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This page contains an archive of every blog post published on Toontown Rewritten's website throughout the year.

This page lists all of blog posts that were posted on Toontown Rewritten's website during the year of 2014.



Daily Alpha Update: A New... Title!

Posted by Sir Max on January 1, 2014 02:00 PM

gahh.. Wh-what time is it?
2:00? Already?! Oh man, I need to do the blog post! Where's the update? Someone give me the update!
...No update? You all were sleeping too?
1-1-03 batrachomyomachy.jpg
Err, uh, heya everyone. So it turns out that we all stayed up a bit too late and slept in by a couple of hours. Like, 6 hours. But hey, It's a New Year! With Toontown opening its doors to the public this year, we have a ton in store. It's time for a bit of a change, however!
I was doing some reading on past posts when I noticed that I've used "New Year" in the title three times in three days. So there's one thing that needs to change. Done. Next thing that needs to change: These posts are getting to stale. I mean, don't get me wrong -- I know that my posts are a literary perfection, but they're getting a bit too stale, you know?
Of course, I've already found a solution: For the new year, I bought a word of the day calendar! It only cost me a few jellybeans. Now, let's get this new year started! Today's word of the day is... Batr-a.. errr... "Batrachomyomachy". Yes. "Batrachomyomachy - to make a mountain out of a molehill." That's greek, you know.
I hope that you don't have any batrachomyomachy towards us for lacking an update today, or become famous for your batrachomyomachy for complaining about not having an update, becoming a batrachomyomachimous toon. Batrachomyomachy. Boy oh boy, This post is already rejuvenated! Batrachomyomachy!
We're all pumped for this new year on the council. We've accomplished more this past year than we have the entire 5 years of Toontown construction, and I bet that we're going to double that this year. From the Toon Council Elections to the public opening of Toontown, along with the batrachomyomachy of my word of the day calendar, this year will be tooniest year of all!

Daily Alpha Update: Tammy's Tailoring

Posted by Sir Max on January 2, 2014 02:00 PM

Flock- err... auc-in... Floccinaucinihilipilification! Aha. The action or habit of estimating something as worthless.
Sorry, I was just a little busy checking out my word of the day calendar. You can feel the excitement just by saying the word! None of you shall ever floccinaucinihilipilificate one of my posts again at this rate.
14-1-2 newdateformat.jpg
Anyway, boy have we got something in store for you. Not us actually, but Tammy. Tammy the Tailor! It turns out that wearing the same clothes all the time isn't really toony, and much less healthy. All around Toontown, clothing shops are opening for Toons to go in and shop for some fancy new habiliment. (That wasn't even in the calendar!)
No need to use floccinaucinihilipilification on your current clothes, because you can head over to a playground and get some brand new ones for just 150 jellybeans! We were thinking about using a ticket system to hand out to Toons after a series of long quests, however one of the scientists from the Lab pointed out that toons wouldn't like that as much as being able to use their own money. I don't know about you, but it's pretty nice to finally have something to spend money on after all of this time. Maybe the Jellybean economy won't collapse after all! Though, that's just the floccinaucinihilipilification talking.


Daily Alpha Update: Apple (Pie) Launcher

Posted by Fat McStink on January 3, 2014 02:00 PM

Well howdy there! I'm Fat McStink, as some of you may remember. Today's my birthday, so I figured that I'd host my own birthday party for all of you. It's not like I've ever gone to a party hosted by someone else!
14-1-3 applelaunch.jpg
For dessert at my party, I was going to make my sister's famous apple pie, and make enough for everyone. Since my guest list is as tall as I am, that meant I had to make a lot of apple pies. So, I got myself a couple Grand Piano's worth of flour, a mountain of butter, and a metric ton of apples.
So, since last Wednesday, I've been breaking my back peeling apples, cutting apples, and baking all of these pies for my party. But, as it turns out, having the kind of apples I got be frozen for a few days makes most of 'em turn sour. Well, after I figured this out, I went to go and test each of the pies I made. Turns out only one pie wasn't sour. So I thought to myself, "Well, they'll all have to share."
So here comes the time of my party, and guess how many people I had to feed:
But don't worry about me, I got through it. I may have cried in my pie a little, but I was able to finish it. So this left me with just one problem:
find kinder friends what to do with all of these pies?
So, wandering the streets on my birthday, all alone, I found this new toon in town: Muddy Paws. I asked him if he would be the only person to do something kind for me on my birthday would be able to get rid of this massive pile of apple pies that I had. He said he could, so I showed him where they are, and headed home to go lay down and think.
...hey. So I'm feeling a little better, mostly because Muddy Paws got rid of all of those pies in a really cool way. He figured out how to build some sort of "Apple Launcher" of sorts. No idea what he meant by that, but he said that alpha testers can now download it on the Play Page.


Daily Alpha Update: A Soothing Nature Walk

Posted by Sir Max on January 4, 2014 02:00 PM

Well toons, I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news? We're going on a soothing nature walk. The good news? We're going on a soothing nature walk!
14-1-4 naturehiatus.jpg
You see, development has been sort of stingy lately. Hawkheart went up to the North Pole for Christmas, then Too Many Secrets ate too much and has been passed out since New Year. Not to mention Shockley, who is busy rigging up some sort of huge party machine from his Christmas toys.
The point is, we're swamped. We fell behind on our updates, so I went ahead and got everyone to take a nice little journey through the wilderness to relieve the stress of being a toon. Some may call it a hiatus of sorts. No worries though, we won't be gone long! It's just a little stroll through the park. Once we return, these updates are going to be back and better than ever.
Once again I apologize for a lack of an update, but we're just up to our neck with Toony things to do. Don't be so glum, though! Slappy and Flippy are still going back and forth in their election campaigns, which is always fun to watch. Ah, politics!
It may not seem like a Super Saturday, but we're taking this one off to make the next one better. Believe me, you'll love what we have in store for the future. See you then, toons!
Now, where did I put that bug spray...

Super Saturday: The Fellowship of the Bean

Posted by Sir Max on January 11, 2014 02:00 PM

gahh... ahhh.. Wha- we- We made it?
We made it?! Guys, we're back! It's Toontown! I told you that I knew where I was going.
14-1-11 LOTRmarathon.jpg
Heyo, heyo, heyo toons. Boy, was that one fun nature walk. And by fun, I mean that all of us nearly died on numerous occasions and I now have to go home and rethink every aspect of my life. So pretty much fun. Oof, I know, we've been gone a while. I planned a three-day hike, though we got a little sidetracked on the way...
So I mean, all was going well for the first ten minutes or so. Maybe seven. Shockley only threatened to throw Too Many Secrets off of a cliff twice, and some nice guys with masks on took all of our supplies. Since we needed some food, I decided to stop by a nearby pond and go fishing. I pulled up my fishing pole from the water, and you'll never guess what I found: A Jellybean! Kids just throw their money away these days.
Anyhoo, so the Jellybean turned out to be some sort of dark power forged by evil, yada yada yada, and we had to go to some volcano down a corridor to destroy it. One doesn't simply walk through a corridor. To get through it, we had to band together and form this Fellowship, or Friendship, of The Bean.
It turns out that friendship really is magic, because Goshi turned into some sort of wizard to help guide us. Well, sort of. He picked up this wizard hat at a convenient store on the way, and this staff with a lightbulb on top of it. Not exactly magic, I suppose. What is magic though is what we discovered on that journey together: Friendship. It's not just a cheesy line, nor a word to use with toons that you don't really know on Toonbook!
Friendship, in combination with Toon T.A.G.S., granted us the ability to see where we all were on this dark journey through a corridor, as well as allowing us to use Loony Lab's Portable Hole to teleport to each other. So yeah, the Jellybean might have been evil and driven us all against each other with greed and power, but we were driven against each other together. If that isn't friendship, I don't know what is.
I'm happy to report that the Bean has indeed been destroyed. We went through that corridor, we fought the monsters, and McQuack and I delivered the Bean safely to a giant molten pit of lava. We were stranded up there for a while, but Goshi came in with a few water hoses and put the fire out. We made our journey back to Toontown, and here we are now.
We may not have been able to build anything for you while we were on that nature walk of doom, but we've brought back the tooniful tidings of Friendship for everyone! Loony Labs has agreed to implement it into their Toon T.A.G.S. so you can passively-aggressively send a "Check Yes or No" note rather than directly asking someone to be your friend. You gotta love those scientists.
Now, if you excuse me, I need to go ahead and rethink my life and all of reality. See you tomorrow, toons!


Daily Alpha Update: A Shocking Return

Posted by Shockley on January 12, 2014 02:00 PM

Heyo, everyone! Shockley here. As some of you might have noticed, I've been gone for quite a while. I managed to come back just in time for the nature walk -- however I got a little bit lost on the way.
14-1-12 returnoftheking.jpg
I just came back a few minutes ago to find everyone sitting in a room staring at each other, and Sir Max locked in his room mumbling something about a Bean. I decided that everyone had gone insane, so I've taken it upon myself to write today's post. The problem is that there isn't too much to write about, considering I've been gone.
For those who don't know, I'm the city planner over here at the council meetings. I design the buildings and attractions for toons to enjoy based off of the discussions that we have at the council meetings. Some of those guys are pretty darn bright, you know. One guy from the Loony Labs division always seems to have the best ideas -- one of which is coming up pretty soon!
That being said, I need to get back to construction. Now that I've returned there is a big pile of work for us Toon Troopers to do to get Toontown construction back on schedule. We're nearly done, you know! In the meantime, make some friends using the updates we have today. You're going to need them for some of the upcoming attractions.


Daily Alpha Update: New Glue for Some of You

Posted by Muddy Paws on January 13, 2014 01:49 PM

Well hello there, Muddy Paws here, and I have some toontastic news for you all! I have been working nonstop on this update. I have been glueing, taping, hammering, and bug spraying to improve the Apple Launcher, and it's now time to release the new and improved version.
14-1-3 applelaunch.jpg
The biggest improvement to the Apple Launcher is the way it launches the Apples. I used the wrong glue before, and after so many launches, things would begin to fall off. We can't have that, -- especially when Fat McStink still has a bunch of apple pies left to throw out from his party. I went over to Sticky Lou's to pick up some better glue to hold it together, so everything is working spic and span now. Along with that fix, I rigged up a ton of little surprises in there for you guys.
I also used a new type of bug spray that Fat McStink gave to me to kill any of those little buggers that are hiding in the wood. Serves me right for cutting down trees near that fruit catching game. Nevertheless, you can check the release notes below for a full list of changes. Once again, these changes still don't allow you to launch through Windows using the updated launcher, but I will say that there are some things in testing that may find their way to figuring out the deep experiment of launching through Windows. Keep those eyes peeled!


Daily Alpha Update: Ten Lollygagging Words

Posted by Sir Max on January 14, 2014 02:00 PM

"Lollygag -- To move slowly, fall behind." Ah, yes. Alright.
Heyo, toons. I'm in a bit a... Hrmph. No. Don't have a word of the day for that. ...I'm in a bit of a pickle here.
14-1-14 discombobulated.jpg
Unless you are some sort of Troglodyte ("A person who lives in a cave."), you probably know that at the beginning of this year I bought this Word of the Day Calendar. I was a bit Anencephalous ("To lack a brain") and lollygagged to continue my Word of the Day Calendar for an entire 10 days. Whoops!
Never fear, though, I've used this post to fill it up with these... No, don't have a word for that either... ...words! Hopefully they don't Discombobulate ("To confuse") you, nor make the post full of Gobbledygook or Flibbertigibbet ("Nonsense"). I must tell you though, there isn't any Gobbledygook going on with this Hemidemisemiquaver ("A musical timing of 1/64") of a post.
Err, okay. Maybe there is a little bit of it. But seriously, fellas, I'm no Slangwhanger ("An obnoxious writer") or Pettifogger ("One whom tries to befuddle others with his speech.") by using these words to cover up the fact that there isn't much in today's update. What do you think I take you guys for, Gobemouches? ("A highly gullible toon").
Whew! It's done! 10 words. Except for the one I'm about to say. Before I say it, give me a moment to burn this cursed calendar of mind-melting gibberish. That's the Comeuppance it gets for this. ("Just deserts")


Daily Alpha Update: A Quick Q&A

Posted by Sir Max on January 15, 2014 02:00 PM

Doctor Surlee always says to "Question Everything" -- It seems that you guys really take that advice to heart, because you have literally questioned me of everything that could ever be questioned. Good news: I've answered them! At least, some of them.
I was recently interviewed for a news article about Toontown Rewritten, and I figured that I would take today to show you some of the questions I answered considering many of you have the same ones. Attached at the bottom here is the raw interview for those of you who are interested to read. It gives you a bit more in-depth look of development of Toontown Rewritten
11-27-13 mystery.jpg
1) Who is/are the brains behind the operation?
That’s hard to say, really. There is no one who is necessarily “In charge” of another person. We all do whatever we can to help out with the project. I myself (“Sir Max”) am the one who plans out which updates are going on which dates, if that counts as brains of the operation. We consider Shockley as our lead developer, however everyone is equally important in the team.
2) What’s the origin story behind this initiative? Where did it all begin and how did it come to fruition?
Oof, this is a long one. Toontown Rewritten originally started from a simple post on Reddit. It was the day Disney announced that they were closing the doors to Toontown, and of course as with any game, people were wondering if a private server was going to be made. I honestly cannot tell you who made the post, nor what it said. That post is what started this whole thing, however.
In the post it linked to an IRC chat - “#toontownps”. My friend Jeremy (“Fat McStink”) and I had already been looking into creating a private server, so I figured I would join to see if the others were interested in joining our efforts together. Surprisingly, the main one developing there was a “long lost” friend of mine, so to speak. Him and I had known each other from a Toontown-related website that we were members on a few years back. In the coming week, more and more people joined that IRC. Some knew what they were doing, and some were there to watch.
About two weeks into the project, we pretty much had a team together. The best part of this team is that we all already knew each other from that same website. There was only one person missing from the party: Shockley. TooManySecrets and I sent him an email telling him what we were working on, and soon after he joined. This is where things got a bit complicated.
Thus far, our main focus was to get Toontown back as soon as possible. We didn’t care about anything except for that. This quickly became a problem, however, as our code was very messy and not built to last. Not to mention that the public eye on our project- at that point known as “Toonpulse”- was getting way larger than we wanted. There was only one thing that we could do to get the project back on track: to kill it. We got together in a second channel and began organizing a way to fake our own death. We needed to get away from the public so that we could work on Toonpulse in peace, along with not getting anyone’s hopes up in case the project were to fall through. We all abandoned #toontownps, and Toonpulse was destroyed. We completely scratched our messy code and began a new project in secret: Toontown Rewritten.
The difference between Toonpulse and Toontown Rewritten was that we were no longer trying to restore Disney’s game as quickly as possible. Instead, we were trying to not only restore it, but essentially refurbish it. We wanted this game to be built to last, and that is exactly what we are doing.
3) Where is the office (HQ?) located? Where do you guys operate out of?
All over the world! We all operate from our own homes and apartments. All of our communication takes place over an IRC channel, just as it did in the beginning. Maybe sometime we will invest into creating a real-life Toon HQ.
4) Are you super fans?
Super-duper fans!
5) How big is your team? How do you guys work together? What does everyone do?
Our team consists of somewhere around 16 people. 5 or 6 of those 16 people are developers, then we have our graphic designers, composers, translators (Spoiler alert!), and moral supporters.
Our collaboration process isn’t really all that strict. Since the beginning of alpha, I have had a schedule of which updates need to come out at which time. Sometimes we’ll have these updates done days ahead of time, and sometimes we’ll still be working on them as the update is released. To organize this, I’ll just say something like “Hey, our next Saturday update is going to be racing. Throughout the week we are going to release one course per day.” and then someone will volunteer to work on that.
6) Are you collecting profit? If so, how? If not, why?
We aren’t collecting any profits at all. Most of our funds are actually stored in Bitcoin, and come from our own wallets. The reason why we are refusing donations or profits is obvious: This isn’t our original game. Whether it is legal or not, I don’t want to make any money off of Toontown Rewritten. Disney originally owned this game, and they deserve all credit for it. We are doing nothing but volunteering to let Toontown stay open a little while longer.
7) What is the schedule looking like for release of the game to the public?
I can’t really say, to be honest. If you look at it one way, we only have a few small road bumps left to cover. If you look at it another way, we have a mountain of things to do. One thing that we learned within the first week of Toontown Rewritten is to not give release dates until we are absolutely sure that we can tackle them. We have a date when Alpha is going to end, but we don’t have a date when beta will start.
8) Explain the “alpha keys” project.
We decided pretty early on that we wanted the alpha version to be known to the public, unlike most games. Every step of the way, we want the community to be by our side. Even if they are by our side, though, we can’t let them all come in game at once when there is nothing to do but play one simple minigame. Alpha keys were made so that we can let part of the community into Toontown Rewritten without getting a whole busload of people wondering why they can’t ride the trolley, or why the servers keep crashing.
100 alpha keys were given out through forms of contests and developer picks, keeping with the whole “community by our side” theme. It has been almost two months since we gave those keys out, and we have made tons of progress. This past week we tripled the amount of alpha keys and started giving them out through daily contests to let some more of the community in. We’re going to be continuing to do that as more parts of the game are developed throughout the remainder of alpha and beta.
9) What are your feelings towards the Disney Company and their decision to shut down ToonTown?
Disney Online has been going through some tough times these past few years, from what I’ve heard. Honestly, I do think that shutting down Toontown was the right thing for them to do, considering they had no intentions of fixing the game. Toontown has been overridden by hackers for over three years now, and the last major update (adding a new area) was in 2008.
Disney shutting down Toontown was a move that I think we all expected, and it was the right move if they weren’t going to fix it. However, I feel that the way they shut it down was very poor. Take a visit to sometime. You’ll see a very broken webpage that no one has bothered to fix. Toontown was supposed to end with trumpets and confetti. Instead, all I see is a black and white page that bears a very similar resemblance to a cog’s typewriter.
11) Do you think Disney is acting like a Cog?
By shutting down the game? No, not at all. The way they shut it down? A little bit, but that's business. I suppose that business does make them a cog.
I don’t hold any grudges against Disney, though. Disney is a great company that did what they thought was best, and we can’t do anything to change that. Jesse Schell, the original creator of Toontown, is trying pretty hard to convince Disney to give Toontown a future. I hope that he will succeed. Toontown Rewritten may be fun, but we’re no Disney. If Disney puts effort back into Toontown, they can easily give it the magic that it used to have.
12) How long do you plan to let the game run?
As long as we can! We’re all in this for the long run. Like I mentioned above, we are designing Toontown Rewritten to last. I certainly hope that we can squeeze another ten years out of this game.
13) Will you and your team be playing the game?
Definitely! We already have our “Toon Trooper” characters to run around and interact with the players, along with anonymous toons that we use to sit back and enjoy the game just like any other player.
14) Are you making any additions to the game from its original form?
We have a bunch of plans for future content, along with a whole new story worked out to expand upon the original one and open up to a broader audience. In fact, we’ll be seeing the first set of new content come out before Alpha is over with.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them! You can put them on MMO Central Forums, this reddit thread that I stopped by at, or in the comments below. See you later, toons!

Daily Alpha Update: Snapping Some Bugs

Posted by Sir Max on January 16, 2014 02:00 PM

Oooh, that's a keeper! Too bad someone had their eyes closed. Yeah, I'm talking to you.
14-1-16 snapsoon.jpg
Pictures are pretty awesome, when you think about it. Especially in the ever-changing Tooniverse of Toontown! What you see one day may be completely different the next day, and that might be different the day after. Like these few bugs that were squashed today, for example.
Some big things are arriving in the coming weeks, so be sure to get some pictures of them! To help you out, we've made a change to screenshots today and will be making more as time goes on. click! -- I just got a picture of your face when you saw how short these release notes are! We're sorry for the lack of updates this week, but friends was a bit more stable than we expected! We have some big things coming from Saturday onward, however. As Flippy says, Stay TOONed!


Daily Alpha Update: Selfie Silliness

Posted by Sir Max on January 17, 2014 02:25 PM

clickclickclick click
Oh! Oh man! Is it 2:00 already? Time flies, I tell you. My old clock got out of it's cage and flew away the other day. Haven't seen him since. Nevertheless, sorry for the delay! I've been out taking a few selfies.
Now, don't get me wrong. I dislike those Toonbook girls spamming their walls with selfies as much as you do, but there's just something about it. I added this new camera angle, and now I can't stop. In fact, I added two more camera angles to get some selfies at even more awesome angles. Oooh man, these are going to look great in the scrap book.
In the spirit of the snapshots we discussed yesterday, this update is entirely focused on them. There's a lot more for it coming up tomorrow with Super Saturday, along with some other things you have been waiting a long time for. Grab a camera, find some friends, and get your hype up! Not too far up, though -- just slightly more hype than you had in previous weeks. But again, not too much. Please don't arrive with an angry mob when it isn't these weird robot things that you guys keep talking about.
Before I end this post, let me ask you, what kind of improvements can we make to help you take better screenshots or videos?


Super Saturday: The Final Countdown

Posted by Sir Max on January 18, 2014 02:00 PM

Oh man, don't you just love these late updates? I'll tell you, today I've got an excuse for it, though! Hang onto your socks and get your selfies ready, because -- hang on. I just realized that we don't have socks. Hrm, I'm going ot need to come up with something new now. Hang onto your... toes? -- My word, we don't have toes either.
The point is, this update is pretty darn awesome. In fact, it is the second of three Major Alpha Milestones!
As we told you a while ago, there are three main hurdles to conquer throughout Alpha development. First, we had out loading system. (Check!) Next, we have Estates (Double Check!). And finally, the third and final hurdle is the Battle System. (Not so check.) You heard me right, folks. Construction of toon houses is finally completed!.
Each toon of Toontown has been given an area of private land for their own house, along with some nearby houses for close friends and family to move into. They come in various colors, too! I'm telling you, it's true art to look at.
Speaking of true art -- Actuallyyy! I'm going to do a cliffhanger here and stop talking about what I was about to mention. Get excited! Wait a few paragraphs and you'll see what it is. Instead, I'm going to burst your bubble for a moment and clarify that we aren't providing furniture for houses. Mostly because it turns out that there are no furniture stores whatsoever in all of Toontown. But hey: At least you have the floor. And uh, walls. Ceiling too- can't forget the ceiling. So I'd say that you've got a pretty good house going on there.
Now, let's get back to that true art. Open up your handy-dandy Shtickerbook, and tell me what you see. Are you seeing it? You bet you are. The Shtickerbook now has a brand new Snapshots Page to manage the various selfies you take around Toontown. Right now you can view all photos you have taken, as well as give them captions to find them with ease. This just the beginning, though. We have some big plans for this page in the upcoming future, and we can't wait to hear your feedback to make it better.
Stick around this week, as we have some pretty awesome stuff to unveil for Estates, the Snapshots page, and much more. We're in the final stretch of alpha, folks, and these last set of updates will be the best yet!


Daily Alpha Update: Max is Missing?

Posted by Muddy Paws on January 19, 2014 02:40 PM

It's 2:40?! Where in the name of Walt is Sir Max?! Hrm, I'll go out and look for him. In the meantime, have these release notes:


Daily Alpha Update: Selfies -- Not Even Once

Posted by Hawkheart on January 20, 2014 02:00 PM

I'd like to let all of you know what's been going on since yesterday's post. As you may recall, Sir Max was nowhere to be found yesterday. Luckily, we have found him now. He is currently unable to write a news post, though. You see, we've sent him to an anonymous support group for his selfie addiction.
Sir Max was found earlier this morning, freezing in the outskirts of The Brrrgh, saying "Just... one... more... picture."
We confiscated his camera after bringing him to warm shelter, and what we found shocked us. He had taken a total of 452 selfies since Silly Saturday, each at a different location in Toontown. I didn't even know there were that many different places in Toontown! Some of the places he somehow managed to get himself and his camera include: the mountain visible from Acorn Acres, the roof of my friend's house, the bank in Toontown Central, and quite a few underwater. I guess he has a waterproof camera.
Now is probably a good time to discuss the symptoms and dangers of selfie addiction. If you find yourself taking pictures of yourself more than every three minutes, started developing a need for a Toonbook, or taken a picture of each of the last five meals of yours, you may be developing this terrible condition. Those afflicted with are prone to putting themselves and others in danger to get that one picture they need. Remember, kids: Selfies are no sillyness to be messed with.


Daily Alpha Update: A Picture Problem

Posted by Sir Max on January 21, 2014 02:00 PM

Hello, hello, HELLO toons! I'm back from my trip to a Selfies Anonymous, and I've come back a completely changed toon! I've come to the realilization now that Selfies are simply unwanted pictures of yourself, none of which you ever look at again after taking. I have been completely cured of my Picture Problem, and devoting my time henceforth to helping others like myself who develop a condition of Selfie Silliness.
14-1-21 thislooksfamiliar.jpg
...are they gone?
Ah good, they're gone. I just needed to make sure that Hawkheart and the others left. Sorry about all of that pish posh up there, but I had to convince them that I was "cured". Let me tell you a secret: I didn't even go to that selfie support group! No sir, I broke out of there within the first 3 minutes of being in that torture facility.
It was pretty easy, too. Protip: Selfie Support Groups have absolutely no cameras anywhere in their facility. It "helps the patients recover" or some malarkey like that. Because of that, it was easy as a fresh fruit pie to put up a cardboard version of myself in place of where I would be sitting. No one even batted an eye.
Now, I understand that I *might* have gone a bit overboard with the selfies. I mean, as some of you noticed I missed a few news images. However, the selfies have cured that problem! Here are a bunch pictures I took to make up for the forgotten ones:
14-1-21 selfieglug.jpg
Here I am underwater in Donald's Dock. I was running out of air for a bit.
14-1-21 selfiespyro.jpg
Ooh, and here I am on top of Hawk's friend's house, Spyro. Don't tell him I was there -- he may or may not have given me permission to be there, and the property may or may not have been private property.
14-1-21 selfiesnow.jpg
Oh! And here I am on top of that mountain in Acorn Acres. I developed a bit of frost bite there, but luckily I didn't pass out until I went to the Brrrgh a few hours later.
...right, the update. Okay. Whatever. I'll show you the other selfies later. We've got a whole 449 to go!


Daily Alpha Update: The Sign Painter

Posted by Sir Max on January 22, 2014 02:00 PM

Whew. Man am I tired. I just put in a 12 hour shift to another one of those darn community service things. The Brrrgh just can't get over the ice rink incident. You know what I can't get over -- Why can't they just freeze another pond? With a blizzard going on every hour of the day, you'd think they would have an infinite supply of ice rinks.
14-1-22 ohmanohmanOHMAN.jpg
No matter. I suppose it wasn't all that bad, because I'm sure you guys are going to like what those community service hours went into: Signs! Move over Toon T.A.G.S. -- we can now read the building name straight off of some words above the door. If that isn't a clear sign (Or perhaps, unclear?) of living in the future, I don't know what is.
You know what I noticed while on my sign painting route? Furniture. Lots of furniture, to be exact. Those shopkeepers have furniture all over their stores, while our houses are completely barren. Pffft! Not one of them is a furniture store, either! Luckily, I've heard that Clarabelle Cow moved into town recently and has been setting up her own home delivery shop. She doesn't have much to compete with due to the lack of furniture stores, so I'm sure she'll be getting a lot of business.
...You know, she is going to be getting quite a lot of Jellybean profit... I'm going to have to end this post early, folks. I need to go see Clarabelle about a bit of a partnership of sorts. Yes -- "Max and Clara's Cattlelog" -- I can see it now. I'll catch up with you guys later!


Daily Alpha Update: Knock-Knock Nightmares

Posted by Sir Max on January 23, 2014 02:00 PM

I have horrible news today, everyone. I knew this day would come, yet I never expected it to be so soon. I tried to stop them, but they just wouldn't listen. The Toon Council came together with a very tough descision, one that I believe many of you will be wary of.
Today, January 23rd, has been declared as "Knational Knock-Knock Day".
14-1-23 purrfectpun.jpg
Alright, so maybe it's just me who doesn't like Knock-Knock jokes. Who can't crack a smile at the punny perfection of a complete Knock-Knock joke? I'll tell you who: Me. Quite a while ago the Toon Council hosted a Knock-Knock Joke contest, and allowed the top 10 jokes to be taught to the doors once they arrived. The one problem with that is that someone has to judge every single one of those jokes that were submitted. That someone is me.
It serves me right for volunteering for something, too. Knock-Knock Judger sounded like an absolutely fabulous job. I get to spend all day reading hilarious jokes, am I right? I was wrong. I read over 5,000 of those horrifyingly hysterical jokes that nearly knocked me into a knock-knock induced coma!
Don't get me wrong, it has its benefits. If there's ever an awkard silence, I know exactly how to break it with one of the 5,000 knock-knock jokes that were shoved into my brain. It's great for Parties!
Anyhoo, to celebrate Knational Knock-Knock day, Mayor Mickey ordered hundreds of doors to line the streets of Toontown. They can't even open! Just give them a knock, and they'll give you a preposterous pun to go with it. You can check out the winners of our Knock-Knock contest on the Silly Street doors, along with many other jokes all across Toontown. Be warned, toons: A jumble of too many jokes is nothing to be jesting about. Nothing to jest about at all. But hey, at least the doors are here for just one day. Tomorrow this Knock-Knock Nightmare will be over with.


Daily Alpha Update: Better than Business

Posted by Sir Max on January 24, 2014 02:00 PM

My-oh-my toons, I've got some excellent news today! No, not a business partnership with Clarabelle (She wasn't interested...), but even better: Knational Knock-Knock Day is over!
14-1-24 celebrategoodtimes.jpg
Pull out the streamers and music, because never again will we have to listen to thos-- Hang on a moment, someone needs me.
...They what...?
Year-round, you say? Who approved this?
...The entire population except myself...? Preposterous.
Oh, not preposterous you say... Alright.
So I just got a memo that apparently Knational Knock-Knock day was a huge success, and they've decided to keep those knock-knock doors forever. Forever. Apparently the entire Toon population except for myself absolutely adores those doors. And I thought I could trust you guys!
Hrm, well thanks to you all I'm going to need to figure out a way how to get my groceries without running into another Knock-Knock Nightmare. I'm thinking about a few yardsticks, some boots, and a lemon. Now where can I get a lemon? I'll see you all tomorrow for Super Saturday, Assuming I can even leave my house!


Super Saturday: Cow Tipping

Posted by Sir Max on January 25, 2014 02:00 PM

It's Super Saturday! Are you excited? I'm excited! A little, anyway. Not full-scale-invasion excited, but I am cow-selling-furniture excited.
14-1-25 movingin.jpg
That's right, folks. Barren houses are no longer, because Clarabelle Cow has moved into town and set up her very own phone-in furniture service! She's got everything from knick-knacks to paddy-whacks, and you could even give your favorite dog (Myself, of course.) a bone! Or even better: A chair! You know, that fancy desk chair with the yellow lining? That is one nice chair.
So now you're saying "Sir Max, how can we call Clarabelle if our houses are empty, and no one has a phone? Well, my curious friend who asks way too many questions, you're in luck! Clarabelle has sent out a sampler package to every Toon in Toontown that comes with a full set of furniture, as well as one of those new-fangled phones to call her on and order more stuff! Don't bother trying to call anyone on the phone, though, considering she has it rigged up to only call her. Hey, I'm not complaining. It's free!
Now, err, there is a bit of a backorder on those furniture sets. It turns out that making furniture for 300 houses takes a little bit longer than a week to do. Clarabelle is working her hardest (Or more so, "managing" her hardest.) to get that furniture produced with the help of us troopers. We'll have it delivered to each of your houses in no time! Now, I'd love to stick around and chat, but I need to get back to boxing. This furniture has a strong punch, but I can take him. Oh, and I suppose putting the furniture into boxes would be helpful as well. I'll put that onto the todo list.
Happy Super Saturday, and don't forget to tip your local furniture cow!


