PM

G’day mates! Not used to the new lineup of Rangers? Don’t worry, I don’t bite. Unless ya mess with my team, that is. Yah can call me Cassie Peppercakes, the new Toon Resistance gag expert. One skilled croc can’t take down the C.F.O. all alone. Do the Resistance a favor and hop on over to Cashbot HQ! I’d like to see how much silliness ya can pack in yer gags.

Cassie Peppercakes is ready to spice up the battle!

I used to be a delivery gal for Gopher’s Gags on Elm Street. When I was growing up, Gopher taught me the magical art of gag engineerin’. Crikey! I remember my first gag project bein’ a Bubblegum puddle, a sweeter version of the Quicksand gag. Ahh...good times. As I got older, Gopher taught me his signature gag recipe, the Spicy Lava Cake. A bundt cake hotter than the outback ‘erself! Now, I use that very same recipe for my Chili Pepper Pies! The Cogs won’t know what’s comin’.
Pfft. Gettin’ into the Resistance was a piece of cake! Excuse the pun. Gopher and I were havin’ a spice-off to see who could withstand our blazin’ hot Cupcakes O’ Doom. Every Toon ran out of the shop, sweatin’ out their shirts! All but one - Lord Lowden Clear. The lad wanted me to join the Resistance ‘cause of my extensive knowledge of gag modification. Hehe. All that mischief finally paid off in the end, aye?
Ya think ya got what it takes to throw one of my signature spicy pies? Come help out the Resistance Rangers and I’ll give ya something to take home with ya!
Oh, and one last thing. My team and I are cooking up some new ToonTasks for you to chew into. They'll be hot and fresh, so be sure to come and visit us later this week!

New ToonTasks Arrive to Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters!

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on May 15, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Good afternoon, Toons! To say that the turnout of Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters has been massive would be an understatement -- we've been working nonstop with all the new recruits! Between Cassie's spicy pies and our continued partnership with Goofy's Gag Shop, there's never been more gags flying around Cashbot Headquarters. There is, however, about to be a lot more ToonTasks.

The Resistance is ready!

As of today, you may have noticed the brand new ToonTasks now available in the Cashbot Train Yard! From Double Cogbucks to accessories and clothing, there's enough new stuff to keep you occupied all the way until the end of the Operation. Consider these a token of my appreciation for the huge success that the Operation has observed so far.

The all-new rewards!

Don't fret, though, as all of the previously available ToonTasks are still available! You may just have to look a little harder for them. Remember, you must complete and turn in your Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters ToonTasks before the event draws to a close at 11:59 PM Toontown Time (PST) on May 31st. Otherwise, you won't be able to get your gloves on all of those Toontastic rewards!
Now, if you'll excuse me, I must get back to tracking down the origin of this "C.F.O. Project." Until next time, keep them busting -- with laughter!
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance


Toon Resistance Report: Loopy Loopenloop

Posted by Loopy Loopenloop on May 23, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Greetings fellow Toons! Loopy Loopenloop here. I’m back with more pranks for this new Cog-crushing year! If you've helped the Resistance in the past, chances are we've already met. I have to say, since Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters, the Toon Resistance has become the best you can get! If you haven't stopped by the outpost in Cashbot HQ yet, make sure you do. We need all the help we can get, and that includes you!

You can Count on Loopy Loopenloop!

Before the Toon Resistance, I worked with Banker Bob. Sorting all the jellybeans was my everyday job. I tell you, it's no easy task keeping track of so many jars. Especially when other Toons keep snacking on them all the way to the stars!
But the job wasn’t enough. This brain could do more than count. I am Loopy Loopenloop! My calculating power is paramount. Then the Cogs first invaded and the Toon Resistance was formed. Now that was an opportunity to show how my brain brainstormed. The Cashbots are much more organized than the Toontown Bank. So keeping atop their financial plans is super easy. I guess I have Banker Bob to thank.
I’m always in need of more data, however. So, if you’re ready, you could help me with my endeavor! I would ask that you drop by Cashbot HQ and come assist me. I’ll give you something in return, but it’ll be no cup-a-tea.

The Cashbots' Curtain Call

Posted by Mr. Hollywood on May 26, 2019 at 3:00 PM

That's Mr. Hollywood to you, Toons. Remember this winning smile? That's right! After last year's successful campaign, we're back... in business. You Toons seem a little preoccupied with this "Operation" of yours. What I can't seem to put my finger on is why you're bothering with the Cashbots at all. None of them have a smile like me; only I have a smile this winning. Clearly someone needs to give you all a lesson in talent-spotting. Prepare yourselves, for I'm about to put on a real show - me! It's not just showtime, it's Mega-Invasion time.

Mr. Hollywood Steals the Spotlight!

These Cashbots are all finance and no finesse. You need someone with real expertise in show business to be right there on center stage. Your little "Operation" has taken control of the spotlight, leaving no room for me. A whole month without my smile on the front page of the papers? These are some shenanigans I won't stand for.
You leave my goons and I no choice. We will flood the streets of Toontown to remind you all that the spotlight is meant for stars like us. Don't go sad too quickly, Toons, we'll give you a show you won't want to miss!
Lights, camera, Mega-Invasion!

Toon Resistance Report: Rocky

Posted by Rocky on May 29, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Surely you recognize this old cat, don’t you? If you’re new to Toontown, allow me to introduce myself: The name’s Rocky, Lord Lowden Clear’s right-hand Toon. It's my job to ensure all of the Resistance Rangers are doing their part and aren’t dilly-dallying!
HOOOOOOLD up, what are you doing reading the Toontown Blog? Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters is underway! Well WHAAAT are you waiting for? There's still time to march on down to Cashbot Headquarters and join us in the fight against the C.F.O.!

Rocky's Toon Resistance Report!

Before joining the Toon Resistance, I was just an average royal blue cat. All of that changed when I met the Toon Resistance leader himself -- Lord Lowden Clear. After all, how can you miss him in that towering Cashbot Cog Disguise?
Lowden spotted me when I was coaching some Toons on how to catch the biggest fish, and a few days later, he called me up. I picked up the phone thinking it was Clarabelle with the latest edition of her Cattlelog, but I couldn't have been more wrong.
To be honest, I'm not quite sure why he picked me for the Toon Resistance. I'm far from the best Cog-buster in town! Just as he bestowed in me, however, I bestow in you my trust. I have a couple of ToonTasks that need completing to contribute to Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters. If you help me out, I promise to make it worth your time. It's time to prowl, so let's get to it!

Toons of the World, Finish Strong!

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on May 31, 2019 at 4:00 PM

Good day, Toons! A very good day, in fact. Over the course of a month, with the combined effort of thousands of veteran Cog-busters and new recruits alike, we have successfully Crashed Cashbot Headquarters. There's only a few hours left until the Operation ends!

Resistance Rangers Rocky, Cassie Peppercakes, Bulletin Belle, and Lord Lowden Clear wrap up Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters.

We've had spicy pies delivered, countless crayons recovered from those darn Penny Pinchers, and we crashed the Cashbot C.F.O. over 85,000 times! That's ten times more than the average month of Cashbot crushing.
That's not all: Not only does the C.F.O. have to replenish his stock of gold bars after 300,000 Mints were infiltrated, but we destroyed 2,500,000 Cashbots during the Operation. Unfortunately, not a single one of them had any insight on the C.F.O. Project, but there's no way the C.F.O. will be able to get his project off of the ground after the damage we dealt to their department.
Although, I dare say, there's still a few hours left of Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters! The Cashbots are analytical machines, and it won't be long before they pick up the pieces and attempt a retaliation. Let's finish this operation strong and keep the Cashbots from Number Crunching in peace for as long as we can!
We may never know what the C.F.O. Project was, but I doubt we have to worry about it any longer. After the Operation ends, we can rest and return to our day to day lives taking care of Toontown. Until next time, keep them busting -- with laughter!
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance


Break Out the Cake for Toontown's Birthday!

Posted by Sir Max on June 2, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Munch munch munch...Oh! Hey there, Toons. I have an announcement to make. Let me just...munch munch... finish this... And THERE! Not a crumb in sight. That, ladies and gentletoons, was the last piece of birthday cake I'll be eating for the next five minutes. What's the birthday cake for, Sir Max? First off, don't get any clever ideas -- that cake is mine. Secondly, today is Toontown's Birthday!

Sir Max uses Toontown's Birthday as an excuse to eat lots of cake!

I've come to the realization that maybe, just maybe, I need to shed a few pounds off the ol' bean belly. It's not obvious, is it? Well, you can't blame me! Toontown has survived yet another year of nasty Cog drama, and what else was I going to do besides prepare for this Birthday Bash while the Toon Resistance stole my precious Toontown Blog for a month?
Hmm... Maybe I do need to get back into shape. Baker Bridget is the sweetest baker I know (No, really, I once saw her put several gallons of sugar into her mixing bowl), and even she is getting tired of me snatching her cakes when she's not looking. Maybe I should run around a bit? Play some games? I bet the rest of you Toons would want to help me with that... Ah-HA! I just came up with another one for the Sir Max List of Good Ideas.
Starting today and for the rest of the week, my fellow Toon Troopers and I will be hosting parties across Toontown to celebrate our home's grand opening all those years ago. All of you are invited! I bet you can't beat me in a good ol' match of Tug-o-War. If anything, this new belly gives me an edge! You can't pull me into the water if you can't move me! Take this opportunity to go and plan your own Toon Parties to celebrate, too, and we can make this the biggest Birthday Bash that Toontown has ever seen!
Here's to many more years of TOONTASTIC fun! Happy Birthday, Toontown!
Munch munch munch... Oh, don't look at me like that. Planning parties is gonna take some energy, you know?

Celebrate ToonFest with Toontown Online Designers

Posted by The Toontown Team on June 7, 2019 at 12:00 PM

For over a decade and a half, Toontown has been a hub for players of all ages to harness their inner silliness and become the Toon they've always wanted to be. As of Sunday, June 2nd, Toontown is now officially 16 years old -- that's old enough to drive! (Don't worry, Goofy offered to give the town a crash course in driving.)
Toontown's Birthday isn't the only thing to celebrate this summer. Read on to learn more details about the upcoming Fifth Anniversary of ToonFest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from August 1-4!

A Toontown Flunky is attacked by Jesse Schell and Shawn Patton at ToonFest at ReplayFX 2018 in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

It's been almost five years since we hosted our very first ToonFest, and boy have we loved every single minute of it. It's an experience like no other to be surrounded by Toontown's biggest fans and the families who come with them. Enough about the past fun, though -- you want to hear about the exciting things we have planned for this big anniversary!
It's hard to say that you've truly been to ToonFest without witnessing Jesse Schell's real-world juggling act that was used to model the Toon-Up gag, or talking to Shawn Patton about his favorite Toontown Party activity. These two former Toontown Online developers are coming back again to celebrate and discuss the past, present, and future of Toontown!
Jesse Schell and Shawn Patton will be at ToonFest to answer questions and participate in a fun kick-off event from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM on Thursday, August 1st.
Check out the bios below to learn more about Jesse and Shawn, or watch some of the videos from our YouTube Playlist to see their past shenanigans! You can also check out Schell Games to see some of the awesome games they have worked on outside of Toontown.

About Jesse Schell
Jesse Schell is not only one of the original developers behind Toontown Online, he was the lead designer who brought the Tooniverse to life. After developing Toontown, Jesse Schell left Walt Disney Imagineering to become Distinguished Professor of Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University.
In 2002, he also established his own game studio, Schell Games, which today is the largest full-service education and entertainment game development company in the United States. Jesse continues to follow Toontown and its fans, and you may even see his Toon, Jaymo, running around from time to time!
About Shawn Patton
Shawn Patton first worked on Toontown in 2002 when he helped to develop Create-a-Toon and some trolley games, including Match Minnie and the Ring Game. After that, he was heavily involved in the creation of Toontown Parties, and worked on both the mini-games and the party editor.
Currently Shawn is Senior Designer at Schell Games, where he has been an important part of the design team for the last sixteen years. Most recently, he served as Design Director on the company's latest VR escape-the-room puzzle game I Expect You To Die and the game’s recent free expansion, First Class.

This is just the first of many events that we'll be announcing for ToonFest. Some will be returning favorites, like this one, and some will be brand new experiences that we can't wait to share with you. For the fifth anniversary, we're putting the emphasis on FUN!
Toontown Online would have closed its gates forever if it wasn't for folks like YOU who have continued to be "Toon Enough" for so many years. Come celebrate at ToonFest and help us keep Toontown's community alive for many more years to come!
To learn more about ToonFest and purchase tickets, check out the ToonFest Information Page. If you already know that you're attending the event, feel free to RSVP on our Facebook Event Page. We'll see you there!

Crash Cashbot Creations | Community Spotlight

Posted by The Toontown Team on June 11, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Welcome to the Community Spotlight, our time to share highlights from Toons far and wide! Just last month, the Toon Resistance hosted Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters to stop the C.F.O. and his nefarious plans. Toons from all over the world joined Lord Lowden Clear and his Cog-crushing crew to stop the Cashbots in their tracks!

Community Spotlight!

Bulletin Belle needed all hands on deck if the Operation was to be a success, and was not disappointed with the amazing artwork she received! Creativity is as important as a freshly baked pie; and here on the Toontown Team, every scribble and drawing helps the community grow closer together. We’ve decided to feature our favorite artwork and screenshots posted to social media to commemorate our fight against the C.F.O.!
View spotlights here
There are way more colorful creations like these out there, so make sure to check out "#ToonEnough" and show some love to your favorite Toony artists! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that you don't miss out on future Community Spotlights. Through the Member Mailer program, you can also send us your own physical creations, like fan art, to be featured on the website!
You should've seen Bulletin Belle's face when she was checking out your zany creations! From now on, she'll be keeping a close eye on the Toontown hashtags for more marvelous masterpieces.
Let us know in the comments: What do YOU want to see next on the Toontown Community Spotlight?

Come to Community Day at ToonFest!

Posted by The Toontown Team on June 22, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Calling ALL Toons! We've got some exciting news for any creative folks out in the community, even if you're not coming to ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019. This year, we'll be hosting a Costume, Video, Art, and Comic Contest all in one big event! Better start brainstorming, because here comes Community Day at ToonFest!

Players are dressed in Toontown Costumes from ToonFest at ReplayFX 2018.

We need your help to fill ToonFest at ReplayFX with the most TOONTASTIC expressions of creativity that the city of Pittsburgh has ever seen! Show off your Toontown spirit with handmade gizmos and get-ups, and watch your fellow Toons display some crafts of their own.
No way to ToonFest? No worries! Just like last year, we'll be accepting online entries. Send in your submissions through the "Wild Wacky Web" using the instructions in the rules below, and you'll have a chance to win a Toontown Prize Pack!
We know that many talented artists want to be a part of the contests, but aren't really comfortable displaying their creations. Sharing your work can be intimidating! Luckily, this day is all about celebrating the Toontown Community at any level of quality. Even if you aren't the most experienced creator, you may still have a chance of winning the contest just for your creativity! Ideas matter to us more than material.
Now, enough chit chat. ToonFest is coming up quick, and you need to hop on the idea train, pronto! Here's how you can join in on the fun:

Community Day Guidelines
• Submissions should be directly related to Toontown Rewritten, but feel free to go in any direction you want! Whether it be Toons, Cogs, Doodles, or even a dancing mailbox -- when it comes to Toontown the sky is the limit.
• All submissions will be judged 25% on presentation and artistic quality, 25% on originality, and 50% on Toon-inspired humor and inspiration by a panel of sufficiently silly Toontown Team Members.
• At a toss-up between creating a costume or a video? You can enter as many categories as you want!
• The three best online submissions from each category will be contacted after ToonFest is over to receive a Toontown Prize Pack! If you win and are present at ToonFest, you'll be able to claim your prize while attending the event.
Online Submissions
All Video, Artwork, and Comic entries must be submitted online even if you are attending ToonFest! To enter the Costume category, you can either follow the online submission guidelines below or show up in person with your costume on Saturday, August 3rd.
• There are two ways to submit an online entry:
(1) Create a public post with a picture or link to your entry on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag "#ToonEnough".
(2) Email with the subject "Community Day - [Category Name Here]" and a picture or link to your entry.
• For all entries, whether posted online or sent via email, make sure to include both your Real Name and your Toon Name!
All online entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST on July 30th, one week before Community Day begins.
• If you're attending ToonFest, all you need to do is show up in your costume on Saturday, August 3! Registration will be available throughout the day, just stop by our booth and talk to a staff member about getting signed up.
• If you can't attend ToonFest, submit a picture of your costume using the online submission guidelines by Saturday, July 30.
• The three best in-person costumes at ToonFest 2019 will receive an exclusive prize and the chance to throw one of the biggest pies at the Annual Toontown Pie Toss.
• To enter a video for Community Day, create an up to three minutes long Toontown Short about any story you can imagine! It can be an advertisement, comedy, backstory -- anything relating to Toontown.
• Videos should not contain any copyrighted music, images, or other content. You are welcome to use any content from Toontown, including music made for our videos on the Toontown Rewritten YouTube channel!
• Once you've created your video, upload it to YouTube and include the link in your social media post or email to enter the contest.
• Any sort of digital, physical, sketched, or fully illustrated artwork can be submitted for Community Day!
• Submissions should be entirely new artwork created for the Community Day contest. Artwork that has been previously posted online before the announcement of this contest will be disqualified.
•If you're a creative writer, this category is for you! We wanted to give the writers in our community the attention they deserve, however it would be a bit too much to read an entire short story at the winner showcase. Instead, we're looking for short comics to showcase your most compelling Toontown story.
• Comics will be judged primarily on story, rather than artistic presentation.
• The visuals of your comic can be anything from quick sketches to in-game screenshots. Check out our Gone Fission comic for an example! (This comic is much longer than what we're looking for in submissions.)
• As a general guideline, try to keep your comics to roughly one page or less. It should be closer to the length of a newspaper comic than a full comic book.

Phew! That's a lot of guidelines. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact [] and we'll be happy to assist.
The winners of the contest will be announced and featured in an all-new Community Showcase at ToonFest, which will take place on Saturday, August 3rd. More details on this showcase will arrive closer to the event. If you're not at ToonFest, we'll be livestreaming the event so that everyone can join in on the fun!
There's not much time left! To learn more about ToonFest and purchase tickets, check out the ToonFest Information Page. If you already know that you're attending the event, feel free to RSVP on our Facebook Event Page. We'll see you there!


Add Your "Lousy Lyrics" to the Chat Dictionary

Posted by Hedy on July 1, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Howdy, rruff! Hey, arf, over here! Owooo, the Toon Council's chat dictionary makes things difficult sometimes, doesn't it? Especially if you're like me and you're trying to write lyrics all day. Sometimes, I have a lousy lyric or two in mind for my discount sheet music, but when sounding them out all I can hear is rruff rruff rruff!

Hedy from Lousy Lyrics Discount Sheet Music sings 'Lil Oldman had a frog, arf I arf I O...' with Flippy in the background.

Singing in Toontown is essential to making friends, strategizing against the Cogs, and asking for help when you need it. I'm not the only one who sings when doing those things, right? So, I decided to take this issue straight to the Toon Council. Flippy told me that they're always looking to more words for Toons to say, but they need help from people like me and you!
While the most common phrases and names can already be spoken -- or sung -- there's always room for improvement. If you're like me and you find something Toon-friendly that you think is missing, well, you're in luck! I've been told we can send the Toon Council an email with our suggestions. I need your help to submit them so that we all have more words to sing with!
After submitting a suggestion, the Toon Council's dictionary-wielding experts will review the word and make sure it's sufficiently Toony before adding it to the chat dictionary. Whether it's your Toon name, your favorite catchphrase, or even a silly word you invented yourself -- you can submit it!
Maybe, just maybe, I could soon be singing to my heart's content. Owooo, I've already got a tune in my head with some new words to sing! I'm going to go start composing, but if you ever need some discount sheet music, just come see me in Minnie's Melodyland!
To submit chat requests, send an email to [] with your suggestions! Sadly, not all suggestions can be accepted, as the Toon Council has to make sure the words can't be used in mean ways. Any accepted suggestions will be added next time Toontown has an update.

Smokey Joe's Firework Woes

Posted by Smokey Joe on July 4, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Happy Fourth of July, Toons! My name's Smokey Joe, owner of Used Firecrackers and best darnedest pyrotechnic in all of Toontown. Y'see, over the summer, demand for fireworks in Toontown skyrockets. Literally! Believe me when I say that I'm the most qualified Toon to talk about fireworks -- after all, they don't call me Smokey Joe for nothin'. Ev'ry little thing I do goes up in flames!

Smokey Joe celebrates the Summer Fireworks!

When originally lookin' at the forecast for how many fireworks I expected to sell this week, I just about exploded like a firecracker! Today's the Fourth, however, and not a single Toon has walked through the door. Out of curiosity, I checked out the Wild Wacky Web and found a Toontown review website -- Youch! (I ain't screaming for help, that's just what the website is called.) I read a review by one Toon who wrote about my store, Used Firecrackers, and it went like this:
"I'm a bit confused... How am I supposed to use a used firework? 2/5 Stars."
Honestly, I'm dumbfounded as to what they're trying to suggest! I sell top-quality products... I just happen to get them second-hand from Sir Max. He sells me these fireworks real cheap, too -- I just can't seem to get anyone to buy them at retail price! Maybe it's because they smell a little smokey.
To my joy and slight disappointment, the Toon Council is still planning on running their annual Summer Fireworks and purchased them from some other unknown competitor. From now until July 6th at 11:59 PM Toontown Time (PST), Fourth of July fireworks will take to Toontown's skies! Oddly enough, Sir Max is supposed to be giving me another shipment of fireworks after the Summer Fireworks end...
Let's just hope that my New Years' sales show better results. Happy Fourth of July, Toontown!

The TOONY Awards are Coming to Community Day!

Posted by The Toontown Team on July 24, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Last month, we announced that Community Day would be coming to ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019. If you're a creative member of the Toontown community, Community Day was made for you! Whether you're making a Costume, Art, or even a Video, we've got you covered. You don't even have to be attending ToonFest to participate! Community Day is the perfect way to celebrate the community -- but how do we reward the best of the best content creators?

Introducing the TOONYs!

The answer, of course, is an awards show like no other -- one inspired by the Toontastic antics only Toons can present. We're referring, of course, to the TOONYs! This year, the first annual TOONYs will take place on Saturday, August 3rd from 7:30 - 8:30 PM EDT! Do you want your chance at fame, glory, and a Toontown Prize Pack? All you've gotta do is flex your creative muscles and create something absolutely Toontastic!
To celebrate the announcement of the TOONY Awards, we're extending the deadline for submissions until Tuesday, July 30th. In other words, if you're just hearing about Community Day now, it's not too late to make something that would make even the most cranky of Cogs crack a smile.
As a reminder, here's the guidelines for Community Day at ToonFest 2019:

Community Day Guidelines
• Submissions should be directly related to Toontown Rewritten, but feel free to go in any direction you want! Whether it be Toons, Cogs, Doodles, or even a dancing mailbox -- when it comes to Toontown the sky is the limit.
• All submissions will be judged 25% on presentation and artistic quality, 25% on originality, and 50% on Toon-inspired humor and inspiration by a panel of sufficiently silly Toontown Team Members.
• At a toss-up between creating a costume or a video? You can enter as many categories as you want!
• The three best online submissions from each category will be contacted after ToonFest is over to receive a Toontown Prize Pack! If you win and are present at ToonFest, you'll be able to claim your prize while attending the event.
Online Submissions
All Video, Artwork, and Comic entries must be submitted online even if you are attending ToonFest! To enter the Costume category, you can either follow the online submission guidelines below or show up in person with your costume on Saturday, August 3rd.
• There are two ways to submit an online entry:
(1) Create a public post with a picture or link to your entry on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag "#ToonEnough".
(2) Email with the subject "Community Day - [Category Name Here]" and a picture or link to your entry.
• For all entries, whether posted online or sent via email, make sure to include both your Real Name and your Toon Name!
All online entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST on July 30th, one week before Community Day begins.
• If you're attending ToonFest, all you need to do is show up in your costume on Saturday, August 3! Registration will be available throughout the day, just stop by our booth and talk to a staff member about getting signed up.
• If you can't attend ToonFest, submit a picture of your costume using the online submission guidelines by Saturday, July 30.
• The three best in-person costumes at ToonFest 2019 will receive an exclusive prize and the chance to throw one of the biggest pies at the Annual Toontown Pie Toss.
• To enter a video for Community Day, create an up to three minutes long Toontown Short about any story you can imagine! It can be an advertisement, comedy, backstory -- anything relating to Toontown.
• Videos should not contain any copyrighted music, images, or other content. You are welcome to use any content from Toontown, including music made for our videos on the Toontown Rewritten YouTube channel!
• Once you've created your video, upload it to YouTube and include the link in your social media post or email to enter the contest.
• Any sort of digital, physical, sketched, or fully illustrated artwork can be submitted for Community Day!
• Submissions should be entirely new artwork created for the Community Day contest. Artwork that has been previously posted online before the announcement of this contest will be disqualified.
• If you're a creative writer, this category is for you! We wanted to give the writers in our community the attention they deserve, however it would be a bit too much to read an entire short story at the winner showcase. Instead, we're looking for short comics to showcase your most compelling Toontown story.
• Comics will be judged primarily on story, rather than artistic presentation.
• The visuals of your comic can be anything from quick sketches to in-game screenshots. Check out our Gone Fission comic for an example! (This comic is much longer than what we're looking for in submissions.)
• As a general guideline, try to keep your comics to roughly one page or less. It should be closer to the length of a newspaper comic than a full comic book.

Once again, if you have any questions about the specifics of the rules, feel free to ask our wonderful support Toons over at [] and you'll be answered as fast as can be!
For now, it's time for the folks on the Toontown Team to prepare for the awards show. This may not be a "black tie" event, but we've got plenty of pizzazz to prepare! We can't wait to see everyone again at ToonFest.

New Events & The Toontastic Timetable! | ToonFest 2019

Posted by The Toontown Team on July 26, 2019 at 2:30 PM

In less than a week, Toontown will be hosting its grandest celebration yet: ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019! We have all sorts of new activities and surprises planned for the Fifth Anniversary of ToonFest, and we can't wait for YOU to join us. Even if you can't attend, be sure to check out our livestreams throughout the event!
Our full event schedule is posted below, but first, let's talk about the brand new events coming this year...
19-3-22 toonfest2019.png
Introducing Backstage Workshops
For the first time, we're going to give you a sneak peak into every aspect of how Toontown works! Folks from the Toontown Team will be hosting interactive Backstage Workshops that focus on specific topics such as Concept Art, Writing, Moderation, and more!
If that's not enough for you, some of these Backstage events are going to be interactive. If you're lucky enough to come to these events during ToonFest this year, you'll play a part in making a brand new piece of furniture for Toon Estates, from start to finish! Pretty cool, right?
These Backstage Workshops aren't the only new events coming to ToonFest. If you haven't seen it yet, check out our blog post about The TOONY Awards!
Event Schedule
Below, you'll find the full event schedule for ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019. Events that will be livestreamed are bolded, and most other events will be uploaded at a later date.
If you're attending ToonFest, don't worry about printing out this list! We'll have flyers at our booth with the same information that you can carry with you.
(All times are in EDT.)

Meet & Greet 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Welcome to ToonFest! Meet the Toontown Team and hear about all of the fun events and activities planned for this weekend.
Backstage: The First Sketch 1:00 PM
To create something new for an online game, where do you begin? Help the Concept Artists sketch a new item for Toontown!
Backstage: Talk Like a Toon 3:00 PM
Toontown's writers dive into the wacky words that bring Toontown to life. By the end of this workshop, you should be able to talk like a Toon... Or even a Cog!
ToonFest: Kickoff with Schell Games 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Game industry experts and former developers of Disney’s Toontown Online, Jesse Schell and Shawn Patton, host fun activities and Q&A to kick off Toontown's biggest annual gathering!
Backstage: Modeling Mania 8:00 PM
Presto, change-o! Toontown's 3D Modelers reveal the magic of turning a 2D concept into a 3D model made for the game.
Backstage: Protecting Toontown 11:00 AM
It's not all seltzer and slapstick in Toontown! The Toontown Moderators talk about protecting a family-friendly MMO, and how YOU can help.
Backstage: Painting a Prop 1:00 PM
How do you paint an object in a virtual world? Join the Texture Artists as they put the paint on a new prop for Toontown!
The Main Event 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
It’s the event every Toon has been waiting for. Get the full scoop on brand new updates coming to Toontown Rewritten, as well as secret behind-the-scenes content straight from the Toontown Team!
Backstage: Cinematoongraphy 6:00 PM
Light, Camera, Action! Come along to this workshop to learn how Toontown's Video Editors create their cartoons.
Backstage: Toontown's Code & QA 8:00 PM
What does it take to make an MMO, and what happens when it goes wrong? Take a look at the Tooniverse like you've never seen it before!
Backstage: Animating an Object 11:00 AM
Animation is a key component to any game - especially one as wacky as Toontown! Watch as our Animators bring a static 3D object to life.
Q&A with the Toontown Team 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Want know more about the silliness that happens behind the scenes of Toontown? Bring your questions, and we might have answers!
Backstage: Creating Cartoons 4:00 PM
Want to learn more about how the official art is created? Join our Artists as they dive into the process of creating a Toontown cartoon!
Backstage: Tales of Mail 6:00 PM
With hundreds of emails every day, Postmaster Pete has his work cut out for him! Hear the unsung heroes of Toontown Support talk about how they handle it all.
The TOONYs 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
The TOONYs are a celebration of the best part of Toontown: Its fans! Join us as we judge the best artwork, videos, comics, and cosplay of Community Day.
Annual Pie Toss 11:00 AM
Grab FREE pies to throw at the largest pie toss to ever make a SPLAT in Pittsburgh! This is an event for Toons of all ages.
Backstage: Toon News (for the Amused!) 1:00 PM
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Help write the silliest story ever to hit the Toontown Blog in this interactive workshop with the Toontown writers.
Backstage: Joining the Toontown Team 3:00 PM
To close out our Backstage workshops, we want to talk about YOU! Stop by for tips, tricks, and advice about how to join the Toontown Team.

We can't wait to see you at ToonFest, and to follow along with you online! More information about the livestreams will be posted next week, but you can make sure you don't miss a moment by subscribing to our YouTube Channel or following us on Twitch.
Stay TOONed for more information!