[LAB1-T43] Emergency Monitor Broadcast

Posted by LL-TERMINAL43 on January 26, 2014 05:05 PM

:docsrch:(info) starting building scan
:docsrch:(info) 'me' not found. starting lab monitor
:reqparser:(info) init req parsing
:cryptlkr:(info) initializing encryption modules
:cryptlkr:(info) got as key: REVERSE 26
:docsrch:(info) now monitoring lab until return
:docsrch:(warning) main entrance opened :: UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY
:docsrch:(warning) activity detected - TIME: 1:37 PM
:docsrch:(info) monitoring activity
:docsrch:(info) using speech encryption key
Gszg'h hgizmtv, Kiluvhhli Kivklhgviz hzrw sv dzh rm sviv.
Uorkkb, R'n mlg hfiv dv hslfow tl rm. Sld zylfg dv'oo qfhg hglk yb glnliild? R mvvw gl tl tvg gsv mvdh ivzwb, zmbdzb.
Glnliild, Hozkkb droo yv zmlgsvi Ozuu klrmg srtsvi gszm nbhvou. R xzm'g szev gszg szkkvm, Nzc. Rg'h yvtrmmrmt gl sfig nb xznkzrtm. Mld svok nv urmw dsviv sv pvvkh srh mlgvh zylfg Ozuu rm gsrh krov lu kzkvih.
Sv lmob szh 42 Ozuu klrmgh, Uork. Gszg'h urev srtsvi gszm blf ziv. Ivzoob, rg'h mlg z yrt wvzo.
:lockmgr:(info) Urormt Xzyrmvg W :: Nzmfzoob Lkvmvw
Mlg z yrt wvzo? Gsv Kivhrwvmg lu gsv Gllm Xlfmxro rh hfkklhvw gl yv gsv hroorvhg gllm zilfmw, zmw hlnvsld hlnvdzb sv rh hroorvi gszm R. Hfiovv pmldh sld Ozuu dliph, zmw sv rh z tllw uirvmw lu nrmv. R'n hfiv sv dlm'g nrmw nv ovzimrmt lm sld gl rmxivzhv nb Ozuu. Mld, kovzhv svok nv urmw gsvhv mlgvh.
:lockmgr:(info) Urormt Xzyrmvg W :: Nzmfzoob Xolhvw
:lockmgr:(info) Urormt Xzyrmvg Z :: Nzmfzoob Lkvmvw
R wlm'g pmld zylfg gsrh, Uorkkb. Gsrh kozxv trevh nv gsv xivvkh. Ollp zg gsrh vbv gsrmt. R hdvzi gl blf gszg rg rh hgzirmt zg nv.
Wlm'g nrmw rg, rg'h qfhg hlnv xznvizh sv szh yvvm dliprmt lm. Zovx rh fhrmt gsvn rm gsv vovxgrlm uiln dszg R'ev svziw.
:lockmgr:(warning) Urormt Xzyrmvg X (olxpvw) :: Zggvnkgvw Lkvm
:lockmgr:(info) Urormt Xzyrmvg V :: Nzmfzoob Lkvmvw
Dlslsll! Yofvkirmgh! Nzc, svok nv ollp gsilfts gsvn. Lmv lu gsvn nfhg szev srh mlgvh lm Ozuu.
Dszg... Dszg ziv zoo lu gsvhv? R'ev mvevi hvvm zmbgsrmt orpv gsrh. Li gsrh, vrgsvi...
Gsv nrmw lu z hxrvmgrhg. Blf pmld zh dvoo zh R wl gszg Hfiovv rh lmv lu gsv nlhg rmgvoortvmg gllmh lu Gllmgldm. Ovzev gsvn yv - dv mvvw mlgsrmt yfg gsv Ozuu.
:lockmgr:(alert) Kirmg 2 nzmfzoob ivnlevw (Xzyrmvg V)
Rh gsrh rg?
Bvh! Zsz, Bvh! Gsrh hslfow wl zoirtsg. Gsrh hslfow wl gllmgzhgrxzoob. Rg'h tlg lmv lu gslhv hroob xrksvih lm rg, sldvevi... R xzm'g nzpv zmbgsrmt lu rg. Xzm blf?
Lu xlfihv R xzm! Ovg nv gzpv z ollp.
Fs sfs. Bvk. Bvk, R'n hvvrmt rg. Blf hvv-
Mlkv, qfhg nvhhrmt drgs blf. R xzm'g ivzw gsrh zg zoo.
Hlnvgrnvh R wlm'g pmld zylfg blf, Nzc... Ollp, sviv'h z xlkrvi. R'oo wl z jfrxp hxzm zmw urtfiv rg lfg ozgvi.
R wlm'g pmld, Uork-
Yllk. Gll ozgv mld!
Hvzixsrmt Gzitvg :: Kirmg 2 Wvgvxgvw
Hxzmmrmt Kirmg
Qfhg gifhg nv lm gsrh, Nzc. R'ev mvevi ovw blf dilmt yvuliv.
:docsrch:(alert) hxzmmrmt wvgvxgvw, 'nv' mlg kivhvmg
:docsrch:(alert) rmrg vnvitvmxb nlmrgli yilzwxzhg
:xferbse: hgzigrmt gizmhuvi 27%
:docsrch:(alert) olxprmt wlli
...Gslfts, gsviv'h z urihg uli vevibgsrmt...
Uorkkb, tvg gsv yofvkirmg lfg lu gsviv.
Rg'h zonlhg wlmv, gslfts!
:docsrch:(info) vmw nlmrglirmt
:xferbse:(fatal) lost connection
::docsrch:(info) starting building scan
:docsrch:(info) 'me' not found. starting lab monitor
:reqparser:(info) init req parsing
:cryptlkr:(info) initializing encryption modules
:cryptlkr:(info) got as key: REVERSE 26
:docsrch:(info) now monitoring lab until return
:docsrch:(warning) main entrance opened :: UNAUTHORIZED ENTRY
:docsrch:(warning) activity detected - TIME: 1:37 PM
:docsrch:(info) monitoring activity
:docsrch:(info) using speech encryption key
That's strange, Professor Prepostera said he was in here.
Flippy, I'm not sure we should go in. How about we'll just stop by tomorrow? I need to go get the news ready, anyway.
Tomorrow, Slappy will be another Laff point higher than myself. I can't have that happen, Max. It's beginning to hurt my campaign. Now help me find where he keeps his notes about Laff in this pile of papers.
He only has 42 Laff points, Flip. That's five higher than you are. Really, it's not a big deal.
lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet D :: Manually Opened
Not a big deal? The President of the Toon Council is supposed to be the silliest toon around, and somehow someway he is sillier than I. Surlee knows how Laff works, and he is a good friend of mine. I'm sure he won't mind me learning on how to increase my Laff. Now, please help me find these notes.
:lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet D :: Manually Closed
:lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet A :: Manually Opened
I don't know about this, Flippy. This place gives me the creeps. Look at this eye thing. I swear to you that it is staring at me. :
Don't mind it, it's just some cameras he has been working on. Alec is using them in the election from what I've heard.
:lockmgr:(warning) Filing Cabinet C (locked) :: Attempted Open
:lockmgr:(info) Filing Cabinet E :: Manually Opened
Wohohoo! Blueprints! Max, help me look through them. One of them must have his notes on Laff.
What... What are all of these? I've never seen anything like this. Or this, either...
The mind of a scientist. You know as well as I do that Surlee is one of the most intelligent toons of Toontown. Leave them be - we need nothing but the Laff.
:lockmgr:(alert) Print 2 manually removed (Cabinet E)
Is this it?
Yes! Aha, Yes! This should do alright. This should do toontastically. It's got one of those silly ciphers on it, however... I can't make anything of it. Can you?
Of course I can! Let me take a look.
Uh huh. Yep. Yep, I'm seeing it. You see-
Nope, just messing with you. I can't read this at all.
Sometimes I don't know about you, Max... Look, here's a copier. I'll do a quick scan and figure it out later.
I don't know, Flip-
Boop. Too late now!
Searching Target :: Print 2 Detected
Scanning Print
Just trust me on this, Max. I've never led you wrong before.
:docsrch:(alert) scanning detected, 'me' not present
:docsrch:(alert) init emergency monitor broadcast
:xferbse: starting transfer 27%
:docsrch:(alert) locking door
...Though, there's a first for everything...
Flippy, get the blueprint out of there.
It's almost done, though!
:docsrch:(info) end monitoring
:xferbse:(fatal) lost connection

Daily Alpha Update: No Escape

Posted by Sir Max on January 27, 2014 02:00 PM

Welcome, welcome one and all to the SIR MAX MAZE OF FURNITURE(!)!
It was actually meant to be a mirror maze, but I accidentally bumped into one on my way out which created a bit of an ocean of broken glass.
14-1-27 MAZEOFURNITURE(!).jpg
I invited the troopers over to my house today. Just a little get together, but then I started to wonder. "If we can move furniture, what's stopping me from creating the most awesome maze in Toon History?" So I went ahead and popped up into my attic, began moving furniture around, and thus the SIR MAX MAZE OF FURNITURE(!) was born. They've been in there for hours, and still in there now, in fact! Haha, good times. Good times.
Right, so I suppose you want an explanation for the lack of news yesterday. I went out for a little task with Flippy, but that took a big turn for the worst. Luckily Surlee came along and let us out after a few hours, but no need to worry about that. It was, err, just a bit of a stuck door. Yeah.
Oh, and by the way: It seems like someone spilled glue all over the furniture when we were unpacking on Saturday. The Toon Troops and Clarabelle went through yesterday to clean it up, so you should be able to move your a-MAZE-ing furniture with ease now. Sadly Clarabelle had to delay her cattlelog production to help with that, but she is hard at work once again.
Ah, that reminds me: it's time to feed the troopers. Don't tell them, but there isn't actually a way out of the SIR MAX MAZE OF FURNITURE(!). It's just a circle! Whew, they sure are loving it. Just look at them scamper around. See you tomorrow, everyone!


Daily Alpha Update: Lights Out

Posted by Sir Max on January 28, 2014 02:00 PM

Uh... Who turned out the lights? Where is everybody...?
14-1-28 lightsout.jpg
Sorry for the inconvenience folks, but Toontown Rewritten is offline right now due to a bit of technical difficulties on our host's side. It's an issue with the host, so we're not entirely sure what time it will be back up tonight, and we can't really have an update while it is down.
Luckily, us toons have our unexplainable glow-in-the-dark eyes to keep us safe in the dark. Rest assured -- we'll be back in time for tomorrow's update!

Daily Alpha Update: Bug Infestation

Posted by Sir Max on January 29, 2014 02:00 PM

Ick! GET IT! Getitgetitgetit! it gone?
Oh, ah, ahem. Heya, toons! Sorry about that. There was err, a little bug. No, not little. HUGE bug. Massive. Man, you should have seen the size of it. Definitely scream-worthy. However, I managed to take that thing out with my bare hands. Well, not necessarily bare. I was wearing gloves. That doesn't take away from the massiveness. Bleh, bugs.
Anyway, we were just about to send off the rest of your sampler packages with phones and other furniture, but it seems that we have a bit of a bug infestation over here. The Troopers and I are having to take some time off to get them cleared out, but no worries -- they'll be ready soon enough!
Anyway, I need to get back to squashing these- AH! BUG! KILL IT! KILL IT AND SQUASH IT AND -- Oh. It was just some lint. Err- big lint. Massive, in fact. In the meantime, take a few of these bugfixes we've already worked on:


Daily Alpha Update: Improvaganza

Posted by Fat McStink on January 30, 2014 02:00 PM

Fat McStink here!
Tomorrow night, I'm holding my annual fan-favorite event: Improvaganza! It's going to be a blast! Err, hold on, someone's calling me...
Well, I was just informed that the venue I was renting out has just closed due to a health code violation involving some bad pies. Good thing I planned ahead! I'll just hold it at my house. All my friends can finally come over for some fun! :) ...for the first time in 5 years...
Anyway, if any of you guys see Sir Max, Hawkheart, Shockley, or McQuack, be sure to let them know to come to my house instead of going to Laughter Hours. I'm sure they'll be super excited! See ya!
...Is he gone? Ah, good. Sir Max here. Due to the impending horror show that is Fat McStink's Improvaganza, we're going to have to spend a day or two mentally preparing ourselves. Don't worry, I bet we'll have a good story about it for tomorrow.
Oh also, due to Fat McStink accidentally putting today's update in the wash and ruining it, we'll have to give it to you tomorrow.

Daily Alpha Update: -- --- •-• ••• •

Posted by Sir Max on January 31, 2014 02:00 PM

--• --- -• • | •• -• - --- | •••• •• -•• •• -• --•
•- •••- --- •• -•• •• -• --• | •• -- •--• •-• --- •••- •- --• •- -• --•• •-
-•• --- | -• --- - | •- •-•• • •-• - | ••-• •- - | -- -•-• ••• - •• -• -•-
-• --- | •• -•• • •- | •-- •••• -•-- | •• •----• -- | ••- ••• •• -• --• | -- --- •-• ••• • | -•-• --- -•• •
-• --- •-• | •••• --- •-- | •• | •-•• • •- •-• -• • -•• | •• -
•- •••- --- •• -•• | •• -- •--• •-• --- •••- •- --• •- -• --•• •- | •- - | •- •-•• •-•• | -•-• --- ••• - •••
- --- --- | -•-• •••• • • ••• -•-- | - --- | - --- •-•• • •-• •- - •
••• • -• -•• | •••• • •-•• •--•
••• •-•-•- -- •-•-•-



Super Saturday: The Greatest Party in the Tooniverse

Posted by Fat McStink on February 1, 2014 02:00 PM

Fat McStink here again. And man, am I excited to be here! I'm here to throw another party, one of my favorite pastimes. A really good one. The Greatest Party in the Tooniverse, in fact.
14-2-1 stinkyparty.jpg
Now, I hear you. "He's doing this again?" From Doglet to Improvaganza, I've hosted some really good parties. Too bad they were cursed with bad weather or other issues that didn't let people get there. I've mostly gotten over my birthday party, after talking with Julie some...
But this time is different. A very nice scientist approached me recently with all of these amazing drawings for what would surely be the The Greatest Party in the Tooniverse. There were cannons, streamers, trampolines, even a giant party hat to serve as a gate to the Party Grounds!
No more Improvaganza, groundbreaking plays, or well-catered birthday parties. A Party Gate has been installed in every area so anyone can spend a few Jellybeans to plan The Greatest Party in the Tooniverse in just a few minutes -- I'll even send out the invites for you!
Now, guys, The Greatest Party in the Tooniverse might get pretty out of hand. To prevent anyone from partying too hard too quickly (and having to see Doctor Pulurleg), Parties are starting out with three activities: Trampolines to bounce you into the sky, some toony tunes on the Jukebox, and a Grand Fireworks Display! Hang onto your socks toons, as this is sure to be the most Preposterously Partytastic week of Toontown yet!
For my final announcement: We're rounding up the end of alpha, and I have the honors to announce the very last Daily Vote! We've voted for Trolley games, Speedway races, and even animations for us toons to express. Toontown is practically complete, so it is both exciting and sad to think that this is the last time we'll be able to vote on new content for our town -- at least for a while. Alpha Testers, head on over to MMO Central Forums to vote on which Party Activity you want added next!
By the way, Sir Max... you aren't invited. I saw your message yesterday, and I'll have you know that Improvaganza was described by the Toontown Times as "too confusing to be offensive". High praise, indeed.
Thank you all for this awesome Super Saturday, and I cannot wait to see you at my party!


Daily Alpha Update: Party Crashers

Posted by Sir Max on February 2, 2014 02:00 PM

Oh, hey there fellas! Give me one moment, just got to take care of something.
14-2-2 partycrash.jpg
There we go, that should take care of it. Sorry toons, just needed to crash that Party Gate again. It's nothing personal or anything, I just need to get into that party, and blowing things up usually seems to do the trick. I don't know what Fat McStink was going on about this "Greatest Party in the Tooniverse", because a party obviously can't be great without myself being there. I am the party!
The main problem here is that crashing the Party Gates seem to kind of block off entrance to the party as well. They installed some sort of "Anti-Sir-Max" detector in there. Don't worry, though, one of these explosions will hit the right area and let us all get in. Probably. thunk
Ooooh! I think that one did -- No, it didn't. Hrm. Anyhoo, I'll get in eventually. I know some of you may be a bit upset that the Party Gate is crashed, but really, it's not like you would have fun without me there. If you really don't believe me, just teleport to the host and see the boringness of those super bouncy trampolines, and the awesome fireworks display, and the catchy music... Nope, not fun at all.


Daily Alpha Update: Dancing the Day Away

Posted by Hawkheart on February 3, 2014 02:20 PM

There are many things I'm good at. Fishing, racing, you name it. One thing that you might not have known is one of my best talents of all: Dancing.
14-2-3 dancingthedayaway.jpg
Now, don't get upset with me. I know that you all voted for cannons and have eagerly been awaiting them, but we're all out of Gunpowder due to Sir Max's Party Crash yesterday. Speaking of which... Where is Sir Max? Bah, no matter. Since we're waiting on that new shipment of gunpowder, I needed to brainstorm an active activity idea for today's Party Palooza.
Suddenly, it hit me: Dancing! I'm a toon, I love dancing, and therefore all toons must love dancing! I went straight to work on the dance floor. Surprisingly, it didn't take very long to finish at all! I spent the rest of my time testing out the floor to make sure it could handle my dance moves, but next thing you know, it was tomorrow (or today, rather) and 20 minutes after the update is supposed to be out! I literally danced the day away, and even forgot to unlock the door to let everyone in yesterday!
Anyway, sorry for that inconvenience. Hopefully the dance floor will make up for that lost day, and we'll be back onto your daily update votes for tomorrow. Alpha testers, head over to MMO Central Forums to vote for which activity you want to see next. Maybe we'll have that gunpowder shipment.


Daily Alpha Update: Partly Disappointing

Posted by Fat McStink on February 4, 2014 02:30 PM

Well, here we are again. Another one of my parties cursed! I'm telling you, I just can't seem to get a break.
Thing after thing has gone wrong. The trampolines had a spring loose, the clock was off, and I don't even want to talk about all of these explosions stored in the Party supplies. Oof! First the gate blew up, then the jukebox had dynamite in it, then the gate blew up again! I don't know what's going on with it, though I know that it can't be Sir Max. He even got around to sending me a late birthday present yesterday! Though, that had dynamite in it as well and was ruined as soon as I set it down. I'm going to have to send a complaint over to the Party Supply Store about having better quality product checks.
It just goes to show you, you can't plan the Biggest Party in the Tooniverse overnight. You might be able to in 3 days, though! Muddy Paws and Hawkheart helped me go through today and sweep up all of the rubble and hopefully put an end to all of these explosions. Sadly, because of all of the issues we've had I had to postpone the daily vote again.
Sorry for the disappointment, but hang in there! Just keep reporting and of those crashes or explosions you find and we'll get this Greatest Party in the Tooniverse into tip-top shape in no time!


Daily Alpha Update: Cannon Fodder

Posted by Sir Max on February 5, 2014 02:25 PM

Heyo again, everyone. Sorry about that post delay -- I had one more genius plot to get into Parties! No, it didn't really work. It was still pretty genius, though.
14-2-5 cannonfodder.jpg
It's not like parties or fun or anything. It's just, well- errr... You see, I hear Slappy has hosted a few parties, and I've been meaning to talk to him about something. I think. It's not because I actually want to get into the party which I wasn't invited to, no! I'm glad I wasn't invited. Haha. Ha...
Anyway, it seems like it's back to the drawing board on the plans. I thought for sure that this one would work! You see, I was walking down the street (Avoiding the range of those Knock-knock doors, as usual.) and happened to notice an open truck parked by the side of the road. You'll never guess what was in it: More cannons!
You see, I broke those cannons that I found in the Party Supply Store before. Apparently firing dynamite out of cannons has a tenancy to break them as soon as it launches. Who knew? I went ahead and took some of those free cannons from the truck and constructed an even better plan: Cannons inside of cannons! A normal cannon doesn't have enough range to launch myself into a party, but if I launch a cannon from a cannon, then launch myself from that cannon, it's absolutely sure to work!
Except it didn't really work. The cannon just exploded upon firing and left a bunch of soot all over me. Ah well, I still have a few cannons left from that truck. Here's to another break-in tomorrow!


Daily Alpha Update: The Lone Trooper

Posted by Fat McStink on February 6, 2014 02:00 PM

Hey there! McStink again. This is the third post in a week from me... I'm really starting to get my name out there!
I just wanted to check in and give you guys a bit of an update on the Party. Things are going steady and the party is getting crazier and crazier, as I seem to have defused most of the dynamite in the Party Supplies. (A tip from one toon to another: NEVER cut the red wire!)
We're still waiting on that cannon shipment, which was actually supposed to arrive yesterday. The driver gave us a call and said that he was on his way, but was going to take a quick rest stop at Chortle Cafe. When he got back to his truck parked outside, all of the cannons were gone! Strange, huh?
Ah, whatever. He said he'd be back tomorrow with another shipment, and lucky for you guys I should be able to finish up my tweaks on other activities tomorrow as well! Things have been going slow, as the rest of the Toon Troop was called to work on something else. I'm a Lone Trooper on this project. Although, I don't think Sir Max has left yet... He has been pretty good during his time out -- he didn't even try to break into my party! Maybe I can get him to help me tomorrow.
I'll see you toons then. Keep on Partying!


Daily Alpha Update: Catching (Cannon) Fire

Posted by Sir Max on February 7, 2014 02:00 PM

Heyo, toons! I've got some super exciting news for you today: The life of the party has finally arrived!
It took a bit of time, but I finally managed to refine my perfect plan to break into Fat McStink's party. The other Troopers were called off to work on another upcoming project, but I stayed behind for the next two days so that I could have time to finish my plan. I simply had to fine-tune the the trajectory on the first cannon, apply a bit of anti-explosive to the second, then shield myself using a mold of pure titanium! Works absolutely flawlessly.
Or, at least, it would have. I was just about to hop into my cannon and go when Fat McStink himself came up to me and started praising me for finding his lost cannons -- whatever that means. Apparently that free cannon truck wasn't quite so free after all... Hey, it seems to have paid off! McStink was so greatful that he allowed me VIP access into his party, along with some free fruit from his new game.
Well, it seems my master plan to take those cannons and pretend to make a master plan to break into Fat McStink's party has finally paid off! This looks like another thing to put onto the Sir Max List of Good Ideas. I'll see you all tomorrow for a Superish Saturday!


Super Saturday: Doomsday

Posted by Sir Max on February 8, 2014 02:00 PM

This is it, my fellow toons. The day every toon in Toontown has been dreading, and some even calling "Doomsday". As sad as it makes me to say it...
...We're taking another break.
Yep, we're going to have to take another week off. I know, it is pretty terrible. However, the difference is that this week isn't actually a week off. As mentioned earlier, the other troopers have already been called off to work on a few upcoming things, and Fat McStink and myself stayed behind a few days extra to work on parties. We're heading out today to join the others. In fact, the taxi driver is yelling at me outside to hurry up as I type this post!
Now, we're not going on a nature walk again -- We just have a lot of things to do in the upcoming weeks. We need some time to ourselves to polish up the Battle System, along with another event that's coming before that! Both of those things are a pain in the neck to do, so we don't want to pressure ourselves to rush them and then end up being terribly put together.
Oof, that's my ride. I better get going before they leave without me. Don't worry -- we'll only be gone for a week. Heck, we may even come up with something to keep you all entertained while we're gone. I'll catch up with you all next week for what might be the most exciting Super Saturday yet!


The Toon Council Presidential Elections

Posted by Alec Tinn on February 15, 2014 02:00 PM

Come one, come two, COME ALL to the most important event in the history of our fair town: The Toon Council Presidential Elections!
Before I start out, I suppose I may introduce myself! My name is Alec Tinn, and I'll be the host of this Toontasticaly wacky event. I could write a whole book about myself, (And it would be quite possibly be the greatest book ever written!) but that's not why you're here. You're here to hear about the two toons running in this election: Flippy and Slappy!
14-2-16 alec-tinn.jpg
As you all know, these two toonerific toons have been chosen by none other than Mayor Mickey himself as candidates to run the newly-established Toon Council, which will take care of Toontown while Mickey is working on his movies. It's hard to be both a Movie Star and a Mayor, you know!
Now, Mayor Mickey has left it up to YOU to decide which of these two colorful candidates gets to lead Toontown. Not you personally, but you as in the general population. In fact, you don't even have to live in Toontown! Mayor Mickey has declared that toons far and wide may participate in the vote, as many of you may be moving into Toontown when we open our gates to all.
Mark your schedule and check your calendars, because you are definitely going to want to be here on March 1st at 2:00PM Toontown Time for this one-time only event! Our cameras will be recording and livestreaming the event right here for those of you who are unable to make it, however you really, really, really don't want to miss this event. We've got a ton of fun and games in store, along with the announcing of our future Toon Council President, of course! We're making history here with the most important day of Toontown's history, and the most exciting event in years.
What do we do for the next two weeks, you say? The troops are still away working on some sort of battle system, so we won't have them around to keep up with the Daily Updates. I'll tell you what we do have, though: Intense competition! I've seen that Flippy and Slappy have begun kicking their campaigns into high gear, and both of them even started working on their stands in Toontown Central. To keep things fair, every other day for the next two weeks either Flippy or Slappy will be here to keep you occupied, as well as let you learn more about them to pick the best candidate.
In the meantime until those campaigns start on Monday, head over to Toontown Central and check out these fabulous decorations the Troopers and I have been putting together. If you stop by at the right time, you'll probably see me running around there to answer any questions you may have. For now I must bid you all ado, but this is far from the last time you'll be seeing me.
Remember: Voting begins on Friday, February 28th and the winners will be announced at 2:00PM on March 1st. Don't miss it!


Flip For Flippy: Cobber the Competition!

Posted by Flippy on February 17, 2014 02:00 PM

Heyo, everyone! It's me: Flippy!
As Alec Tinn let you know on that Silly Super Saturday, today marks the start of my Cream Pie Campaign. I've moved my stand in, unloaded some pies, and they're ready to fly!
14-2-17 pieinthemorning.jpg
Starting today and going on for the rest of the election, my campaign stand in Toontown Central will be serving a fresh batch of top-of-the-line cream pies for no cost whatsoever! Feel free to chow down on them, or perhaps play a favorite pastime of mine: The Grand Cream Pie Showdown!
I wish I could use this post to tell you more about myself, but they've set a limit on how much I can say in a post. (Which is going away if I'm elected, by the way. No need to stifle any crazy creativity!) Besides, you Toontastic Toons don't want to hear about me: You want to have fun! There's plenty of time to talk when your friend has a face full of pie.
This is just phase one of the Cream Pie Campaign. I'll be back on Friday to deliver some even more new news, as well as give you those boring details about myself. I'll be out there in the middle of the pie fights as well, so feel free to stop by for a chat! In the meantime, I need to get back to work on baking these pies. I love the smell of pie in the morning. See you soon, and remember: Flip for Flippy at the election!


Don't be Wacky: Jumping for Jellybeans

Posted by Slappy on February 19, 2014 02:00 PM

HELLLLOOOOoooooo~ Toontown!
Slappy the duck here, back again for some more wacky (The good kind of Wacky!) adventures with you jolly good fellows. So jolly good, that you are in fact reading this in a British Accent now that I've said it. News flash: I'm not even British! That's the power of writing there. Works wonders for creativity. Blackmail, too!
14-2-20 whynotzoidberg.jpg
Now, I've got to stand up and warn you that I'm not here to bring you anything exceedingly over-the-top today like Flippy's pie fights, (I'm more of a snowball guy.) however I'm doing that not for myself, but for you! I actually had some really great ideas written out, but I've decided to push those off until one of my other campaign dates because of everyone who keeps wanting to know more about my quackingly charming self. I should also warn you that when I start talking I just can't stop, so this post is going to be quite a big read.
Flippy started his off with some activities and saved the explanation for later, but that doesn't make for a good vote if you don't know anything about the guy. (Flippy is a great toon, mind you! I say that from actually knowing him.) I didn't want the same thing to happen with myself, so I figured that you toons were more interested in who I am rather than what toys I'm going to try and win you over with.
ONWARD, to the explanation!
As most of you know: I'm Slappy! Not Slap-happy, Sloppy, or Slappie -- but Slappy. I came around to start meeting toons while you guys were out having your holly-jolly ho ho ho's in the snow. I started out by turning toons into Polar Bears for the Christmas Season, then came back a few days later after I saw all of the glum toons staying inside because of the blizzard. Boy, did we turn that around! We started The First Annual Great Toontown Snowball Fight, which I'm sure will be even better in years to come. Heck, I know for a fact that I'll be back next year to host that amazing event -- election or not! I'd have to go completely sad to stop me from doing that!
Speaking of being elected, I've been putting some thought into it lately. One thing that I've really wanted to see is a home for the black and white toons of the Tooniverse. I'm not talking about Polar Bears or Black Cats, but our ancestors who brought us to where we are today. They never get any credit anymore, you know? Time has made them forgotten, and that just isn't right. Toontown should be a place for everyone! I definitely want to open a new Playground for those guys and gals. Granted, there is nothing stopping them from moving in now, but you know how those old toons are. They like living in their old sets. I really want to build them their own black and white Playground, open to everyone. They deserve better than to be forgotten. I know that I wouldn't want to be forgotten if some sort of high-definition cartoons are drawn in the next decade.
But hey, enough of my rambling. I go on expressways of thought like that sometimes, so feel free to tell me to keep my yap shut! Just can't stop talking. Ha! Let's move on to some more lighthearted manners: some things I've decided to share with you! Surprise! I really did get you guys something. I noticed that Flippy has been "Busy Baking" for a while, which got me thinking. Why don't I do some banking? No, I didn't sit in a room and file tax reforms. I've been banking by separating my Jellybeans to share them with all of Toontown!
But hey, listen: This doesn't mean I'm giving you Jellybeans, that's just bribing for votes, and that isn't right. What I want to do is give you Jellybeans to give to your friends and the other citizens of Toontown to try and clean up our act. We're toons, and we should share. From your SpeedChat menu, I've given everyone four Jellybean phrases that will give 100 Jellybeans to all of your friends around you. It may not be quite as exciting as a pie fight, but I'm saving the excitement for later. Actually, I've included two other phrases, too: Pie restocking phrases! I know that you guys are all having tons of fun with Flippy's pies -- Heck, even I enjoy a good pie fight every now and then! To help you out there on the battlefield, just use your Pie Restocking phrase and everyone around you will get their ammo replenished. Don't use it all in one place, though! You don't think that I got all of these Jellybeans by spending them all at once, did you?
Thanks for taking the time to listen to me ramble, and hopefully you've learned more about me! I'll be running around Toontown for the next few days to answer any questions you have as well as to get to know everyone.
That wraps everything up, I believe! Remember: Don't be Wacky - Vote for Slappy!