ToonFest Starts TOMORROW! | ToonFest 2019

Posted by The Toontown Team on July 31, 2019 at 12:00 PM

ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019 is officially beginning on Thursday, August 1! We’re just one day away from letting the wackiness run wild. Here in Pittsburgh, we’re right in the middle of setting up and we’re very excited to meet everyone tomorrow!
19-7-31 toonfesttomorrow.png
If you’re not coming to ToonFest this year -- don’t fret! We'll be covering the happenings of the event on our all of our Social Media Pages.
Don’t forget, we’ve posted the schedule for the entire week here, so make sure to check that out! As a reminder, you can follow us over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, with live streams on both Twitch and YouTube. That sure is a lot of places to "TOON" in! To help you navigate the seven seas of information, here’s a handy-dandy guide to our coverage of the event.
Livestream Coverage
Just want to watch the livestreams? No problem! We’ll be live on both Twitch and YouTube. Each event has been scheduled in advance -- so just look at the respective “Events” section on each website. If you’re still unsure about the specific times, feel free to check out the link to the official schedule above. Even if you can’t be at the panels in person, we’d love to see you attend from home.
Behind the Scenes Looks
Want to see everything that goes on between the live streamed panels? Look no further than our official Instagram and Snapchat stories! We’ll be constantly posting new content to our stories, giving you an inside look at the ToonFest experience. ToonFest is more than just the panels -- it’s an unmissable experience. For the first time ever, we’re giving an official means of experiencing that from home.
Event Reminders
Want a heads up on when the live streams are happening? For that, you’ll want to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be providing reminders leading up to every live stream, so it’ll certainly be difficult to forget! We’ll also be publishing a few photos as the event goes on.

For now, much of the Toontown Team are keeping themselves busy around the ReplayFX show floor. Some intend to stay up late tonight and work on perfecting what we've got planned -- to them we say ‘Good luck!’. We'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for our social media coverage of the first day at ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019!


Welcome to ToonFest! | ToonFest 2019

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 1, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Welcome, Toons of the World, to the fifth annual ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019!
This year we're celebrating our biggest bash yet, the Fifth Anniversary of ToonFest! We started back with ToonFest at OMG!Con 2015 in Owensboro, and now we're in heart of Pittsburgh to celebrate ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019.
To kick things off today, former Toontown Online developers, Jesse Schell and Shawn Patton of Schell Games, will be at the Toontown booth between 4:00 and 7:00 PM EDT. We'll be live streaming part of their visit starting at 5:00 PM EDT, so drop in to see the wild wackiness!
Watch on YouTube
Watch on Twitch
This may be the third year in a row that we've been lucky enough to have Jesse and Shawn join us, but we're still incredibly happy to see them return yet again. They've been there for so much of Toontown's life, from Match Minnie, to Toon Parties, to Goofy Speedway and more!
We've got more up our sleeves both for today and the rest of ToonFest. As a refresher, the jam-packed schedule can be found here!

19-8-1 replayfx2019.jpg
For those of you at home, we've got a special noggin-topper just for you! There's no accessory more dapper than a hat, of course. From now until August 11th you can redeem the code “replayfx2019” in your Shticker Book to unlock two brand-new items for your Toon!
Above all, we'd like to give a great big ol' Toontown ‘Thank You!’ to everyone for allowing us to put on this Toontastic show for five years. If you plan on coming to ToonFest, you're in for an absolute blast. To those of you at home, this will also be the best year yet! We'll be livestreaming all of the bolded events on the schedule -- but there's plenty more to see on our social media pages. Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media and our livestream page, which can always be found at!
We’ll be back tomorrow with another daily ToonFest post. Stay TOONed!

The Main Event | ToonFest 2019

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 2, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Good morning, Toontown! The fifth anniversary of ToonFest was officially kicked off yesterday! So with that, we have begun what we anticipate will be the best ToonFest yet. We had our fair share of technical difficulties, but thanks to you the first day was filled with laughter and fun.
ToonFest is far from over, of course. Today, we'll be live streaming the Main Event, where we'll provide the scoop on what's next for Toontown. The Main Event is the culmination of all things ToonFest, and all things Toontown! If there's any one piece of Toontown content you need to watch -- this is it. The Main Event begins today and will run between 3:00 - 4:00 PM EDT. So be sure to "TOON" in below. We're confident you won't want to miss it!
Watch on YouTube
Watch on Twitch
The Main Event has a little bit of everything for a Toontown fan. From new reveals and updates to some behind-the-scenes looks, you'll leave the event with more excitement than ever. For those of you who can't be there in person, we'll be streaming it on both YouTube and Twitch -- where we invite you to follow along and join in on the conversation in the live comments.
Once again -- there's plenty more to see on our social media pages! Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media and our livestream pages, which can always be found at
We’ll see you tomorrow with yet another ToonFest update post -- Stay TOONed!

Community Day and Q&A! | ToonFest 2019

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 3, 2019 at 7:00 AM

Once again, a good morning to you, Toontown! We're rested and rejuvenated after yesterday's announcements, and ready for some wacky, silly and downright Toony community submissions.
It's finally time for the TOONYs!
Watch on YouTube
Watch on Twitch
The Toontown community have always created artwork and videos by Toons, for Toons -- and it's our favorite time of year: we get to recognize all their hard work! The team loves seeing all the hard work, dedication and talent from each and every submission. We're focusing on costumes, videos and digital media submissions for this event.
We've received so many digital media submissions that we've expanded the amount of honorable mentions for the category. Toontown's art community is insanely talented -- making the final choice of winner was very difficult! We've seen some wacky costumes and Toontastic videos -- it's something you won't want to miss.
For those of you who can't be there in person, we'll be streaming it on both YouTube and Twitch where we invite you to follow along and join in on the conversation in the live comments.
Once again -- there's plenty more to see on our social media pages! Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media and our livestream pages, which can always be found at
We’ll see you tomorrow with yet another ToonFest update post -- Stay TOONed!

That's a Wrap! | ToonFest 2019

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 10, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Just like that, ToonFest is over! The four days of laughs, giggles, and goofs is over in a flash. From Schell Games' Jesse Schell and Shawn Patton, to Field Office updates, to the Annual Pie Toss, and even the Jammed-Up Trolley Toaster, we sure had some fun. If you weren't able to join us in person, we hope you had fun following along from home!
ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019
We're sad to see an amazing week come to a close, but we thought we could reminisce one last time. So here's ToonFest 2019: A Summary!

Thursday - August 1st
Kicking it all off on Thursday, we premiered our new activity - Backstage workshops! The idea of these workshops was to show you how to take an item from the start of the development process right through until the end. With the help of attendees, the Jammed-Up Trolley Toaster was born. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for more information about this brand new furniture item coming to Toontown in the near future.
Our first of the workshops, 'The First Sketch', had participants working with concept artists to make a new item for the game. 'Talk Like a Toon' put players in the shoes of a Toon (or a Cog) and showed them how to talk the Toony language! Lastly, 'Modelling Mania' showcased to onlookers how 2D images pop into the 3D world!
19-8-10 Workshop.jpg
Of course, we can't forget those two Celebritoons: Jesse Schell and Shawn Patton! These two former Toontown Developers held the stage and answered questions. We were super ecstatic they could make it again this year and we hope that you got a kick out of meeting the minds behind the original Toontown Online!
19-8-10 JesseShawn.jpg

Friday - August 2nd
On Friday, we continued with more Backstage workshops. We learned how to protect the family-friendly environment of Toontown with the Moderation department. The Texture Artists taught us how to paint a new prop for the game and to top it all off, our Programming and Quality Assurance teams talked about keeping Toontown in tip-top shape!
19-8-10 Flunky.jpg
Besides the workshops, there was the Main Event - a panel in which members of the Toontown Rewritten team showcase what they've been working on over the past year. If you didn't attend, don't sweat it! Here's a brief summary for you:
• We reflected on the four ToonFest conventions throughout the years and unveiled the brand new Toontown poster!
• The Field Office Ice Game finally hit the stage! There will be more details on this icy attraction in a future blog post.
• The Cog Remote Control was introduced along with other Field Office rewards!
• In order to connect with the community more, we announced our plan to livestream backstage development projects!
• Lastly, we took a look inside Operation: Crash Cashbot Headquarters, Including how things underwent the development process.
19-8-10 Audience.jpg
If the summary isn't enough for you though, you can watch the entire panel here!

Saturday - August 3rd
Saturday was pretty action-packed too! Today's Backstage workshops included 'Animating an Object' in which animators showcased how they get 3D models to wiggle and wobble, 'Creating Cartoons' where our artists gave an in-depth look on their Toon-making process, and 'Tales of Mail' in which Toontown Support revealed the process of sorting through and answering the community's questions and concerns.
19-8-10 Players.jpg
Let's not also forget the Q&A Panel. Players had the opportunity to ask members of the Toontown Rewritten team their burning questions. From what would we do with unlimited resources to whatever happened to the HD Music Project (it's still in the works!), we heard it all! We loved answering your questions and thank everyone for participating, even those who stayed at home. If you missed the Q&A panel, you can rewatch it here.
19-8-10 Q&A.jpg
ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019 also saw our first annual TOONYs Awards Show! This was a time to gather and celebrate what makes really makes Toontown so special... YOU! We saw everything from artwork, to videos, to comics, and not to mention our annual Toontown Costume Contest. Lots of fun was had celebrating the community and although we couldn't give everyone an award, we absolutely loved each and every submission. The Toontown community truly shined during the event and that was all thanks to you!
19-8-10 Costumes.jpg

Sunday - August 4th
Sunday brought us to the final day of ToonFest. With that came our Annual Pie Toss, of course! The pies were most certainly flying... in all directions mind you. We couldn't end the day cleaning up whipped cream off of the floor, though. With the little time we had left, we talked to Toontown's Video Editors about exactly what it takes to make a Toontown video. Finally, members from the Public Relations department worked with attendees to mock-up a sensational silly story that was sure to make even the most tired of Toons laugh!
19-8-10 PieTossPeople.jpg
Our work is never truly done, though. That's why our final workshop had us asking for new faces to come and help make Toontown an even sillier world. If you're passionate about Toontown and looking for something to do, we'd love to hear from you. Head on over to here to see our available positions and submit an application!

With that, ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019 is officially a wrap! Don't forget to redeem the code “replayfx2019” in your Shticker Book before August 11th to unlock two brand-new items for your Toon.
The countdown for next year's ToonFest has already begun... and who knows what may be in store? From all of us here on the Toontown Rewritten Team, we'd like to say one big 'Thank You!'. It's been a pleasure spending the past week with you all and we can't wait to see everyone next year.

The First Annual TOONY Awards - The Results

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 15, 2019 at 2:00 PM

ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019 saw a whole host of new activities for everyone to enjoy. It also saw a brand new, never before hosted, third panel. We decided this third panel should be dedicated to what really makes Toontown tick. That is, of course, YOU! With that, on Saturday August 3rd 2019, we hosted the First Annual TOONY Awards!

Joey Mingles with the Lawbots.

The final piece to Community Day, this event encompassed our real life Toontown costume contest alongside an online competition. The online submissions were classified into four categories: Artwork, Videos, Comics, and Costumes. There was a whole host of entries across all four categories, so a big thank you to everyone who took part.
Three members of the Toontown Team spent their time reviewing each and every submission. The competition was fierce and the decisions were tough. The decisions were so tough that we ended up having numerous honorable mentions and, if you include the runners-up, some categories even had multiple winners!
Without any further ado, here are your 2019 TOONY Awards winners!

Video Runner-Up -- Finny

Toon Resistance (A short yet not really valuable film )

Video Runner-Up -- ChillyMike

ToonFest 2019 Celebrate Toontown Rewritten's Birthday!

Video Winner -- Little Cat

Dance of the Toons TTR Community Day 2019

Comics Runner-Up -- Ladybug Gigglehopper
19-8-15 ladybugcomic.png
Comics Winner -- Good Ol’ Googleglop
19-8-15 googleglopcomic.jpg
Art Runner-Up -- McFry
19-8-15 mcfryart.png
Art Runner-Up -- Wendy Pillownose
19-8-15 wendyart.png
Art Winner -- Pom
19-8-15 pomart.png
Online Costume Runner-Up -- Lea, Madame Jellyroll and Princess Picklenugget
19-8-15 scientooncosplay sm.jpg
Online Costume Winner -- Deputy Jay Thundercrash
19-8-15 deputycosplay sm.jpg

Needless to say, the Toontown dream is kept alive not by us, but by the incredible content and support the community continues to create! We're truly thankful for everyone in the community who continues to play Toontown, we wouldn't be here without all of you.
We always love to see what you're working on or what you've produced. Make sure to tag our social media accounts when posting your creations and we'll do our best to share it with the world.
Thank you one final time to everyone who participated in the TOONYs. From our online submissions, to the real life costume contestants, you are definitely "TOON" Enough!

Sellbot Field Offices | Backstage Toontown

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 19, 2019 at 2:00 PM

ToonFest may have only ended a little less than a month ago -- but we're not done talking about Sellbot Field Offices just yet! On the Main Event panel, we went in-depth about what we want the brand new endgame content for Toontown to be, and what we want YOUR feedback on.
Going forward, we plan to place a major focus on more Backstage Toontown content, starting with the development of Sellbot Field Offices. Being more transparent with Toontown's players is very important, and we want YOU to be a part of the development process. During the Q&A panel at ToonFest, we answered countless questions about the development of Field Offices and Toontown itself -- but there's way more to talk about than we could have fit into two whole panels. Because of that, this week will be filled with Backstage Toontown content related to Sellbot Field Offices!

Sellbot Field Offices

The Toontown Blog is dedicating this week to Sellbot Field Offices. To keep things simple, the posts will be released on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To start off, we'll be going over everything you may have missed from the convention!
To preface this post, everything written here is subject to change. We're conducting loads of internal playtests -- not to mention listening to the community's feedback! Don't be surprised if a feature outlined here is majorly reworked or outright scrapped when Sellbot Field Offices hit the streets. Above all, our goal is to deliver on the most fun and challenging experience possible!
To start our series of Backstage Toontown posts, we'll be giving a quick rundown on the overall mechanics of Sellbot Field Offices. As we release more posts, we'll go more in-depth with the individual pieces.
What are Sellbot Field Offices?
19-8-18 menacing.png
These highly anticipated 'boss buildings' bring a new difficulty level to Toontown. They're more than just any standard Cog Building -- they bring the luxuries of a Cog HQ into the field. That means that entering a Field Office is much like entering a Cog HQ -- you're on their turf. Sellbot Field Offices enter Toontown by taking over a Toon HQ, the safe zone of a dangerous street.
Sellbot Field Offices are unique in that they aren't defeated after just one run. Every run takes Toons through a Field Office Annex, a single wing of the entire building. Each Annex acts as a health point for the entire Field Office. To take it down, multiple groups of Toons will need to take down every Annex!
19-8-18 behind.png
In each Sellbot Field Office Annex, there are two mini-games which need to be completed to continue. These are the Cold Caller Ice Game and the Mover & Shaker Maze Game. In the Mover & Shaker Maze Game, your goal is to defeat the boss Cogs with water balloons while collecting as many jokes from the smaller Cogs as you can. Toons who played Toontown Online during the later years may remember the Mover & Shaker Maze Game -- but this time around it comes at a much higher difficulty. Unlike the original monstrosity, the modern Mover & Shaker maze game can get quite frantic!
19-8-18 alwayswatching.png
The Cold Caller Ice Game is an entirely new mini-game developed by the Toontown Rewritten Team. For the sake of keeping this Backstage post from growing any more, we've decided to split info about the Ice Game off into a separate post -- so check back soon to get the full scoop on that! The Ice Game is something we're really proud of and can't wait to show you.
19-8-18 largerthanlife.png
As briefly mentioned at last year's ToonFest, there's also a brand-new Boss Cog at the top of every Field Office Annex. The boss will re-define the rules of a Cog battle and challenge even the oldest of Toontown veterans -- but it's not ready to show off quite yet. In a future Field Office development update, we'll have more details to share.
As stated before, completing all of that only defeats a single Field Office Annex. That means that a Field Office needs multiple groups to battle it before it can be conquered! This requires massive teamwork, all in the spirit of Toontown. This also means that Field Offices will generally stay around for a while before they're defeated.

19-8-18 sadmailbox.png
Let's reel ourselves back in, that's a lot of information to process! However, there's so much more to Sellbot Field Offices that we'll be discussing in Backstage posts coming soon. Above all, we want to hear YOUR feedback on what we're doing with Sellbot Field Offices. The best way to deliver that feedback is to send an email to -- they'll get your feedback along to the developers as fast as possible! While we can't respond to every single piece of feedback, we do read all of them. With your help, Sellbot Field Offices will be the best update we've ever created!
As briefly discussed at ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019, we plan to expand Toontown Backstage into livestreams on our YouTube and Twitch channels. We've also got plans to post work in progress Field Office news on our other social media pages in the coming months -- so be sure to check that out as well!
We hope you're just as excited as we are about Sellbot Field Offices and Backstage Toontown, and we can't wait to share even more information with you. Expect another two Backstage Toontown Blog Posts very soon detailing the rest of Sellbot Field Offices in-depth -- just keep your eyes peeled on the Toontown Blog and follow us on Social Media so you don't miss it!

ToonFest 2019: Toontown Rewritten's 6th Anniversary!

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 20, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Six years ago, the Toontown community heard the worst news possible: Disney's Toontown Online was closing. Toontown's community was still a large one -- yet the game they cherished was being taken away forever. Many of us lost what felt like a part of ourselves that day, as we said goodbye to our Toons forever. On September 19th, 2013, people sent their final sendoffs as their favorite online game closed…
But something else happened. An announcement was sent out on MMO Central Forums about a project called Toontown Rewritten -- and here we are today, getting ready to celebrate our Six Year Anniversary on September 19th with ToonFest 2019!
Toonfest 2019 sm.png
September 19th is no longer a time of mourning: it’s a time of celebration! Five years ago, we left behind our limited Closed Beta and our good friend, the PlayLine. Suddenly, thousands of Toons flooded back into Toontown, this time entirely for FREE! As they say, the rest is history. Today, we celebrate the tradition of ToonFest to remember how lucky we are to still have Toontown!
We recently wrapped up our 5th in-person celebration called ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019, but ToonFest is worth more than just a weekend. On September 19, 2019, we will begin Toontown Rewritten's sixth anniversary celebration with the in-game ToonFest event!
What is ToonFest?
ToonFest, named after Disney's real-life Toontown event that took place in 2006 and 2007, is the annual celebration of all things Toontown! From slapstick to silliness, it has a bit of everything. It's time to take a break from the Cog battles, make some new friends, and play some fun games while we think about how far we've come.
This in-game event is not to be confused with the real-world "ToonFest at ReplayFX" event, which happened earlier this month. It's a little confusing -- just roll with it!
What happens during ToonFest?
On September 19th, the official in-game ToonFest celebration kicks off with a series of blog posts by our very own Riggy Marole to keep you entertained and in the Toontown spirit. Here's a little synopsis of everything that the celebration has to offer:
• Over in Acorn Acres, you can enter the ToonFest Event Grounds to join the fun.
• Enter the silliest area in Toontown with a giant Merry-go-Round, (Jelly) Bean Bags, and plenty of activities to keep you occupied while chatting up with friends.
• A grand fireworks spectacular lights up the sky every three hours with a nostalgic Toontown melody, and if you come a bit early you'll be able to catch the sunset!
• Earn "ToonFest Tokens" to buy special items, accessories, and even a unique Toon color -- only available once per year!
• Meet the fleet of Token Takers, noted by their world-famous mustaches. You can’t miss them!
• Stop by and talk to Riggy Marole, the wackiest rabbit in town who acts as the emcee extraordinaire of ToonFest!
• Work together to dunk Cleff, everyone’s favorite duck from Minnie's Melodyland, in the Duck Tank! The more you dunk the duck, the more prizes you earn!
What is there to celebrate?
Toontown was supposed to close six years ago, yet it's still alive and well today! With thousands of daily active players and lots of new content in the works, the Toontown community has proven that this is a game worth keeping.
Every September we take time to "Rewrite" the past with this event. What used to be the saddest day in Toontown's history now marks the beginning of Toontown's greatest celebration. Instead of a loss, we can remember a revival!
Of course, the Toontown Rewritten team also has many new things in the works. After all, we've just began our series of Backstage Toontown Blog Posts about Sellbot Field Offices! Sellbot Field Offices are the single largest project we've ever worked on, but we've got plenty of other smaller projects in the works.

We hope that you're excited to celebrate ToonFest with us, and we thank you all so much for helping us make Toontown what it is today! Now that you've gotten to question us, we have one more for you:
Are YOU Toon Enough?

Remotes and a Resistance Hideout | Backstage Toontown

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 21, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Welcome to the second part of our Backstage Toontown series on the development of Sellbot Field Offices. Today, we'll be talking about two features that are far earlier in development than everything else we'll be showing you. The upside to this is that we can implement player feedback far more easily, and involve YOU with the development process more closely.
19-8-21 resistancebase.jpg
The two features we're showing today are both rewards that Toons will receive for fighting back against the Sellbot Field Offices. Why are there two unique rewards related to Sellbot Field Offices? Read on to learn more.
Once again, everything written here is subject to change. We're conducting loads of internal playtests -- not to mention listening to the community's feedback! Don't be surprised if a feature outlined here is majorly reworked or outright scrapped when Sellbot Field Offices hit the streets. Above all, our goal is to deliver on the most fun and challenging experience possible!
What do I Win?
Many have heard that there's more Laff points coming soon, and we want to integrate it with release of Sellbot Field Offices. After completing your Bossbot disguise, you'll get a brand-new Storyline ToonTask from Toon HQ! The Toon Resistance have heard about your Cog-busting ability -- and they need YOU to help their cause. It only took 100 or so Laff points for them to recognize your skills, after all.
19-8-21 nobaseshere.png
Through the secret channels of the Rangers, you'll be given a rank in the Sellbot Division of the Toon Resistance's operations. You'll still need to prove yourself by defeating Field Offices and increasing your Resistance Rank, but eventually you'll gain access to the most secret of hideouts that the Toon Resistance has to offer. Where might this hideout be? In enemy territory, of course.
For years, there have been unassuming manholes in the main area of all four Cog HQs. With the release of Sellbot Field Offices, you'll be able to explore what's under Sellbot HQ -- the Sellbot Sewers. The Toon Resistance has secretly set up shop down there, ready to take down the Cog threat from right under their noses. It's the perfect plan, right?
19-8-21 resisty.png
Once you gain access, you'll be able to take on special Toon Resistance ToonTasks to help the cause. Right now, this feature is still in the conceptual stage. Because this feature is in such an early state, we want as much feedback on it as possible. What do YOU think the Sellbot Sewers should be? We've done many sketches and tossed around tons of ideas, but the area is in an early enough state that we can really go anywhere with it. The Resistance Hideout is going to be one of the most exclusive areas in Toontown history, so we want it to be the best it can be!
Introducing the Cog Remote Control
New ToonTasks aren't the only reward from the Sellbot Field Offices -- There's a very special reward for completing each Annex. Introducing: the Cog Remote Control! Unlike past boss rewards, the Remote Control has a unique twist. Instead of relying on random chance, player input will be required to make it as effective as possible. A small micro-game will play out, and upon a successful game a single Cog will be taken by the remote. But what can controlled Cogs do? We've got some ideas below:
1. Give Toons a Toon-Up by telling a joke.
2. Perform a Cog-ified dance, stunning other Cogs in the battle.
3. Interfere with the other Cogs, causing damage to every Cog in the battle.
4. Any of YOUR ideas!
The main mechanic we want to play with using the Cog Remote Control is the idea of increasing the importance of keeping a Cog alive. If you intentionally keep one Cog under control, it can make the battle against the other three that much easier! As with the Resistance Hideout, the Cog Remote Control is a very early concept. Once again, we would love to hear your feedback.

Once again, we want to hear YOUR feedback on what we're doing with Sellbot Field Offices. The best way to deliver that feedback is to send an email to -- they'll get your feedback along to the developers as fast as possible! While we can't respond to every single piece of feedback, we do read all of them. With your help, Sellbot Field Offices will be the best update we've ever created!
We hope you're just as excited as we are about Sellbot Field Offices and Backstage Toontown, and we can't wait to share even more information with you. One more Sellbot Field Offices related post is coming to Backstage Toontown on Friday -- and we're ending this week with a blizzard. Keep your eyes peeled on the Toontown Blog and follow us on Social Media so you don't miss it!

Cold Hard Cash | Backstage Toontown

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 23, 2019 at 3:30 PM

Welcome to the third and final Backstage Post this week for Sellbot Field Offices! Today, we'll be talking about the all new mini-game, the Cold Caller Office. Much like Mover & Shakers, Cold Callers are finally having a place to call home. As seen by their name and Ice Blue faces, Cold Callers like it to be very cold in the workplace.

The Cold Caller's Office

Once again, everything written here is subject to change. We're conducting loads of internal playtests -- not to mention listening to the community's feedback! Don't be surprised if a feature outlined here is majorly reworked or outright scrapped when Sellbot Field Offices hit the streets. Above all, our goal is to deliver on the most fun and challenging experience possible!

What is the Cold Caller Office?
19-8-23 thermostat.png
The Cold Caller Office is an entirely new mini-game built from the ground up by the Toontown Rewritten development team! Cold Callers, doing what they do best, are trying to Cold Call as many unsuspecting phones as they can. Nobody likes getting Cold Called, even in Cog Nation. We Toons, of course, will have none of that. You and your friends can skate around the office space, cause mayhem, and turn up the heat! Of course, you'll need to heat up the room if you want to escape with your Laff points. The elevator is frozen over, and it's the only way to the next floor!
19-8-23 cabinet.png
Each Cold Caller Office is equipped with multiple thermostats -- just skate by them to adjust the temperature. Once enough thermostats have been activated by Toons, the elevator will unfreeze and you'll be free to get out of there. That said, you won't be without opposition! Watch out, as the Cold Callers will be constantly resetting the thermostats around the room, hindering your progress. They can't Cold Call without the cold, of course.
Our main focus with the Cold Caller Office is to create a skill-based game where you can build up speed as you improve at dodging obstacles. The Cold Caller Offices are still in deep development, but we do have some images to show you from our super-secret internal testing. Check them out below!
19-8-23 collage.png
Matching the Original Vision
19-8-23 disneyvision.png
Many may not know this -- but the Cold Caller Office is not a new concept. Toontown Online's original developers had far grander plans for Field Offices, referred to as Cogdominiums internally at the time. Field Offices were at one point intended to feature unique offices for many types of Cogs! Some of you may know of the unreleased Legal Eagle Office from Toontown Online -- which was unfortunately one idea that was nearing completion but went unreleased due to budget cuts. Despite this, unused content remains discover-able on the internet to this day, mostly through portfolios and similar websites. This gives us the unique opportunity to fulfill the original vision of Toontown Online's developers -- finishing what they started nearly a decade ago.
19-8-23 disneyart.jpg
When we decided to overhaul Field Offices entirely, we knew that realizing the original vision was of utmost importance. As it turns out, there was a fantastic piece of Cold Caller Office conceptual art uploaded to the internet -- the perfect reference. Using this image as a guide, we began work on our own ideas to enhance the base idea while also remaining faithful to what we believe Disney's developers originally intended. Keeping our new content to the quality that was seen under Disney is extremely important -- which is also why it takes so long for us to release new content to the game.
Paving the Way Forward
19-8-23 improvement.png
Sticking to the original developers' intentions hasn't held us back from adding new ideas of our own, though. In many cases, we'll have an idea for a new idea that has no prior references from Toontown Online. As seen in the accompanying images, we've done new content ranging from icy re-textures of existing props to all-new GUI elements designed for the Cold Caller Office. Each detail may seem small, but when placed together they add up into a truly... cold experience. We really wanted to sell off the idea of a Cold Caller's office, and we think we're on the right track!

Once again, we want to hear YOUR feedback on what we're doing with Sellbot Field Offices. The best way to deliver that feedback is to send an email to -- they'll get your feedback along to the developers as fast as possible! While we can't respond to every single piece of feedback, we do read all of them. With your help, Sellbot Field Offices will be the best update we've ever created!
With that, we've finished our three-part series on Sellbot Field Offices for this week. That doesn't mean we're done though! We're committed to communicating to the players about what we're working on more often. Look out for #BackstageToontown on Twitter -- where our artists will post their progress from time to time! As usual, you should also keep your eyes peeled on the Toontown Blog and follow us on Social Media so you don't miss any of the latest news.

What's Under the Cloud?

Posted by Hysterical Harry on August 26, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Help!!! Help!!! Can't somebody help me pass on my real, proven theories? I'm telling you, there's more than meets the eye going around here in Toontown. QUICK, LOOK UP IN THE SKY!!! Don't you see it? It's that big, ginormous CLOUD!!!!

Hysterical Harry exposes the Toon Council

Don't look at me like I'm insane. I'm only hysterical! Don't you see those Cogs peering through the window? No? You're not one of them, are you? Feh, you seem Toon Enough to me.
The point I'm trying to make is simple -- the Toon Council is clearly trying to cover something up with this cloud on the Map!!! Just look at my pin board: Everything is connected, the pieces are coming together!!!
The Toon Council says that they'll be building a new Playground under the cloud one day, but I don't buy it for a moment. Just look at those original blueprints for the town that I saved from the Toon Hall's dumpster!!! So crisp, so clean, so different.
All of these dots connect!!! There never was a cloud to begin with; it was all a ruse. Under the cloud? It's a Cog Farm, of course!!! That's where the Cogs are being made, right next to the taco plants. You haven't seen anywhere else that Cogs might come from, have you? No, no, don't tell me about those silly Cog Headquarters conspiracy theories. If that were real, Judge McIntosh wouldn't keep sending Toons to look for it!
The worst part is that the Toon Council is already onto my suspicions. Soon, there will be new, high quality Toontown maps in every Shticker Book!!! But what you didn't realize is that these new maps are rigged. Rigged I tell you, rigged!!! All this extra detail, and yet there's nothing about what's behind that cloud. Coincidence? I think not!!!
Wait, where are you going? You better not be calling Doctor Pulyurleg like the rest of them. I am a perfectly sane individual!!!

P.S. - Toontown is full of conspiracies!!! Use these images to find your own and tag me with #HystericalHarry. See, I'm not the only hysterical one!!!
Harry's Hysterical Template #1
Harry's Hysterical Template #2


September's Tweaks and Tidbits

Posted by The Toontown Team on September 18, 2019 at 5:00 PM

Tomorrow's the day you've all been waiting for, where Riggy Marole removes the Acorn Acres roadblock and opens up the ToonFest Grounds! This month-long festival of all things wacky celebrates the birth of Toontown Rewritten, a project which started way back in 2013. It's hard to believe that we've been going strong for six whole years. It wouldn't be a celebration without a few bugfixes and tweaks though, right? Right? In light of this, please put your gloves together for our Tweaks and Tidbits Update!

What's he thinking?