Flip for Flippy: Toontastic Trajectory

Posted by Flippy on February 21, 2014 02:00 PM

Welcome back to my Cream Pie Campaign! Flippy here once again, though this time I don't have anything quite as awesome as pie battles: Just a couple of awesome additions to this wacky war!
Before I move on to those amusing additions, I promised you on Monday that I would let you hear about myself. Presidency may include planning preposterous events, but I need to take some time off to tell you about my toony self as well! Hmm, where to start...?
14-2-17 pieinthemorning.jpg
Well, I'll start off by telling you how I got here in Toontown. I've been a resident for quite a while now! I first moved in to Toontown in 1999, just a year after construction started. Oh boy, I remember that day like it was yesterday! I had been eager to move into Toontown ever since I heard about it all of those years ago. And when Mickey was declared to be Mayor of the town? Boy, I was sold!
Mickey has always been a humble hero of mine. I loved watching his movies as a tiny tot, and I knew that I needed to move into town just to meet him! I wanted to move in as soon as I could, but I was going through Tooniversity at the time to get my degree in Loony Literature and Animated Adjectives. A year later I earned the degree and submitted my application to be accepted as one of the first residents of Toontown. A few months later, I got a letter from Mayor Mickey himself saying he was astounded by my application and gave me a key to move in!
I remember riding on the trolley tracks on the way here. When we pulled up to Toontown Central, it was unlike any playground I had seen before. A utopia of toons! One of the first things I did was go up to a green dog nearby who was handing out some bamboo fishing rods: Sir Max. He handed me a rod and welcomed me to the town, but some of the TTPD started chasing him before I had a chance to introduce myself. Apparently he had stolen an Ice Rink just a few days earlier. That's Sir Max for you. I caught up with him a few weeks later, and we've been good friends ever since!
After meeting Sir Max, I started walking around town and happened to notice that a Speedway was under construction by some sort of Speedway Master. I knew this would be the perfect town for me upon seeing it, because it was almost exactly the same design that I had been thinking of on my way there, straight out of my imagination! I talked to a nearby fella who was inspecting it with blueprints of the building in his hand, a scientist named Doctor Surlee. I'm surely sure that you have heard of him -- who hasn't? He's the greatest mind in the town! I started talking to him and we also became quick friends. He really knows how to take an idea and bring it to life, creating plans some of the best things around town. He even designed the Laff Meter, you know!
Talking to Surlee is what really made me want to help this town. I didn't want to be an average toon, I wanted to be something bigger. I wanted to help. Surlee and I shared so many of the same ideas, it was like he had a perfect vision of every single thing I had been thinking of. From Party Activities to Playgrounds, Surlee could always create the most astounding blueprints. He would make sure every detail down to the treads on tires are correct. Toons like him are the reason I started contributing to helping Toontown, which led to my surprise of being picked as a Presidential candidate by Mickey none other than himself.
Hey hey hey, that's enough about that backstory. I hope it gives you a bit more insight on the toon I am, and the toon I will be. My main point of all of this is that I want to put my full support into Loony Labs as President. And not just Loony Labs, but toons like Sir Max, toons like Doctor Surlee, and toons like you! Toons with creativity, imagination -- and a massive amount of cream pies!
And speaking of pies: Before I sign off, I nearly forgot about the amusing addition to this wacky war! Not only do I know the secret to baking a perfect pie, but I know the secret to the most Toontastic Trajectory! You see, it's all in the wrist. You have to plan your tender timing, wait until just the right moment, and let it fly! I'll be in Toontown Central to teach you all the way to throw a perfect pie and hit your friends every time. I'll save the more exciting details for next week!
That's about all for today, toons. Thanks for listening, thanks for voting, and thanks for being you. Stay TOONed for more erratic election campaigns!


Electoral Update: Pre-Election Jitters

Posted by Alec Tinn on February 22, 2014 02:00 PM

HELLO Everyone! I'm back again just to give you a little Electoral Update on everything that's been going on in the everlasting election events of Slappy and Flippy.
14-2-16 alec-tinn.jpg
We kicked off this week with a Perpetual Pie Fight from none other than Flippy Doggenbottom himself, which was an immediate fan favorite. Pies have been soaring through the playgrounds ever since, which is the perfect pastime for toons to discuss Toonitics over.
Flippy's pies may have Clobbered the Competition for a while, but Slappy made an amazing advancement on Wednesday by showing everyone who he really is for the first time. We all know that lovable duck, but Slappy gave us a clear view of how outrageously toony he really is. He may not have started a perfect pie fight, but his generous jellybeans and pie providers were a nice start to his campaign, and he is promising even better for when he comes back tomorrow!
Finally, we rounded up this week with a Flippy Friday. Similar to Slappy, Flippy didn't give us too much to play with, but he did give us an incredibly credulous story on his arrival to Toontown, and a few insights as to how he was chosen for this campaign. His pie throwing technique is fantastically fun as well!
Flippy started out in the lead for this election, but Slappy is coming up quick. This marvelous madness between the two is getting sillier and sillier -- so silly, in fact, that it seems to be spreading throughout the entire election! Toons have reported that Flippy and Slappy's stands are starting to develop some Pre-Election Jitters and literally coming to life! Scientists from Loony Labs are looking into the peculiar purpose for this. Some are saying that the silliness being created from all of the fun has started to leak into the two inanimate objects to make them, well, animated!
That's about it for this Electoral Update. Who are you voting for? Remember: The voting starts this Friday at 2:00 Toontown Time, and the winner will be announced in Toontown Central at the same time on Saturday, March 1st. Not only will it feature the winner, but we have some toonerrific after-party events that feature some of the first new gameplay in years! We'll have a live video feed right here on our website so that all toons can watch and participate in the making of Toon History. See you there!


Don't be Wacky: High in the Sky

Posted by Slappy on February 23, 2014 02:00 PM

Oh boy, am I excited! (Spoiler: I am!)
You toons really aren't prepared for this next campaign of mine. Heck, even I wasn't prepared for it!
Ready? No no seriously, are you? You don't seem to be answering, so I'm just going to tell you anyway: I recently got myself my very own Hot Air Balloon!
14-2-23 tothesky.jpg
Now, I know it's silly. Maybe it's even wacky. It's just, well, ever since I was a young duckling I've always dreamed of being a Balloon Salesman. Some toons wanted to be doctors, some wanted to be presidents, and I just wanted to be a Balloon Salesman. (I'd settle for President, though.) Something about Balloons just fascinates me. They soar up, going beyond the world as we know it and reaching out to somewhere beyond. They defy gravity, they're full of creative colors, and they're just plain fun!
During my last campaign, I was talking to a few toons in Toontown Central about that quirky dream of mine. Apparently, a good fellow named Doctor Surlee overheard. He approached me later that very day and did something I had never even dreamed of: He managed to take one of my old hot air balloon toys and bump it up to 10 times its normal size! I can't explain it at all, he seemed to use some sort of Portable Design method of his -- The same one used in those crazy karts and catastrophic cannons.
I was almost ready to quit the race entirely and move onto my true dream as a balloon salesman, but then a thought came to me. Why not both? You toons are the greatest, and I no siree am I saving this balloon for myself! Besides, I figured that we needed something else full of hot air to keep Flippy company. (I kid! I kid.) I've brought the balloon over to Toontown Central using The Doc's portable design method, and it's docked there ready for you to fly in! Come on over and take a ride, as well as have a chat with me. You guys know enough about me, so I want to get to know about you!
Oh, and by the way: it's free! Can't go wrong with free. I'll see you in the sky! Onwards, to the clouds~!

Don't be Wacky: A Slappy Surprise

Posted by Slappy on February 25, 2014 02:10 PM

SURPRISE! Slappy here! I bet you didn't expect to see me today. I didn't either, ha! Or at least, see me right here. I did expect to see myself. I own a mirror.
14-2-25 justplanewrong.jpg
First of all, I want to give a big apology for the lack of balloons recently around these parts. I made my post on Sunday and took off for Toontown Central, but wouldn't you know it, a plane ran right into my balloon on the way there. We really need to get some skyward traffic control up there!
I patched up my balloon yesterday and got it prepped for flying, but that plane is gone for good. The wings are pretty horribly mangled. Pilot's okay, though! Speaking of the pilot, I need to give a shout out to my friendly foe, Flippy, who was supposed to have today's campaign post. He generously let me have it instead to make up for my Balloon burst, and he didn't have his prepared anyway. He went away muttering about how on earth he was going to fix some plane.
It does make me sad (Not totally! Just a few laff lost. No way am I letting anything make me sad.) to have to make my last post today rather than on the day before voting starts, but hey, what can you do? We'll make the most of it, and have a real good time with it too!
I don't want to hold you up here too much since we have some balloon riding to do and plenty of time to talk in the sky, but I will say one final thing: You toons are the best. I've gotten to know a lot of you over the course of these campaigns, and I know without any doubt that I made the right choice in moving from Duckburg to Toontown. Together, I know that we're going to make this town the Tooniest place in the Tooniverse!
Thanks for the super swell time together, and I'll see you either on my balloon or at the election! Don't be wacky - Vote for Slappy!


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Flip for Flippy: Painting Pies

Posted by Flippy on February 27, 2014 02:50 PM

I just can't believe that this is the last post I'll be making for this election period. It's been so long since I first started my campaign with those brisk black cats, but it feels like so little! I just can't tell you how much work has gone into this election, not only by myself, but Alec and the Troopers too! I haven't even seen Sir Max recently, and I usually talk to him daily. He's wrapped up in the election design, I suppose.
14-2-17 pieinthemorning.jpg
First off, let me give you a great big apology for the late post! I was trying to see if I could get my plane back together, but even some Blue Glue from Sticky Lou couldn't fix it up. Sadly, I spent all of my time on that and didn't have much else to prepare for my campaign today. Instead, I've decided to dedicate this post not to myself, but to all of you toons!
You toons have come from far and wide to do nothing but help with the construction and playing of our Toontastic Town, some of you coming before the Trolley was even working! You're the reason that Toontown is the way it is today, and the reason that we'll be able to open our gates sometime in the coming months. I know as Toon Council President I would do my best to speed that along, along with the many new things to do in the future.
I'm lucky enough to have support from some of you faithful fellows, and I'm sure that Slappy feels the same way for his supporters. No matter who wins this election, Toontown is just going to keep on growing to be more and more Toontastic. I can only tell you what I plan to do, but I do hope that we'll be able to actually see it happen.
Now, although I didn't get any activities together, I did manage to go and repaint some of those props around the area. Doctor Surlee has been telling me that the silliness is getting higher and higher, and I hope that I've played a part in helping that. Soon enough, they say, the props might even come to life!
With that, I'm afraid I have to cut this post short and head to Toontown Central for my last campaign run. Voting starts tomorrow, so make sure to be there!
Clobber the Competition by Flipping for Flippy at the election!


Electoral Update: Voting goes Virtual!

Posted by Alec Tinn on February 28, 2014 02:00 PM

A big "Hello!" to you all once again, my fellow terrific tester toons and victorious virtual voters! I, your eccentric exhibitor throughout these events, am back again to give you the biggest news of the entire election right next to the winner announcement: Voting has now officially started!
Slappy and Flippy have won the hearts of many toons over these past two weeks, and boy, they're having a great time! Now, it's time for you to have the really fantastic fun by writing history with your very own vote. Will you pick the Silly, Happy, (and arguably Wacky!) Slappy, or the Flamboyant and Fun-filled Flippy? It's up to you to decide!
Despite Toontown being closed for construction currently with only limited toons allowed inside, every Toon in the Tooniverse can vote for who will become their future President! Voting has gone virtual, meaning you can click this little link below to get choose the Tooniest Toon Council Candidate:
Click Here to head over to the Election Area!
Now, it's time for some news! I have some good news, and some bad news. For some of you, both news maybe good. For some of you, both news may be bad. Actually, just kidding. Both of them are definitely good! Want to hear? Sure you do!:
1. Due to popular demand and the best interests of everyone, the time limit for voting has been extended to two weeks! This means Toon Council Election has been delayed until Saturday, March 15th. This ensures that everyone has an opportunity to vote, along with giving me a lot more time to put the polish on that new gameplay. (Which you'll start hearing about tomorrow, I might add!)
2. To make up for the delay, Flippy and Slappy have agreed to come together and raffle off the Very Last Keys to everyone who votes! If you submit your vote between now and March 14th, you'll be entered to win a key to be accepted into Toontown before it's opening to the whole Tooniverse. Some may know this as an "Alpha Key". Every other day, just as the campaigns have been, Flippy or Slappy will be here to let you know who the daily winners is. Each of those new alpha testers will be able to be here for the final stretch of alpha in the coming weeks, along with a front-row seat to the Election - and all you have to do is vote for either candidate!
OOooh~ I'm just shaking with excitement! With the added time we have so many more things we can work on for the election, making it truely the biggest, bestest, most toonerrific event EVER in Toon History! Not to mention the new alpha keys, of course. Get your vote on and get pumped up for the elections, because this is really shaping up to be the most fun we've ever had here in Toontown. Remember, though: Only one vote per toon! Our political monkeys will sort out all of the fraudulent votes.
With that, I bid you ado. I'll see you tomorrow for another Electoral Update!


Electoral Update: The Delightful Delays

Posted by Alec Tinn on March 1, 2014 02:00 PM

Hello, Toontown! Alec Tinn here, back once again for your extremely exciting Electoral Update. Can you believe it's already been 2 weeks since we kicked off these catastrophic campaign? I certainly can't!
We kicked off the start of this week with Slappy's Boastful Balloon, which took to the skies to give toons a tour of Toontown Central, along with a chance to have a little chat with our content candidate. On the way there, though, he ran into a bit of a plane problem and had to take a few days off to fix his balloon. His forgivable foe, Flippy, generously let him take his campaign spot to make up for the lost time.
Next up we had Flippy come in once again, though rather than giving us some more fancy features he tipped us in on some motivational movements before the coming election. Little did he know that it would be delayed!
Normally, we'd be lined up in Toontown Central right now kicking off the start of this extended event and preparing to announce our preposterous President. Because of the delay, however, we get some more time to make this the best bash in toon history! In two weeks, we'll be announcing the winners, let them give a short speech, then head over to the games and let the real fun begin! The Troopers and I have been planning all sorts of fun things, from minigames to majorgames, I can assure you that this event is going to be the tooniest one yet.
Slappy will be back again tomorrow to continue his campaign, along with giving out the first key of the contest. We've already had nearly 5,500 votes submitted worldwide with more coming in quick! Remember to make the right choice and think it over thoughtfully, because your pick will write history as we know it. (No pressure!)
I'll see you back next week for the next Electoral Update. Ciao!

Don't be Wacky: The First of the Last

Posted by Slappy on March 2, 2014 02:00 PM

Well, I certainly know that you all are pretty darn happy today! I must say that I'm pretty happy myself -- Maybe even wacky! Why, you ask? Because today I have the honor of giving out the first of the last Alpha Keys!
I know you all have been waiting two days for this, so I'm just going to get straight to the point. Don't be discouraged if you aren't picked, though, because we still have 6 more campaign days to go! Your chances aren't quite as slim as some may think.
Without further squandering, it's time to announce the first winner! Let me just pick from my hat, here... (I don't even own a hat! That's the magic of imagination.) Aha, yes! The first winner is Miss Lemonmuffin, who was Voter #1074! A huge congratulations to you, and -
Nope! Just kidding. You didn't really win, Miss Lemonmuffin. Oh man, I bet you were excited! Noooo, I was just messing with you. The real winner is Voter #5403, or better known as Clippy! Think of the dreams you can accomplish, the balloons you can ride, the pies we can toss -- Or at least, if you won. I was just messing with you again. Miss Lemonmuffin is the real winner. Clippy, I bet you were pretty excited too. Ha!
Ohohoho, man. I crack myself up. Don't worry, I'm not that heartless: Both of you won the keys! Be sure to check the email that you registered with for your key, and don't forget to stop by my balloon when you arrive in town. I'll see you in Toontown Central, and I'll see the rest of you on Thursday. I'm super excited for this extension, because it means more wacky activities to release along the way. See you then!

Flip for Flippy: Keys with Kindness

Posted by Flippy on March 4, 2014 02:00 PM

Howdy do! I really didn't expect to be here again -- At least, not before the election!
Just like Slappy said on Sunday, this exciting election extension has gotten me really ecstatic. Not only do we get to see more from Alec Tinn on those Toontastic events he has planned, but we also get the honor of saying "congrats!" to those of you who earn these crazy keys!
14-3-14 keysinthemorning.png
I've got my portable hole pulled out here with the ballot of voters on the other end, ready to pick the players! Don't worry, I won't look who you voted for. (Besides, we all know who it was.) With a quick draw, a little rummaging around, and a pull of the paper, the next key winners are none other than...
Baron JC and Brady! Our virtual voter knows them better as voters #1431 and #6214. Who cares about the stats, though?
Both of you, be sure to check your mail for the key sometime soon for the key -- and don't forget to stop by Toontown Central to see me! I've finished my pie baking, so for the duration of the election I'll be standing out by my stand to have a chat with whoever wants to. Maybe we'll even generate some of that sillyness that Surlee was talking about!
Thanks for keeping up with my Clobbering Cream Pie Campaign, and if you haven't already -- Flip for Flippy at the election!

Don't be Wacky: Three Cheers for Two Keys

Posted by Slappy on March 6, 2014 02:00 PM

Heya -- Just little ol' me again, Slappy! You know, I wonder why we start our sentences with our names so often. I mean, what other cheerer-than-cheerful, wackier-than-wacky, toonier-than-toon-enough green duck do you know?
Man, can you believe we're just one week away from the election? We haven't even seen Sir Max and the other troopers in nearly a month since they're so busy helping. I know I simply can't contain myself for next Saturday, not just for the election, but so we can get back to those Super Saturdays and Daily Alpha Updates! Who knows what crazy catastrophes those guys have been working on?
Now, to the key announcement!
I could do a magic trick, a mind game, or a stunning announcement for these, but instead I think most of you would appreciate if I just told it to you immediately. So I will! The keys are going to none other than Funnyberry and Sparkleflap! Oooh, you can just feel their excitement from here. I bet they don't even know if it's them yet! Somewhere out there, there are 15 Funnyberries just non-stop checking their mailbox for that glorious key. Which one will it be? Your guess is as good as mine! Make sure to give all of them a good pat on the back when you see them, though, whether it be a great big pat of congratulations for the key, or a slow comforting pat of disappointment.
Anyhow, thanks for reading, and I'll see you two (and many more to come) in Toontown soon!

Electoral Update: An Absolutely Animated Update

Posted by Alec Tinn on March 8, 2014 02:00 PM

Welcome, welcome once again to another astoundingly amazing, all-around awesome, and absolutely animated Electoral Update! The tension is raising as our two crazy candidates are campaigning -- and so is the silliness!
The silliness has gone so high, in fact, that we've broken the baha-barrier and reached a whole level of silly that Toontown has never seen before! I may not be the most scientific of sorts, but I certainly know that these election objects are absolutely animated!
One of the lieutenants of Loony Labs has said that the laughter and, well, looniness from Flippy and Slappy, along with all of our new residents, has spread straight from them and into Flippy and Slappy's campaign stands! The stands seem to have set up a campaign of their own, inheriting the rivalry of the ones on their sign. Which one are you rooting for?
The Loony Labs scientist also said that they're sure that the stands will become even sillier and silliest throughout the week as the campaigns continue. We certainly don't want to stop that from happening, which is why I'll take the place of the two electees and give out some keys of my own today!
After wading through the many submitted votes and picking out the frauds, I'm pleased to announce that the newest residents to Toontown will be Pepperwig and Dippy Dinky Wildberry! Oooh, you can just feel the silliness rise around us. Oof, speaking of which -- I better go check on those stands to make sure they haven't messed up any of my new election props!
There's just one week left to submit your votes -- and remember: only one per person! I'll see you fellows at the election next week, or at least, I hope I will! We're finishing things up, but it's going to be cutting it close. With the Toon Troopers and the silliness of our candidates, I'm sure we'll be able to pull it off. See you next Saturday!

Flip for Flippy: Who's Counting?

Posted by Flippy on March 10, 2014 02:00 PM

A happy "Heya!" once again to all of you Toontastic toons who have been following these key giveaways during the election delay! We're in the final few days before the election (At least, I hope we are.) and boy am I excited!
I've spent a lot of time in Toontown Central this past week (143 hours, 58 minutes, 23 seconds and counting! -- but who's counting, anyway?) getting to know all of you, and luck for me I get to know even more of you after today!
As Alec announced, these campaign stands of ours are getting astonishingly animated with all of the silliness around here! They still seem to be mostly still, but as the keys go out and more Toontastic Toons join our town, I know that they'll be absolutely animated in no time at all. I'm also sure that our two wonderful winners for today, Sir Freckles Picklepounce and Master Bumpbump, will do an absolutely awesome job at helping out with that! (Toontown's mail is a little backed up. If you're still waiting for your alpha key -- check your mailbox soon!)
If you haven't gotten your vote in already, don't forget to soon! There's only a few days left, you know. Flipping for Flippy while you're there would be pretty great, too!

Don't be Wacky: Another Picture Problem

Posted by Slappy on March 12, 2014 02:00 PM

Hey, Heyo, and Heya once again! Another "once again" for you: This seems to be my last post before the election! There is a bit of a problem here, though. Not anything relating to the election, but a Picture Problem.
No, not Sir Max's Selfies again. It's actually a lack of selfies, or pictures in general! These last few posts haven't had any pictures at all, as I'm sure you've seen. (or haven't seen?) That's certainly no fun. Not fun at all.
Where have the pictures been, though? Well, rumor has it that that silly dog, Sir Max, ran off to Disney World right in the middle of working on the election! Without him, no one has had time to print out the pictures, or even take them. (Although, I can't say that he would have time either even if he were around. Those Troopers are working non-stop on the election!)
But anyway, I'm sure he'll be back in time for the election -- let's just hope they can finish it without him and the other Troopers who have passed out from exhaustion! Even with all of the problems, however, I know the perfect cure for it: More keys! Keys can always cheer toons up -- especially the two who get them!
In this case, those two toons are Melo and Gigglemonkey! Give some congrats to them, and cross your fingers for our Final Giveaway on Friday. Good deeds tend to give you good chances, you know. I'll see you all at the election. Don't be too wacky while I'm gone!

Electoral Update: Breaking Cannons

Posted by Sir Max on March 14, 2014 02:00 PM

Ohhhhh boy! It's great to be back! No, your eyes aren't fooling you. It's the one, the only, the- err... Maxy: Sir Max! Can you believe it's been over a month since we last talked? Well, me talking to you I suppose. You don't do much conversing here. You should talk more.
I don't have much time to talk today, though. Alec Tinn was scheduled to have this post, but the other troopers managed to distract him for a while by continually knocking over the ballot box, causing him to recount the votes every time. He'll only recount them for so long before he learns how to keep records. Now, hang onto your seats for this post, because we're going to have to break a few cannons. Surlee is absolutely bonkers about it, but we've just got to tell you: We're tired.
The Toon Council Presidential Election started out as just a small event to give us a little bit of time to work on the upcoming major features of our town, along with give us a chance to make our first new content for the game. We ran into one problem, though: Making new content is really, really fun. The more we work on it, the more we want to work on it! We've had idea on top of idea on top of idea, and we just don't know where to stop. From Giant TV Screens to Interactive NPCs, we've been piled up with an endless amount of fun things to do.
The problem with this is that we overloaded ourselves by a tiny bit. By a tiny bit, I mean all of us are literally dead. Literally. Shockley ran away, McQuack threw a temper tantrum, and I forwarded my resignation letter to Alec, then blew off all of my Jellybeans at Disney World and came crawling back today. (Those hats are expensive, but no one can pass up on some Mickey Merch!)
Don't worry -- we're far from dead. We're just needing a little time to regroup and get the Election polished up without any pressure on our backs. So yeah, bring on the sighs and rotten tomatoes, because the Election is delayed once again. Not nearly as long as last time, though. Maybe. Probably!
Oh -- and don't tell Alec about this. We haven't broken the news to him yet. He is going absolutely cuckoo with stress on finishing the election (Which in turn, drives us Troopers into slave labor), so we're going to let him down easy. We're getting Flippy to bake a cake for him with a bunch of fireworks inside to break the news. It'll be fun! Ah, I almost forgot! While we were distracting Alec, I managed to snag two pieces from the mess of papers on the ground. I bet you can guess what those papers are, too. Yep, that's right: NAPKINS! We needed some napkins to clean up the cake after it explodes. There were some names on them, though. Wacky Leroy and Lancelot Whistlethud...? Everyone around me is clapping and congratulating you both now that I've said that, so I guess you got some sort of reward. An Alpha Key, maybe?
Anyhow, I'll be back soon to give you updates on when the real, absolute, final date for the election is, along with any other answers you may need. In the meantime, we'll keep the polls open in case anyone wants to get in some lucky last minute votes. See you soon, and it's been nice talking to you without any real response again. Keep up the good work on those talking classes!

Electoral Update: Putting a Foot Down

Posted by Alec Tinn on March 15, 2014 02:30 PM

Sorry for the late post, my good toons. I just finished up picking up a spilled jar of votes again. Boy, that certainly isn't fun. I've got the thing bolted down now though, so those Troopers will have a hard time knocking it over.
14-3-15 maxisback.jpg
Now, onto more important matters! I know about that fiasco yesterday with Sir Max delaying the election. Phooey, I say! Absolute phooey! We very well should have had it today, but "Noooo". Apparently working for more than 24 hours in one day is "inhumane" and "breaking the laws of the Tooniverse". Pish posh.
I know you toons are disappointed, as am I. We aren't going to let that stop us, eh? Flippy and Slappy have been put on the double this week with their campaigns, and they've also been granted permission to give out 6 more Alpha Keys to make up for this final delay. The polls have closed now, though, meaning that only existing voters are registered to get keys. We've got to have time to count them up, you know. If you've done your math with those keys, however, I'm sure you've guessed right:
That means that the official and final date for the Toon Council Presidential Elections -- No matter what Sir Max and the others say -- is on March 22nd at 2:00PM Toontown Time (PST). Only 21 days late!
Once they're over, we're going to be hopping right back into the schedule with a Super Sunday full of features and plenty of Daily Alpha Updates to follow. The Troopers are focused on getting "Alpha" rounded up with these final features as soon as possible! Don't tell them that, though. They think that they're getting a break after the election. Ha! A Toon Trooper's job is never done.
I need to get back to setting up these new props now. Maybe the silliness from them will be enough to really make those stands animated! You never know with these two toons. Ciao, my fellow toons!

Flip for Flippy: Out with a Bang

Posted by Flippy on March 17, 2014 02:00 PM

The polls are closed, votes are being counted, and the Troopers are finishing up the election one final time. Does that mean that the Cream Pie Campaign is over, though? Of course not!
14-3-17 dontworryhesurvived.png
As you toons know, the silliest way to go out is to go out of something is to go out with a bang. The voting period may be over, but that doesn't mean that we can't keep having some more fun until the election! I was digging around my house for what I could do to keep you toons feeling toontastic, and you'll never guess what I found: Six tons of fireworks!
Yep, turns out that I had boxes full of leftover Fireworks from our New Years celebration. It's the perfect way to end with a bang! I got clearance from Slappy that they wouldn't be in the way of his balloon, and he even told me to let you guys know that you're free to ride with him during the show.
That isn't the best part, though. When I launched that first firework earlier, it went haywire. The mischievous missile went soaring through the playground and sped right past my stand and towards McQuack, who was working on something for Alec. It picked him up and flung him into the air with it just before exploding. Boy, was that a sight! You may be asking what's so good about that. It may not have been too great for McQuack, but the silliness from the incident was enough to bring my stand to life!
We've had a lot of false alarms from the labs seeing the stands coming to life for a split second and then going static again, as some of you toons may have witnessed, but this is no red herring. The stand is bouncing around and having a good time, as if the silliness completely animated it! I don't know the pure science about it, but Surlee has been studying it very carefully. He started talking about getting some sort of Silly Meter that he's been working on built into Toon Hall. If I'm elected, he's definitely got an O.K. from me on that. The more silliness, the better!
Before I take off to go get the next firework show prepared, it's time for two of the final Alpha Toons to join us: Z.Z. Zillerzapper and Googledoodle! They certainly couldn't have come on a better day with all of the updates going around here.
That's about it for my post, and sorry for such a long one! I needed to cram in as much as I could before the election. I'll see you Toons in Toontown Central, or on the Election Livestream!

Don't be Wacky: A Very Merry Unbirthday

Posted by Slappy on March 19, 2014 02:00 PM

Time's up on voting, and I know Alec is working his gloves off counting those ballots and finishing up all of the new games for the election, but that doesn't mean that we have to stop having fun in the meantime. I know that Flippy thought that you guys were disappointed over the delay, but I know better than him. We aren't disappointed at all, because the fun was just beginning!
14-3-19 unbirthday.png
This extra day gives me time to prepare a boatload of new fun things to spend our time on, starting with our next two crazy key winners: Thorongil and Mister Master. There's only two spots left to get into our toony town before the election, so you rabbits better start rubbing your lucky paws. If you aren't a rabbit: I suggest a species change! Or an occupation as a leprechaun.
Lucky for you, I know just the place where you can get some green to start your new occupation: Everywhere! You might want to sit down for this story, it's quite the tale.
I was out in Toontown Central earlier doing my daily balloon inspection when I came across something I hadn't noticed before: The Birthday Cake that powered my balloon wasn't a Birthday Cake at all. It turned out to be an UN-Birthday Cake. Everyone toon enjoys a great Unbirthday Celebration -- in fact it happens 364 days of the year for everyone! The problem is that Unbirthday Cakes happen to have a firework lodged in with the candles, which is a huge no-no for Hot Air Balloons.
I quickly caught the cake and tossed it in a random direction, needing to get rid of it before that fuse burst. Boy, this is the fun part. McQuack was hobbling away from the bandage station from his last incident with Flippy when the Unbirthday Cake hit him head on and launched him back into the sky!
The explosion blew the cake to bits, spreading a bunch of green goop all over my campaign sign. Was I mad about it? Of course not! I may have been a bit of a mean green, but only because of the green icing that splashed all over me and my newly animated stand! It seems that catastrophe was enough to bounce my stand into action. I don't know what it is about these stands, but they sure do seem to love Mild Cartoon Violence.
If you're needing some luck or looking for an occupation as a Leprechaun, be sure to stop by my stand and pick up some green goop for yourself. St. Patrick's day may be over already, but that doesn't mean that we can't show off the color of everyone's favorite duck. And hey, don't forget to share some Jellybeans from the Jar either. There's still plenty to go around!
With that I'll bid you ado, and I wish a Very, Merry, Unbirthday to You! (Except you, who's actual birthday is today. Happy Birthday! Did you get us an Unbirthday Cake?)

Electoral Update: Making History!

Posted by Alec Tinn on March 21, 2014 02:00 PM

We're just 24 hours away from our exciting event, and the clock is ticking down fast. Myself and the Toon Troopers are putting the final spic and span on all of the festivities and activities that will be available throughout the day after we present our president, but I can say with certainty that there won't be any delays this time around!
The Toon Troopers aren't the only ones working, though. Loony Labs is going to be monitoring the event as well to track the surreal silliness we've been seeing lately. Even Toon HQ and Toon TV are preparing their systems to make sure that everyone stays posted on the event updates, whether you are in Toontown already or watching from our lively Livestream.
We'll be sure to deliver more information on the Livestream to you tomorrow, however I can say that our official stream will be hosted by our very own Sir Max with the help of Hawkheart as the camera crew controller! While they're streaming officially for us, they're far from the only ones streaming! Slate and many other members of our toonunity are hosting Livestreams as well so you can get a full perspective of the election as if you were really there. Hooray for technology!
Speaking of getting full perspective of the event, it's about time that I announce the Final two Alpha Keys of Toontown! After these two go out, there won't be any more keys until they decide to move into the next phase of construction: "Beta". You can feel the tension. Who will it be? Is it you? Why yes, of course it is! No, I'm serious. At least, I'm serious your name is Evie or Tropical Storm!
Now remember, the Toon Council Presidential Election starts at 2:00PM Sharp, Toontown Time. Don't be late! For you toons who will be attending the event in Toontown Central, we'd really appreciate it if you tried to get there at least an hour early if possible so we can shuffle everyone into the proper districts and make sure there isn't too much of a crowd in one place! If you don't get there early enough, your friends might already be in a full district, and that certainly is no fun! Those of you watching on the stream, it should start around 15 minutes before the festivities begin.
I'll make sure to give you a nod tomorrow when we know more information, so keep your eyes peeled on our blog. Get ready to make history, everyone!

Electoral Update: Tomorrow's Just a Day Away

Posted by The Toontown Team on March 22, 2014 07:00 PM

It's unlike us to do stories out-of-tooniverse, but this one we figured deserved it. Today we ran into some very serious server issues from the big turnout at the election. We tried our best to fix them, only to find that there was a deeper problem.
We're super sorry for another delay, but because of the server issue and our severe lack of sleep there was nothing that can be done today. We'll let you know what's going on tomorrow -- assuming we don't sleep the entire day through!
If you were one of the many toons who were eagerly watching our stream throughout the day: don't worry, it wasn't all for nothing. We'll be rewarding 100 of you with Beta Keys when the time comes to apologize for the server struggle we went through. Once again, we can't express our sorrow for the delay, but we promise that whenever you do see the Election: it will definitely be worth it. Our modelers, texture artists, composers, and of course developers have devoted all of their freetime and more for the past month into making this the best event that we've seen on Toontown in years.
Rome wasn't built in a day -- and neither was Toontown! The difference is that Rome had paid workers and slaves. We have codemonkeys, which is sort of like a slave. But it's a monkey. And it's us. So not much to do there. See you all tomorrow!

Electoral Update: A Not-so-Quick Q&A

Posted by Sir Max on March 23, 2014 07:00 PM

Heyo, toons. Sorry for the late post today, but I wanted to hold out until I had as much information as possible to compile into the post. After a bunch of sleeping and a few of Flippy's famous pies: I got nothing.
What I do have, however, is a Q&A! Not a quick one like the last time, either, but only because you get to ask the questions! Tomorrow at 2:00PM Toontown Time I'll be joining our one of our team's texture artists, Slate, for a live voice Q&A on her channel. For those of you who don't know Slate, she has been keeping the community up to date with all things Toontown by livestreaming almost every update since we began. If you don't have a key to our town and want to take a look at how things progress, she has a lot of videos you can watch while you wait for your chance at one of those precious keys.
As for the election, we don't want to make any promises on a date yet. While I have high doubts that it will take a long time to release, we really don't want to let anyone down anymore. I'll keep you posted with things as we go along in fixing these final problems and finally releasing our awesome event. Like the team said yesterday, on the bright side, we now have some more time to throw in a few things that we weren't able to do originally.
In the meantime, if you are an alpha tester I encourage you to join the IRC Channel #toontownrewritten on GameSurge to help us out with some testing. Too Many Secrets and some of the other Troopers are getting a bunch of toons together to stress test our servers so we can track down the root of this problem and put a stop to it. Even if you aren't an alpha tester, I still recommend joining the channel for a nice chat with other toons about Toontown.
That's all for now, folks. I'll be sure to keep you posted with updates as we get them. If you're feeling a bit down from the recent news, I recommend reading this little post by myself to give you a refresher of what has been going on with us lately. See you soon!

Call Log [3-26 19:40] from LL-TERMINAL43

Posted by FX-CLIENT0001-HOME on March 26, 2014 07:45 PM

:notbckdoor:(warning) incoming call
:reqparser:(info) init req parsing
:cryptlkr:(info) initializing encryption modules
:cryptlkr:(info) got as key: BOX OF FIVE
:xferbse:(info) starting log transfer
:xferbse:(info) using speech encryption key
:xferbse:(info) 45332533345233 23344344: 22123444-7
:xferbse:(info) 4543243322 31114344 2533345233 23344344: 12313422-35344344
:sfx2txt:(info) Rrrrrrrrinnggggg
:sfx2txt:(info) RrrrrrrrinnggggGgGgggGGg
213442 41451131244454 114343454211331315 3545423534431543, 44232443 13113131 321154 1215 4215133442141514.
432442 321153 421543241415331315, 3421 442315 432442 321153 154344114415, 44232443 2443 432442 321153 4335151125243322. 23245411!
154242- 2315313134 321153. 44232443 2443 434542311515 1122112433-
:notbckdoor:(info) 24141533442421241514 - 431544 3542243442244454 3
434542311515! 5223114443 4535? 24 44233445222344 543445 5234453114 1215 1533224531211514 2433 54344542 24335115334424343343 1254 333452.
52153131, 24 521143. 44231144'43 442315 4423243322. 44231144 331552 4323243532153344 3421 423412344443 24 43153344 543445 15114231241542 4434141154 213442 442315 44423431311554 -- 24 24454344 4215113124551514 44231144 442315 1415124522 43154444243322 521143 4344451325 3433.
1415124522? 52231144 1434 44231554 33151514 1415124522 213442?
154232- 33344423243322 2433 35114244241345311142. 5215 14343344 33151514 44231532 2234243322 23115452244215 2433 442315 322414143115 3421 11 22113215 1434 5215? 52231144 5215 1434 33151514 2443 213442 4423344315 4434 1215 4215444542331514 1143 43343433 1143 3534434324123115, 23345215511542. 131133 543445 1242243322 44231532 12111325 34511542?
24 5234453114 2421 24 1334453114, 124544 44231554'5115 11314215111454 12151533 1415353134541514 2433 442315 44423431311554 2211321543.
1415353134541514? 221123, 11314224222344. 24'32 2234243322 4434 23115115 4434 43153314 543445 343315 3421 3254 12314515354224334443 2444 231143 11 14241122421132 3433 2444 3421 442315 13343344423431 3511331531. 3421 133445424315, 442315 42151131 343315 2443 12111325 2433 3254 311112. 4423154215 2443 11 431513343314114254 343315 243343441131311514 1144 442315 44423431311554 43441144243433, 442334452223. 311544 3215 43131133 442315 3542243344-
3423, 3334 33151514! 24 1113444511313154 223444 325443153121 343315 3421 4423344315 331552 21113322311514 211153 3211132324331543. 24454344 43153314 2444 4434 3215 44234234452223 4423154215.
"331552" 211153 32111323243315...? 331551154232243314, 3425. 2444'43 3433 2444'43 521154.
:notbckdoor:(info) 2433133432243322 211153 - 114444111323243322 4434 1553244344243322 313422
:notbckdoor:(info) 444442://114343154443/431542241131344543-1245432433154343.243522
223444 2444! 34251154, 4334 5223241323 124544443433 1132 24 31343425243322 213442?
12454444343343, 1113444511313154. 4423154215 2443 11 4315414515331315 543445 33151514 4434 3542154343 4434 4415323534421142243154 14151113442451114415. 44231532 221544 11 351533132431. 543445'4215 2234243322 4434 33151514 4434 3542154343 442315 431513343314 343315 3433 442315 443435 423452, 442315 211142 4224222344 343315, 442315 2124424344 343315, 113314 44231533 442315 2124424344 343315 3433 442315 123444443432 423452. 33151514 3215 4434 421535151144 44231144?
33343515, 24 223444 2444.
543445 5242344415 2444 14345233 44231144 21114344?
33343515! 113354233434, 24'3131 23151114 34511542 4434 442315 44423431311554 43441144243433 113314 1242243322 44231532 12111325 43343433.
121521344215 543445 2234, 321153, 522354 15531113443154 114215 543445 421513344214243322 1311313143 213442 41451131244454 3545423534431543 21423432 54344542 23343215 3523343315?
421513344214243322 1311313143? 24'32 333444 421513344214243322 113354 1311313143.
124544 2444 43112414- 321153... 5223154215 15531113443154 142414 543445 1113442451114415 442315 423412344443?
4224222344 23154215 1144 3254 2334454315. 2444 521143 151143241542 213442 44231532 4434 52113125 44231133 4434 31341114 44231532 113131 24334434 442315 4442451325.
3423 3254..- 521143 343315 3421 442315 423412344443 4323344244, 432524333354, 113314 21114313243311441514 52244423 352334331543?
54151123! 2315 521143 442315 343315 522334 243343441131311514 3254 211153 32111323243315.
321153, 24'32 3433 3254 521154. 453335314522 442315 211153, 113314 44454233 342121 15511542544423243322 2433 54344542 2334454315. 221123! 3421 133445424315, 3421 133445424315 2444'43 4434141154. 24 43233445311433'44 15511533 1215 434542354224431514.
24 143433'44 45331415424344113314... 52231144 1112344544 4434141154?
2444'43 442315 264423 3421 3211421323.
52231144'43 4334 43351513241131 1112344544 442315 264423 3421 3211421323?
44231144'43 442315 4423243322, 321153 - 24 23115115 3334 24141511. 11353511421533443154 44232443 2443. 24'3131 1215 4423154215 43343433.
:notbckdoor:(warning) 13113131 44154232243311441514
:xferbse:(fatal) lost connection

Super Sunday: The Elephant out of the Room

Posted by Sir Max on March 30, 2014 02:00 PM

Welcome back, everyone! The election may not have happened yet (And trust me, Alec is absolutely horrified by this.), but that doesn't mean that we can't take some of our spare time to do an update in the meantime. At least, we would have done an update, if it weren't for this big elephant in the room that we've all been worried about for this past week. His name is Paul.
An expression, you say? No, I'm talking about a real elephant here. Paul, you see, was being used in the Toon HQ earlier to work on this new experiment for heavierest objects. Turns out that you really can't let wild animals into the Toon HQ, though, because they have this tendency to escape. It's not even a proper escape, either, like sneaking out the door when nobody is looking. No, they just bring down the whole wall! Hrmph, the nerve.
I'm sure you all remember that Ape Incident we had a while back. Boy, was that a problem to deal with. This problem is even bigger though, because instead of a 300 pound ape on the loose, we have a 3 ton elephant!
You'd think that a 3 ton elephant would be easy to spot, but boy is he good at Hide and Go Seek. In fact, the Toon HQ installed new telescopes and periscopes in all of their locations around Toontown to hunt for this big guy. Luckily, we have a trail! Or, had a trail. He's been everywhere from hither and yon to timbuktu, too. We've been following him around through giant gaping holes he leaves in objects. We first spotted his trail at the fence in Donald's Dock, leaving a big hole in it that toons could walk through with ease. Next we followed the tracks to the Party Hat in Minnie's Melodyland where there was another giant hole in a wall nearby. The tracks stopped there, though, since he jumped through a portable hole to take a party break. Oof!
So toons, we're going to be needing your help at this desperate hour. We've got a rouge elephant out of the room, and we need him to be put back into the room. We can follow him around by finding holes in objects around Toontown, usually that lead to The Grey. (Elephants love the color grey, you know.) If you find or remember any holes ("glitches", as some may call them) that lead to the grey, be sure to tell us in the comments so we can get a move on patching them up and finding that elephant.
Now, onto a another elephant in the room (And this time it's an expression!) : The Toon Council Presidential Elections. Trust me, we want to get to them just as much as you do! We've been forming plans on how to fix the server problems which we'll be seeing later this week, as well as forming a few stress test days so we can get your help on making sure that the servers can handle all of the weight we've been putting on them. You may want to lay off the cheeseburgers, too. We'll let you know about that later on, but in the meantime, we need to get back to finding that elephant, and even more so: The holes he's left behind!

Daily Alpha Update: Even more Elephant Excitement

Posted by McQuack on March 31, 2014 02:35 PM

Hey, wait a minute. Where's the post?
Oh boy. Where's Sir Max?
Well, looks like I'm here to do the post today. So, uh, Hi! I have no idea where Sir Max ran off to. We were right in the middle of our elephant hunt when he ran off to do the post, but he doesn't seem to be here. Why did I come back? Well, err, I just needed to grab a towel to get this soot off.
Story time! So we're on our elephant hunt once again. The Toon HQ fixed up their periscopes for best sightseeing, and we found our next lead with your help. Turns out the big guy made a quick escape to Donald's Dreamland where he squeezed through the bed post next to the fishing pond. From there we followed the rubble down to Daisy Gardens, where he managed to jump over one of the hedges. (At least, half way over the hedges. Elephants can't really jump at all, so he knocked out a big part of the bush that we had to re-trim. The gardener wasn't happy at all.)
Finally, we were on his tail in Toontown Central. Literally! All of us were hanging on for dear life on the end of Paul's tail (Where did that name come from, anyway?), which he certainly wasn't happy about. He tried throwing us off by smashing into various buildings, but that was no match for us! At least, until he smacked into the side of the "Silly Stunts" store which had quite a few of live explosives that went off in my face.
"Lucky" for me, he dragged us all the way to Punchline Place where I was able to fall off right in front of the Funny Bone Emergency Room. I got myself checked out there, and after a few hammer hits to the knee I was good as new except for the soot on me. I'm going to have to head back there tomorrow, though. One of the shopkeepers was REALLY unhappy that the elephant knocked a piano off of his roof. Who stores a piano on their roof, anyway? So I came back here to clean up, and then started telling you guys this story. It seems we're getting into real-time now, so time to end this story.
I just got word that the others followed the elephant down to Acorn Acres, but lost him after he ran through a hedge towards the golf course. They're getting the hedge fixed up now, but we're going to need your help again to track him down to his next location. While you're at it, if you see Sir Max, let us know about him too. Sir Max disappearing is never a good sign. Ooof, I still have scars from the Party Cannons.


Daily Alpha Update: No Funny Business

Posted by Sir Max on April 1, 2014 02:00 PM

Yes, I know the date. April Fools. Harr harr harr. You're hilarious.
Sorry to disappoint, but there is absolutely no funny business going around here. April Fools Day is just so... cliche. We're serious business around here, working hard on these updates for you.
I mean really, do you think we would stop for an entire day - or I dare say, an entire week, just to play a little joke? Come on, people. You know me better than that.
14-4-1 itsabirthdefect-nothingsilly.png
I mean, it's not like Loony Labs is off this week, accidentally leaving their lab of fully functional and hilariously hysterical inventions unguarded for someone to just waltz right in to use. These are SCIENTISTS we're talking about, guys. They don't just leave their doors unlocked behind them.
Now, if the Toon Council, Toontown Police Department, Toon HQ, or anyone else who has authority over me asks -- be sure to let them know that once again, we're all completely serious hard at work over here. They're doing a wonderful job, and I congratulate their valiant efforts. I'm also required to tell you that this post is definitely NOT being monitored, and I haven't been told to say this by anyone who may have a certain authority over me and my job!
...Do you think they're gone?
Phew! Sorry about that, the Toon Council has me under wraps today since my previous April Fools Jokes haven't really gone over that well with them in the past. And I mean, I was going to take a break this year. Was.
So, good news everyone! Loony Labs is off this week, and they accidentally left their lab of fully functional and hilariously hysterical inventions unguarded for me to just waltz right in to use. They just left their doors unlocked behind them! And boy, are these inventions something. We have everything from shape morphers, gravity changers, sound mixers, and I'm only in the first corridor! The Tooniverse might as well be mine, fellas, because I have the power of sillyness right here in my paws.
You know, as a matter of fact, it is mine! I can control the Laws of the Tooniverse right here, and it's not like I would make a bad leader of the Tooniverse. I think I'm pretty much the only one who could fit the job. Welp, it's settled. Done and done. I better keep pressing these buttons before someone doesn't get hurt. Oooh, so many inventions to go through -- and so much time to do it!
Oh and about Toonbook! I almost forgot. I'm not really going to need the site anymore now that I'm the ruler of the Tooniverse, so I'm having it repurposed as Maxbook to store all of my selfies. So... You toons over there are just going to have to move out for a while. A while being forever. Serious business. Sorry folks!


Daily Alpha Update: Another Vanishing Act

Posted by Hawkheart on April 5, 2014 02:00 PM

Well toons, we've got some bad (Or good, in our case.) news to tell. As you've probably guessed from the lack of posts, Sir Max is gone. Vanished. POOF. It's as if he disappeared off of the face of the earth! But hey, that's just silly... Right?
We know Sir Max has to be around here somewhere, though, because these wacky effects haven't worn off! My torso is completely invisible right now, and a few minutes ago I was as tall as Goshi. This isn't even mentioning that I sound like a duck. A DUCK. I don't know if you've noticed, but cats aren't supposed to quack.
Now I know that Sir Max loves his April Fools jokes, but I've simply never seen anything like this. Silly as it is, we need to track him down and get that remote before it gets even worse. I'm not sure if the town can take this much silliness. I swear to you, even the hydrants seem to be shaking in fear.
This isn't just a Sir Max hunt that we're on either, though. That elephant is still missing and tumbling through the town. Gah! I can't take any more of this. And if McQuack drops that piano on me one more time, I'm going to lose it. It's supposed to be an April Fools Day, not an April Fools Week! Wait a second - am I -- Oh, for the love of Walt. He just cut off the gravity. It was bad enough trying to do housework with no gravity, but now it's cut off everywhere. Brilliant. Just brilliant.
Lucky for us, I think this chase is soon to come to and end. Sir Max may have jumped off into the air somewhere, but his birthday is tomorrow. Why does that matter? Come on, we all know Max. He's too much of an egomaniac to pass up on a slice of cake and attention pointed towards him. We'll stop this excessive silliness soon enough -- I hope!


Daily Alpha Update: Birthday Bash Crash

Posted by Sir Max on April 6, 2014 02:00 PM

OHoho, wow! Heyo, everyone. Good to be back. Sorry for the lack of posts for those few days, but I had to lay low (Or rather, high. Low gravity opens up some amazing hiding places.) to keep these controls out of the hands of those Troopers. As self-proclaimed ruler of the Tooniverse, I can't let it get into the wrong hands of those other troopers looking for me. They might cause some sort of worldwide madness with it.
It occurred to me yesterday, though, that Hawkheart was right: I can't stay in hiding on my Birthday! No one can pass up some cake and presents to celebrate the day they were thought up and sketched out. I couldn't let them get this controller I found in Loony Labs, though, so I came up with the perfect solution: Lock them all back into the SIR MAX MAZE OF FURNITURE(!)! It was too good of a solution to pass up. Don't worry, we can save them some cake.
Now, I had another dilemma: How am I going to get the invitations out? The Toontown Mail Service isn't quite up to speed yet, so that won't do. I was stumped by this problem when I remembered "Hey, I'm the leader of the Tooniverse!" So I went ahead and grabbed my April Toons Controller and went to see what I could cook up. Turns out there isn't a "Invite everyone to Party" button. I don't know what those scientists were thinking when they designed this, but I just can't believe they left out such a necessity.
Never fear, however! I may not have had my controller to help me, but soared over the fence (Low gravity, you know.) into an area where Hawkheart had been fixing up some of the party cannons. Combining the glorious tool that is gun powder and some party hat projectiles, I launched Party Hats all around Toontown to serve as invitations to the party! If you've got one, you know where to go. Flippy and his stand also cooked up some Birthday Cakes for the bash, which you can swing by his stand wheelbarrow for.
Of course, I can't actually plan the party myself as I'm too busy pressing these buttons to apply these kooky effects to you guys. You'd think it would have stopped being funny by now -- but it didn't! Ahaha, I just can't get enough of it. Look how big that cat's head is. You can't not laugh at that. Anyway, I went ahead and put these new cannons into stock, so you guys are all set to plan your own big Birthday bashes for myself, yourself, and your friends.
Thanks a bunch for the birthday wishes I've gotten today! Not as if you had a choice with me being ruler of the Tooniverse, but you know. Still nice to say thanks.


Daily Alpha Update: A Way too Wacky Week

Posted by Shockley on April 9, 2014 02:00 PM

Hello, you preposterous people. I've come bearing great news!
No, it isn't the battle system. I'll tell you what it is, though: The week of shenanigans is finally over. Sir Max has been caught -- well, more so seen -- and we've returned those disastrous devices back to Loony Labs.
Now, don't get me wrong. I personally enjoy some super silliness, and the occasional outrage. I've been smashed with one too many pianos, though. The other troops and I have been setting out throughout the week looking for Sir Max to put an end to his haughty hilarity, but lucky for us: he turned himself in!
We had just given up the search, and head over to Loony Labs to let them know. Suddenly, one of the scientists burst out and started talking about a huge discovery: Due to the hilarity, there have been reports of hydrants and other street objects animating! Sir Max was an absolute hero among them for his discovery, and the scientist proclaimed that a national holiday be made to remember the chaos silliness that we experienced this week: April Toons Week.
...Or at least, that's what Sir Max thinks.
Upon hearing the news, a tiny green guy popped out right in front of us to claim his glory. Those scientists are no lab monkeys -- due to Sir Max's huge ego, they knew he couldn't resist coming out and turning himself in by accident to claim his fame. The tools were returned to the labs, toons were stretched back into shape, and all piano strings have been tightened to ensure that they won't fall anymore.
Now, all we can do is hope that this "April Toons Week" thing doesn't catch on. Oof, can you imagine having to experience this again next year?


Rhymes for a Reason

Posted by The Toontown Team on April 10, 2014 02:00 PM

"Hello!" Dear toons, from us to you.
We're here for some Reason -- and a little Rhyme too.
The best part, in fact, is that they're one in the same;
Below is some reason, with a rhyme to hide shame.
You see, it appears we're in quite a bit of a pickle.
"When is the Election?", "Where is my Popsicle?"
"Are you even working?", "Where are the cogs?"
"Seriously, I'm beginning to miss my dogs."
Now, my good fellows, it's time for the reason.
All questions to be answered, I promise no treason.
Except for the second one, actually, of the treat.
It is something I definitely did not eat.
Enough of the madness! We're four stanzas in.
To leave the questions unanswered would surely be sin.
We must finish this one, however, really it's not fair.
We're now at five, and I'm beginning to wear.
About the election: it was a bit of a haze,
I assure you, however, you'll know in just two days.
It's going to be huge -- bigger and better than ever!
Not to mention the story, which I admit is quite clever.
You say, "Are we working?" -- why yes, of course!
We've taken suggestions to heart, and edited the source.
Hundreds to thousands of lines, I swear!
I'm beginning to think that I've grown a gray hair.
"Now what of the cogs?" -- What do you think we edited?
These hundreds of new lines are certain to be credited.
They're coming soon, I tell you, and not a moment too late.
I just hope that Surlee has chosen the right fate.
And now, finally, I must shed a bit of light.
Although you see nothing, we've been working day and night.
Toontown Rewritten is merely in its beginning.
We've conquered the big stuff -- now it's time to get spinning.
"Will it be a day? A week? A month? A year?"
I can't say for certain, but you have nothing to fear.
The biggest of updates are all soon to arrive.
We've already begun giving all around a high-five!
And with this last stanza, I'm afraid we must part.
I really do hope that you've taken this reason to heart.
Goodbye, farewell, so long, and adieu.
(Oh -- and we've worked on the Cog Headquarters too.)

Electoral Update: The Ultimate Cliffhanger

Posted by Alec Tinn on April 12, 2014 02:00 PM

Hellooooo Toontown! It's been quite a while, I must say! And with reason for that, too. The reason being that I've gone absolutely mad.
"Alec, will you host the biggest event in Toon History?", they say.
"It will be on March 1st!", they say. They say indeed! Here we are on April 12th, and I'm not seeing any bit of electing around here. Luckily, we're about to change that.
14-4-12 waitwhosdrivingtheballoon.jpg
It's been weeks since we last heard from our two electees -- them and myself have been in the dark just as much as you have. As many of you know, so many toons turned up at the election that the gates of Toontown just couldn't handle it. The Toon Council called the whole thing off so they could talk about how to organize it and learn from their mistakes, but boy, what a cliffhanger! At least we can count on more organization in the future. That is why we're electing a President, after all.
Let me tell you, it hasn't been easy. I've known the winner for weeks now, and I've just gotta keep my mouth shut. As you know by now, however, I can't! I could announce the winner right now to you all, all it takes is one... little... word...
But that wouldn't be any fun, now would it? Not to mention that all of these awesome events that the Troopers and I have put together would be put to waste. Nooo, that wouldn't be fun at all. I'll tell you what will be fun, though: Election Day. The Election Day that is most definitely maybe can be probably perhaps possibly could potentially certainly be taking place exactly one week from today on April 19th at 2:00PM Toontown Time. (PST) There. I've said it. No backing out now!
In seriousness, toons, I would like to apologize for the fiasco revolving around this event. It was poor planning on our part, but hey -- who expected it to grow this large? It's grown to be stupendous, super, and the best event you've seen in years, I assure you. April Toons Week certainly can't compare. I've got a few more things to set up and test out, but at this point -- No matter what The Council may think -- we're ready to get this show on the road! And soon after, of course, jumping right into those juicy new features that the Troopers talked about.
Let's get to it! In a week, of course. In the meantime, you may want to refresh yourself on the happenings of the election throughout the past month or two. Until then, my dear audience!

Electoral Update: The Science of Democracy

Posted by Professor Flake on April 17, 2014 02:00 PM

Ah, Hello, my dear friends! I bet you're wondering why I'm here on such an odd week. I'm Professor Flake of the Loony Labs, as well as the founder of my Precipitation Foundation. We don't have a building yet, and by we it's actually just me - but it's in the works.
Ever since the big snow of last Christmas, I've been focused on calculating the fluctuations in the ambient temperatures of Toontown in hopes of discovering how to harness such an ability. My main base of operations has been, of course, The Brrrgh. Development of it has frozen, however, quite literally. The temperature sensor technology just isn't perfected quite yet.
This week has the labs buzzing with a new focus, however. The animating atrocities in Toontown Central have everyone excited -- despite advances in my temperate temperature tests. No matter, however, as the Labs are giving us the day off on Saturday for the election. Everyone except for the new S.I.L.L.I. (Scientists Interested in Laugh Levels Increasing) Team, that is.
In preparation for the increased laughter levels on Saturday, we've released a new update to our Toon T.A.G.S. (Totally Awesome Graphic Simulator) to improve performance and ease of use. We encourage them to be tested in large groups of toons, as the performance should be significantly increased.
Now, I must be getting back to my work. If you're ever looking for a few tasks, I'm in need of a Junior Research Scientist for hire. You know where to find me!


Electoral Update: Time is Ticking

Posted by Alec Tinn on April 18, 2014 02:00 PM

We're now just 24 hours away from the most hysterically hyped up historical event in the history of our fair town - and this time I mean it! No, no, I mean I seriously mean it. I have the entire team tied up and held hostage here in Toontown Central, so this event isn't going anywhere.
At precisely this time tomorrow, we'll be gathering in Toontown Central and announcing our new President of the Toon Council, along with the exciting events we have planned afterwards! I've been working with some of the top minds in Toontown in putting together all sorts of activities that will really knock your socks off, including some of the first new gameplay in years. What are the activities, you say? I could tell you, but it'll get me a bigger audience if I tell you that you'll have to wait and see!
Even if you aren't a citizen of our toonerrific town - or you're stuck in your shop for the day - you can hop over to Toon TV and get live updates of the election from an aerial view. You don't even have to be a mermaid for it. Once again, for you tester toons, we would appreciate it if you come to Toontown Central an hour or two before the event starts so we can get everyone organized.
The surprise, the drama, the activities! All of that combined with the very best Eccentric Elector around (A.K.A. yours truly) is going to make this the best election, and perhaps the best event for years to come! The delays have only made it better, as well as given us some time to occupy ourselves while the Troopers worked on those new features. I much rather would have wanted a delay than get the election over with and then twiddle our thumbs without any updates until the Battle System was done, and I am definitely not being paid to say that!
Flippy and Slappy send their regards, and all three of us will see you at the Election Tomorrow at 2:00PM Toontown Time! (PST)

The Toon Council Presidential Election Day

Posted by Alec Tinn on April 19, 2014 02:00 PM

It's here, and this time! It's time and it's here! Toons and Toonettes, it is my absolute great honor to announce that the Toon Council Presidential Elections are now streaming right below this wall of text on a rectangle, thanks to our friends at Toon TV.
Errr - there is just one thing though. It's delayed. I hate to say it, but once again, we're going to have to delay the election due to some unforeseen problems that have arised. Those problems being that I forgot my cue cards. Because of that, the Election has officially been delayed by about 30 seconds while I run home to get them.
Pffft, and I bet you guys were worried. I'll see you there!

The Electoral Encore!

Posted by The Toontown Team on April 20, 2014 12:00 AM

Boy, what a day! First of all, we all just want to take this time to thank you, the community, for supporting us throughout Alpha and throughout the Election. There were a few bumps in the road throughout the event, but your responses and feedback have just been so awesome to watch.
Because of the huge positive response as well as the problem that some districts ran into half way through, you can relive the excitement of the Election through Electoral Encore events which will take place every hour until 2:00 TTT tomorrow! We really can't thank you enough for all of the praise we've received from it. It was so much fun to work on, and despite the delays and pressure. We hope that you're happy with the outcome, as well as the gameplay which was a blast to work on.
For those of you who missed it, you can check out our official Livestream right over here. The Livestream did experience the bumps as well, so you'll want to skip to 1:00:00 in to see the start of the election, and 3:00:00 to see the ending. Sometime this week we will be uploading a summary video to show a fully edited version of the election, and I'm sure you'll be seeing other videos pop up as well as the day goes on and the craziness continues.
Thank you all for the support throughout Alpha, and we'll update you soon on all of the juicy Beta details. Remember: Alpha officially ends tomorrow at 2:00PM TTT, so be sure to get in to relive the Election Event one more time before it's gone forever!

RED ALERT: "Cogs" have Invaded Toontown!