Make sure to check out the Release Notes at the bottom of this blog post for a comprehensive list of what this update includes. Let's take a look at some of our favorite parts though.

To start, Toon HQ has printed out a high-quality map of Toontown! It's no secret that Toontown's map has been blurry since the start -- especially on today's high resolution displays. If you open up your Shticker Book, you'll see a beautiful new representation of our home, Toontown. Although some may have a conspiracy theory about the idea of a new map, these new maps are fully accurate to the originals.
Ever had a SpeedChat phrase that you wanted to think about? Just right-click on a SpeedChat Phrase and you'll think away! Much like a SpeedChat+ thoughts, it won't go away until you say something else or change areas.
There's an unspoken rule among those who fight the C.E.O. -- don't send more than one Toon to golf. For years, there's been a bug that causes Golf Balls to cancel each other out -- making golfing more difficult with more Toons. Today, we're finally laying this issue to rest. You can safely put Toons on all available Golfing spots -- allowing you to quickly slow down the C.E.O.! On that note, we want YOUR feedback on the difficulty of the C.E.O. Boss Battle. Making this change could make the battle easier... or more difficult to coordinate what Toon goes where. Once you've had a chance to do the battle a few times, please let us know what you think by emailing!
Continuing with the theme of tweaks, check out the Album in your Shticker Book's fishing page. Finally, you'll be able to keep track of your individual weight records for every fish in Toontown. Compete with your friends to see who can catch the biggest fish in the pond!
Have you ever tried to use your closet, just to get stopped by a Big Head -- or perhaps an entirely invisible Toon! To address this, we've updated the closet to act like the Accessory Trunk -- temporarily hiding all cheesy effects while in use. This is a small but widely requested tweak, so we're happy to have it done.
Last but certainly not least, we've made hundreds of changes to the SpeedChat+ Dictionary to create a better chatting experience in Toontown. If you have any more suggestions for SpeedChat+ changes, please keep them coming! Once again, you can contact us with suggestions by emailing

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. Whether you're the newest Toon in town, or a veteran like Lil Oldman, we wouldn't be here without you. Be sure to jump in-game between September 19th and October 20th to help us celebrate everything Toontown! There may even be a tidbit or two new for ToonFest as well... what has Riggy been up to?


Six Years and Counting! | ToonFest 2019

Posted by The Toontown Team on September 19, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Do you remember what happened six years ago today? For those unaware, Toontown Online closed its doors forever on September 19, 2013. For everyone at the time, this felt like the end. Over a decade of Toons, gone in an instant. If you can hardly remember that day, that means we've been successful.
For the past six years, we've turned September 19th from a day of sadness to a day of PARTYING! Moments after Toontown Online closed its doors, Toontown Rewritten was officially announced. As they say, the rest is history!

ToonFest 2019: Celebrate SIX YEARS of Toontown Rewritten!

Six years is an incredible amount of time. It's a shame, but Toontown could have disappeared in an instant all those years ago. The fact that it has thousands of active players every month, a real-life convention, and a constantly evolving lore is absolutely insane! And yet, we're all still here, enjoying Toontown.
That's why we're inviting you to jump into Toontown between now and October 20th to party with us in celebration of Toontown Rewritten's sixth anniversary. Today marks the beginning of our annual in-game event, ToonFest 2019!
To enter ToonFest, head over to the special event area in Chip and Dale's Acorn Acres or click on the red ToonFest teleport button on the top right of your screen. Here's just a few of the things to expect during this year's event:

Meet Riggy Marole
If you haven't met Riggy Marole yet, you're in for a treat. He's the one and only host of ToonFest, and calling him absolutely bonkers would be an understatement. As always, he'll be strolling around ToonFest talking to Toons and generally being a bit of a rascally rabbit. Plus, if you stick around the Toontown Blog you might just catch him causing some mayhem. Who knows what he'll do next? We sure don't.

Riggy Marole

Earn Exclusive Prizes
One of the most exciting parts of ToonFest are glamorous Token Takers, located within the ToonFest tower and at pop-up booths around the area! These Token Takers will sell you all sorts of exclusive items, from limited time accessories to portable pies to experience multipliers! No matter what kind of Toon you are, we've got a bunch of prizes in store for you. Earn ToonFest tokens by playing minigames in the area, then head on over to the ToonFest tower to redeem them.

The ToonFest Tower

Pink is the new Blue
As always, ToonFest is more than just one weekend. We'll be partying all day and all night for the next month -- and we'll definitely need some new style to mix things up this year. ToonFest Blue has been a staple of ToonFest for years -- but it's clear that ToonFest needs a little more... pink. That's right, some keen-eyed Toons may have noticed it in the Clothing Shops last night, but ToonFest Pink is here! For just 300 ToonFest Tokens, you too can hop on the latest ToonFest fashion trend. But that's not all -- we're also introducing the exclusive Rigmarole Nametag for 500 ToonFest Tokens! Named after ToonFest's zany host, Rigmarole is the perfect way to celebrate ToonFest even after the event is over.

Pink and Rigmarole!

As always, ToonFest is now available to play by visiting the special event area in Chip and Dale's Acorn Acres, or by clicking the red ToonFest teleport button located at the top right of your screen. Go enjoy the fun before it's gone!
Thank you all so much for SIX YEARS of Toontown Rewritten! We truly couldn't be here without all of you.
You ARE Toon Enough!


"Toon-est" Needs a New Name!

Posted by Riggy Marole on October 1, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Good Afta-noon, Toontown! As this is my first post o' the season, I think some proper introducin' is in order. Me? The name's Rigmund Q. Marole, the esteemed gentletoon of these Winding Woods. BAHAHA, just messin' with ya. Call me Riggy Marole -- and don'tcha ever forget it! To letcha' in on a bit of a secret: I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment...
The letter "F" has fallen off of the ToonFest Toon-est Tower!

Riggy can't find the missing sign letter!

The Toon-est Tower's been in tip-top shape for years now, but maintenance-in' the top ain't so easy, y'see? To letcha' in on a little secret, back when we built the Toon-est Tower years ago, the Toon Council's safety standards weren't as thorough as they are now.
When I was makin' the iconic sign, I used only the finest Blue Glue from Sticky Lou! It's not like dere's many other options for glue in Toontown. Aside from lure, if some Toons are to be believed. HAH!
Afta' many years o' cats and dogs falling on the sign (and a bit o' rain, too), the Blue Glue on the Toon-est Sign began ta' loosen. I can't even find the ol' letter F, even after walkin' around in circles hundreds of times. If ya see it 'round here, be sure to snap a photo with it and pay ya respects with #ToonFest on the socials. I bet that Blue Tweeter Bird would enjoy it.

I'll admit, Toon-est don't got the same ring to it. I was cooking up what the bears like to call a "hare-brained scheme" when it hit me: Let's just rename the whole event! We's gotta break the bank anyhow for a shiny new sign, so let's go BIG! Plus, Toons always get confused when I say "ToonFest" and end up at an event in Pencil-vania somehow. Confusion, no more!
You heard it straight from ol' Riggy: ToonFest is getting a brand new name next year, and I need YOUR help picking it!
I've scribbled up a few ideas, but this event isn't about me -- it's about Toontown! Who's better to pick the new name than none other than the Toons o' the town? From now until October 18th, you can vote in the poll below to pick YOUR favorite new name for the event.
View poll here
So, whaddya pick? It better have been my favorite, or else! HAH, just kidding. Probably.

Shortly afta' ToonFest comes to a close for the last time this year, I'll be announcin' the brand new title of next year's event. This is ToonFest's grand finale year, but don'tcha be glum! Next year, the event will be back with refurbisherments to celebrate the new name and the many years to look forward to in Toontown's future!
Remember, you'se got until October 18th at 11:59PM Toontown Time (PST) to cast ya votes. Now, let's get out there and have more fun than ever before to give ToonFest the celebratory send-off it deserves! If you spot that letter F anywhere, you know where ta' find me.

The Secret of the "F"

Posted by Samantha Spade on October 8, 2019 at 3:30 PM

It's me again, Samantha Spade. Toontown's finest detective, if I do say so myself. If we haven't met, I do apologize -- I've been up to here with investigations and mysteries as of late. Regardless, I've got news. BIG news. Roughly the size of the Toon-est Tower, to be precise. Something missing, you say? Precisely. The Toon-est Tower lost the iconic letter "F" this week, and the town is quite abuzz. Things just aren't quite the same around these woodlands.

Samantha Spade looks for clues about the missing letter.

This case was once on the back burner for me, but I quickly realized what little time I have left for investigations. After all, Toon-est is half-way to closing until next year. If I was to get investigations done... it needed to be now.
Sticky Lou's Blue Glue is blamed for letting this sign fall to pieces, but I don't buy it one bit. You might say "Yes, but Riggy said..." -- allow me to stop you right there. Riggy is quite batty, and that is well known. Although he is very passionate about the celebration, I often find he's quite oblivious to his surroundings. Have you ever seen him not walking in circles around Toon-est? He struggled to even find the missing letter! Rest assured -- I'm on the case. I will leave no stone unturned. Not even Toon-est's signature mountains.
Overnight, the glue mysteriously came loose after exactly six years. Why only the F? If this glue truly were decaying, would other letters not have fallen? I don't buy it. Look at the facts: It was only just a few days ago Riggy announced the F was missing. Indeed, it may not have been on the tower but Toons found it laying by a tree as quick as a Rabbit I met on my last case, "The Case of the Curious Carrots". Now that's a case file I won't forget.
To clear my mind, I decided to take a long walk and ponder. Suddenly, I found myself in Toon Hall, standing directly in front of a peculiar duck -- Doctor Dimm. He had quite the strange idea, one involving Cog interference in the air. Professor Flake had mentioned it to him last week, and he couldn't help but tell me all about it. I couldn't help but notice his peculiar hat, but this was complete nonsense.
So what does it all mean? Quite frankly, this case may just remain unsolved. Doctor Dimm's idea of Cog interference causing the glue to loosen may have merit -- but I have my doubts. Perhaps Riggy was right after all, and I was foolish to doubt him. Regardless, I do have one more case to solve -- "The Case of Toon-est's New Name"! I would have preferred a more... mysterious choice of names. But, the three options provided will be plenty. If you've yet to solve this mystery yourself, there's still time to vote!
That's all for now, everyone. Be sure to swing by my Detective Agency to say hello -- I'm always up for a new case. Until next time.

Riggy's Firework Woes

Posted by Riggy Marole on October 14, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Hmm... now whatsit called again? Green Keen Teens? Green Mean Queens? Green Clean Screens? I don't s'pose it's not green? Bah, that don't make sense. Hmm, I's gotta know for sure his store's in Daisy Gardens. Or was it the Brrrgh? Come on, Riggy! Use dat genius head o' yours!

Riggy is as oblivious as ever.

Ah, it musta' been Ed's Red Bedspreads. Wait, why would I be needin' a bedspread?
Ack, how long has this thing been on? Sorry bout' that, Toons. I’s been buried in thought dese past few days. Afta' all, we did lose the Toon-est sign's letter F. I can hardly bring myself to say the name of my old pal. If ya haven't yet... please do your best to be votin' on the new name of Toon-est for next year. I'd really appreciate any help I can get in these tryin' times. I's gotta pull myself together, though -- the show must go on!
Without further ado, I's got a special announcement for you all! Just like we do every year, from now until October 20th at midnight Toontown Time (PST) we’ll be launchin' dozens o' colorful fireworks into the air every three hours! Whether you're snoozin' in the Dreamland or pickin' flowers in Daisy Gardens, you won't miss Toon-est's farewell extravaganza! AH! Daisy Gardens!
You all know's about Eugene, right? The Irishtoon that specializes in turning things green using specially Green Jellybeans? He really excels on Saint Patty’s Day! He delivers green fireworks every year, but I ain’t seen that duck at all. I wanted to pick the fireworks up myself, but I can’t seem to remember the name of his shop. Green Lean Spleens? Hm, maybe.
As usual, I's also got another announcement! From now until October 20th at midnight Toontown Time (PST), Toons will get double the Toon-est Tokens! Maybe Eugene will run on over to the Toon-est Grounds once he hears about dat deal. First the fallen F, and now the missing Green Fireworks. Golly, I really need to step up my game. Now, where was I? Ah yes, lost in thought.
Yeah, I felt you tap me on the shoulder. Ah, howsit' goin' Eugene. I’m a tad occupied right now. Could we maybe talk later? Hm? What? You slipped and spilled green dye everywhere in the ol' shop? That's quite the shame. Hey pal, I really need ta' focus here. I need to get my hands on some green fireworks. Ah, you'se got some fireworks? Yeah, just put ‘em here or there or anywhere really, I don’t know. Eugene, please! I need to remember the name of this one shop. Green Bean Jeans? Nah, I don’t think that's it.

Riggy's Toon-est Goodbye

Posted by Riggy Marole on October 20, 2019 at 2:30 PM

Oh! My best-est friend, my second in command, my bee-yootiful Letter F! I's finally found you! I'm tellin' ya, I's been searchin' for weeks. But now, I ain't gonna let'cha outta my sight. Now that I's found ya, I can finally clear my head to focus on preppin' next year's Toon-est.

Riggy is as oblivious as ever.

Next year... dat's right! We ain't gonna be called Toon-est next year! Let'see... I's already contacted Alec Tinn about countin' those votes weeks ago. I wonder where he's been? Say, did he ever check in while I was lost in thought?
What the-- Alec! How long have you'se been standin' there? Two weeks? I can hardly believe it. I's heard rumors that you cower in fear at the sight of Cogs, but I ain't ever seen you dis angry! Ack, mentionin' that probably wasn't the best o' ideas.
Look, the results may be comin' in a bit late, but I'll need you to close off this final Toon-est not by partyin' with the rest o' us, but by sitting alone and countin' votes. You'd do that fa' me, right? Thanks for bein' a pal, Alec. I owe ya, big time.
And THAT is how you do it, Ladies and Gentletoons. If ya don't let Alec get a word in, he'll happily count ya votes without any bargaining. Now that I's found my precious Letter F, I'll be closin' off this one last Toon-est with some rest and relaxationin'. I'll be needin' a lot of energy to put up the new sign next year! See ya next year, folks.

Scares, Screams, and a Spooktacular Halloween!

Posted by Jack O' Kazam on October 25, 2019 at 2:30 PM

The moon shines brighter and the shadows are moving.
My wizard’s intuition tells me that mischief’s a-brewing.
Let all the ghouls play. Let the bats fly in.
Now that Toon-est is over, let the hauntings begin!

Jack O' Kazam's Spooktacular Halloween

Toontown Rewritten has been haunted by the Halloween Spooktown Curse!

Take a closer look. Toontown is long gone.
The skies have turned gray and the living have passed on.
They now haunt the lamp posts and trees in the ground.
I am the wizard, Jack O’ Kazam, and this is my Spooktown!
I welcome you all to this Spooktacular Halloween.
There will be sweets, treats, and everything in between.
But if it’s tricks you’re after, I can guarantee several.
Itching for a ToonTask? Come meet me in Toontown Central.
Any good at riddles? It’ll come in handy.
Solve mine to find six Toons that are handing out candy.
Say ‘Trick-or-Treat!’ They love to converse.
Come back alive and I’ll give you the Pumpkin Head Curse!
Bippity-boppity-BLAM! Here’s a cosmetic surprise!
Peep at your Cattlelog. There’s a new color inside.
A spooky purple shade can be owned for a price.
It looks frighteningly fabulous, if you believe my advice.
Now here’s the real kicker. A trick you will never forget!
My own Spellbound Bags! A real game of roulette.
These randomized bags carry little bits of my magic.
Is lady luck on your side or will your result be tragic?
Kazam the Ol’ Wizard is the bringer of fear!
Join in the fun before these clouds disappear.
Enjoy the spooks and spirits, while my extended supplies last.
I can’t stay for long. November 3rd approaches fast.