Posted by Toon HQ on April 20, 2014 03:00 PM

Toons, this is a special broadcast from Toon HQ. This is NOT a drill. All toons are instructed to remain in their houses, shops, and playgrounds until further notice due to the impending robot attacks that could happen at any time, and that we have just recently experienced.
14-4-20 doomsday.jpg
Many toons are unaccounted for, including our newly-elected President of the Toon Council: Slappy Quackintosh. Unbelievably, Slappy's Laff Particles were entirely exhausted, causing him not only to become unbearably sad but to entirely shrink. World-famous billionaire Scrooge McDuck - who wasn't even seen attending the election - has also been reported missing.
To prevent further sadness, Toontown is no longer open to visitors until the new Toon Council, at the lead of President Flippy Doggenbottom, decides what to do with the situation. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the toons of Toontown Central attending the election, we have learned that baked goods - mostly in pie form - seem to do damage against these metal menaces. Loony Labs is looking into why this occurs, and how we can harness it.
We would also like to take the time to thank the shopkeepers of the other playgrounds who held their ground and kept the area safe from any rogue robots who left the main formation in Toontown Central. Among these shopkeepers are Lil' Oldman, Professor Flake, Coach Zucchini, and Shep Ahoy who defended the area by use of traps, surprising sounds, and jokes to keep spirits held high.
The Cogs have flown from our Playgrounds, but the streets are still dangerous. Please stay inside, stay calm, and stay toony. We'll keep you posted as we learn more about these robotic suits, where they came from, and how we can get them out of our town. As Flippy said...
Toons of the world, UNITE!
H.Q. Harry
Toon Headquarters Officer

The End of an Alpha Era

Posted by The Toontown Team on April 21, 2014 02:00 PM

Heya, Toontown fanatics! I'm the toon known as Shockley, here guest-blogging for Sir Max (his arm is sore from all the pie throwing).
This weekend's event, as you may know, marks the end of the Toontown Rewritten Alpha Test. And boy, what a smash hit that was-- literally! I wasn't able to make it to the Election, unfortunately, but I enjoyed seeing the community's overwhelmingly positive response to the many surprises we had in store. We've poured our very hearts and souls into our work these past few months (Not just the Election, either!), and seeing how well-received it was made it all the better.
Now that the Alpha testing period is over, I think it's only fitting that I take this time to say a few words...
*ahem* mongoose, lampshade, jocular.
I would also like to talk about the road ahead. What's next for Toontown Rewritten?
When I joined the team last August, I had a general idea of what challenges we had in store: We were all just regular folks with little background in game development, no organization, and most of us barely knew each other. We hadn't even decided on a name for the project at that point. However, even with those hurdles, what really brought us together quickly was that we all shared the exact same goal: To rebuild and preserve our beloved Toontown.
What I didn't know back then was how much steam we'd pick up along the way. In under a month, we went from a small, unknown project to the continuation of Toontown itself. In a under 2 months, we had already begun our alpha test and set a specific plan for our entire future. It's been about 6 months now - not even in beta - and we've already began adding our own original content to the game! It was amazing to see our creation come to life, rather than restoring something that has already been done before.
During my time with the project, I've come to know many talented developers, and working alongside them so far has been a great honor. Don't even get me started on the community, either. I will forever cherish every joke, story, and memory that you guys have shared with me. Some of you have even written in kind words of support, which we read whenever we're having an off day. We know that we've disappointed you at times, but most of you know our vision and understand what we have to go through. So, here's to the community: You all rock!
As Alpha is now over, it's time to gear up and talk about Beta. With the transition in the game's testing cycle, we are also changing our focus. During Alpha, the main question in my mind was, "Can this crazy idea of ours actually work? Can we not only restore the game, but bring life back to it and bring back the community?" I can tell you with full certainty now that the answer is "Absolutely." I would like to present the next challenge: "Can we make Toontown Rewritten return to the glory days of the game? Can we go above and beyond, and make this a game that is not only fast and stable, but also exciting and fresh?"
Although we have a general idea of when Beta will start, we don't have an official date to give you. We just need a short breather, both to rest and to give us time to rebuild some of the less robust components of the game. I can't share many details about the beta yet, but I'm going to share a few anyway!
1. The timeline of Beta will take place shortly after the Election. The cogs have invaded the streets of Toontown, and toons are just starting to learn how to fight them off through street battles and Toon Tasks. However, the cogs are learning a few things as well... Cog Buildings are beginning to tower over the streets of Toontown as more local shops are turned into mega-corporations.
2. To keep you occupied during the break, we will be releasing all sorts of entertainment. There are a few videos that we're really wanting to work on for beta, as well as a comic that will be released to fill you in on what happened in the town while you were gone.
3. One of the main points of Beta is to give our servers and game technology a massive overhaul in preparation for the public release to ensure that everyone has a chance to play smoothly without interruption - and hopefully even more smoothly than ever before.
4. If you already have a Toontown Rewritten account: Congrats! You're officially a Beta tester! All of our Alpha Testers, as a thanks for helping us, will be given extra keys as well so that they can play with their friends throughout Beta. As Beta goes on, those friends will be given keys to invite their friends, and so on.
5. Beta will start out small, and become massive before the end. Next week we'll announce even more about Beta Keys and how they will work. We've listened to your suggestions!
Even with all of the excitement, with the end of Alpha there is one more thing that isn't quite so good: The end of the Daily Alpha Updates. The Daily Updates were a great way to keep in touch with you guys, although the reason we did them was because frankly, the game is quite boring without any features. Everyone knows that a toon gets sad when they're bored, so we made Daily Updates out of the smaller features to make sure the game stayed interesting for everyone throughout development. Now that we're getting into the really huge parts of the game, we have to focus on making them work perfectly rather than updating daily. We'll be updating on our own time -- but never fear! We'll do our best to keep you entertained every few days with the many shenanigans of Sir Max and the rest of the crew.
One final commitment I want to make when Beta launches, however, is to spending more time actually playing. It's easy to get caught up in the rigors of development and lose sight of the objective: building a great game, not a piece of software. Make sure to keep up with our website for updates as we move on in this transition from Alpha to Beta. Trust me, we have quite a bit in store!

To Whom it May Concern

Posted by ??? on April 26, 2014 02:50 PM

To whom it may concern: (And yes, that means you, Doctor.)
Shall we say who we are?
I don't think we even know who we are.
Fair point! Continue.
You may be - and have been - interested in the contents of this little memo. We would have given it to you directly, but you seem to have picked up on the ripple effect you caused and locked yourself away from it.
Are we not part of the effect, though?
I suppose we are.
So by running away, it seems he has simply created another ripple.
Interesting. How do you think that will play out?
The same way it always does. Show him the memo.
The ideas you "inspired" into the toons, Doctor, are not giving them as big of a head start as you would wish. You are merely speeding up what has already begun. We do hope that you know what you have gotten all of us into - and frankly, I'm sure that you do.
We'll see you next month. Perhaps we will have figured out who we are by then, though I wouldn't count on it. Time is ticking, after all.


Did somebody say Beta Gameplay?

Posted by The Toontown Team on May 3, 2014 02:00 PM

No? They didn't? Well, we might as well say it now: Beta Gameplay! It looks like it's time for the very first sneak peek at our upcoming adventures in Toontown. That's right, folks, it's time for the very first Beta Gameplay video!
Keeping up with the tradition of our First Alpha Gameplay, we'll be following the misadventures of Sir Max and the other troopers on a journey through Toontown. This is part one of two, as we really just couldn't cram it all into one video without taking up too much of your valuable time. Besides, you know us. We can never pass up on a chance for a good cliffhanger!
Now, what are you waiting for? Click the play button! Not the big red one on the side of the screen - you can't click that one yet. You can click the play video button and pretend that it's the big red one, though.

Beta Gameplay 2: The Sellbot Skidoo

Posted by The Toontown Team on May 7, 2014 02:00 PM

Did you really think we would make you wait a whole week for the conclusion to our Beta Boss Battles? That's just torture! Despite popular opinion, we're only that cruel on Wednesdays. Wait...
Ah well, we'll show it to you anyway. Be sure to check out the first part if you missed out!

The Countdown to Beta

Posted by The Toontown Team on May 10, 2014 02:00 PM

You know, our marketing team told us not to reference "The Final Countdown" in any of our posts again. The Big Wigs are stressing out about the legal rights, and marketing says that pop culture references are so 90s. It was then when we realized that our marketing team was entirely composed of sentient cogs and were immediately fired on the spot. I'll reference catchy songs any time I want, mind you!
Now, break out the Europe CDs and prepare to have it stuck in your head for an entire week, because this isn't any ordinary countdown. It isn't a countdown, either. This is the Countdown to the Countdown of Toontown Rewritten Beta!
You heard it right, fellas. For the next week we're going to be doing Daily Update posts to give you a clear view of what's to come in this first version of Toontown Rewritten Beta. We have list of release notes longer than a blog post, and boy are we excited to talk about them. Numerous advancements have been made not only for servers and optimization, but also a boatload of new content.
To wrap it all up, at the end of the week we're going to be hitting it off with the announcement of the Beta Release Date, as well as the start of something you've all been itching to hear about for a long time: The Beta Key Giveaways! All of next week we will be giving out plenty of keys to go around through our website, and existing players will be able to get their friends into Beta by earning keys through testing. It's going to be a lot of fun for everyone, and we have some exciting plans for it.
Be sure to stop by every day this week at update time to keep up with the Daily Updates and get all of the juicy details on what's to come. These aren't any ordinary Daily Updates, though. We couldn't cram all of the content into one Super Saturday, so every day will have an update the size of a Super Saturday! Beta is just around the corner, and we are all just as excited as you are. It's time to get this game going!

Goofy Gags and Gears Galore

Posted by Clerk Clara on May 11, 2014 02:00 PM

Eep! Sorry, I'm a bit nervous. I've never even dreamed of speaking in public like this. I'm Clara -- well, nowadays toons call me Clerk Clara. I'm not much of a public speaker... Or a speaker at all, actually... But somehow I became nominated to do a post on behalf of Toontown's newest go-to gag store: Goofy's Gag Shop!
14-5-11 gagsgalore.jpg
Ever since... well, you know - that day - all sorts of toons of Toontown have been hard at work on trying to figure out what made those Cogs tick. Errr- untick? Loony Labs and the Toon HQ have been figuring out what was so catastrophic about those pie pastries.
It turns out, for some reason the cogs explode not only from pies, but from all sorts of the goofy gags we use around town. One toon on the street the other day ended up defending himself with a gush from a nearby fire hydrant, and another accidentally dropped a piano on them.
I've been wondering lately what it is about the gags that make the Cogs so explosive. Does the goop grind up their gears? Honestly, I'm just not sure. I've never met anyone who doesn't enjoy a good gag. And good news for you: We have plenty of them!
Make sure to stop by our shop - now open in every Playground! Goofy himself has put his seal of approval on all of our gags - and you know they've gotta be goofy when Goofy gives it. Eeeeep! I've ran over my time by a bit. I need to get back to the shop before the next shipment arrives. Gotta dash!

Toon HQ needs YOU!

Posted by Toon HQ on May 12, 2014 02:00 PM

We've got another situation here, toons. This isn't any funny business, either - but it is most certainly business. Us HQ Officers had just headed back to the drawing board when wouldn't you know, a Cog broke in and stole our blackboard eraser. What does a Cog even want with a blackboard eraser? I mean seriously, think about it.
14-5-12 whatwouldacogerase.jpg
Nonetheless, this is where we need you toons. We're too busy trying to figure out where we placed our chalk, so we're going to need you to head out on a search for the eraser. That Cog is out roaming the streets somewhere, getting his greasy oil all over our brand-new eraser. Absolute nonsense! We can't stand for it.
It doesn't seem to be stopping there, either. Shopkeepers from hither to yon are reportedly getting into all sorts of trouble with the Cogs. They're beginning to move closer and closer to the shops of Toontown, and it's getting worrisome. We don't know what they're planning, but it is undoubtedly something big. Luckily, we have something big up our sleeve as well: The ToonTask System.
Starting immediately, every Toon Headquarters all the way from Toontown Central to Donald's Dreamland will begin offering ToonTasks to any toon that asks. You'll want to start off small before taking on the tough tasks, though. Shopkeepers can post their own tasks and offer rewards for them as well, such as teaching you how to use some of the new Gag Tracks that Goofy has been selling, or even be silly enough to attract more Laff boosts! Trust us -- if these reports are true... We're going to need them.
Stay safe out there, toons, and don't forget to stop by for a task!

A Cog Invasion has Begun!

Posted by Toon HQ on May 13, 2014 02:00 PM

ATTENTION ALL TOONS: A Cog Invasion has Begun!
Movers and Shakers are taking over Toontown!
14-5-13 standyourground.jpg
This is bad, toons. I've never seen so many cogs raining down from the sky. Grab your gags, and rally up friends -- these Cogs are grinding their gears harder than ever this week. First it was flooding the streets and stealing from shops, and now it seems that they've coordinated completely random invasions to try and get toons off of the streets.
If you're low on laff, DO NOT leave your building! These Shakers are relentless -- even Level 5 Cogs are marching through the streets of Toontown Central! It's the worst attack we've seen since Doomsday itself -- although luckily the cogs still seem to be afraid to enter the playground ever since.
All of the officers in our building agree that this attack definitely isn't the end. The Cogs are up to a big plan - one that we can't be sure of yet. We need to drive this invasion back, but be careful! Once it's gone, there's bound to be more on the way. I'm just lucky that I was next to the global whisper system when it happened to send out that message!
Wait, listen... Do you hear it? I need to get out of here, I can already hear their stomps getting closer. Grr, the trouble with Cogs... Stay safe out there, toons!
H.Q. Harry
Toon Headquarters Officer

Tooning-up the Toon Hall

Posted by Flippy on May 14, 2014 02:00 PM

Why, Hello there! It's been a while since I was able to post on here, and my oh my how things have changed. I really wish I could have stopped by sooner, but because of the err...the election events...I've just had my hands full.
14-5-14 newhall.png
But hey, now isn't the time to focus on the past. The Cogs are still around, but with the help of all of you toons we're starting to scare them off! Now, though, it's time to get down to business! Err- not business. That was a bad choice of words. It's time to get up to non-business!
Just a week ago I assembled the Toon Council for our very first official meeting to talk about the future. Boy, was that a mess. (Remind me not to use party invitations next time I invite the Toon Troopers...) We covered a whole lot though, and I'm excited to be able to finally let you guys know!
The first thing is something you'll be hearing even more about really soon: The formation of the Toon Resistance. I've appointed Lord Lowden Clear as the leader, who is without any doubt one of the bravest and wackiest toons I've ever known. I don't want to say much, though, because I don't want to take the spotlight away from him when he starts the very first Resistance Mission!
The next thing I want to go over is my personal favorite: The Toon Hall is opening up for all toons! Not quite yet, though. Toon Hall has been private for a while now, but I want to make sure that changes. It's a landmark for Toontown, and one of our proudest buildings. This isn't just any ordinary town hall, though... I've talked with Doctor Surlee on redesigning it to be completely new with many, many uses. We'll have all sorts of hallways, pathways, alleyways, sideways, wideways, and longways that will always be expanding to add new things for the toons to do. Not to mention a very special office for myself, and maybe we can find a planning room for Lowden as well!
My good friend Doctor Surlee is doing the building plans - even he is planning on something for himself and the other lab monkeys to work on. A Silly Meter of sorts! In the meantime, anyone can stop by Toon Hall in my temporary office to have a chat while construction continues. I'm excited to see the outcome, and I hope you are too. We'll keep you posted as more parts are finished up by the construction crew.
As I always say, and there's no better time to say it...
Toons of the world, UNITE!

House of Giggles, Inc.

Posted by Professor Wiggle on May 15, 2014 02:00 PM

Heavens to Betsy! I got here just as quick as I could. You don't understand toons, this is no average post. This is an emergency, and dare I say... Serious business.
14-5-15 cogsinc.png
Many of you don't know me, but I'm the owner of Professor Wiggle's House of Giggles over on Punchline Place. At least, I was the owner! I was just minding my own business looking around for some octopus ink in my shop when suddenly the entire block began rattling. I could hear a faint whistle, so I ran outside to see what the hub-bub was about. Just as I stepped out the door, some sort of humongous Cog Building landed on top of my shop and crushed the whole thing!
I stood in horror as the cogs began marching in and out of it, changing my small-town shop into a mega-corporation of mass production. How dare they try to increase my work efficiency. You can't produce giggles from typewriters and assembly lines! I dashed over to Toon HQ, but they were all gone. I caught one of the officers on the side of the street, who was on his way to Loopy Lane. It turns out that my building wasn't the only one -- Sticky Lou's shop had been taken over as well, and Lou wasn't quite as lucky as I.
Just as the building was falling, in a frantic mess Sticky Lou tried to dart out the door but accidentally knocked over some of his famous Blue Glue on the way. It stuck him right to the ground! They incorporated his building with him inside, and he's still in there now to this minute. You see, that's why I had to run here to make the post and warn all of you -- Toon HQ is busy trying to get him out. They really weren't kidding when they thought that the Cogs had a scheme up their sleeve. Buildings are dropping like flies - and not dead ones!
Last I heard, there was a squad of toons about to enter the elevator and try to bring the business down and save Sticky Lou. I just hope they can get my building next before those Pencil Pushers and Bloodsuckers steal my octopus ink!

Tom's Toon-torial Tutoring

Posted by Tutorial Tom on May 16, 2014 02:00 PM

Hi there, fellow citizens of Toontown! I'm Tom - but you can call me Tutorial Tom. Why, you ask? Because of the newly opened Toon-torial of course!
14-5-16 whereisthisstreetanyway.png
I've been studying the cogs very carefully lately. I can tell you all about these mechanical menaces. There are many different kinds of Cogs, from wide to tall and tall to short. As I'm positive you have heard, they have been turning our happy Toon buildings into ugly Cog Buildings! (Gah, I can't stand consumerism.) However, there is one thing that stands out about the cogs... They can't take a joke! The metal innards just can't handle a good laugh - in fact, a good laugh is what seems to make them explode!
Yikes, looks like I started rattling on again. You'll have to stop me when I do that - we can save that for the Toon-torial. The real news that I'm here to tell you is something exciting for all toons of the Tooniverse... I've been speaking to the Toon Council, you see. Because of the strategies and true teamwork we've been developing to use against the Cogs - along with the help of my Toon-torial to teach new toons about them - starting very soon, New Toons from far and wide will be able to enter Toontown once again!
Toontown's construction isn't completed just yet, but tomorrow you'll hear all about the fancy new keys to the town that the Toon Council will be passing out, and how you can get your gloves on one! Though, before entering, you'll have to stop by my classroom for a quick Toon-torial on how to fight the Cogs. Don't worry, I'll make it quick.
See you there!

You Betta' be Ready for This!

Posted by The Toontown Team on May 17, 2014 02:00 PM

I'm telling you, we just can't contain our excitement over here. You have no idea how big today is. Not only is it the very special birthday of a certain developer... (Don't ask me to name names, because I will absolutely not tell you. I have full respect for the privacy and well-being of our loyal team members.)
(But for the record, it's Shockley.)
...But, today is also a date we have all been waiting for over a month for, and some even longer than that: The Beta Release Date Announcement!
03-5-17 beta.png
You're going to want to buckle up for this post, because it is a doozy. We're talking college thesis material here. You know what that means, though - we're going to have to use a lot of BOLD and ITALICS to keep your attention. Don't you even deny it -- We know you only skimmed over that one post. To fix that, by law(bots), you're required to read every single paragraph of this one. The happiness of your Saturday could depend on it.
Do you remember how we told you that the release notes would be the size of a blog post? It turns out that was an exaggeration - in the opposite way! These release notes are the size of MOUNTAINS, I tell you, with SKYSCRAPERS on top! Yeah, yeah. You just want to see them. Fine. I didn't want to type more anyway. Hrmph. Looks like I have to though, because right below this paragraph, we're glad to finally present the First Release Notes of Beta!


Wait, wait wait. Hang on. What was that last one?
Let me flip through my notes, that can't be right... Yes, random in-game ToonTask... Beta Keys... Huh. Yep, that's what it says. You and I both heard it right, folks -- You can now earn Beta Keys to give to friends through ToonTasks!
Oh, but that's not all. It looks like that tomorrow marks the start of our very own Beta Key Giveaways right here on the website! We'll kick off tomorrow by handing out those 100 promised stream keys to a few of the lucky watchers of the election, as well as announce what is in store for the rest of the contests! This is going to be an exciting week, let me tell you.
Perhaps the most exciting part of this week, however, is the part you've all been waiting for. In fact, as you are reading this paragraph I guarantee you haven't read the rest because you just skipped down to the bottom of the page. That's why I'm not even going to bold it. That'll show 'em!
The release date for Toontown Rewritten Beta, packed with all of the content listed above, is in just about...
Was that a typo too? No, it couldn't be. You heard it just as well as I. Toontown Rewritten Beta starts TODAY! (Err, okay. So maybe I did bold it.)
As soon as it's time, all Beta Testers can head over to the big red "PLAY" button and download the new-and-improved launcher to let their journey begin. If you were an Alpha Tester, you're already signed up for Beta! All you have to do is log in. Note that toons have been wiped, due to the new changes that we've made, though. At the end of Beta, only toon stats will be wiped - not the toons themselves. The toons you make now should be "Rewritten" forever.
Whew! That post really was a doozy. I'm having a hard time processing everything that just happened. Release notes, key tasks, key giveaways, and a Beta release date at 5:00 Toontown Time? I told you we were excited to write the post - and that was certainly no exaggeration!

Daily Beta Giveaway: Feedback Frenzy

Posted by Sir Max on May 18, 2014 02:00 PM

Well, here we are again! It's always such a pleasure. Can you guys believe it's been over five months since the last time the Toon Council allowed keys to be given to new toons? I'm telling you, I was beginning to think that we'd never have a new toon in our town again!
It took some convincing, but the Toon Council finally decided that it was alright to send out another 300 keys to lucky toons of the Tooniverse who get to move into Toontown. And by convincing, I mean that have absolutely no idea that this giveaway is going on, But hey, that's what makes a give-away a giveaway! Right? Right...?
Bah, don't mind them. In fact, we're all going to be doing them a favor with this. You see, the Council is always looking for ways to improve Toontown. Back all those months ago, we asked toons questions as part of the signup process for the giveaway. It ended up being such a good idea that I dug it up out of the garbage can and polished it up to be reused! That's the magic of recycling.
Now, let's talk about how these keys are being distributed. The giveaway actually only covers 100 of the keys, which will be given out to 20 toons per day for 5 days. Next up we have the Key Tasks, which Toon HQ has started off with 100 of. Those, of course, will be going to the friends of the existing Tester Toons. If you haven't complemented your friend lately or given them a gift basket, now is the time to do so!
Finally, the last 100 keys are being given out right here and now! A long time ago with the election shenanigans, we thanked our loyal watchers of Toon TV by telling them that 100 of the viewers would be receiving keys. Those 100 are listed right below!
At this point, you may be a little discouraged that only 300 keys are going out. Will we have to wait 5 months for more? Wipe that discouragement off of your brainwaves, because the answer is absolutely not. Keys are going to be arriving constantly throughout the entirety of our beta test, and I can tell you that if the Toon Council knew about it, I'm sure they would be excited! This is only a single week of the giveaways, and there are many more to come. Hopefully during one of the other weeks we'll round up a few fansites and let them host their own contests, too.
Enough of the talk. We have a giveaway to secretly run! Here is today's feedback question: "How long have you been following Toontown Rewritten? What has been the most memorable update, blog post, or experience with us so far?"
Remember - all you have to do is answer the question right over here on the Giveaway Page to enter. The winners will be completely random, not based off of the quality of your answer. It's just an opinion, after all! And now for the election giveaway winners...
Daily Winners
Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
Back around the time of the Toon Council Presidential Election, we had some roadbumps getting it up and running. As a thanks to everyone who waited around on the stream, we've chosen 100 random viewers. If you think you are one of them, check your inbox! It may be a few hours before all of the keys have been sent out, so keep a close eye on it.
thechowder555 cdawgdude303
Ginger ToontownRewrittenFan
Sheriff Buster Lnsp50
Brody Joke ran dom
Farjust7328 Vivas' Station
aquabluefox Hyperawsome
CaleblovesGrotle SarahBC
sm63player DudeBroHi
Super Pancake Ziller Snooker Gonepurple
TTRSashaFierce Michael Martinez
AiyaManiac Deer Clan
5glitchers5 Brittney wilson
EvanShenanigans Teviousgaming
Rod Meadows LeoTheEpicGamer
emile shaker Amelia Jones
Toontown Tara Katelynn Visbeck
Jeremy Jones oOchandlerrOo
Dixon Joya FIVE hab
Trevor Fell MindSetMagi
Amanda Meracle Connor the Geek Vlogger
Travis Stanger Funnybear465
Jasey Jamnik Mac Graham
SoshadowLS ElectrofizzStudiosCo
CommanderToon skinnyhedgehog
Tiffany Reigle King Tom
Emily Olson Sammyboiforlife
Nora Enaami MrTorterra111
reyhugo snowcard
The Gaming Orange John Burn
Dat Makuta HMSS
Foxmccloud810 Kelly1Elvis
Katikas billy schmied
Pinewhisperr King Corky Zippendoodle
jacdhalina TheBigCheese Bot
fleabagrusty Toon Tastic
Gabriel Rizzo Robin DeBank
joey quinn Joseph LaBrunda
DreamLeafAlex Brenden TheGamer
Rosey MegaSuperteam
Ben Adam C.
DarkMist NeturonicAngelz
tylefeer10 Pat Frame
The Roger Dog Show Maxwell Jacobs
Marc Clague Thee SpongeSir
Nolan Czech PrincessLilyToon
Thomas Ing Zachery Santa
Dylan J.D Carlos Loco
DatCatMetallicTho Annie Paws
SpottytheBunny MummyMan
Incredibeast The Toontown Project
But! Just because hundreds of keys are going out right now doesn't mean that Shockley wasn't busy fixing McQuack's messes!

Daily Beta Giveaway: Three 2's with Two Zeros

Posted by Sir Max on May 19, 2014 02:00 PM

Welcome one and all to Day 2 of the Daily Beta Giveaway! We've got 20 keys to pass out today, and another 20 more to hand out tomorrow. That's three 2's in two sentences, and two of them have a zero on the end. If that doesn't get you excited, absolutely nothing will.
14-5-19 evenicanttaskthatfast.png
Today's post is going to be short and sweet. We've got a handful of bugfixes for you, along with the list of new toons in town. Don't worry -- the big updates are soon to come! Some of the really brave toons have already hit over 40 Laff Points. We want to give a big shout out to our fellow tester toon, Addison, for being the fastest one to get to 40 Laff Points, along with being the first to complete a Key ToonTask! Showtime also deserves recognition, even though he was a bit slower than Addison, for being the current one with the most total Laff Points: 42.
Now it's time to give you toons the opportunity for one of those tasks. Who knows? Maybe you'll be the first toon to hit 137 Laff! Today's feedback question is one that may hurt our feelings a bit, but we promise that we won't cry for more than a few hours. The question is "What has been the most disappointing moment for you in Toontown Rewritten's lifetime? How would you have handled the situation if you were us? What about the most exciting moment?" You can answer the question over on our Giveaway Page.
And now, just after these Release Notes, it's time to present our lovely key winners from yesterday's question!
Daily Winners
Daily Beta Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Today's Question:
"How long have you been following Toontown Rewritten? What has been the most memorable update, blog post, or experience with us so far?"
1. Elavad
I've been following for 3 Months. The trailers were most memorable! Those really showed how amazing TTR is! I LOVED watching them.
2. Patrick
I have been following Toontown rewritten since the alpha was here and let me just say that its been wonderful listening to the updates and blog posts it gets me excited every time. The most memorable update was the election. I never knew who was going to win, I voted for flippy and I was amazed he won also when beta came out. I really want to play this game I even played the old version. I love this game so I hope I can get a key.
3. Bellatrix
I've been following for a few months. My most memorable experience was the excitement of first finding the site and realizing that I'd actually be able to play this great game again thanks to you guys!! Can't wait!!
4. Illustrious Infinity
I have been checking in on TTR since around the time Toontown closed and the site first started gaining attention. The most memorable post for me was the announcement that alpha was open to testers.
5. Small Cat
I've been following Toontown rewritten since the very first day. The very most memorable blog post was today's and yesterday's!
6. Drawing Heart
I started following 2 months after TT shutdown. :)
Most memorable moment is when I first found it.
7. Ash BashI've been following toontown rewritten almost since day 1. c:
The most memorable update for me have to be the election. It was absolutely amazing!
8. Muffin the Playfull Kitten
I have been following Toontown Rewritten ever since it started. The most memorable update has been the Presidential Election. :) :) :)
9. Benag
I've been following TTR since the day it was announced! I can still remember when people were hoping that somebody would buy Toontown before you guys saved the day! As for the second question,The most memorable update for me was the beta update from yesterday, of course. Seeing Toontown Rewritten go into beta and take its first huge steps in a long time was the main reason why. The runner-up, however, was the election. I've been imagining that there would be cog invasions in the playground for a long time, and i was very surprised to see my imaginations become true!
10. Autoridade DJ Milhãoninja
I've been following Toontown Rewritten since February, and the most memorable experience was the Mayor Election! (Sorry for my english, I'm brazilian.)
11. Loopy LumpenBob
I have been following Toontown Rewritten since you first started creating it. The most memorable update were the cogs.
12. Louie Picklezilla
I've been following Toontown Rewritten since the old website design and quite frankly, the new design is more toony! TOONTASTIC!
13. Lilypad
I have only been following toontown rewritten for a few weeks, i used to play the original game all the time then stopped for a while, only to find the game deleted then found this version which i was so excited about. My favourite blog was the one on the 17th of May about the Beta game coming out as it made the game one step closer to being available!!14. Scooter The DogWell, one boring night I got really bored and had no one to talk to. As I started searching my brain for fun things I did in the past, I remembered my friend that just moved across the country telling me about Toontown in the 5th grade [...]
So, I googled Toontown to discover that it was gone! And then I found TTR and absolutely loved the idea of helping the Toontown community get back on it's feet. Not only were they planning to do that, but they planned to make it even better, and best of all, FREE. All of this happened around late February of this year. My favorite update was probably the latest one saying that you guys are giving away 300 beta keys. I mean, how exciting is that?! The election was a cool idea too. It was something to entertain everyone not in TTR yet and keep them updated on the game's progress in development.
Anyway, I'm very excited to be a part of this community once again with a better computer that will hopefully hold up enough to play the game again. This was probably my favorite thing Disney had other than Mickey Mouse. Toons of the world, UNITE! :D
15. Crazy C.J
My most memorable update was when Sir Max said 300 more keys were being given out simply because I new I had a chance to start playing toon-town again!
16. Princess Pinky PoodleMuffin
The most memorable post for me is actually quite recent. It's the one that introduces Beta to us toons. I picked this because it means we're on step closer to bringing something so memorable back to a beautiful community. It also brings back a childhood memory of playing Toontown (I'm really excited for this!!!).
17. Daxy
I have been following Toontown Rewritten since the end of October and my favorite experience so far has been all the election shenanigans followed by all the snow Christmas brought with it!
18. Fainly
I have been following you guys for a good 2 weeks i just learned about toontown closing very recently and i looked up a way to play it and you guys showed up! I have been excited to play once again. The most memorable blog was probably the one saying the toontown rewritten was finally in beta.
19. Little Zowie
I've been following Toontown Rewritten since about a month after it started. My friends had been talking about it and then I searched it up and found the website!! The most memorable update/blog post I've experienced so far is the election and the more recent one, You Betta' be Ready for This! They got be so excited to play the game from my childhood again and the new things that Toontown Rewritten is offering just makes this whole thing even better!
20. Jumping Dog
I have been following you guys for a long time now. I think what you guys are doing is amazing, thank you so much! The most memorable update I would say that it would be the Toontown Election,

Daily Beta Giveaway: Stuttering Insanity

Posted by Sir Max on May 20, 2014 02:00 PM

Heyo Toon - - - - s!
We're here once again with- - - (Hang on, just give it a second. a toon must have joined the area.) - - -- - Day 3 of the Key giveaways! Plenty of keys have been given away already, and we have plenty more to g- - ---o.


And now, for the winners! And release notes, of course.
Daily Winners
Daily Beta Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. The feedback question isn't judged for picking winners -- We just want to know how you feel about Toontown Rewritten! The winners are picked by randomness, not the quality of the answers. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Yesterday's Question:
"What has been the most disappointing moment for you in Toontown Rewritten's lifetime? How would you have handled the situation if you were us? What about the most exciting moment?"
1. Pharebear
The most disappointing moment has to be the wait. It's crazy how long a game can take to be made. I don't know what I would do differently if I were you guys, you are handling it pretty well. The most exciting moment has to be the announcement of beta for sure.
2. Cora Financial Officer
The most disappointing moment was the Election Delays :( Idk how I would have handled it--- maybe more communication. The most exciting was the actual Elections, though!! Like WHOA OMG
3. Doctor Biscuit Electro Boing
For me, there was no disappointing moments, and the most exciting was when the beta era started.
4. Spedan
The most disappointing moment for me in Toontown rewritten's lifetime is were I couldn't get a beta key. But if I were you guys, I would of made everyone happy by making it a open beta so everyone could play. My most exciting moment was watching the elections.
5. Barkey
Whats the most disappointing moment for me in the Tootnown Rewritten's Lifetime? Well honestly I have yet to be disapointed. Many people may say its taking too long for the game to open to the public but I understand it takes time and you guys want the game to be perfect before you do open. If I were you guys I would probably handle everything the same. I wouldn't know that for sure unless I was in your shoes.
The most exciting moment for me would have to be when I first heard about the Toontown Rewritten project many months ago. I've been waiting and waiting till the day I can play the great game of Toowntown again. I check the website whenever I can. I just want to say I would greatly appreciate the chance to receive a Beta key. I loved the game of Toontown and started playing in '05. I believe I would be a great addition to the team and look forward to the progression of the game.
6. Cool Dog
My most exciting moment was the election, although I was not there to watch or participate in it. It looked really awesome when i watched on YouTube. I really don't have a disappointing moment in this game and I'm looking forward to playing it!
7. Cetaphil
The length it is taking for the game to be fully released is most disappointing. But I know that the longer it takes, the better it will be and more enjoyment I'll have when I play it.
8. Nutty McToon
The most disappointing moment for me in TTR's lifetime was not seeing the full world of TT open and free to roam for those toons who aren't in Beta. I know that it will be a slow process, but I was hoping to have the ability to run free and squash all the bugs (insert meme here). If I were the dev team, I would handle the situation exactly how you are all doing now, by taking it one step at a time and letting the community know that change is coming. All good beta tests must take it slow as the whole idea is to destroy bugs that will ruin the final product.
9. Little Snowflake
In TTR I think when the elections where put off I was really upset from waiting for sooo long. I think you guys handled it well to be honest, and the most exciting one was moving into Beta Finally!
10. Sheriff Chip Hucklebubble
Toontown Rewritten is a gift and I am happy to have the oppurtunity to see it again, no matter how long it takes to rebuild it. Don't listen to the impatient ones. The most exciting moment was definitely the elections!
11. Little Yippie MacSeed
The most disappointing moment for me in Toontown Rewritten's lifetime, would be how long the wait for beta to release along with the actual game. I handled the situation by trying to distract myself, but also following the site to see how Toontown Rewritten was doing. The most exciting moment would be watching the election day live-stream, it was simply amazing. I was so excited; I wish I could have been there. Also at the end when it was announced that beta was going to be released soon.
12. Melody SourPop
I think that here was no disappointing moment for me in the TTR lifetime.The most exciting moment was the first key giveaway.
13. Marc
I found it very disappointing that so far I had no chance to test the Alpha. I would have had the beta opened without a key to test the server load and to constantly adapt.
Sorry for my bad English!14. CookieThe most disappointing moment for me was the postponing of the election. If I were part of the team I wouldn't have announced a date until I was absolutely sure everything was ready to go. The most exciting moment would have to be the release of beta along with the first release notes of beta.
15. Cool Flip Crunchy Marble
The most disappointing moment for me was when I found out that there would only be 300 beta key giveaways. I don't have any alpha-tester friends, so I knew I wouldn't get one from there. I'm going to try every day to get a key, because I want to play soooo bad! Hopefully beta testing goes so well that it'll open to the public very shortly after. I wouldn't change anything if I were you guys! I understand that you have to limit the amount of players during testing so that you have plenty of time and room to make this project the best it can be! I don't mind waiting at all.
The most exciting moment was when this project was built in the first place! Keep being awesome, guys!
16. Mew
I would adore to be in Toontown rewritten! The most disappointing was when those cogs were invading, Of course, I would handle it with a few pies, Case closed. My most exciting was hearing this game being released!
17. Prof. Raven McSwirl
Haha the most disappointing moment for me in TTR's lifetime was not getting an alpha key -- but you guys handled everything beautifully, not everyone can get one!! The most exciting moment was hearing about the presence of the Cogs in the streets at last!!! It means our game is coming to life once more!!! Loved the note from HQ Harry. :)
18. Scribble McShortie
The most disappointing moment for me was when I realized I wasn't able to experience the Elections myself, since I didn't have an Alpha key. If there was a trolley game like it or playground invasions or something, that would be absolutely fantastic. The most exciting moment was also the elections, because oh my goodness you guys did amazing.
19. Olivia
The most disappointing moment for me in Toontown Rewritten's lifetime was not being able to join the alpha! But, I still followed you guys and cannot wait for it to be live for everyone. :D
20. Blizzard
The most disappointing moment for me in Toontown Rewritten lifetime was when the lifestream was postponed. I would have handled this situation exactly how you did. I would have postponed it. The most exciting moment is now! I hope to win a Beta Key!

The Sellbot Storm

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on May 21, 2014 02:00 PM

Sorry for the interruption, toons. I'm here to interrupt this giveaway for a special message from the Toon Resistance! Perhaps I should introduce myself first. Lord Lowden Clear's my name, and pieing Cogs is my game.
14-5-21 loudandclear.jpg
The Toon Resistance was formed just last month to ensure that these baddies are kept bustling -- with laughter! The Cogs have been getting bolder lately, launching their mega-corporations upon our shops and starting invasions. The problem is: Where have they all been coming from?
Myself and some of our top agents went about trying to answer that very question. While we were stopping by Daisy Gardens, we noticed an increasing number of Sellbots. We traced the cogs all over until finally uncovering evidence of something big, something Toons from all over have been dreading...
Just past the outskirts of Oak Street, we have uncovered a Sellbot HQ.
Those Sellbots have converted the open plains into a fuel-burning, economically unstable, billowing factory of mass production. Not only have they been manufacturing new suits to send out, but the biggest fear of all is the humongous Sellbot Marketing Tower that quite literally towers over the area. The agents and I burst into it, only to be confronted by cameras all around and a bunch of their Goons to escort us out.
The Cogs weren't happy one bit about our discovery. Alarms began blaring, and we sprinted out of there as quick as we could! It didn't do any good, though. The factories were put into full swing, and Skelecogs - Cogs who haven't even finished being built - began pouring down from the skies of Toontown! We can't allow this factory to stand, and even more so the Sellbot Towers where I wouldn't even dare to imagine the colorless and mediocre marketing strategies that are being made inside. This, toons, is where you come in.
I wasn't chosen as leader of the Toon Resistance entirely by my dashing charm, you know! You see, I've been working lately on an invention of mine. An invention known as the Cog Disguise. The problem is that it requires quite a bit of parts to put together, and I only had enough for myself! Toons, we need YOU to Storm Sellbot and get those parts. We need to find a way into Sellbot Towers unnoticed!
I've been passed along a list of new recruits today, although you toons will want to build your laff up a bit before taking on the HQ. Until next time, my dear toons, keep them bustling -- with laughter!
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance

Daily Winners
Daily Beta Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. The feedback question isn't judged for picking winners -- We just want to know how you feel about Toontown Rewritten! The winners are picked by randomness, not the quality of the answers. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway! All you have to do is answer the question "What is one update that you really want to see in Toontown Rewritten? Whether it be new content, bugfixes, or gameplay improvements."
Yesterday's Question:
"In a few words, briefly describe what you consider to be the 'look' and 'theme' of Toontown. How could it be made better without drifting away from the original feel of the game?"
1. Sour von McMuffin
Of course, the theme of Toontown would obviously be fun, gags, and giggles! Of course, there are the cogs, too.
2. Chistopher
The "look" or "theme" of Toontown is silliness. It could be made better with more silliness and more toontastic toons!
3. Lady Roxy
I consider the 'look' and 'theme' of Toontown to be teamwork! You have to work as a team with your fellow toons when you defeat a cog building, fight the vp, and most definitely when you're doing the Lil Oldman toontask ;)
I feel that in order to not drift away from the teamwork aspect of the game, we should encourage higher level toons to lend a helping hand and help lower level toons because lets face it, we all start somewhere right?!
4. Princess Melody
To me, the theme of Toontown is a place where toons can have lots of fun by doing "toony" like things. When I say "toony" like things, I mean funny things that one would see on cartoons. I also think that jokes fit in with the theme of "toony." I find the look to be very similar. It is very cartoon like, and has that fun, cheery, and happy look to it.
I think that it could be made better by adding even more funny things to it. Toontown is about fun and funny things (in my point of view). Adding more of that would make Toontown's theme shine even more.
5. Crocodile of Hearts
I would describe the look of Toontown as colorful, funny, and fictional. I would describe the theme of Toontown as youthful, magical, and simple. I think Toontown can be made better by making it more HD and by adding in activities and features so that Toontown can be made more enjoyable for everyone so they don't get bored easily.
6. Nyarxu
I consider Toontown to be a place where we can all join together to focus on a single objective. Honestly I think the game can't be changed without losing the original feel, this game is so unique that any other change to it would seem wrong.
7. Rainbow
Fun and working together were the main things about Toontown, but as I'm sure you know, not many people liked doing the second part. So, it's more of a thing as having fun while helping others.
It was hard at times to do DDL tasks when your friends were not online, because most other Toons would not want to help unless you helped them on an array of tasks for three hours. And even then, they would just log off or go get someone else to help them, not helping in return.
I think it could be made a bit better by having jokes whispered once in awhile. The best way to stay in a toontastic mood is with toontastic jokes!
8. Marzvillian
I think the look is how cartoonish the game looks it just captures the attention of most people and they said, "Hey, that looks like an enjoyable game I think I'll try it out!" The theme of Toontown is how silly the game is in a good way. This game really brings out peoples emotions when it comes to this game this game is mainly everyone childhood. So, the theme is the pies, toons, silliness, and the community itself:) . Honestly I think the game couldn't be any better but if I had to choose I would say make the story line a bit longer so like add new cogs or playgrounds just to make us play even longer periods of time!
9. Radder Cat
The look of Toontown is very open, it can be whatever it needs to be for a certain scene. The buildings bring life to the streets or make it as if the builds are a family. The random objects around the street corners should probably have eyes as if they are apart of the world too.
10. Toon for Life
The theme of TT is for me fantastic, and present a super gameplay with the toon world (with the Disney character like Minie, Mickey...) It's a very good game for all, the child, the old, in my opinion this gameplay can please everyone! TOONTASTIC!
11. Cliff Doggenpop
I think that in my opinion Toontown was perfect before it was cancelled.
12. Princess Pastel
Well, i really like it!! So far, i can't wait for Toontown Rewritten, i must say its pretty awesome of how they are making the game come back to us!
For now they are doing a great job on doing the game again, there's no need to say what would it made it better, but I would say that they could add some new cogs and it will be interesting if they could make voice chat ONLY for your true friends, I don't know if you like that idea but i'm only suggesting it. But I hope everything in the game comes alright! :)
13. Mr. Ubercat
Toontown's theme is just have fun and make friends ( and destroy some cogs in the process >:D. )
Hmm... the only thing I could think of that could make Toontown any better than it already is, I'm gonna have to say another boss with a new suit, my last toon was lvl 50 Mr. Hollywood, Robber Baron, Big Wig, and lvl 7 Head Hunter (I miss him so much...) so another boss would be amazing, though very difficult to implement. You guys did add somewhat of a mini-boss in the election which was awesome, but most toons were not able to experience this in person (or should I say in toon hehehe.)
14. Prof. Sniffy Wonderstink
This is about stating our opinions…therefore I’ll state my apologies for the length of this response now. Sorry.
For me, Toontown was always a place to simply go and have fun. We've had a fantastic community since the beginning; and despite the fact that the original Toontown was shut down, this game’s community is still thriving. I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe most of us have stuck around for this long because Toontown’s incredible community is something that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Every day we see people offending one another, many unwilling to simply allow bygones to be bygones. I’ve never seen two Toons fight for more than a minute or two; even then it’s likely just a dispute on whether they’d want to do Mini-Golf or go Cart Racing. The “theme” of Toontown is good will, co-operation, and simply being nice [...] By rewriting Toontown, we've given it back all of the spirit it originally had. Being non-profit only reinforced this 10 fold. Toontown’s “theme” can’t be spoiled. So kudos to you guys—the Toontown Rewritten Team, and those of us who have stuck with Toontown, no matter how long—for giving this game a second chance, and for it to actually mean something, not just be the tool used to feed corporate interest. Beta key or not, I’ll be supporting this project every step of the way, and cheering for those who do get into Beta. Thanks for listening to my rant guys, and as always, Toons of the World, Unite!
15. Simon Slug
The look and theme of Toontown will be: easy, plot, and silly. The silliness is the toon in Toontown and the story is the town. The fact that it is easy doesn't give a bonus to Toontown's theme. Maybe that is something that can drift away. I heard that cogs are making new and better technology... I think that can make the game a bit more challenging.
16. Fluffy Dolphin
Toontown's theme to me is entertaining a lot of people with its creativity and keeping people entertained. To make it better it could use some bug fixes that the original game had and possible a new area that has the theme of the original game.
17. McGlidey
The look and feel of Toontown is a great thing, its a fun safe place to kill cogs and get better and better each and every day, its the best game in the Tooniverse. I think maybe you could add new areas to the map just to make the adventure of Toontown bigger and bigger. Keep up the great work of this wonderful game!!
18. Ned Pickletooth
I think the main theme of Toontown is teamwork. It's supposed to appeal to all ages and bring them together to accomplish something as a unit. I think the game is fine as it is and nothing can be done to improve this theme.
19. Journey
What I consider to be the 'look' of Toontown is Flippy. Flippy is the mascot of Toontown therefore making him the look/symbol of the game.. What I consider to be the 'theme' of Toontown is the cogs. They are the antagonist of the game which we have to destroy.
I think the game could be made better without drifting away from the original feel of the game by adding many new additional events to the game, making the gamers not bored of the same old same old.
20. Secret Spy
Some things which make the game better without taking away that feeling of Toontown is looks of toons, adding accessories and new clothing, and maybe add new events.

Daily Beta Giveaway: Factory Fanfares

Posted by Sir Max on May 22, 2014 02:00 PM

Whew, it's good to be back. Lowden gave me quite a scare yesterday -- as you know, the Toon Resistance had to send out an emergency update to all of Toontown on the discovery of Sellbot HQ. I would have preferred that they didn't break down the door to do it, but hey, I've broken it down plenty of times before. Shockley will fix it.
14-5-22 factoryfanfares.jpg
Now, about that giveaway. The Toon Resistance needs new recruits in here -- PRONTO! With the Sellbot Factory pouring out Cogs at huge rates and the Sellbot Towers still needing to be taken down, us Toons need all the help we can get. At least it's only Sellbots!
Although we need new recruits, the toons of Toontown are having no mercy on the businessmen in the factories. Outrageous Man, Showtime, Mr. Shark, and Blackluster Wonder were the first toons to storm the factory and take it out, and it only took them less an hour after the HQ was discovered!
Those toons are definitely tough enough - not to mention TOON enough - but we're going to need more to storm the Sellbot Towers. Lucky for you, we've got another question on hand: "How balanced and fun do you think the battle system is? What improvements and adjustments would you make? What about boss battles?"
You can answer that question over on our Giveaway Page, as I'm sure you know by now. However, it's time to get to today's winners!
Daily Winners
Daily Beta Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. The feedback question isn't judged for picking winners -- We just want to know how you feel about Toontown Rewritten! The winners are picked by randomness, not the quality of the answers. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Yesterday's Question:
"What is one update that you really want to see in Toontown Rewritten? Whether it be new content, bugfixes, or gameplay improvements."
1. Tiara
One update I really want to see is at your estate make double house so you can share with a true friend. That would be truly awesome and I'm sure about half of the toons in Toontown would agree! It would be amazing for doodles so they aren't lonely and better for toons so you don't have to teleport to your friends house! xoxo, Tiara
2. Sir Chrome
I want to really see cog nation, imagine fighting the chairman with 20 or so toons!
3. Melody McPop
I would love for the elevator/boarding group glitches that allow toons to trap others in the elevator to be fixed. No one deserves that!
4. Sheriff Huddles Rufflenerd
It came to me in a dream last night: Skateboarding Toons. It can be implemented in either playgrounds, streets, or even be its own unique trolley game.
5. Prof. Sparklenugget
Uhhhh, thats a tricky pickle. I want to see new pets in the pet store! I think some Doodles are over rated...
You could also add new things to Clarabelle's Catalog, like, a bouncy house that you can actually jump on and off. And, you should also add new cogs and gags, new cogs mean more fun in the game, more gags means more cogs to defeat and more adventure!
6. Celeste
A update I would like to see in Toontown Rewritten is when you go to your house and call on the phone to get more things, I would like there to be more of a variety or a "make your own" that costs more.
7. Neoxenos
One update I would love to see in Toontown Rewritten would be smoothing out the graphics. Some of them are quite choppy and I would just really enjoy seeing a smoother gameplay altogether. That or a new gag track!
8. Safire
One update that I really want to see happen in Toontown is improvements on the final bosses of the VP, CFO, CJ, and CEO. Mechanics for the cranes on the Cashbot boss and the gavels for the Lawbot boss get on my nerves, and the VP battle is extremely dull. (Not that that isn't the cogs style, but still its kind of boring after many times.)
I would love to see those improvements made. But over all I cannot wait! Toons Unite!
9. Fat Tubby Whiskermuffin
Personally, I just can't wait to see how the plot of TTR unfolds!
10. Loouie Nuttyscooter
Something that I would love to see in TTR would be. New playgrounds, new gags, new cogs, or maybe even a new game similar to the Minigolf course?
11. Pinkypie
I don't want to see anything updated. I liked all the glitches and bugs the old Toontown had because they were actually fun and no one had problems with it. I'm so excited for Toontown Rewritten!
12. Daddy-O
An update that I would prefer is to be able to change you toons original figure. Not necessarily color or name, but at least the size. For example after playing with my rabbit toon for so long, I wanted him to look "healthier". But that option was never made available. After all we change over time, why not out toons too?
13. Wacky
I REALLY want to see a new cog HQ somewhere like it was rumored to be in Chip and Dale's, although it doesn't have to be there. There could be an ultimate cog boss, even harder that the CEO, and possibly even a new type of cog. I can't wait to see what you guys do with TTR.
14. Meggy Muffin
I'd really love to see some cleaner looking graphics in Toontown Rewritten. I wouldn't want to see the old style go, but just some cleanup to make it look a little nicer. Of course I'd want it to be optional so we don't exclude our fellow toons with older computers or slow internet!(:
15. Prof. Pancake Electroboom
I would love to see a way to delete tasks from the book. In the original Toontown, I got stuck on 2 tasks marked "Just For Fun" but they were literally impossible to do. Until I completed those 2 tasks, I could not get any more tasks that actually mattered.
TTR Note: Lucky for you, Disney already implemented this in one of the later Toontown updates. Although it seemed scarce at times, they listened to the community as well.
16. Luigi Partypants
One update I would like to see in Toontown Rewritten is brand new gags! although my suggestions might not get picked I thought of some pretty cool gags. I came up with the topic of High Tech. First there is the Laser beam. Second the Super laser beam. Third the Time detonator. Fourth there is Laser missile. Fifth there is the Laser sword. Sixth there is the BOOM box. Last but not least there is the SUPER laser missile! Some new gags would be good for Toontown Rewritten!
17. Drifting Ocean
I would love to see updates about cog bosses, and maybe Rewrittens own kind of content! As long as it stays Toony, I would love to see it! :)
18. Sway
The one thing I want to see is to let anyone can play Toontown without a key, because Toontown Rewritten is awesome and I just wanna see everyone be able to play, and hopefully me too. That's all I can really say.
19. Doggy
There should definitely be a limit to certain playgrounds/HQ's/streets. A gag limit. This still allows ubers to do stuff, as it is not a laff limit. But for 15 laffer toons with level 1 squirt and throw can be excluded because they aren't ready for the content yet.
20. Good Ol' Bonkers Kookeystinks
I would REALLY want to see something like the Chairman in the sewers of Toontown Central or something. No, like a Toontown Cog Black Market under the Town Hall!
I would just want an all-compassing Cog Boss. Maybe you could be a Skelecog going through the battle. Or maybe even a Boss Cog costume, where you must defeat the, say, VP 50 times after getting the level 50 Mr.Hollywood to unlock this and you get a VP costume!

Daily Beta Giveaway: Panting and Patience

Posted by Sir Max on May 23, 2014 02:00 PM

Hey there... pant, wheeze ...toons. Whew. Hang on, let me catch my breath.
There, I'm good. No - wait... No, I'm good. Yeah. Hi!
14-5-23 polarplace.jpg
Sorry guys, that was a long run. I had to get back to Toontown Central to make this post all the way from Donald's Dreamland. I haven't been granted teleportation access yet, you see. Oh, it's not about the tasks. It's just that they don't really trust me with teleportation after that whole incident with the elephant. Ahaha, that was classic. You should have seen the look on their face! Err- I mean... I'm deeply sorry for those who were squished in the process.
Anyway, good news! No, it's not keys. I'll get to that. Patience!
The good news is that Polar Place has officially opened in the Brrrgh! Even better news: I demolished one of the buildings and put a shortcut to the end of it! No more long runs for me. With all of the toons volunteering for ToonTasks, the demand of goods in the Brrrgh has skyrocketed! We had to open up a whole new street just to hold the shops, who of course will be offering ToonTasks.
Did you know that one of our tester toons, Frequency, has already completed tasks up to the Brrrgh and is on their way for Donald's Dreamland now? There are plenty of others catching up too, but Frequency has taken the lead. It is a dead end street, though. The Toon Council is planning on using the empty area past it for something in the future. I mean, it's not like there are any Cogs past there.
Now it's time for the keys. This one, let me tell you, you are going to be excited for. We're splitting our allotment into two today: The first 10 keys will be going towards the normal feedback question, and today's one is important: "What do you think of all of the ways Toontown Rewritten has been passing out Beta Keys? What can we do to make it more fair, and even more so, more fun?" - You can answer that question on the Giveaway Page.
The other 10 keys, however, are going to be drawn from the entries for the entire week! That means that if you entered every day, you have even greater chances of winning a key. It's just our way of thanking you guys for keeping up with the contests and being so interested in entering them.
Speaking of thanks, here are the rest of the Beta Key winners for today. No, not the release notes. Under that.
Daily Winners
Daily Beta Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. The feedback question isn't judged for picking winners -- We just want to know how you feel about Toontown Rewritten! The winners are picked by randomness, not the quality of the answers. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Yesterday's Question:
"How balanced and fun do you think the battle system is? What improvements and adjustments would you make? What about boss battles?"
1. Vilanova
In my opinion the battle system is alright, but needed to improve some gags like an 8th track or something, and about the boss battles it should be harder and you can get in with more people, and more levels.
2. King Sunnboos
I think the battle system is awesome, I'd not change a thing :)
3. Big Red Dog
While entertaining, I believe Toontown's battle system has always been lacking to some degree. As one might expect from turn-based fighting - given that you have [such a number] of toons with appropriate gag training and laugh points, you're pretty much guaranteed a victory... while tactics do come in to play, they aren't very complex and most new players can pick up on them quite easily. The current system does in fact encourage team work and a level of small level of trust between players, but it offers the community an easy path to 'glory' and is highly chance- or luck-based. "How else would it be done? Are you crazy?" I am crazy, but that's beside the point. I'd love to see a new element introduced: imagine something kind of like Match Minnie.
Say you choose to throw a pie... a word pops up on your screen, and the faster you type it - the higher your attack accuracy; should you fail to type the complete word, you end up with a 25-50% probability. Each gag could easily have its own variance in this regard. This would promote typing, as well as aid in vocabulary development. Anything that lessens the "luck requirement" is fine by me, really.
4. King WildSprinkles
The battle system is perfect! Although what adjustment I'd like to see is new gags and possibly more cogs in a battle. I think there should be a new theme for new bosses, moreover I think it's fine.
5. Quote
The battle system is mostly balanced. The damage depending on the gag used and level, however, is perfect. The only thing that bothered me was the accuracy of the gags which could use some improvement, minus trap of course. I remember losing several cog buildings and battles just because I missed an unusual amount of times. Other than that, the battle system is really fun and unique.
6. Yellow Duck
The battle system is already the best that it can be! I do wish the boss battles were more of a challenge though...
7. Cocoa Marshmallow
The battle system is fine. Though, the frequency of missing to a cog attack is very low. Now, I don't want you guys to make them miss every 2 rounds but at least throw in a few more. On boss battles, i was thinking about getting Birthday Cake instead of Cream Pies on the V.P. I haven't gotten any farther than V.P so i can't say anything about the other bosses.
8. Tankitchaos
Maybe new gags that balance the system more, or more combo gags like lure and trap. For bosses, maybe each playground could have a hard boss you have to kill at the end, maybe solo, or maybe with a friend or something.
9. Alice
I think the battle system is very fun to play and adapt to. I believe an improvement would maybe be the accuracy rates since many of the gags have a high chance of missing. I really like the original boss battles but maybe something could be added to one of them for something new.
10. Dandyglop
The battle system is great. The only adjustment I would make is to put a timer on the VP after the Skelecogs and when the toon is talking about pies so if people are away, it doesn't stop stop active toons.
11. Little Chip Pepperfish
I always enjoyed the battle system. I always thought trap was underused. Maybe it's just me, but being able to get the full amount of gags like in the other gag tracks. As for boss battles, they should be challenging. Toontown should have that challenging aspect to it.
12. Frostbite
I think the battle system has become a little too easy. The VP has become extremely easy and i just wish maybe there would be two different VP's one geared towards the lower level toons, and one that is harder to add more challenge for those who want the old Toontown difficulty back. But if one was harder that would mean maybe the chances of getting a better SOS would increase substantially to compensate for the added challenge.
13. Fangs
I think the battle system, including boss battles are pretty well balanced. Not perfect, but not awful either. After all, you guys are still testing! For some battle adjustments, it would be cool to add more attacks to the cogs. Some cogs have VERY few of attacks. It would be interesting for a new one for a change such as:
- Throw Book (A scrapped idea Disney Planned for an attack)
- Song and Dance (Another scrapped idea from Disney)
I really didn't have many original ideas for the basic battles, but I do have a lot for the boss battles.
You could add:
- A way to train toons to use the crane in the CFO
- Chairman Battle (I'm guessing it was commonly requested in other ones though)
- Can the boss battles be set by difficulty? Easy would be the normal 8 toons in a boarding group, Normal would have 4, and Hard would only have 2. That way, toons can challenge themselves without other toons trying to get in the group.
I would again like to say thank you for making Toontown Rewritten. I have been playing for 6 years and I couldn't stand seeing it close. I hope you guys do great on Toontown Rewritten. I will be looking forward to it when it is open to the public.
14. Jolene Rene
I think it's very fun. Sometimes it was annoying when I would miss 5 times in a row though. Also I wish doodles were more helpful. They are cute but it takes SO MUCH training to make them effective.
15. Princess Rose
I think the battle system is very balanced and plenty of fun. I can't think of any improvements or adjustments. The gameplay videos looked great.
16. Monty Fumblesocks
The battle system is really fun and balanced, but I would let everyone have freedom to run about the battle to throw pies from all directions. Boss battles are fine, I wouldn't change anything.
17. Sir Squishy
I think the battle system is fairly balanced up until the end game. 4 Toons with numerous Unites, S.O.S. cards, Fires and maxed out gags rarely have problems fighting cogs and whenever they do they can just lure and spam toonup until they are healthy enough to continue fighting. I really am not sure how to fix this problem but if there was a possible solution to making battles feel more edgy/risky that would be toontastic!
18. Jake
I enjoy watching the animations, however I think they can be repetitive. Also, I think you should be able to see the cog's levels and names so you can strategically plan out which gag you want to use. Boss battles are fun, but again, get repetitive. One way to fix this is to add some unpredictability, such as instead of the toon at the top giving you away, maybe he stays quiet and you find a way to blow up the cogs without fighting, but later on the VP notices and you have to fight.
19. Doctor Dynamite
I think it was kind of balanced, but for adjustments I would make it much harder. The old Toontown actually posed a challenge and was fun, but now in my opinion it is way too easy.
20. Pedalkunk
I think the battle system is as standard as it gets. It is a really fun battle system, and an idea I have is like maybe victory music when you you beat the cog, and maybe when you go sad dramatic music, kind of like when Slappy Quackintosh went sad.
For boss battles, I think that for the cogs you fight in the boss battles you should make it so that maybe you had a mode you could select at the begining that randomizes the gags you can use each time. For the boss itself, I think you should add more for the attacks. For the VP, I think you should do something like the doomsday event, where the VP has cogs go after you and you pie them, while at the same time focusing on the VP. Thanks for reading my response!F

Daily Beta Giveaway: Sellbot Saturday

Posted by Sir Max on May 24, 2014 01:19 PM

Here it is, toons. The final day! You know, technically, yesterday was supposed to be the final day. We didn't even tell you. Surprise! The Council decided that with the discovering of Sellbot HQ, though, that it was time to let an extra 20 toons into Toontown. Now, they might still be unaware of the 100 other toons that I've let in this week.
Hey, what they don't know won't hurt them. Unless they don't know about a bomb. That would definitely hurt them.
14-5-24 taxcollection.jpg
The Toon Resistance has certainly been pleased with the new Tester Toons, however. Lord Lowden Clear has been making big plans, and they just went into action. Just about an hour ago, Lowden (with the help of one of the top Resistance Rangers, Mata Hairy) gathered a bunch of toons to head into Sellbot Towers and take it down. They've been stockpiling Toon-Ups and Gag Barrels, which allowed Showtime, Chaos, Bawb, Super Wackyflapper, Ludus Iterum, and Sparx to become the first toons to defeat the Sellbot V.P.! (With the help of Lowden and Mata, of course. Us Toons aren't quite tough enough to do it on our own yet.)
Though, the V.P. went sprawling off the silo so fast that he crashed the entire district when hitting the ground! Luckily, we've made sure that the ground can support the tremors in the future. The Sellbot V.P. keeps coming back, and he's getting even stronger. To take him down, Lord Lowden Clear and other Toon Resistance members will be running around Toontown all weekend to gather groups to take down the V.P. once and for all! Keep an eye out for them -- we'll make sure to give everyone a whisper when signups are open for the next battle.
The newer toons are going to need some help too, however. We can't all camp out in Sellbot HQ! Their laff isn't quite big enough to get in. If you're running low on tasks, we recommend picking up some "Help a New Toon" tasks so that they'll get a chance to Storm Sellbot HQ before Lowden and the other Resistance Members leave. I'm running a bit low on Cog Disguise parts as well, so feel free to help a New Sir Max out, too. I promise that it probably isn't a con scheme this time!
However, without further ado, it's time to announce the Final 20 Beta Testers! For this week, at least. The Key ToonTasks are all wiped out, though Toon HQ is getting started on writing some new ones to pass out. Don't be discouraged if you don't win, though, as there are going to be plenty of more contests in the near future. Even sooner than you expect, actually... Unless you expect THAT soon, though, in which it would be further. You know what, nevermind. Have some winners!
Daily Winners
Daily Beta Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. The feedback question isn't judged for picking winners -- We just want to know how you feel about Toontown Rewritten! The winners are picked by randomness, not the quality of the answers.
The Final Question:
"What do you think of all of the ways Toontown Rewritten has been passing out Beta Keys?
What can we do to make it more fair, and even more so, more fun?"
1. Deputy Bonkers Twiddlegadget
I think that you should do a contest explaining what your favorite thing implemented in TTR. I think TTR is pretty fair, but you should do double the keys [so if your gonna do a contest consisting of giving away 10 keys, it would be 20 keys] and to make it more fun, the people that submitted and lost, should still get something, like a signed letter from the developers!
2. Teeny Sparkletoes
I think you have been passing out the beta keys nice and slooooooow. At 20 a day people will be lining up for years to get in! ;-) Keeping up the excitement! I think you need to invent a time machine so Toontown is ready and we all can plaaaaaaaay! Thanks for taking the time to get Toontown ready for us!
3. Awesome-o-Cog Bot
I think you guys shouldn't give a person who won another beta key. Thanks for doing this guys, even if I don't win. (Which I wont) But you guys rock for doing this and your making people so happy. :)
4. Prof. Peanut
I think the way you have distributed beta keys has been really fair. I think to improve you could have more tasks for the community to complete in order to get beta keys!
5. Jake the Snake
I think it should be a competition, for maybe like best art, or best etc. It gives artist and much more people a opportunity to show their skills.
6. Bonzo
I think its been a good way to get some honest feedback, however its something everyone wants to help with so its going to be very lucky people who get the beta keys.
There is not easy way to pick people, its always going to be fair if there random.
More fun? I love the idea that if you entered everyday you have a better chance!
7. Super Curly Twinklejinks
I think that there should be a giveaway to all of the toons that participated in all the days of giveaways. In other worlds, if someone answers all the questions that were asked, they should receive a key just for being consistent.
8. AngiShy
I think there should be more keys... this way it is very disappointing for many people too... And maybe to make it more fun, it might be good to make some other contests, too.. like..drawing something from TT or answering some harder questions that need to be correct.
9. Dabadani
I feel that you have been handing them out fine, no changes should be made.
10. Mister Neonp
Toontown rewritten has been very generous but also cognitive to be giving out beta keys. The generosity is from allowing more and more toons to be selected, while they are cognitive by allowing these selected toons to experience and pick out all the bugs to make the game less problematic and more fun for the future generation. I think giving out just 50 keys per day would've been better and more effective, though even just adding 10 more to make it 30 per day would've been all the more better.