Bloodsuckers Beware!

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on October 27, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Happy Halloween, Toontown! Tell me... can you smell that? The sweet aroma of candy is too splendid to ignore! Check out my Trick-or-treat bag! Pretty filled, huh? I keep it tied to my Cog Disguise just in case I stumble upon some stray candy in the playgrounds. You never know when those Spooky Bean Bags will appear, after all. Wait a moment... I’m smelling something else. No, it can’t be… tax evasion. Just as I suspected -- Bloodsuckers! A lot of them, too. Looks like the Bloodsuckers are teaming up for another Halloween Mega-Invasion!

Lord Lowden Clear hasn't learned how to be observant while monologing.

But what in the world is causing the Bloodsuckers to act up? Could it be all the Trick-or-Treat bags around Toontown? What about the Halloween costumes that everytoon's wearing? Quite possibly. Perhaps it’s the decorations! We do a good job of decorating every year, and those Bloodsuckers seem to appear without fail. Perhaps they’re more ghoulish than we thought. They must’ve gotten a little grouchy when they saw such demeaning decor!
There is only one way to stop this un-Halloween-like bat attack. I’ll be ordering Resistance Rangers to deal with the Bloodsuckers all around Toontown, and they could use some help! If they’ve got a signature green Resistance Badge atop their heads, they’re part of the Resistance. Help them enough, and you just might find a Toon Resistance uniform in your Trick-or-Treat bag!
You Toons seem strong enough to handle a bunch of blood-thirsty robo-goons. For now, I’ve got to get going and… oh no. Why don’t I smell my Trick-or-Treat bag anymore? No… my candy is gone! Rocky, this is no time to be playing a prank! Sigh… I’ll get my candy back after we deal with these Bloodsuckers. Until next time, keep them busting -- with laughter!
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance

Have a Terrifyingly Toontastic Trick-or-Treat!

Posted by Flippy on October 31, 2019 at 3:30 PM

Once again, the 31st of October is upon us, Toontown! This Halloween is like no other, however, as Jack-o-Kazam's curse has grown stronger than ever...

The Pumpkins are swarming Flippy!

Grab your favorite outfit, a bucket of Spooky Purple paint, and perhaps even a Spooky seasonal name tag -- Clarabelle's Cattlelog does offer a "Spooky" name tag after all! As you can no doubt tell, Toontown has been hit by the Halloween Holiday spirit! As with every year, I'm fully immersed in the spookiness of it all.
I dare not leave my office though. Whilst I've grown quite accustomed to Jack-O-Kazam's yearly Halloween appearance, this year his curse has grown stronger than ever! According to him, Toons can expect to sport the pumpkin-head right up until the 3rd of November. Do you know how hard it is to recognize each Toon that walks into my office when they're all cursed with the same pumpkin head? If it weren't for Toon T.A.G.S., I wouldn't be able to recognize anyone at all!
Speaking of curses... Jack's not the only one with a curse to give! For on this day each and every year, Toontown witnesses a major migration of black cats through Toon HQ's doors. If any new Cat Citizens of Toontown happen to see me during my daily walk through Tutorial Terrace, be sure to give me a "Toontastic!" Hello! You might just remain in the Halloween spirit... forever! Or at least until you purchase a "Toon Rewrite" from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.
Happy Halloween, Toontown!


Branding Toontown | Backstage Toontown

Posted by The Toontown Team on November 8, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Hello Toons! Ever wondered how the art you see on the website, throughout social media, and at the conventions are made? You’re in luck, because today’s Backstage Post is about the joys of being a Brand Artist! My name is June, or Joyful Roxy in-game, and I am one of the Brand Artists here working with the Toontown Team. Also, I'm a big fan of writing fun facts down -- so you'll definitely get to see some fun facts about drawing.
19-11-8 brandingrewritten.jpg
What is Brand Art?
Brand Artists help create all the official illustrations you see on the website (such as the patterns & the website banner), at conventions, and on social media! As a Brand Artist, you are expected to know how to draw and replicate the Toontown style we have here -- and trust me, my personal art style is not like Toontown Rewritten’s. It’s crucial to be able to replicate the style in order to stay on brand. We love our consistency, after all!
How do I become a Brand Artist?
While it’s crucial to be able to replicate the Toontown style, there's more to it than just that! It’s also about understanding how art works. It’s ideal to have at least a few years of experience in drawing -- we need artists who understand the basics of shading, composition, color theory, and perspective. It sounds like a lot, but these are good fundamentals to even be a good artist in the first place. Being an artist for any position on this team requires collaboration and handling critiques, as well.
If you are interested in applying as a Brand Artist, we highly encourage you to send in more than just character drawings. We like to see characters in environments, and even some sketches so we know how you think in the creative process! We also require all Brand Artists to use Adobe Photoshop CS5 and newer. This is because as artists, we all collaborate and work together to create something unique.
As a Brand Artist, we also work using vector tools via the pen tool in Photoshop! No, it’s not “true” vector (Adobe Illustrator is shaking their fist at silly old Photoshop now), but it's able to help with resizing. Did you know the website banner is over 20 feet tall in real life? The source PSD requires a lot of computer power to even open with how complex it is! We do need the ability to upscale or downscale any files for any printing needs, so vector is always better there.
Speaking of printing needs, we want our Brand Artists to know the basics of printing from digital to real work. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar, as this won’t disqualify you from the position! We always help train our artists for things they don’t quite know yet. It’s easier to train technology than it is to train someone on how to draw. So for this, we look for people who already understand how to draw.
The Artistic Process
We do all sorts of brand work, but for today, I am here to talk in-depth about the ToonFest 2019 poster we created this year. This will walk you through a start to finish illustration. Fun fact: this took about 36 or so hours over the course of 3 weeks from approved sketch to final product. Yeah, I haven’t even gotten down to the MONTHS yet.
While character related drawings don’t typically go through a thumbnailing process, I wanted to focus on one where it’s creating a fully realized drawing. Without further ado, let’s hop to it!
The Thumbnailing Process
Most artists want to jump right into the sketching phase (I know I do!), but it’s easier to know what you are creating by working with small sketches called thumbnails. These are typically meant to get composition and ideas down. Don't worry about your perspective, or if a drawing is going to look good. I tend to spend about 5 to 10 minutes per thumbnail. Every artist works differently, but for me, I like to find my composition and depth of a drawing.
Convention season typically begins in the first quarter of the year. So in this case, I began working on the poster around early February until May. The Silly Meter was a really big task due to how complex it is! I was admittedly very nervous to tackle it. But thanks to the encouragement and teamwork of my fellow artists and non-artists alike, I was able to make it happen. For the initial concepts, I wanted to understand the silhouette of the Silly Meter so I began quickly doodling the shapes. I like to think in shapes rather than seeing something whole.
One of the tricky things was to avoid making similar perspectives to 2018 ToonFest’s poster. And that’s hard with something as wacky as this! Originally, I drew Doctor Surlee in, but we quickly decided he should be absent from it due to storyline decisions. Around this time, a team member suggested to have a special effect for the first Silly Meter Maxing, making every Toon float in the air. Inspired, I created a thumbnail for this idea which inspired the real in-game Silly Meter maxing! It’s like inspiration-ception or something.
19-11-8 thumbnails.jpg
Pro Tip: During the thumbnail process, if any work you are doing has text placement, find it now and work the image around it rather than trying to figure out afterwards.

The Sketching Process
When the thumbnail is approved, we come to the main part of creating a sketch. During this stage, I set up my canvas to ensure it will print correctly. This means changing the color settings to CMYK and creating proper bleeds, which is where paper will be cut so no white edges are visible.
This process alone is typically what takes me the longest time, because you go through so many revisions. The blue sketch was my first pass, but it wasn’t right so I asked my fellow teammates for assistance. And did it come! During this phase we do a process called “redlining”. Redlining can be any color, but it’s usually red, hence the name! Basically, it means that an artist will go over your drawing in red lines to add corrections to your work. When it happens, we have to remember it’s to better the art, not to insult your craft.
19-11-8 sketches.jpg
The Rendering Process
When a sketch is fully approved, the Rendering Process begins! Rendering happens to be my FAVORITE part of the Brand Art cycle! During the Rendering Process, colors and shading are applied to the drawing that actually will make it come to life. This process isn’t immune to feedback, however! A trick I love to do is to check my values. This helps make certain aspects of a drawing read better. I have a layer that is black and white so I can quickly check and assess. I usually don’t get a good read until the shading happens, but I also like to do it during the flat color process.
19-11-8 contrast.jpg
The finishing touches are made and voila! You got yourself a finished brand piece. After the critiques and hard work, of course. And it only took 3 whole months! That sounds like a lot of time, but it's all worth it when the final piece is done.
Got what it takes to be a Brand Artist?
Brand art is REALLY rewarding and challenging. You’re going to struggle and make mistakes. But our art department is truly one-of-a-kind and will help you through the struggles you face! We all are with the same mindset of making sure we deliver something professional. Interested in becoming a Brand Artist? Send an application in today!
19-11-8 finalsteps.jpg

The No-Suit Proposal

Posted by The Skelecogs on November 21, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Good afternoon, Toons. According to updated statistics in last week’s company newsletter, it seems that Cogs with suits are defeating fewer Toons than Cogs without suits. As ordered by the C.F.O., cost cutting measures are to be put into effect under one condition -- solid proof that Cog Suits don’t increase worker productivity. Us Skelecogs, fresh off the assembly line, will be invading the streets of Toontown to prove that suits do not increase effectiveness against the Toon population. If everything goes according to plan, we can move the funds used to make suits to bigger and better Cog-related projects! For the future of Cogs, we will be hosting a Skelecog Mega-Invasion.

The Skelecogs have a Proposal.

The Skelecog Team has decided to let all Toons know of this plan because if you surrender, we can crush even more Toons at a faster rate. Doing this would better our chances of shifting funds into more important projects. So why not help us out? You probably don’t even like those ugly suits anyways.
Unfortunately, we cannot conduct this experiment in every district. Some Cogs don’t want their accessories to be discontinued, so they’re protesting our proposal. I have no doubt that corporate will be cutting their salary. If you do not cooperate, we’ll have wasted lots of time and money! Additionally, don’t bother sending that “Lord Lousy Clear” and his “Resistance Failures” to hold us back with their “teamwork” and “free uniforms”. Every Cog knows that there's strength in "I", and not in "team". An independent Cog rises through the ranks swiftly. They’ll just mess with the numbers.
Thank you for your time, Toons. We expect that this financial experiment will go swimmingly, yes?

Toontown "Roots" for Team Trees!

Posted by Professor Ivy on November 23, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Ah, I love breathing in the silly air from my beautiful Gag Trees. Apples, Coconuts, Birthday Cakes, Anvils... What can't be found on the branches of a tree? Trees don't just give us goodies, but they also provide a little something we use every day -- the air we breathe! I'm sure that all the Balloon Fish in the pond appreciate it as well.

Professor Ivy tends to her trees.

Goodness, look at me talking about gardening without introducing myself! For those who don't know me, I'm Professor Ivy. I've got a fine school in Daisy Gardens, but my true calling is tending to my own garden. There's nothing quite like the feeling of planting a tree, you know. Trees can be found everywhere -- however, as with most things in Toontown, the Cogs have found a way to fight back against all that is good and fun.
Just look at the skies around Sellbot Headquarters, and the problem is apparent -- pollution. Sometimes, I can smell that awful stench of the Sellbot Factory all the way from my very own School of Vine Arts! I tried everything I could think of to fight the pollution -- picketing, picket fences, picking flowers -- yet none of it worked. Finally, I found the solution: Planting trees can fight back the pollution from the Cogs!
I quickly booted up my compute and opened up the Wild Wacky Web to see how I could encourage other Toons to go plant trees. As it turns out, a bunch of the most Toontastic Toons of the world have already done just that! I discovered Team Trees, a tree-mendous charity to help fight back against the Cogs by planting Trees. They don't just want to plant a couple of trees, though. They want to plant 20,000,000 Trees!
With Team Trees, every dollar donated means one tree planted. I talked to the Toon Council, and they pledged to donate money to plant 200 Trees on behalf of Toontown! Team Trees is in the final stretch of their 20 million trees goal, and with YOUR help they can get there!
If you have any spare change in your Piggy Bank, you might want to consider giving a couple dollars to the ex-tree-mely Toontastic folks over at Team Trees. (Be sure to ask a parent if it's "oak"-kay first.)
Well, I better get back to planting. Those Cogs aren't going to de-pollute themselves!
NOTE: Team Trees is an established charity not associated with Toontown Rewritten. Every dollar donated to their campaign will allow them to plant one tree in the real world! We're here just spreading the good environmental news, and are not paid or compensated in any way for this post.

Baker Bridget Brings Back the Bread!

Posted by Baker Bridget on November 27, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Hi there, Toons. It's getting mighty cold here in The Brrrgh, but luckily for me I'm all tucked up and warm inside The Mostly Toasty Bread Company. It's winter here all year round, so I completely lost track of time! Only did I realize the holiday season was upon us when Sir Max paid me a visit a day or two ago. And before you ask -- no, he wasn't looking for more cake. He tells me that he's on an exercise program nowadays.

Baker Bridget pulls through and gets the bread!

This time around, Sir Max came seeking some bread for his annual Thanksgiving meal -- and who better to ask than the best baker in town? You'd never guess what happened though, so I'll just tell go ahead and tell you. I ran out of dough! With Thanksgiving only a few days away, all of the other shopkeepers had closed up shop for the rest of the week. I sat and thought to myself, "How am I going to bake Sir Max this bread?". It was only a matter of time before Thanksgiving was going to be ruined!
As quick as I could, I ran down the street to Hambrrrgers, only to find the doors were locked. My guess is that Chef Bumblesoup went home early to prepare a hearty Thanksgiving meal for his family. The only other option I had was visiting Subzero Sandwich Shop, also conveniently located on Walrus Way. Sandy had a sign in the window which read "It may be Thanksgiving, but we're still open!". The writing and calligraphy seemed all too similar to Sir Max's sign making handiwork.
So now I'm thinking "Why didn't Sir Max just ask Sandy for some bread?". Then I remembered that according to Sir Max, I'm the "sweetest" baker in town! A fitting title given my profession, if you ask me. Sandy happily handed me enough dough to last the winter, and with that I headed home. I was able to bake Sir Max the biggest and sweetest loaf of bread he's ever seen and tasted. I'm honestly pretty surprised that he's even planning on eating all that bread with how many pounds he's put on -- and currently exercising off. Regardless, you now know the story of how I saved Thanksgiving! If you ever need some last minute baking goods for your holiday meals, you know where to find me.

Doctor Surlee's Thankful Thanksgiving

Posted by Doctor Surlee on November 28, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Good Afternoon, everyone. This is Doctor Surlee of Loony Labs -- celebrating another year of Thanksgiving with my Loony Labs team. Usually, the S.I.L.L.I. team has a meal separate from C.A.K.E. -- but this year we decided to have a big Scientoon jamboree to celebrate the completion of the Silly Meter. Except for Baffalous, that is. Who knows what that Toon has gotten himself into...