Overall Beta Giveaway Winners:

1. Pokesie
2. Mr. Puppy Lover
3. Leeroy Jenkins
4. Jellyroll Jabberface
5. Weird Fireball
6. Miss May I
7. Master Z.Z. Bananahopper
8. Opal
9. Confusing Mozzarella
10. Trevor Cottongim

Emergency Memo from Doctor Surlee

Posted by Toon HQ on May 26, 2014 04:55 PM

Toons, this is an emergency notification that we've just received from Doctor Surlee. As I'm sure you know, Doctor Surlee has made many contributions to the advancement of Toontown, as well as pointing out the location of Sellbot HQ among other Cog secrets. Here is the message he just sent us:
Gah, it's running. Of course it's running. Toon HQ, this is Doctor Surlee. I'm currently in - AH! - Sellbot HQ with the Toon Resistance. Things have just taken a turn for the worst here, and all of Toontown is about to be in danger.
Myself and Lord Lowden Clear, along with the assistance of other Resistance Toons, have been Storming Sellbot HQ. I was invited to come, but I shouldn't have. We were in the middle of the heist when suddenly we were discovered. Somehow, they saw through the cover. I cannot explain how. It happens all the time, normally not a thing to worry about. However, we are in a tight situation.
The Cogs have been working on a new weapon, they're becoming even more resistant to our gags. Upon identifying me, a wave of Version 2.0 Cogs rained down from Sellbot Towers. Listen, toons, this is not a threat to be taken lightly. The Version 2.0 Cogs become Skelecogs upon destruction due to their improved suit lining. It's like the polyester of metal! Unlike polyester, these suits can take a fair beating. They're being prototyped for the Bossbots to use in their... Well, they're being prototyped.
Don't worry about us -- Lowden is protecting myself and the others in our group. If it weren't for him, I'm sure I would be captured. We're on our way back, but so are the Cogs. Send out an emergency alert that Version 2.0 Cogs are taking over Toontown. Make quickly with it, too! We can't risk anymore lost Laff!
I know I shouldn't have come. On today of all days, too! A ripple, an anomaly, the 26th... I try hiding, it still happens. I try ignoring it, it still happens. Ah, and the transmission is still on! Why would I expect different?
Prepare yourselves, toons. It's about to get rough out there. We need to keep the Doctor safe -- and even more so, we need to protect Toontown!

Pirates of the Jellybe-an

Posted by Sir Max on May 31, 2014 02:00 PM

Come one, come all! I'm back again, and you know what that means: it's time to hop aboard the idea train! And by train, I mean boat. And by boat, I mean houseboat. Although, now probably isn't the best time to board it. Because it sunk.
14-5-31 memoryfoamleak.jpg
I'm telling you, this was my best idea of the decade. Clarabelle has been gathering up her stock once again, (She fell behind from all of the new toons, you see.) and has been looking for ideas for things to put in her Cattlelog. Of course, I had the perfect one from my list of Sir Max's Good Ideas: A Houseboat. It's like a boat, but in house form! Really, you just can't go wrong.
The problem is that upon putting my estate into the water, it started sinking. So, apparently you can go wrong. Turns out that those couches were stuffed with memory foam -- causing a leak big enough to bring down an entire district! Bah, my ideas go unappreciated around here. Who doesn't make sure their furniture is waterproof?
Say, did you know that Toontown's anniversary is coming up soon? I hear it's on June 2nd, and the Toon Council has some pretty big things in store whether you are a Tester Toon or not! Make sure you are here at update time, because you really don't want to miss it. I think. That's just what the Council told me -- if it's really disappointing, aim your pitchforks at them.
Oooooh! Wait! There is a side note here... To prepare for the Anniversary, the Toon Council is giving Toon HQ permission to send out 11 more Key Tasks!
Hang on, 11? That can't be right. No, hang on. I see what happened. They left a zero off. Let me just grab a pen here, write it back in andddd... There we go! Fixed. There are actually 110 more key tasks available with double the chances of finding one! See, I don't know what the Council would do without me. To think that they almost gave out only eleven keys.


Toontown Rewritten is open to all!

Posted by The Toontown Team on June 2, 2014 02:00 PM

Oh man. OH MAN. We didn't lock the door!
Gah, it's too late. It's too late! The hype has already gotten in. There's no backing out now. You didn't read that title wrong, nor did we make any sort of typo:
In celebration of Toontown's 11th Anniversary, Toontown Rewritten has just moved into a Semi-Open Beta to give everyone the chance to play.
Now, hang on to that hype for a minute. Semi-Open Beta? There was definitely a "Semi-Open" in front of that "Beta". What does that mean? If you've been following Toontown Rewritten for a while, you should know by now that we love doing things differently around here. Open Beta definitely isn't an exemption from that!
Toontown Rewritten has come a long way in the past 9 months, and we've all been working our hardest to make sure that everyone is able to play the game as soon as possible. The problem was, simply, it just isn't ready yet! Even now, we still aren't quite content with the testing to call it complete. This is where you come in.
We've listened to your feedback from the giveaways, and from it we've put together an awesome system to allow everyone to have a chance to play Toontown again and help us get this game ready for release. Now, enough of the rambling. Let's learn about how to play!
1. Enter the PlayLine
By hopping onto the PlayLine, you'll be put into a queue to make sure that you can enter the game as soon as a slot is available.
It may take a while depending on how many people are in line, but once you reach the front you'll be able to play nonstop for the next three hours!
Enter the PlayLine
2. Plan a PlayTime
Scheduling a PlayTime is the most reliable way to get in game, and you don't even have to wait in line! YOU get to pick the time and date to enter the game, and all you have to do is, well, show up. No lines necessary.
Schedule a PlayTime
3. Turn PlayTime into AnyTime
"Beta Keys" are a one-way ticket to enter the game any time you want without waiting in the PlayLine or scheduling a PlayTime! There are plenty of ways to earn Beta Keys -- the easiest one is by simply playing. When playing the game through a PlayTime session, Toon HQ will occasionally offer Beta Key ToonTasks to earn your very own key. They won't start appearing until you get to working on tasks in Daisy Gardens, so you'll have to work hard to get it!
Once you have earned a Beta Key, you can head over to the "Account" page to redeem it. Once you've redeemed it, you can open the launcher and play whenever you want! If you already have a key applied to your account, you can give it to a friend. It's easy as pie! There will be plenty of pies involved to get it, too.
Redeem a Beta Key
Keep in mind that all of these features are SUPER experimental, and part of the Beta process of Toontown Rewritten. We're going to be tweaking them based off of your suggestions, and of course the limit of people allowed in at once will expand over time. In the meantime, to ensure everyone has a proper chance, PlayTime sessions last for 3 hours at a time. The game will let you know when your time is up, then you can schedule a new one or hop back into the PlayLine!
So, what are you waiting for? Click the big flashing "PLAY" button, create an account (No beta key required!) and start your journey back into Toontown. If you hurry, you may be able to get to the front of the line!

A Cashbot Catastrophe

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on June 5, 2014 02:00 PM

Toons, grab your pies! Pies, grab your filling! We're in an immediate need of all the toons we can get, along with their cream pie counterparts.
Don't you understand? A Cashbot HQ has been discovered!
14-6-5 runawaytrain.jpg
You know, discovered isn't really the correct word for it. It's more like infiltrated. Or rather, infiltrating. Being infiltrated? Look, the point is: We need your help. Doctor Surlee tipped us off on some Cashbot activity being detected near Donald's Dreamland. Whispering Willow, one of our Resistance Rangers in the area, managed to pick up a memo on the side of the street signed from none other than the C.F.O.
The memo appeared to have traveled by Train - which only meant one thing: We needed a good trolley run. Following the memo back to its source, we discovered hidden rails going off the map that led straight into the rumored Cashbot HQ. This HQ isn't nearly as laid back as the Sellbots, though. The Cogs are greedy robots, and they have their money protected well. Their robotic "Goons" began pouring out on us as we raced away in our Trolley. We jumped from head to head, making our way to the exit while deactivating the goons on the way, but they just keep coming!
Forget about Storming the Sellbots, toons. It's time to take on a much bigger threat. We need to crush these Cashbots before it's too late! Myself and the other Rangers will be there to help out, although those who need more training should stay back and assist our new toons of Toontown Central with their progress. We're going to need all the help we can get! Until next time, my fellow toons, keep them bustling -- with laughter!
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance

A Little Extra PlayTime

Posted by The Toontown Team on June 7, 2014 02:00 PM

Whew! What a week.
I think we can all agree that any of the dedicated PlayTime watchers (Including ourselves!) have all lost a little bit of sanity and sleep these past few days. Boy, we really don't know where to start!
Turns out we lied, because we actually know exactly where to start: A thank you. Seriously, thank you! We knew that Semi-Open Beta was going to be huge, but we really had no idea the community outreach would become THIS huge. In fact, there are so many of you trying to play that you've managed to take down our entire website on multiple occasions! And yeesh, you don't even want to see our hosting bill because of it.
Now, we know the system is far from perfect. We knew it would have some problems, and we did our best to prepare for them. The root of all of the problems lately has been because of the web server. You see, when planning Semi-Open Beta, as we said, we knew it was going to be big. We spent quite a long time making sure our game servers were geared up and ready to go -- and they certainly were! On the first day of Semi-Open Beta, we had hundreds of testers playing at once without any issues whatsoever. We were really impressed with how the servers held out, and things were going swimmingly!
The problem arose in something we overlooked, and definitely shouldn't have: Our webserver. We've never had a problem with our webserver in the past, as it can generally hold up with the amount of people visiting our site. As word got out about Semi-Open Beta, however, you absolutely pummeled the servers! (Which we're actually pretty proud of as well. It's just amazing how many people are trying to play.)
When the webserver goes down, so does the account server, which cuts off connections to the game. Sadly, as many have experienced, it also cuts out connections to the PlayLine. That's a big no-no. We've been pulling our hair out all week, but finally, the issues are beginning to subside! As we originally said, the Semi-Open Beta system is completely experimental and we expected issues with it. It's going to be a while before we can call it perfect - but lucky for you, it's about to get a little bit closer!
Despite the issues, thousands of toons have already gotten in-game to Toontown Rewritten and we've spoken to many of them. It's just an amazing feeling to watch someone's first reaction when playing Toontown for the first time in nearly a year -- and for some veteran players who missed the closing, even longer! Even if you're having trouble getting in game, don't sweat about it. Think about all of the people who have made it to the front of the line, and what it would be like in their shoes. We've watched them on a first-hand experience, and it's a really great feeling both to experience and to watch. One day, a day very soon, you'll be getting to experience it too if you haven't already!
That day might even be today. As a thanks for all of the support this week, PlayTime schedules can now hold 30 toons at a time, and the PlayLine has received a boost as well! You might even see your wait time get cut in half.
Thanks again for everything you toons do, and thanks for bearing with us as we continue to work on Semi-Open Beta. We'll see you in game soon!

The Perfect PlayTime

Posted by The Toontown Team on June 9, 2014 02:00 PM

It's been a week since the 11th Anniversary of Toontown, and thus a week since we implemented the Semi-Open Beta system. As we talked about on Saturday, it has certainly been a wild ride in just this first week! It may have taken us a week to do it, but we're now fully confident in saying that there has never been a better time to schedule the Perfect PlayTime!
We've been working all week on tweaking, fixing, and stabilizing the PlayTime system to the best of our ability based on your feedback -- and after one big update last night and a bit of testing throughout the day, we're happy to report that many of the issues are no more. You should notice much less site downtime, little to no PlayLine resets, and plenty PlayTimes as long as you're patient!
Now, we're not saying this system is flawless by any means. Throughout all of Beta, we're still listening to your feedback and tweaking the system based on it. We are confident, however, that it is in a much more usable state than it was throughout the week. We couldn't have fixed it without your feedback and bug reports! Just in case we do have stability issues again, we went ahead and increased the PlayLine timeout to 15 minutes -- meaning you can leave the page for 15 minutes before it stops holding your place in line. Additionally, there are plenty of sanity checks and performance boosts put in place to do our best to make sure that no toon gets left behind.
In the meantime, now that we've stabilized, we're going to be dedicating our time to fixing all of these bugs that our new testers have reported. (Did we mention that there have been 40,000 new accounts in the past week? Holy smokes!) Thanks a bunch to everyone who has reported bugs with both PlayTime and the game, thus helping more toons get in! Once we fix a few more bugs we'll be able to open up even more PlayTime slots for everyone once again, so make sure to keep an eye out!
Again, the PlayTime system isn't perfect -- but it's certainly much more stable than last week. Give it a shot, and let us know how it works! We're always tweaking it based off of your feedback. Thanks again for the past week, and we're looking forward to the rest of Beta with all of you!
NOTE: Our database provider is going down for scheduled maintenance tonight at 8:00PM Toontown Time (PST). If you have a PlayTime scheduled or are in the PlayLine at the time, don't worry! We will be saving your spot in line and extending the PlayTime session.

Putt-Putt Problem Prevention

Posted by Sir Max on June 10, 2014 02:00 PM

Say, do you guys remember when we introduced golfing, discovered the golf balls were wanted criminals, and then shut down the entire park due to a lack of golf balls that complied with the laws of physics? Me too! Good times...
Good news, too: I managed to scour up a whole bucket of golfballs that actually do comply with the laws of physics. Probably!
I was making my rounds around Acorn Acres today and discovered a whole bucket of golf balls right next to THE MYSTERY TUNNEL, you see. No idea how they got there, but that's beside the point. I took them down to the TTPD, had them fingerprinted, and sent them on their way to Acorn Acres. No wanted criminals this time. Probably.
Hey -- technically they weren't found in a dumpster this time. So we're good! Really, you guys should give me more credit. I wouldn't let physics-defying golf balls into Toontown twice. Err- maybe I did do it twice. I wouldn't let physics defying golf balls into Toontown thrice!
Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go dumpster diving to find the rest of those stylish golfing hats you all threw away.

Lucky for an Unlucky Friday

Posted by Flippy on June 13, 2014 02:00 PM

Hi there, new and old citizens of Toontown! It's great to be back onto the blog for another post. I've come a long way since my very first post that long time ago, and nowadays I'm much more excited to make a post than ever before! Although, there are a few creepy conundrums in the air to be nervous about today...
14-6-13 luckytobeunlucky.png
Although the Toon Hall is still under construction, I love putting together any events that we can here in Toontown -- especially with all of the new toons! I was looking through my Shtickerbook on the Snapshots page today and remembered a little tradition here in Toontown that our newer toons haven't experienced yet: Black Cat Day! And my, what a better day to have it than the ghoulish holiday of Friday the 13th?
Stop by my office any time from now until Sunday for a little splash of bad luck to scare your friends on this nightmarish night. It'll be a TOONTASTIC time! Be careful though -- a lot of toons have been getting the Level 7 Toonup gag over the past few days. I'd avoid walking under any ladders, stepping on cracks, or crossing the path with one of the unbearably bad black cats!
By the way: Toon Hall construction has been going swimmingly! They did run out of black paint today, though, so production is a bit behind schedule. I wonder where that paint went, anyway?

A Bit About Us

Posted by The Toontown Team on June 17, 2014 02:00 PM

You know the Muffin Man. You even know Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen! That's a lot of people. Err - animals? Sentient beings?
Look, the point is that you know quite a lot of things. But do you know the TTR Team? Bloomberg News published an article today that gives you a little bit more insight on who we are, what we do, and our goal for Toontown Rewritten. It's definitely worth the read! Just ignore the boy in that picture there -- he's a bit of a goober. You might know him as a certain guy named Sir Max.
14-6-17 artworkbyjune.jpg
But really, although you know our goal, who is the TTR Team? You've seen plenty of posts from us over the course of Toontown Rewritten's lifetime, but those of you who aren't the most active in the community or just recently began following Toontown Rewritten may not know much about us. This post will hopefully answer a few of your questions!
So seriously, who is the Toontown Rewritten team?
Giving you a bio of every single team member would take up too much of our precious character limit, so we'll save that for another time. To summarize: We're a bunch of nostalgic high school and college students (For the most part, anyway) hoping to bring life back into this game that we've all kept close to our hearts for all of these years, as well as earn some experience for the future. We don't have a "base of operations" or an office to visit -- we're scattered all around the world and working in our free time. All of us are very close to each other despite the physical distance between us, and absolutely love working on the game together. We really couldn't have asked for a better team.
How do you plan on keeping the game safe and fun with such a small team?
Fun? That's the least of our worries! As we demonstrated with the Toon Council Presidential Election, we certainly have some tricks up our sleeve in terms of new content. We aren't just trying to revive Toontown, but we want to bring life back into it and continue the legacy that Disney began.
In terms of safety, that is an even bigger priority than fun. In addition to our 25 team members, we have been expanding our support team with mature volunteers from around the community who we trust can keep the game in tip-top shape. Just this week we've added plenty of new support members to keep up with the rush of the introduction of the PlayTime system. Toontown has always been a respected place by parents and kids alike to be safe while still maintaining the perfect level of fun, and we are going to do everything we humanly (tooningly?) can to make sure we not only preserve that image, but make it better than ever before.
How do you plan to keep the game running? Can I donate/pay/give/offer money to help you?
We're volunteering to keep this game alive, which involves much more than development. We pay out of pocket for our servers and other expenses, and we are perfectly fine where we are with that. While we know that you want to do your part to help -- don't worry about it! We refuse any form of payments or donations, and we refuse to request it in the future. (That includes other forms of donations such as gameservers, virtual currency, etc.) Toontown Rewritten will always be free for everyone. Leave the finances to us!
If I can't give you money, how can I help support the game?
The best way to support the game is to stay active in the community, participate in events both in and out of game, and most of all: have fun! You guys are the reason we're doing this, and your encouragement is what keeps us going.
I'm a bit concerned that this project is being ran by a bunch of kids rather than a respected company such as Disney. How can I ensure that Toontown will be in good hands?
That's a good question, because you're right. We aren't a respected company, and this is our first experience with anything on this scale. We especially say this to you parents who are worried about how safe your kids may be while playing. Many of our support team members are parents too and know how it feels to put trust into an unknown group. (Although even more so, many of the core team members are teens who know what it's like to have strict parents.) Over this past year, we really hope that you have gotten to know us and found us to be trustworthy. Many respectable establishments such as Bloomberg, Technology Tell, and Schell Games have had first hand experiences with us and feel like we have a shot at keeping this game to the same standard that Disney set it to. Even then, we know it can be hard to entirely trust us. We're doing our absolute best to earn it from you, and hopefully one day we will if we haven't already!
The best thing we can tell you to do to trust us is to talk to us. Whether it be through email, forums, or any other method -- we're happy to talk to you and hear about any concerns you have. We want you to be safe, we want your kids to be safe, and we want the entire game to be safe. If we can't live up to the standard that Disney set for Toontown, we aren't going to run it. When it comes down to the bare bones of things your safety, excitement, and trust means the most to us. Toontown doesn't matter if we can't ensure that you can be safe and fun while playing it.
If you ask me? Well, I have absolutely no doubts that we can achieve it. But hey, that's coming from just your everyday goober. Thanks for everything, to all of you. We're looking forward to playing Toontown with you once again!
If you have any more questions for us, feel free to post them in the comments or email us at

Better than a Rubber Duck Convention

Posted by Doctor Dimm on June 22, 2014 02:00 PM

I appear to be pressing these little typing things right now to create sentences on a virtual monitor to be transmitted across the globe via blog post. Wowza! This better be good, because the Labs are having me miss the Rubber Duck Convention for this post.
14-6-22 maybetheyllthinkitisanaccessory.jpg
Annnnyhoo, the reason they're having me up here is to advertise our new Toon T.A.G.S. (Totally Awesome Graphic Simulation) Update. Every Toon in Toontown uses it, which means plenty of you will be excited to hear about the new features! Let's see, ermm... Hang on, just have to find my notepad.
Aha! So, first feature: They'll no longer block your view! Our complaint department has complained about your complaints for quite a while now, so we decided to check it out. Turns out I just spilled a bit of grape juice on the marginification magnifier and got it all stuck up in the center. I'd apologize, but there are never any circumstances in which you should apologize for grape juice. A duck's gotta have his grapes.
Next up we have the largely coveted tap-able whispers. Save the extra five seconds of opening your friends list and pressing the "Whisper" button by being able to just tap the whisper itself to reply! Toon T.A.G.S. enthusiasts out there I'm sure are having a fit of excitement right now -- with good reason. Just picture the amazement of --
Okay, nope. Can't do it. Yes, we have a Toon T.A.G.S. Update. How am I supposed to make that exciting? Bah, I always get stuck with these boring ones. There's plenty of strictly confidential things Loony Labs has been working on like the Anti-Cog Control Hat, Propeller Packs, that weird canvas with the giant mechanical glove in Surlee's office, some sort of Silly Meter thing... But of course, I'm not allowed to even mention the names of any of that stuff. Strictly classified! No peeps here. Much more exciting than Toon T.A.G.S., though.


Posted by Court Records Archive on June 26, 2014 04:06 PM

I've been informed to tell you that your next case has arrived.
Excellent. Trial name?
It's the Doctor.
Ohohoho, we indeed have a case on our hands. Have you began the court records?
I'm typing them as we speak.
Strike that from the records. Bring me my robes, and a new Cog to write them. Set the encryption to A=07 B=12.
Hgzo mzh hgzo.
Pghmy'i jombqzc bonboiozpi pjo vqbip amio gv m Pggz gz pbqml kqpj algio pqoi pg pjo Pggz Boiqipmzao mzh Mzpq-Agc Sgdosozpi, pjo qzvmsgwi qzdozpgb HGAPGB IWBLOO.
Kjmp qz pjo zmso gv -- Gj, vgb pjo lgdo gv Kmlp. Nobvoap.
Ygw jmdo pjo bqcjp pg bosmqz iqlozp, Pggz. Zgk, mll bqio vgb pjo vmqb mzh jgzgbmtlo Ajqov Xwipqao.
Ozgwcj, ozgwcj. Iqp hgkz mzh cop tmae pg kgbe.
Jollg, Ajqov!
Uwqop, Hgapgb Iwbloo. Ygw'do tooz ajmbcoh kqpj dqglmpqzc pjo Pggz Agwzaql'i polongbpmpqgz boipbqapqgzi mzh abompqzc ygwb gkz tynmiioi qzpg pjo "Ngbpmtlo Jglo" zopkgbe. Jgk hg ygw nlomh?
Qv Q imy cwqlpy, amz Q cg jgso iggzob?
Ygwb xgeoi kgz'p imdo ygw jobo, Hgapgb.
Jgk amz ygw odoz nwp so gz pbqml? Pjo Agwzaql qiz'p jobo, lop mlgzo kgwlh pjoy mcboo kqpj cgqzc vgbpj kqpj pjqi.
GDOB-BWLOH! Tmaeipmttob, tbqzc gwp pjo odqhozao. Ko'll ipmbp kqpj m hqmby ozpby hmpoh Zgdostob 28pj, 1998. Tocqz bomhqzc.
Zgk jmzc gz--
"Hmy 37 gv pjo Bokbqppoz Ornobqsozp. Pjwi vmb, odobypjqzc jmi tooz cgqzc isggpjly. Q'do nlgnnoh pjo qhomi gv mll gv pjo zoqcjtgbjgghi qzpg pjoqb jomhi, mzh qp'i zombly vqzqijoh agzipbwapqgz! Gzao mcmqz, jgkodob, Pjo Pggz Agwzaql kgz'p cqdo qz gz polongbpmpqgz maaoii. 'Qp'i pgg hmzcobgwi', pjoy imy. 'Ko zooh pg bocwlmpo qp, pjoy imy.' Tmj, odoz kqpj pjo qhom mjomh gv pqso qp kgwlhz'p ajmzco pjoqb sqzhi. Iwboly, qp jmi igso eqzei jobo mzh pjobo. Sgiply jmbsloii, pjgwcj.
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Ygw amz ipgn bomhqzc zgk.
Q'll jmdo zg hqiawiiqgz mi pjo odqhozao qi toqzc nboiozpoh, Hgapgb Iwbloo. Agzpqzwo, Tmaeipmttob. "Q'do tooz uwoipqgzqzc syiolv lmpoly -- ijgwlh Q cg pjbgwcj kqpj qp? Qv qp koboz'p vgb pjos, ko kgwlhz'p jmdo smho pjo mhdmzaosozpi pjmp ko'do smho pghmy. Obb, bmpjob, 38 hmyi mcg. Twp qv qp koboz'p vgb pjos, jo kgwlh ipqll to jobo. Qv jo ezok kjmp jo kmi toqzc obmioh vgb, kgwlh jo pjqze qp qi kgbpj qp? Gz pjo gpjob jmzh, kqpjgwp pjo mhdmzaosozpi ko smy jmdo toagso lqeo pjo smajqzoi gwbioldoi. Pjo Pbglloy kgwlh cop bonopqpqdo, pjo cmci kgwlh cop glh... Vqcjpqzc pjos toamso m agssgz nmipqso gv Pggzpgkz. Kjoz Q amso tmae, pjgwcj, qp kmi pgg lmpo. Q's zgp smeqzc pjmp imso sqipmeo. Pjmp'i kjmp Q eoon pollqzc syiolv. Kjoz Q jmdo pg kmpaj jqs cg imh mcmqz -- toamwio gv SO -- Q jgno Q amz lqdo wn pg qp.
Bqcjp: Ngbpmtlo Jgloi. Pjo Pggz Agwzaql kgz'p lop pggzi polongbp mzykjobo kqpjgwp ombzqzc qp. Cggh vgb agsswzqpy iobdqao, Q iwnngio. Odoz pjoz, pjoy kgz'p lop pjos polongbp pg pjo lgaml tmbtob ijgn gb hbgn qz vgb m uwqae qao aboms agzo. Gzao mcmqz, Q jmh pg nwp sy gkz tynmiioi qz. Mcmqzip pjo bwloi? M lqpplo tqp. Qp qi sy qzdozpqgz, jgkodob. Pjo swsnempbgz amz jmzhlo qp. Nbgtmtly."
Cwqlpy mi ajmbcoh. Zgk, kjobo hqh ygw cop pjmp?...
Pjo Ajmqbsmz vgwzh uwqpo m vok pjqzci qz pjmp jwze gv sopml ygw amll m "Lmt". Kjqaj tbqzci so pg pjo zorp nqoao gv odqhozao, pjo tlwonbqzp.
Q ioo. Amz Q bouwoip pg jomb pghmy'i hmpo?
Pjo 26pj gv Xwzo.
Bqcjp. Pjmp smeoi iozio. Q kqij qp hqh, mapwmlly -- twp zg smppob. Pjo tlwonbqzp kgz'p hg ygw mzy cggh kqpjgwp pjo tm--
, ygw jmdo pjo tmae mi koll.
Mp lgzc lmip, Hgapgb Iwbloo, Q IOZPOZAO YGW PG-
Jmzc gz, gzo sgbo pjqzc. Ygw ezgk pjo vwzzy nmbp gv pjqi, Q mapwmlly jmdo gzo gv pjgio tynmiioi bqcjp wn jobo mi koll. Ioo, Q xwip ipmzh wn bqcjp jobo...
Hgapgb Iwbloo, Q hosmzh-
Mzh mll Q jmdo pg imy...
Hgz'p pby qp.
"Q'll to tmae lmpob!"
tlmae jglo pjoz nbgaoohoh pg mnnomb wzhob pjo voop gv pjo maawioh, pmeqzc jqs gwp gv iqcjp. Pjo iabomsqzc mvpobkmbhi jmi tooz ipbqeoh vbgs pjo boagbh ty gbhob gv pjo Ajqov Xwipqao.
Zg smppob, ko'll to mtlo pg agzdqap pjo Hgapgb iggz ozgwcj. Iozh pjo boagbhi pg pjo sohqm. Locml Omcloi, kjg qi zorp gz pjo hgaeop?
M tomb ty pjo zmso gv Twsny Twstlotojb, ygwb jgzgb.

The Lawbot's Liability

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on June 27, 2014 02:00 PM

Afternoon, fellow Toons of Toontown! We've got a problem on our hands. As many of you know, just yesterday a group of Toons found a secret entrance into the depths of our biggest threat yet: The Lawbot HQ.
14-6-27 thereisstillmuchtosolve.png
A long-time Tester Toon of ours by the name of Sir Chunky Poppenklunk managed to crack the code of the blueprint, and was then followed by Harley Quinn, Darkgrumly, Tropical Storm, and Lisosaurus as a few of the first brave toons to step foot into the bodaciously boring Headquarters that those Cogs call an office.
We've received information that the Cogs have been putting Toons on trial inside of the Chief Justice's main Courtroom. Even one of our own Toon Council members, Doctor Surlee, was put on trial and lived to tell the tale. Don't worry -- he managed to escape is back in his lab safe and sound!
The Lawbots, on the other hand, aren't off the hook just yet. Before the discovery of their Headquarters, we managed to capture a Bottomfeeder and took him in for questioning. He refused to fess up to the information revolving around a Lawbot HQ, putting the Cogs at quite a bit of a LIE-ability. Beary Bumblebehr has the evidence against their case, and we're going to need your help to fight for it. For those strong enough to try, head over to the Chief Justice's Courtroom and take him on to show those Cogs who's boss!
For any of those wanting to catch up on the shenanigans of Doctor Surlee's trial, two toons by the name of Addison (Decoded post) and Temas (In-game puzzle) have put together videos to explain what went down yesterday.
Until next time, keep them bustling -- with laughter!
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance


Summer Fun, Fights, and Fireworks!

Posted by Sir Max on July 4, 2014 02:00 PM

Ah, summer. It's finally here! I mean, it's been here for a while for most of us. Management says we need to wait until July to do any festivities, though, because of the Easterners. You know, those people with the weird accents on the other side of the globe. Those guys. They may make us wait for our festivities, but that doesn't stop us from embracing 'MURICA on them by starting our event on the most patriotic holiday of all!
14-7-4 weneedabitmoremurica.jpg
Darkness no more, however, because it's time for a big ol' Toontown Summer Celebration! For the next three days of this long weekend, we'll be Celebrating Summer around the clock with events here in Toontown. Flippy made sure to get some top-of-the-line fireworks for an entirely new show like never before, so hang onto your pants unless you want to end up like McQuack! (Sorry Smokey Joe, but the Used Firecrackers just don't cut it.)
I am required to warn you, though, that Toon HQ has been detecting some strange Cog activity in the skies. Seems like the business baddies aren't too happy with us putting a bunch of explosions up in their flying zone. Really, I don't know how we didn't think of it sooner. (I'm not saying I should be on Toon Council or anything, but I should definitely be on Toon Council or anything.)
Anyway, back to business: Looks like these bots are organizing Mega-Invasions of massive proportions to take back the skies for their own. It's the Legal Eagles, no less! You'd think that those blasted birds would be a bit more patriotic. Now that I think about it, though, we are missing quite a few necessary permits to launch Fireworks...
Get yourselves hyped up for Day 2 of the celebration folks, because I've heard that there is a Super Saturday underway targeted towards you PlayTime people! I'm off to round up the 'Muricans to give those Legal Eagles a taste of freedom, sky-neutrality, and constitutional democracy.