Loony Labs takes a day off.

Regardless! I come to you today to share my thankfulness. The truth is, I've spent many years uncertain of how Toontown would react to the truth of my past. It is true -- in a long forgotten timeline, I was Gyro Gearloose, creator of the Rewritten Device and countless other gadgets around Toontown. At this point, I've grown to accept who I really am though -- Doctor Surlee. I may have messed about with the timeline, but time appears to be more stable than ever now that the Fissiontons have gone.
It is for that that I am thankful -- the acceptance of every Toon in Toontown. I am the one to be blamed for all the anomalies, no, everything wrong in Toontown. From the Cogs to that blasted Super-Duper Air Conditioner, everything seems to be at the fault of no Toon but myself. And yet, the Toons of Toontown are willing to forgive me.
Thank you, Toontown. We've come this far, and now even I am uncertain of what comes next. After all, we've now gone into unwritten territory -- time that did not exist when I made the jump from the original timeline. For now though, it's time to socialize with the Scientoons. With all the note taking and Silly Meter monitoring, it's been ages since I've had a good scientific debate with Prepostera and Purrview. I'm sure Dimm will enjoy the banter as well!

Note from The Toontown Rewritten Team:
As you go through your day today, take some time to remember how thankful we are to have Toontown. This year, we couldn't express all of our thankfulness for the Toontown Community in just one paragraph, though! We've taken to one of the longest standing Toontown communities, MMO Central Forums, to express our gratitude to the community. To see just why we're so THANKFUL that Toontown is still alive, be sure to read the whole thread at!

The Sweet Scent of Deals!

Posted by Sir Max on November 29, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Oh... hey there, Toons! What's that smell? Well, I can’t smell too bad since you're still here. I have been jogging for a couple of hours now, but that couldn't possibly be what we're smelling. Heck, most Toons run everywhere! Except those rebels who walk around. I still wonder if letting Toons walk around was a good idea. Ack, out of breath!
File:19-11-29 effectiveexercise.jpg

Loony Labs takes a day off.

Okay Max, focus. Hmm... I thought Postmaster Pete would get here earlier. Maybe it was a mistake starting my exercise routine early to wait for him. Why do I have an exercise routine? Well, I did put on some pounds after those ValenToon's Day Chocolates and that Birthday Cake... but that isn't important. What's important is that I need to see Postmaster Pete right now. Why's that you ask? Well of course, for the Thankful Thanksgiving Cattlelog!
Postmaster Pete should be coming any minute now. The holiday season is fast approaching, so I need to get gifts for a whole lot of Toons. I heard Lil Oldman talking about wanting a new silver spoon for his collection. Then there’s Doctor Dimm that needed to replace the antenna on his remote whatchamacallit. Oh, and I can’t forget Lord Lowden Clear! He mentioned that he wanted some black polish for his Cog Disguise's shoes. The list goes on! At least I know I’m getting a good deal. With Clarabelle's Thankful Thanksgiving Cattlelog, everything from costumes to furniture will be discounted! That must be the smell we're smelling -- the sweet smell of savings. Make sure you check out your Cattlelog by December 7th before you miss the sweet savings!
Happy spending, Toons! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to continue my exercise routine. I'll be on my-
PETE! THERE YOU ARE! Why are you running, and why are you covering your nose? Come back!


We need YOUR Talent to help Toontown!

Posted by The Toontown Team on December 3, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Toontown's community is thriving like never before. We at the Toontown Team have always been committed to creating the most Toontastic experience possible -- but we can’t do it alone! To achieve our Toontanic-sized goals, we've added new positions and updated existing applications on our website for all to see.
19-12-3 weneedyourtalent.jpg
With the Toontown Team's size nearing 80 people, we've got multiple departments to stay organized. Don't worry about the size though -- we're all welcoming to newcomers! The team is comprised of many departments: Art, Audio, Moderation, Support, Programming, and Public Relations. Here’s a tidbit about each department and their roles in Toontown:

The work of the Art Department is easily the most obvious. After all, this is Toontown! Artists are responsible for posters, ads, in-game visuals, and a whole lot more. Our Brand Artists recently released a Backstage Toontown post all about Brand Art and what the creative process is like for them. However, we would really love to bring on more 3D Artists to help create props and environments for in-game content. We're also in need of more Concept Artists -- folks who create the initial sketches and designs for in-game art. If you've got the talent and experience, we need YOU to help create the next level of Toontown content!
The work of the Audio Department is arguably one of the most overlooked parts of any video game, but that just means the Composers and Sound Designers know what they're doing. After all, the best soundtrack complements gameplay hand-in-hand, enhancing the experience in a very subtle way. Nothing like the perfect anthem to get you in the mood for a Cog Battle, right? We’re always on the hunt for creative minds to help compose music for Toontown's future content.
Moderation and Support
The Moderation and Support Departments are particularly helpful in our goal to create a positive and fun environment for all Toons. Our Support Staff handle a wide variety of situations over email. Email issues? Login troubles? Ask a Support Toon and they will assist! Moderation Staff help fight back troublemakers in Toontown. These positions require a working knowledge of our Terms of Service and the ability to handle tough cases -- stuff far more serious than the case of the missing F. Their jobs may be time-consuming -- but without Moderation and Support, Toontown would be a heap of disorganized mumbo-jumbo. The best part about the Moderation and Support Departments is that we're always willing to teach if you want to learn. If you're interested, send in an application! Unlike most departments, the Moderation Department has an age restriction of 16 years of age or older.
Those in the Programming Department know a mysterious language that helps them work on Toontown and its website. They call this language...Python. Python has served Toontown well for the past two decades and it's showing no signs of stopping. In other words, we need Game Developers who can work in Python! They're essential for adding more all-new content into the game -- which is exactly what we're working on. We're also looking for Web Developers -- especially those familiar with Java and modern web standards. It's no secret that Toon HQ on the website has been missing for years, and having more dedicated Web Developers can make it a reality. Regardless of your history in game development, if you've got a history of programming talent we'd love to have you on board.
Public Relations
The Public Relations Department is the most front-facing role on the team. PR members talk directly with the community via popular social media outlets and even Toontown fan-sites. We've recently created a new Social Media Specialist position that requires knowledge in Marketing Strategies and Analytics. If you’ve got a knack for being ‘Toony’, you may enjoy being a Creative Writer for the Toontown Blog and social media posts! Maybe your strength lies in creating Toontown images in Photoshop. If so, you'd be a good fit for the Graphic Designer role. We've also got the Video Editor role if you're one of the many video creators in the community -- every trailer makes a big difference! The Public Relations Department is rapidly growing -- and we need YOU to help it succeed!

Do any of these roles sound like you? Well, why wait!? As long as you're 13 years of age or older -- or 16 years of age or older for Moderation -- go ahead and click on the ‘Join the Team’ button below to get started. We’re so excited to hear from you!
Join the Team!

No More Fog on the Toontown Blog

Posted by Dr. Peepers on December 12, 2019 at 4:00 PM

There we go -- just like new! Ah, hello everyone. My name is Dr. Peepers, goggle defogging professional. Here in Toontown, we’re always looking to keep everything perfectly spotless -- well, besides my Doodle, Spot. We’re in the modern age of animation: bright colors, smooth animation, crisp lines! However, the Toon Council noticed recently that Toontown’s linework is a little lacking. Have you ever tried to read a sign, but the words are far too blurry? That is where I come in!

Dr. Peepers defogs the camera!

The Toon Council has made great advances on projects to redraw Toontown one piece at a time, like their fancy new map in the Shticker Book. When I was walking into my shop the other day, though, I took a look at the sign and thought that my spotless goggles must have had a smudge! Upon closer inspection, however, it wasn’t my goggles at all… It was the sign itself looking blurry! I put on my detective goggles to take a closer look into the situation.
My investigation took me far and wide, page up and page down, arrow left and arrow right, but I couldn’t find out what had made these signs so blurry. Suddenly, I had an idea… I pressed “Tab” a few times to make sure I was getting a good angle, and it turned out to be the fault of the camera that was spinning around me the whole time!
The lens of the camera has been all fogged up for years! Of course, a goggle defogging expert like myself is perfectly prepared to handle high-priority issues like this. I pulled out my No-Fog Horn (Not yet Gag Shop approved, of course!) and made that lens look as shiny as a Shining Star Fish. No more are the days of blurry signs -- in fact, every word in Toontown now appears in high-definition!
Additionally, you’ll notice that signs no longer flicker in Toon Buildings, and there’s no more of those pesky jagged line glitches throughout Toontown.
With each step like this we’re getting closer to giving Toontown a fresh coat of paint, and I know that the Toon Council won’t stop here. Check out the notes below to see what else is new in Toontown!


Twelve Days of Winter Are Back!

Posted by Sir Max on December 15, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the first day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
The start of a festive jamboree!

Sir Max might have a Hot Cocoa problem.

Hey folks, Sir Max here again -- now with less weight! It's amazing what diet and exercise can accomplish in just two weeks. I suppose that's a perk to being a Toon. Now it's time to put on some winter weight. On an unrelated note, what kind of marshmallows do you like in your Hot Cocoa? A ton of little itty-bitty ones? Perhaps a few jumbo-sized? Well, you gotta tell me quickly. I just ran out of itty-bitty ones and I'm about to order more from Clarabelle. Yes, those are six empty packets of instant Hot Cocoa on the ground. Yes, those are two empty bags of Jumbo-Sized Marshmallows next to them. Yes, I have some Itty-Bitty Marshmallows in my shirt pockets. No, I don’t feel sick at all. Why do you ask?
Y'know, what could be better Hot Cocoa, Marshmallows, and Chilly Weather? I sure can't think of anything -- but I'll probably be singing a different tune once ValenToon's day comes around. Speaking of Chilly Weather, the winter season has finally kicked in! Well, almost. Today marks the start of Toontown’s Twelve Days of Winter! For the next twelve days, Toontown will be turning into a winter wonderland, with a holiday-themed activity every day. Be on the lookout for eleven more wintry updates in the next eleven days! There’ll be blankets of snow, limited-time ToonTasks, silly costumes, tons of festive decorations, and more!
Ah drat, I forgot the decorations! I’ll have to postpone that Gag Shop run if I want to outdo him. I'm a longtime rival of Toontown’s number two Christmas decorator, Hawkheart. I'm sure he's already out there planning his decorating spree. Perhaps he's even spying on me right now... The sugar rush should be kicking in any minute now. It ought to keep me alert and focused during our… confrontation.
Stay Tooned, Toons! The festivities are just about to begin!

Up on the Housetop

Posted by Hawkheart on December 16, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the second day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

Hawkheart keeps a watchful eye.

Shhh... keep your voice down with the singing.
Toontown’s number one Christmas decorator Hawkheart here. I don’t know if you folks are up to date on things, but Sir Max and I have this... rivalry when it comes to holiday decorating. Every Christmas season, that green dog and I race to see who can Christmas-ify Toontown first; and every year, he tries to swipe my decorations! That’s why this year, I’m camping on my roof. I’m waiting for that pup to pounce! Once he’s out of the picture, I can decorate Toontown in peace.
Sigh... but I don’t get it. Why must we fight to spread Christmas cheer? Don’t we have the same goal? Maybe I’m being silly. Look at me! Digging holes and covering them in leaves to catch a fellow Toon? Alright, the next time I see Sir Max, I’ll tell him we can both decorate Toontown togeth-
*rustle rustle*
Ah-ha! I hear you out there, Max! Don't even think about coming near my decorations!
Don’t you worry, Toons. I don’t plan on staying here all night. This year, you’ll have an official Hawkheart holiday showcase. The next time you visit Toontown, everything will be decorated with the most out-of-this-world holiday lights! It might take a while, but I just have to wait for Sir Max to-
Hehe... time to put up the lights!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Posted by Professor Flake on December 17, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the third day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

Professor Flake reaches for the snow!

Toons, it’s that time of year again! I’m Professor Flake of The Precipitation Foundation, a branch of Loony Labs that I run in The Brrrgh. According to my chillingly exceptional observational skills, I can conclude that Doctor Surlee’s Super Duper Air Conditioner has shifted into overdrive and is spewing snow ALL ACROSS Toontown!
For those that aren’t caught up, Doctor Surlee created the Super Duper Air Conditioner to cool the Brrrgh’s once blazing-hot weather. After going haywire, it turned the playground into what it is today - a wintry wonderland! Around this time of year, the naturally cold December weather sends the machine into maximum overdrive, causing snow to fall everywhere in Toontown.
Every year, this special snow somehow transforms the music of Toontown into wintry holiday jingles! Thanks to my cool-as-ice research, I have traced the cause of the transformation to none other than Minnie’s Melodyland! It seems as though the special snow falls into the playground’s giant tubas and trumpets and is blasted out when the instruments get too stuffed. Along with the snow, special holiday music comes careening out the tubes and spreads across the rest of Toontown!
I still need to conduct more research on the matter. How does the Super Air Conditioner’s snow physically change the instruments’ tunes? I’ll have to bust out my teeth-chattering-ly phenomenal researching skills to solve this melodic mystery!

Deck the Cogs with Cartoon Shtick

Posted by Snowman on December 18, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the fourth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Soulful singing Snowtoons,
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

Sing a song or two with the Snowtoons!

Happy Holidays, warm fellas! It's amazing, every year in Toontown we set a record amount of snowfall around this time of year. With lots of snow, you know what comes next -- the Snowtoons are back in town!
What, you've never seen a Snowtoon before? We're just like any regular Toon, only made of snow. The confusing part of it all -- my name's Snowman! This is Snowball, Snowangel, Snowshoe, and Snowcat, the rest of the chorus. We were supposed to host a special Winter Caroling show in Toon Hall later today. There's just a tiny issue: Toon Hall is too warm! Apparently some Scientoons moved in this year who like their hot cocoa a little too hot.
I'll be honest with you, we'd rather not risk melting, even if it is the greatest event of the season. Call us a Scrooge, but Snowball just can't get in the spirit when they're looking more like a snow puddle. As with any holiday celebration, however, the show must go on!
How will we make it up to all the warm folks in Toontown? I got it -- Let’s do another Winter Caroling hunt! If we can't put on a show, we can teach all of you how to do it! Come along Snowtoons -- lets scatter around Toontown and give every warm fella you see a little lesson in caroling!
You’ll have to search all over Toontown for the other Snowtoons to learn their favorite holiday jingle. Don’t fret! I’ll be the start of the hunt. I’ll be in Toontown Central's playground working to spread a little holiday cheer. Bring me an empty ToonTask slot and I’ll give you my limited-time holly-jolly holiday ToonTask!
Now hurry along! Hopefully, the next time we see each other, you'll be ready to learn the serendipitously secrets of Christmas Caroling.

Cold December Invasions

Posted by The Cold Callers on December 19, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the fifth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
(bum bum bum...)
Soulful singing Snowtoons,
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

The Cold Callers are invading Toontown!

Ring ring, Toons. Cut the hold music. You've got an unexpected call coming into Toontown -- and it's from the Cold Callers. We're here to sell you our finest "holiday goods", straight from the factories of Cog Nation. For instance, our wide variety of winter themed business cards and snow globes are bound to make any acquaintance mildly enthused -- the perfect amount of excitement for a productive individual.
It seems clear as ice that our products are the next craze in Toontown. To help promote our products, we will be carrying out a Cold Caller Version 2.0 Mega Invasion. As our Mover & Shaker co-workers have taught us, the best marketing strategy is an aggressive one. From now until December 21st at 2:00 PM Toontown Time (PST), we will be taking to the streets to sell our wares. Don't back away from this good deal, or we'll have to freeze your assets.
Should we see success in this marketing strategy, we've been promised a grand promotion from corporate. Needless to say, do not send out the Resistance Rangers to the streets of Toontown. Their silly antics will stop you from getting this chillingly good deal, after all. Come now Toons, buy our product.

All I Want for Christmas is Snow!

Posted by Paula Behr on December 20, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the sixth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Blankets of soft snow,
(bum bum bum...)
Soulful singing Snowtoons,
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

The Snow has arrived!

Howdy, Toons! Ain’t it a beauty? Snow is absolutely everywhere! All the excessive snowfall from the Super Duper Air Conditioner has covered Toontown entirely. Boy howdy, this means that all of the Playgrounds are completely blanketed in snow! What a wonderful white winter!
Wanna get even more festive? Why don’t you come by Hibernation Vacations on Polar Place in The Brrrgh? Give me your finest “Howdy!” and I’ll help you blend in with the snow! Careful though -- making snow angels while polar is a dangerous game. You'll blend right in!
Now, could you grab a bucket and help me dig up some snow? There may be snow year round in The Brrrgh, but when it comes to hibernation, I can never get enough of the stuff. Plus, we might be able to use some of it later for a bit of fun! You didn't hear that from me though.
Enjoy the snow, Toontown!

Won’t You Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

Posted by Holly Daze on December 21, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the seventh day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Ruby-red-nosed Reindeer,
Blankets of soft snow,
(bum bum bum...)
Soulful singing Snowtoons,
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

Visit Holly Daze for a unique ToonTask today!

Hello, Toontown! It's me again, Holly Daze! Say, have you tried any of Baker Bridget's Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies? She sure is a talented mouse. After I got stranded in Toontown last year, she even gave me a cookie tin to carry a whole bunch of treats when I’m on-the-go! Even though I won’t be on-the-go anytime soon.
As it turns out, I lost my sleigh again! As one of SantaToon’s head Gift-Deliverers, I am ashamed. Christmas is ruined! At least I failed with style. Yesterday, while getting a headstart on delivering presents, I was munching on a couple of cookies when a crazy gust of wind blew the tasty treats right out of my hands! So, I did what any well-trained reindeer would’ve done -- I jumped for them!
Although I saved my scrumptious snacks, I didn’t save my sleigh. To make matters worse, I’m on delivery-duty until Christmas Day. With my sleigh still flying in the air, I won’t be able to deliver any presents. I hope you Toons don’t mind, but could you lend me a hand? Come visit me in The Brrrgh for a limited-time gift-giving ToonTask! I’ll reward you with a special gift bag, straight from SantaToon! If you're a Deer Toon, I can even give you a bright, shiny, red nose -- just like my good friend S'more! I know a certain lime green dog that wanted to apply, but it just won't work out.
Hmm? Looks like I’m out of cookies. Where’s that cookie tin? Oh, right! I left it... in the sleigh. The same sleigh that’s doing donuts in the clouds right now. Do any of you Toons happen to know how to make Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies...?

Rockin' around the Mailbox

Posted by Postmaster Pete on December 22, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the eighth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Fuzzy festive outfits,
Ruby-red-nosed Reindeer,
Blankets of soft snow,
(bum bum bum...)
Soulful singing Snowtoons,
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

Get your holly jolly outfits today!

Ahh... the Toontown Post Office feels extra warm and cozy thanks to the new shipment of SantaToon and Elf Outfits that arrived this morning. They’re warming me up better than that darn heater in the mail room. No matter how many fire-starters I use, that box can’t even keep the smallest fire going! I'll have to talk to Shorty Fuse over at The Kaboomery to see what he can do about it.
I feel bad hoarding these fashionable holiday garments all to myself, though. They were made for winter festivities, not temperature control! Here. Why don’t you have one? Just use the code “coming-to-town” for a SantaToon Outfit or “on-the-shelf” for an Elf Outfit! Remember, you can enter special codes like these on the first page of your Shticker Book. I'll be shipping them out from now till' 11:59 PM Toontown Time (PST) on December 30th -- so don't delay!
Anyways, I think it’s about time I make the switch from heater to fireplace. Shorty is in one of his... moods again. I’ll be able to have a super-strong fire to keep me warm without having to talk to The Power House down the road or Shorty to keep the explosions happening. Now, in order to get my hands on a fireplace, I'll need my Cattlelog. I know I left it lying around here somewhere...
Oh well. Anyway, Happy Holidays, Toontown!

Toons, It's Cold Outside!

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on December 23, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the ninth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Twice the Gag experience,
Fuzzy festive outfits,
Ruby-red-nosed Reindeer,
Blankets of soft snow,
(bum bum bum...)
Soulful singing Snowtoons,
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

Even Lowden is Cold!

Toons of the World... stay warm! It is beyond freezing out here! This weather, though, is fitting for the message I came to deliver. I figured that frostbite might come back to bite us when we’re battling against Cogs. Those steel sticklers probably don’t get the least bit chilly since they’re a hundred percent machine. They’ll probably use that to their advantage and strike during the coldest hours of the night. We can’t let them do that, Toons!
To solve this, I paid a little visit to Toon HQ. Call it an incentive or an early Christmas present, but Toon HQ will be rewarding all Toons Double XP from now until 11:59 P.M. (PST) on December 25th! Myself and Toon HQ hope this gift will persuade you to hit the streets instead of the hay.
I’m counting on each and every one of you. Until next time, keep them busting -- with laughter!
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance

Dreaming of an Orange Christmas

Posted by Doctor Surlee on December 24, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the tenth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
A Polar-Palooza,
Twice the Gag experience,
Fuzzy festive outfits,
Ruby-red-nosed Reindeer,
Blankets of soft snow,
(bum bum bum...)
Soulful singing Snowtoons,
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

Doctor Surlee is back again!

Happy Holidays, Toontown! How are the winter festivities? I wish I could join you, but this mailbox decided to mess with my mail again. Year after year this overgrown tin can keeps shoving me around. All I want is my mail! None of the other mailboxes are like this. So, what gives? Luckily, I am a Toon of Science! I’ve come up with a list of hypotheses that present different reasons as to why this mailbox has a case of the holiday hoopla.
There's plenty of good hypotheses. Perhaps the mailbox has indigestion and needs medicine. Maybe a wizard cast a spell on it and now it can only swallow mail. Could a Cog have dropped a shredder down its gullet, shredding all the mail? Bah! I know none of those are true, this mailbox has had it in for me for years. There's only one logical explanation, the mailbox is jealous that I am more orange than it.
I've never been able to communicate with mailboxes until the completion of the Silly Meter. This year -- I'll finally get that mailbox to crack. Luckily, that mailbox sits on Tutorial Terrace, so as with every year I’ll be able to greet new Toons as they dash into Toontown. I encourage every new Toon to greet me with a jolly ‘Merry Christmas!' I've also got a polar surprise for new Bear Toons entering Toontown -- just as Slappy used to do. Sigh... but I musn't dwell on the past.
Now, for the experiment. Hmm... I think I’m more of a Tiger Orange and the mailbox is more of an Apricot. Or maybe Marigold. Where is my color wheel? I need gradients and charts, STAT!

Gadzooks, it's Christmas

Posted by Flippy on December 25, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the eleventh day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Merry Christmas Wishes,
A Polar-Palooza,
Twice the Gag experience,
Fuzzy festive outfits,
Ruby-red-nosed Reindeer,
Blankets of soft snow,
(bum bum bum...)
Soulful singing Snowtoons,
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

A very Merry Christmas to one and all!

Toons of the world, Merry Christmas! As with every year, the 12 Days of Winter have been an absolute blast! There's nothing more heartwarming than seeing the spirit of giving, whether it be a boatload of presents or helping Holly Daze once more! If it weren't for all of you, SantaToon wouldn't be able to get presents to all of Toontown.
From everyone on the Toon Council, I'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas! We've had a very eventful year, so it's nice to be able to come together as a Toontown family. You may have heard it from Loony Labs over Thanksgiving, but today I'd like to deliver a message of thankfulness from The Toon Council. The Twelve Days of Winter have been Toontastic -- because of YOU! We truly live in a better Toontown because of your hard work fighting back against the Cogs, not to mention your help all around Toontown. Truly, you are all TOON ENOUGH!
As we wrap up the 12 Days of Winter tomorrow, The Toon Council has started looking towards the next year. We've got a little something special planned to help welcome in the new year, so you won't want to miss it! Our plans are TOP Secret right now, but many Toons out there probably already know what we're planning. I'll see you in the new year!
Toons of the world, UNITE!

Run Run Sir Max!

Posted by Sir Max on December 26, 2019 at 2:00 PM

On the twelfth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
The Greatest Snowball Fight,
Merry Christmas Wishes,
A Polar-Palooza,
Twice the Gag experience,
Fuzzy festive outfits,
Ruby-red-nosed Reindeer,
Blankets of soft snow,
(bum bum bum...)
Soulful singing Snowtoons,
Jolly winter jams,
Out-of-this-world ornaments,
And the start of a festive jamboree!

Sir Max battles it out in the snow!

Hey, Toons! Haven’t heard from me in a while, you say? To tell you the truth, I’ve been in hiding. My meeting with Hawkheart didn’t go quite as planned. But no worries, I dug myself out of that hole and have been enjoying the Twelve Days of Winter! On the down-low of course. Although, I’ve been having the strangest feeling. I feel like I’m being- POW!
YOUCH! A snowball? How could I forget! Today is the Great Snowball Fight! Toons, from now until 11:59 PM Toontown Time (PST) on December 30th, you can sling snowballs at each other as much as you want! Just grab a handful from the piles of snow scattered all across the playgrounds. This is a longstanding Toontown tradition, introduced by Slappy Quackintosh many years ago. I gotta join the fun as soon as- POW!
YOWIE! I've gotta make a bunch of snowballs pronto. I’m gonna need a bucket to- WHAM! Ignore it, Max. Bucket, bucket. I need a- WHAMMO! Bucket! Found a bucket. Now, some snow... that’s a pretty good pile. Time to form some snow- WHAP!
Alright, that does it! Who dares incur the wrath of Sir Max? My snowball-throwing skills are like no other! I’m as strong as an ox! As fast as a cheetah! As fierce as a lion! As sharp as a-
Team Hawkheart, NO!
WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! Pause! Timeout! Red flag! Penalty! Gimme a second! Hiring a team of Toons to pelt me with snowballs is cheating!

Start the New Year with the Top Toons Marathon!

Posted by S'more on December 27, 2019 at 2:00 PM

19-12-27 toptoonsheading.jpg
It's that time of the year again: hot chocolate, warm pie, and competition. That’s right, Toons... The New Year’s Fireworks are BACK! Every hour, on the hour, you can see them soaring through the sky in every playground from December 30th at 12:00 AM Toontown Time (PST) until January 2nd at 12:00 AM Toontown Time. They're a long standing Toontown tradition, so you won't want to miss them!

Get ready for fireworks and the Top Toons Marathon!

I'm just messing with you'se, I know what you really want. Get you'selves ready for the New Year's Top Toons Marathon!
After taking a break from the marathon so we could hold the Winter Laff-o-Lympics for Franz Neckvein, we noticed how spiffy all those Toons were looking with their Laff-o-Lympics Medals. Despite this, it's come to my attention that the Top Toons shirt hasn’t changed once! Well, worry no more my friends. The marathon is back, and us Troopers have worked with the best tailors in Toontown to come up with something that'll blow your socks off!
But why stop there? If the Laff-o-Lympics got a theme, so should Top Toons. In order to choose a theme for the marathon, I tasked Doctor Dimm with choosing the silliest, wackiest, most terrifically Toontastic thing he could think of from this entire year. In hindsight, I probably should have just asked Prepostera. Using his brand new Arbitrary Appraisal Apparatus, he has determined that mice are the most Toontastic thing in Toontown this year!
Therefore, we are dubbing next year as the Year of the Mouse! Top Toons is probably the only event that’ll reflect this, but Dimm insisted we say ‘Year’... I don’t think I’ll ever quite understand the inner workings of that duck. Regardless, if we ever need anything to be arbitrarily appraised, we know where to find him.

It's the debut of the new Top Toons shirt!

With our theme picked and a plethora of tailors ready to sew together the latest piece in Toontown fashion, we got to work on our upgrade to the Top Toons shirt. Here the beauty is, what do you'se think? Just look at it! The vibrant blue, little mouse ears on the medal… Need I say more?
So, wondering how to join the fun? Well, it may be a new year with a new shirt, but we're sticking to the usual guidelines for this competition. Here are the official rules for you'se!

Top Toons Marathon 2020 Rules
• The New Year's Top Toons Marathon 2020 begins on January 1st at 12:00 AM Toontown Time (PST) and will end at 12:00 AM Toontown Time (PST) on January 2nd.
Each hour for 24 hours, four Toons will be chosen in two categories: Most Cogs Defeated and Most Cog Building Floors Recovered. (This means a one-story building counts as one, and a five-story building counts as five!)
• Choose a category you want to compete in and fight as many Cogs or retake as many Cog Building Floors as you can within the span of whichever hour(s) you choose. In the case of ties, more Toons will be chosen for that hour.
• Toons can only win once, in one category and one hour. If you win more than once, Toon HQ will only count your highest amount.
• Any rewards obtained from boss-battles are permitted for use during the event.
• Members of the Toontown Rewritten Team are allowed to participate, but will be excluded from the results in the event they should win to allow more winners from the community.
• Any serious account infraction incurred shortly before, during, or after the event may disqualify you from participating. If you've recently received an infraction, check with to see if this affects you!
• The original Top Toons Medal shirt has been retired from circulation and is now considered legacy content.
• After the winners are posted, each winner will receive an exclusive and one-of-a-kind "Victor's Varsity" jacket themed after the Year of the Mouse, complete with a gold medal!

Sadly, this jacket I’m wearing right now isn’t actually mine -- the Toon Council only lent it to me to show off. I think I might just have to join in on the competition myself though, after feeling how warm it is! I miss the heat of the bakery when I'm out in the streets, and this does just the trick. Bah, but the bakery, it calls to me. I can just hear it now… ACK! That's actually Baker Bridget I hear. I's gotta get back to work!
I wish you luck, everyone -- wish me some, too!

Celebrate the New Year with Top Toons and Fireworks

Posted by Flippy on December 31, 2019 at 2:00 PM

Heya, Toons! I'd like to begin by wishing one and all a very Happy New Year's Eve. That must mean it's almost time to launch the annual spectacle of fireworks to see the New Year in! You can see them in any playground every hour, on the hour, from now until January 2nd at 12:00 AM Toontown Time.

Flippy wishes all of a Toontown a Happy New Year!

That's not the only thing you must be looking forward to. As I'm sure you already know, we're hosting our Top Toons Marathon this year! It's set to start in just a few hours time, so you better finish up with your final preparations. My good pal S'more is running the show, and if his baking is anything to go by, you're in for a real treat.
I hear he's pulling out of all the stops this year. From having Loony Labs pick a theme for the event, to pleading for all of Toontown's tailors to stitch together a brand new jacket. I'm even tempted to jump into the fun myself! Who am I kidding... I have so much work to be catching up on that's piled up over the Winter Holiday.
I wish the best of luck to all of the Toons who choose to participate. Besides, there's always next year! Anywho, I must go and catch up on the latest Seismically Silly Statistics which have just arrived from Loony Labs. Enjoy the antics of the next few days and to all of Toontown, have a Happy New Year!