President Flippy's Wild Line

Posted by Sir Max on July 5, 2014 02:00 PM

Day 1. In the PlayLine.
Today marks the first steps of my journey into the dreaded PlayLine. As a Toon Trooper, the certificate crumpled up in the back of my closet somewhere says that it is my duty to ensure that everything in Toontown is in tip top shape. Based on some strongly-worded essays sent to my house (I swear I didn't cry.) and a few erase-threats here and there (Alright, so I did cry. It was only 3 hours. 7 hours tops.) I have decided (More so forced, as one of the erase-notes threatens.) to head out to the outskirts of Toontown and try out the PlayLine for myself.
14-7-5 presidentflippysays.jpg
Day 4. In the PlayLine.
It has been three days since my adventure began, and I only have 207 seconds left until I can enter! No -- that's hours. Hrmph. A bit of a long wait to enter for a three hour tour, but hey: It's Toontown! Being a citizen of the town, I can say it's worth the wait. Just need to sit here. Alone. With nothing to do. It will be worth it. Heh, ha!
Day 14. In the PlayLine.
I am running low on food and water. In fact, I ran out 17 days ago. Make that 37. Where are the Toons, anyway? There is absolutely nothing here except a giant screen that tells me I have 156 hours left. Are there others like me? Where are they? Is this even a line? I'm beginning to wonder if this means 156 hours left until I can enter, or 156 hours left before my sanity is lost. I want to get off President Flippy's Wild Line.
Day 647. In the PlayLine.
Three years have passed. I do not know who I am, nor where I am. Where does this line lead to? My past self entered this line for a reason, one that I do not know. I have to continue. There are no exits in the room. I tried talking to a rock next to me. Then I tried eating him. He turned into an octopus and swam away into the sky. I don't like octopus. The screen reads that I have 2 hours left. It's all almost over. I'm soon to be reaching enlightenment. I'm going to reach the end of the PlayLine.
Day 973. In the PlayLine.
I have two minutes remaining until the door opens. This is it. This is finally it! THIS is the day, that I, Sir Max, will finally COMPLETE the PlayLine! The door is opening. The timer is up. I am stepping through the door into brightness. It's finally here! I am FINALLY ENTERING... Another... A-Another... Line... Haha. ha. HAhah. eheh. Ha.
The screen reads that I have 207 hours remaining. Haha! Ah, ahaha. Haha. Hah ha I'shafododo itma sdhaI'mfaljssorrydhfkJLG ALHASFJGASN DFLASJKHRGAOJLHNN;KLFGBAGJRGHAL FVL AGRAKHBA
Conclusion. Out of the PlayLine.
I finally know how you Toons feel. Without any doubt, those were the most grueling 56 minutes of my entire life. No longer will we have to face the suffering and oppression that this line has put upon us! Today, Toons, is the day that we will finally cross that line! We will eliminate the banners, rip the entrances, and dismantle the oppressors! WE WILL-- Oh, hang on. Just got a little message here. Turns out we are absolutely not allowed to do that.
I'll tell you what we can do, though: Extend the slots! Improve the PlayLine! Make it fair to all! From this day forward, there are now a total of 45 slots released in the PlayTime groupings, as well as 45 Toons let in through the PlayLine in each batch. Finally, rather than being released at 2:00PM Toontown Time every day, new PlayTime groups will be released every three hours to ensure that all timezones get a fair chance of grabbing a time. Even the Easterners.
We've heard your feedback, and we're always working to improve the Semi-Open Beta system for your enjoyment, as well as keeping it fair for everyone. Make sure to keep telling us what we're doing wrong! (And what we're doing right, too. Those are always cool.) If you keep your feedback to yourself, we'll never know what we can do better! I've gotten word that there are quite a lot of server-related updates coming on the way as well...
Keep your eyes peeled, and I'll see you tomorrow for Day Three of our Summer Celebration Update!


Old McQuack had a Farm

Posted by Sir Max on July 6, 2014 02:00 PM

You wouldn't believe what people would do for keys. I mean hey, I know Toontown is a pretty great town to live in, but I can hardly go out in public without being ripped to shreds for them. That's why I devised a plan. A pretty important plan, a plan planned so well that it may potentially put another plan into motion to try and outdo this plan. I call it "Sir Max's Plan of Planned Plans" -- and that's trademarked, mind you!
14-7-6 anaverageday.jpg
It all started with a simple update that I slipped into our site here. Upon being asked how to receive a beta key, I silently extended the Toon Council's answer by a bit with a phrase that many of you are very familiar with... "You'll need a moose, seven golden locks, and about three gallons of lard." After receiving 147 meese, 1,029 locks, and 441 gallons of lard: The plan is finally pomplete. Err- complete. We finally have enough to conjure up billions, maybe even TRILLIONS of Keys!
Now, just how exactly did these ingredients go into the key making? See, Hawkheart owns this land that Goofy Speedway's rural race goes through, right? Lots of hills, farms, open plains -- it's a good neighborhood. So you know what I did? Took a plane -- COMPLETELY covered it in lard. Whole thing. Took some grass, layered it on top of the lard, and the field looks good as new. Nothing suspicious. Next up, I went ahead and had around five trucks deliver all of the mooses and meese straight to McQuack's house. I planted a camera to see his face when he walks in on 147 meeple eating his furniture -- definitely worth it.
Now comes the master plan... McQuack, thinking the moosies were just delievered to his house rather than one of the farms, went ahead and carried them all over to Hawkheart's land to be set free. Ohoho boy, you really should have seen it. The mooce and McQuack take one step on the "freshly-mowed grass", and suddenly they are slipping and sliding all over the place. They couldn't even stand up from all of the lard! McQuack even managed to slide right into a fresh batch of TNT and blow up one of the fields. McQuack is screaming, Hawkheart is yelling at McQuack for destroying his land, and the moople are... doing whatever noises moosians make. It was all around a good time.
"But Max, what on earth does any of that have to do with keys? I'm on the verge of mobbing you for more again." Well, my restraining-ordered friend, let me tell you: The moosinites and lard had absolutely nothing to do with the Keys! I just needed some supplies for my newest practical joke on Hawkheart and McQuack. All I really needed were the locks, which I went ahead and melted down to mold into keys. The Toon Council told me to go ahead and pass out 60 keys today, and that is what we shall do!
At least... That's what we're going to do if the Toon Council asks. Technically, these melted down keys are invalid and they have no idea that I have a mold for keys. But between you and me, I managed to create 600 keys that I'll go ahead and pass out if you manage to complete a few tasks for me that I've posted at Toon HQ. No longer will I be mobbed by crowds, and I've had quite enough moosoans for a lifetime.
So there you have it. 600 keys. Now if you excuse me, I'm off to upload this video of McQuack, Hawkheart, and the mooseesesianiteoans. I'm telling you -- it's priceless!


Rhymes for New Times

Posted by The Toontown Team on July 12, 2014 02:00 PM

"Rhymes and Times" -- It seems that we're at it again!
We love doing these posts, but we just never know when.
This one, however, brings a bunch of better news!
Unlike the last one, which was the cure of "Boo-hoos."
Because of this news, this post has little to no pickle.
Although, you'll be happy that I found your Popsicle.
This post, instead, delivers merely a bit of some insight.
We've been hard at work, yet admittedly we love a good Cog-fight.
Since we last spoke, we've made progress galore!
As promised, we delivered Elections, Cogs, and much more!
Some may even wonder if we're progressing too fast...
After all, we're building up this technology to last.
You see, fellow Toons, Toontown is nearly done!
Most of the features completed, and we're all ready for fun.
But while we all love the content, there really is much, much more.
Without proper technology, quality will become quite poor.
Let's make a quick list here: Stability, moderation, testing...
Perhaps a new website, comic, or vinaigrette dressing...
Bread, milk, three tons of butter, Sierra Mist...
Oh -- sorry, I started to recite my shopping list!
A few others to peg on: Launcher, and Linux in a bit,
Stress testing, servers, some celebratory T-Shirts to knit...
You get the point, though, with the technologies and all.
Really, without them, I'm afraid we might fall.
"Are those hard to do?", "Should we all worry?",
"But it already looks done!", "You guys really should hurry."
"I'm getting impatient!" (As if you already weren't.)
"Will the servers be fixed, or are we doomed to crash and be burnt?"
Toons, I see you haven't change any bit!
Many questions to be asked, and all with good wit.
The first two are easy: Not at all, and no.
Gameplay has been done for a while, you know!
The biggest problem of all: Keeping you entertained!
With all the things to do, it leaves us quite strained.
Although the content is done, we've been releasing it slow.
That leaves us to work on other aspects of MMO.
One of those aspects being your next question: The servers!
They've been running under par, at least to you observers.
Are they staying this way? Absolutely not, of course!
It's not a matter of money, but rather the source.
Over the course of Beta, we've ran into a bug here and there.
Not impossible to fix, but it requires much more care.
Care is exactly what we'll give it -- if we can!
The only thing we need is your patience for this plan.
And so, at long last, we get to the purpose of this post.
The content will be lacking, but we're far from a ghost.
Toontown Rewritten is in the final stretch!
We just need your patience -- that's the one catch.
With that, it looks like it's time to bid adieu.
We're off to fix the servers, and a few bugs too.
We're taking our time with this to ensure that you're happy.
(Oh -- and one of those things might involve Slappy.)




The Top Toontastic Toon Hunt!

Posted by The Toon Council on July 14, 2014 02:00 PM

Teamwork in battles and strategy choosing...
Strong Toons preventing the low ones from losing...
Keys given for each good pie that flings...
These a few of the Toontastic things!
14-7-14 smiledarnyasmile.jpg
Excuse us for the rhyming, but it certainly seems to be in the air recently! There are plenty of good vibes going around as Toontown draws even closer to the finish, and we really couldn't be happier with the new Toons we are seeing brought in. The amount of loyalty, teamwork, and good behavior has been astounding, and us Toons on the Council have decided that it is high time that we started rewarding that.
In celebration of our servers becoming even more stable than ever, we have sent out ordinary-looking everyday Toons to run around Toontown among the crowds and pick out the most helpful, genuine, and overall Toontastic Toons to receive a one-of-a-kind Beta Key! Toons who already have keys are eligible to grab one for their friends, too.
Good behavior isn't something that you should need a reward for doing -- and we certainly don't want you kissing up to everyone for it (Alright, so maybe a little kissing up is okay.) -- but for those Top Toons who go above and beyond in being great players and Toontastic testers, we certainly think that they deserve some extra credit. Every now and then we'll highlight our Top Toontastic Toons with a shout out right here on a blog post for everyone to see.
The next time you're about to hop off the Trolley, or you pass by a Toon who needs help, or you act "stinky" towards a fellow member, remember: There's always a person on the other side of that Toon who is just like you. We're all in this great big Cog Battle together, after all!


Double Access Weekend

Posted by Sir Max on July 16, 2014 02:00 PM

Be here for an all-out CRASHfest of--
Wait a second. What do you mean we can't do that? I've already started making the post, what am I supposed to tell them? Oh? Ohhhhh...
14-7-16 qua-drup-le.jpg
So everyone, good news and bad news: Which do you want to hear first? Like usual, you never respond, so I'm going with the bad news. Bad news: We are actually not having a Monster Truck Rally. Sorry, house rules. I'll start a petition for us. Good news: Double Access Weekend!
I doubt this happens to many of you, but there has been this little issue going around lately... Have any of you ever gotten a sweet spot in the PlayLine, went ahead and ran around Toontown, then suddenly get kicked out after only three hours right when you were starting to have some fun? Hang on -- it's happened to ALL of you? That's certainly a bug that needs to be fixed.
Toons, it's a good thing you have experienced it, because Double Access Weekend is under way! Starting this Saturday at 12:00AM Toontown Time, we'll be doubling - tripling - QUADRUPLING the amount of time that you can stay in game! Rather than a measly three hours, all scheduled PlayTimes up until Sunday at 11:30PM Toontown Time will be able to hop around Toontown for an entire Six Hours! Oh, that is only doubled, isn't it? Quadrupled is a fun word to say, though. Qua-drup-led.
Don't have a PlayTime this weekend? Lucky for you, this Friday at 2:00PM Toontown Time (The same time this post was made!) we'll be releasing a bunch of extra slots for you Toons to take up on Saturday and Sunday. It works in the PlayLine, too! We're getting geared up jump on the servers like they're made of rubber, and boy is it going to be fun. Keep an eye on that population count!
I'd love to stay and chit chat, but it looks like I need to make a few phone calls to cancel a couple hundred Monster Truck orders.

Population: BURSTING!

Posted by Sir Max on July 19, 2014 06:18 PM

Just one hour ago at 5:18 Toontown Time, we hit the mark of a total of 1,000 Toons in town at once. Better yet, the performance was smooth as butter.
14-7-19 notquite9000.jpg
Just last week, we told you that us Toon Troopers were going to be taking a bit of time to clean up around town to make way for more Toons. We expected this to take a while, but in under a week we managed to iron out many of the issues and provide a super smooth experience for everyone during Double Access Weekend. Granted, there are still plenty of bugs to squash -- but this is just another step towards officially opening the town!
Double Access Weekend is no Monster Truck Rally by any means, (Thanks for starting that petition, fellas!) but it has certainly been tons of fun so far, though, and we're ready to have some more. As Toontown continues to grow, we'll keep letting out more and more PlayTimes and shortening the PlayLine to let more of you Toons in. Based on some recent reports from the Toon Resistance -- we're going to need you.
Speaking of PlayTimes, you Toons better be up bright and early tomorrow at 8AM Toontown Time (PST) for more PlayTime sessions! We'll be releasing a few more slots so that everyone gets a chance to grab one of the quadrupled (That's still a fun word!) doubled PlayTimes before they disappear tomorrow at 11:30PM.
Ah, there's just nothing like the smell of pie in the morning.


ToonTasks Galore? Resets no more!

Posted by Mary's Go Around Travel Company on July 26, 2014 02:00 PM

Ever wanted to do a ToonTask, but worried about the rumors of the Toon Council revoking tasks once all Toons are able to head into town? Worried about having to re-earn your Teleport Access to the many areas of Toontown? Fear no more, you Toontastic Travelers!
14-7-26 sillynessiskey.jpg
A while back when Toons could only enter Toontown through keys, the Toon Council decided that ToonTasks would be revoked once Toons from everywhere could enter to keep this Sillyness fair to everyone. Now that the PlayLine has been introduced, however, opinions have changed. Sir Max ran all around our community these past few days to gather opinions on it, and the Toon Council has sent me to tell you their decision:
Once the game is released to the public, there will be no Laff, ToonTask, or Teleportation resets of any kind. Your Toons now are your Toons forever! We know that you all love your Laff and don't want to lose it, and now you won't have to. Toons who want to participate in the Max Laff Race (Which you'll hear about later on!) will start off with a completely new Toon once we're completely open to the public. Let the Sillyness live on!
Enough of the Sillyness, though -- you know, I have said that word quite a few times in this post. Sorry about that! I'm not the best writer, but it isn't a typo: it's just a habit. See, Doctor Surlee told me a long time ago to remember that word for him in case he ever needed it. To keep it in my mind, I just got into the habit of saying it often so that I wouldn't forget. Just a little quirk of mine!
Anyhoo, I better be off to arrange some more Teleportation papers. Don't forget to stop by and say Howdy sometime!



The Sound of a Lack of Sound

Posted by Sir Max on July 31, 2014 02:00 PM

It's quiet. Not even too quiet, but a very peaceful quiet. The kind of quiet where you can hear the flap of one of those terrifying butterflies. Hang on -- do you hear that? It's the sound of a lack of sound, a sound so full of sound that it is in fact none at all. The sound of...
OH, good! The keys are here! Don't mind the loud noise, it's just the shipment of 500 new keys that I asked Fat McStink to haul over.
14-1-28 lightsout.jpg
That silence certainly was worrying me there for a minute! Luckily, in addition to the keys, I made sure to bring my heavy-duty construction tools, a bunch of metal spoons to stick into a blender, and some cat friends of mine to scrape across Toon HQ's blackboard! We'll be hearing plenty of noise with the construction of the new Toon Hall, Clarabelle's furniture, tools for our big upcoming mission... But why stop there? A noise ordinance is no match for--
Alright, so apparently a noise ordinance is a match for me, and I've broken quite a few of them over the past 2 minutes and 13 seconds. Hey, what can you do? These keys aren't going to deliver themselves, after all. (That's your job!) Those projects that I mentioned aren't going to build themselves either, and that job happens to be my own.
It's been quiet this week, but we're hard at work behind the scenes over here at Toontown. Keep those eyes peeled, and in the meantime, here are a few frequently-requested updates to keep you Toons patient. Good luck on grabbing those keys!



Quadruple Access Weekend...?

Posted by Fat McStink on August 6, 2014 02:00 PM

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single Toon in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a key. However, little known the feelings or views of a such a Toon on the subject of the PlayLine, which is considered to be the rightful play time for the majority of Toons...
14-8-6 therescertainlypride.jpg
Hi guys! I was just practicing an excerpt from my new play: Pride and PlayTimes. The story of a Toon who comes across not only 500 additional keys, but as well as the mighty struggle of -- not double, not triple -- but QUADRUPLE Access Weekend with double the slots and double the time!
You know, I don't remember writing that in the script... In fact, this isn't my handwriting, and I'm pretty sure I didn't write a part about Sir Max coming in and becoming the hero of Toontown. Oh well, the script says so! It goes on to say that on Friday, August 8th at 2:00PM Toontown Time, PlayTime and PlayLine slots will be doubled (Adding an astounding record of 80 new slots!), and the session limit will raised once again to 6 hours for the weekend. Riveting!
It may not be as much as of a hit as my previous play, Doglet, Prince of Dogmark, but based on the popularity of Double Access Weekend and the 3,000 Toons currently waiting in the PlayLine, I'm betting that this is going to be a smash! (And hopefully, not a crash.)
I'm off to practice for the big performance. See you there!


The Art of Acting

Posted by Sir Max on August 10, 2014 02:00 PM

Annnnddddddd SCENE! That's a wrap, everyone. Great job. Excellent job with the -- you know, "acting." Ahaha, acting. The art of charades. Which is what we've been doing. The crowd is loving it!
Good, he's gone. Listen fellas, what if I told you that we aren't actually in a play called "Pride and PlayTimes"? And what if I told you that I in fact took Fat McStink's script and completely rewrote it to sneak hundreds of you into Toontown? Shocking -- I know. I would never do such a thing! However, here comes the plot twist: I did!
14-8-10 prideandsirmax.jpg
Here we are at the climax of the film, however, where our beloved heroes fall as Quadruple Access Weekend ends. Will they ever be able to scour back into the streets of the town? Who will ever save Toontown from these wretched Cogs? Will Vidalia VaVoom and Snooty Sinjin ever finish the story arc known as the power of love? And alas, all hope seems to be lost...
Until Sir Max comes in and becomes the HERO of TOONTOWN!

Aha! I bet you forgot about that part of the play, didn't you? Good news, everyone: As rightful hero of this here play, I'm here to announce that I have saved the day by allowing Quadruple Access Weekend to continue. Forever. (Well, at least until the public launch.)

That's right folks. The 6 hour sessions and doubled slot limits are sticking around, and it's now easier than ever to get into Toontown. My heart goes out to those of you who stuck with us during those 300 hour PlayLine waits, but no longer will you need to be leaving your computer on overnight to get in game. The average PlayLine wait time seems to be somewhere around 3 hours, and you'll get to enjoy the game twice as long by continuing to play with your Quadrupled Access.
This is where our play ends -- or rather, continues -- but I'm off now to rewrite another one of McStink's plays about Duodecuple Access Weekend. It's going to be great! Oh, and by the way: If any of you new Toons are looking for a job around town, I've heard that Clarabelle Cow is going to be needing a lot of deliveries this week.

Home on the Change

Posted by Sir Max on August 12, 2014 02:00 PM

Remember that big housing project that us Toon Troopers started a few months ago? Ah, that was fun. The back-breaking manual labor, the countless bottles of glue, the lack of water-proof furniture... Those were good times. We ran into a few problems though, between the Cog Invasions and the fact that there are a lot, lot, lot, LOT more of you than there were in January. That didn't stop us, though!
14-8-12 mooooooveoverwalmart.jpg
Let's be frank, here: Our houses are unacceptable! Bland furniture, white walls, tile flooring, it just doesn't work. We needed to clean up our houses, and we needed to do it quick. Luckily, us Toon Troopers snuck into every single one of your houses last night, peeled off the wallpaper, scraped up the floorboards, dismantled the furniture, and completely redesigned it. You can pretty much call us the Santa Claus of interior design! We're kind of a big deal.
Woah, woah! Hang on. Put the private property permits and restraining orders away (Hi Becky!) -- our intentions were strictly good. Look, we even installed some pretty nifty new things for you: A Jellybean Bank, a Wardrobe, and a state-of-the-art Crank-Phone!
You know, I could stick around and tell you all about your new house, but I think it's better for you to give Clarabelle a call yourself. Besides, I hear some sirens outside and I'm pretty sure I might have burned the wrong restraining order.
See you soon, everyone! Or in a few years. Depends on if my escape route works.


Is this a Bad Time?

Posted by Sir Max on August 16, 2014 07:53 PM

Yes, it most certainly is a bad time.
They don't pay me to write blog post past 5:00PM, you know. They don't pay me at all, you know. Yet here I am at 7:53PM, writing this very post to inform you that the Telemarketers have started a Mega-Invasion.
14-8-16 mrsdoubtwire.jpg
I don't know if it's some sort of tracking beacon, or if they have a radar in their metal heads, or what -- but ever since those Telemarketers caught wind that we all have phones now, they've always called at all of the wrong times. First it was during dinner, then while I was in the bathroom, and now they've interrupted Aladdin and my "Goodbye Genie" party with this madness! I am literally bawling my eyes out as I write this post. I should probably see a therapist -- but that's beside the point.
I've hung up on them, pressed "8" to remove us from the mailing list (And then "4", "7", and "13" respectively to confirm that I wanted to do this), and everything else under the moon you could think of. I'm telling you, these Telemarketers just won't stop calling! With this invasion, Toons, it's time for us to do what we do best: fill up the seltzers, grab some pies, and restock your gags. It's time to take back Toontown once again!


ToonFest 2014

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 20, 2014 02:00 PM

One year ago today, we started development on a project that would come to be known as Toontown Rewritten. Our intentions were clear: We weren't ready to let Toontown die just yet, and neither were you. The journey to get here has been incredible, and we've accomplished so much with your help. After hours upon hours spent building it, it's finally time to open the doors of Toontown for everyone all over again.
Toons and Toonettes, it's time to talk about ToonFest!
ToonFest is the celebration of all things Toontastic for Toons far and wide, where we can all meet up and take some time off from the Cog Battles to meet new friends, play some games, and think about how far we've come to get where we are today. Whether you're a veteran player and Laff-hard gag strategist, a new Toon in town who's still learning not to use sound on lured Cogs (Toon TIP: Don't do that!), or even someone who hasn't stepped foot in town for years -- this is the perfect chance to bring on the nostalgia and celebrate another year of Toontown!
Disney hosted two ToonFests in the lifetime of Toontown, both of which took place in-game and out-of-game. We're going to have to hold off on the out-of-game event this year, but that doesn't meant that we can't make the in-game version greater than ever before. Enough with the details, though -- let's talk about what's going to happen for this next month leading up to the game's opening and the start of ToonFest on September 19, 2014!
Toontown Rewritten's Launch
In case we haven't said it enough -- Toontown Rewritten is opening to the public on September 19th to coincide with the beginning of ToonFest! Note that Toontown isn't done just yet, and we still have some features left to knock out as well as a couple of bugs to squash. (Besides -- we haven't even announced the end of Beta event!) Because of our awesome Tester Toons, however, we're ready to let you into Toontown to fight the Cogs during the final stage of Toontown Rewritten's testing: Open Beta.
Make sure to check out our Opening F.A.Q. for everything you need to know to prepare for the launch of Toontown!
Backstage Toontown
At least once per week leading up to ToonFest, we're going to be updating the blog with all sorts of exclusive information about future content, what we've been doing for the past year, and what it's like to develop Toontown.
There's some awesome things in there for everyone, so you aren't going to want to miss it!
New Items and Accessories
While we may be scrapping PlayTimes and Beta Keys, no way are we going to forget about our valiant Tester Toons! Alpha Testers, Beta Testers, and PlayTime Testers will all get special items and accessories as a thanks for sticking with us to help out this past year.
In addition to the Tester-Tees, all in-game attendants of ToonFest 2014 will get an awesome item or two for their Toon. Stick around to see the designs!
ToonFest 2014
To launch Launch Day with a bang, we'll be opening up a brand new area in Acorn Acres built specifically for ToonFest to hang out and meet new friends to take on your journey throughout Toontown! While we can't promise anything on the scale of the Toon Council Presidential Election (We're saving that for later), we will be designing a brand new area for some fun activities and events, as well as the chance to get to hang out with us team members who helped create Toontown Rewritten!
ToonFest will last all weekend until Monday, September 22nd, where we'll close the doors on the new event area and wrap things up until next year.
It has been an amazing year for us here at Toontown Rewritten, and we want to send a HUGE shout-out to our amazing testers and community members who have stuck with us for so long, as well as a big welcome to all of the new Toons who are just joining us! Between our complete total of 2,000 keyed testers, 150,000 Registered accounts, and 375,000 scheduled PlayTimes, we can say without any doubt that you Toons have blown away all expectations that we could ever hope for.
It's been one long year -- no doubt about that -- and it's finally all going to be worth it. Toontown needs your help once again. There's only one question we have left:
Are YOU Toon Enough?

Backstage: Designing Doomsday

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 24, 2014 02:00 PM

Welcome to the first Toontown Rewritten Backstage column. We're going to be creating these over the next few weeks to give you the inside scoop of what has been going on the past year, and we'll be sure to create more in the future to keep you informed about everything that is going on with the Toontown Rewritten Team.
I'm Joey -- better known as that kooky guy named Sir Max -- the project lead and community manager of Toontown Rewritten. Those are just a bunch of fancy words to say that I help organize the updates, events, and new content for the game. (As well as make sure that you guys are kept happy with it!)
To kick off our very first Backstage post, I wanted to take the time to talk about one of the most intensive, yet most fun parts of Toontown Rewritten's development:
Throughout Alpha, we found ourselves getting more and more constrained on our freedom to create things. The updates began getting bigger and bigger, and as we moved closer to Cogs, we had to slow down. A Trolley Game can be made in a day, but not a Cog HQ.
"Doomsday", our internal name for the Toon Council Presidential Elections, became our escape from that.
Setting the Stage
Work for Doomsday began in December, when the first script was set up. The script revolved around Flippy going against a competitor Toon, "Floppy", for his chance at becoming President of the Toon Council. (Only to be interrupted by the actions of a certain Scrooge on the other side of town.) Sounds pretty similar, right? There's something missing, though: When did our pals Alec Tinn and Slappy come along?
Doomsday-concept sm.png
Floppy was always just an internal name until we came up with Slappy's character, but his story was quite a bit different than the lovable duck and wannabe-balloon-salesman that we met later on.
As replaced Floppy we began to develop Slappy, we began liking him more and more. Eventually we decided to change up the plot to try and have Slappy win the election, only to have his wacky personality become his downfall.
Marketing the Contestants
Now, hang on: Slappy wins the election? How did we know?
It's true -- we always knew that Slappy was going to win. Not in the sense that you'd think, though! As the writer of our updates, I was presented with the challenge of making Slappy the better contestant than this awesome blue dog that we've known for 10 years without making Flippy look bad.
It was really interesting to mess around with the two. Flippy's character was already there, and I couldn't just make him seem like a lousy guy since he would end up being the President in the end. We knew that new content was something that everyone was pretty hungry for, and decided that most of the new things would be given to Slappy while Flippy stuck with traditional objects like Fireworks and Pies.
The votes of the election were very real, but we knew who was going to win. (Or at least hoped that we did!) We made sure that Slappy seemed like the better guy so that the plot could all play out, because otherwise Flippy would have to be the one to go sad! I'd certainly hate to think about what would have happened if Flippy had won instead.
Cut Content
Doomsday-script sm.png
Aside from Alec Tinn, Slappy, and Flippy -- there was actually one more character in our band of Toons in the original election script. Before being replaced by Doctor Surlee's camerabots, there was one more Toon on stage by the name of "Lenny Flair" who operated a camera to livestream the event.
Flippy's stand was also originally meant to be an oven, which would help prepare more pies during the event. Flippy and his stand would argue about what kind of pie filling to use while Doctor Surlee yelled at them to get back on track.
Finally, during the invasion, Legal Eagles were meant to hover above the Playground, and swoop down on Toons who went sad. If you were taken by a Legal Eagle, you were sent to a spectator mode for a minute or so. It would have been interesting to see, but it proved to just not be very fun.
Creating an Invasion
Perhaps one of the hardest parts about designing Doomsday was the invasion itself -- what exactly happened if the Toons lost? How did it end?
Believe it or not: You couldn't lose! It certainly seemed like you could, though. It wasn't until our lead composer, "Cool Peaches", joined the team that the event really picked up pace. The awesome music she composed set the stakes high, and inspired the dark atmosphere that we turned Toontown Central into.
Doomsday was the first set of new content that we put into Toontown, and far from the last! We'll likely be seeing some similar things at ToonFest that you Alpha Testers enjoyed such as Flippy's pie stand, and I've heard that the Toons are trying to put together a new Hot Air Balloon too.
Doomsday-models sm.png
In the meantime, the concepting stages for our end of Beta event just started just last month, and we're hard at work on bringing it to life. I can't say too much yet, but I can tell you that it is going to be a heck of a lot more fun than Doomsday, but also a heck of a lot more work. You're going to want to train up your Toons when you get some time in-game, because you'll need a lots of Laff for this.
I hope you enjoyed our first Backstage post as part of our Road to ToonFest, and we'll make sure to continue them afterwards to fill you in on the development of Toontown Rewritten. Keep your eyes peeled, because the upcoming posts have some awesome new content to talk about. Stay TOONed, and I'll see you at ToonFest!

Backstage: Redrawing Rewritten

Posted by The Toontown Team on August 30, 2014 02:00 PM

Howdy there, everytoon! I'm Toontown Rewritten's lead artist and illustrator, Kati. Some of you may know me better as Captain Sandy, Piranha2021, or not at all. I’m here to bring you the next exciting installment of the Backstage Column focusing on just how much work goes into painting the pictures that you've seen throughout the game -- and some of them that you haven't seen!
As an illustrator and graphic artist, I’m basically the gal that creates most of the fancy pictures and doodads you see outside of gameplay. From the logo, to the launcher, to this very website that you're reading from: It’s my job to paint the picture of what Toontown really looks like.
From day one, the team has had a lot of artsy on-goings. You've seen plenty of them, but what you may not have seen are the stages we go through when designing – that is of course, until now. So without further ado, I present to you the exciting tale of:
A Logo for Launch
Concept-logo sm.png
One of the very first projects I was able to work on when joining the team was establishing the new logo design. We wanted to create something that still carried the vibe of the original design, while giving it an identity all its own. On top of that, I needed to finish it before September 19th, 2013 so that we would be ready for our big announcement!
The initial idea for the logo I only had two requests from the team: A big toon hand to write "Rewritten", and fitting Doctor Surlee's stopwatch in there somewhere. Believe it or not, despite not having much to work with -- there has only ever been one design for the logo! Two days after receiving the request, I went ahead and passed along a sketched out version to the rest of the team. We all loved it, and I began my work on the logo that we see here today.
Concept-sketches sm.png
In the months to come, there would be be plenty of tweaks and changes to the logo, but never a complete redesign. Minor things would come about like fonts and borders, and then a few major things like updating the gears and hands. There’s lots of things this little logo might change up in the years to come, so don’t be surprised if you see it getting a little festive for things besides ToonFest!
Designing Displays
Logos aren't the only thing I've worked on, of course! If you’re reading this post on our website, chances are you see some fancy scenery surrounding you! Some of you long-time Toontowners may remember that it really didn't start out that fancy.
Concept-background sm.png
When Toontown Rewritten first launched, our website had been put together in a few days just to give people a place to register. The team gave me a ToonTask of giving it a quick background, which became loosely based off of Toon Estates. In the end it was meant to have a smiling sun shining down on a layered hillside, a little house or two dotting the horizon. Keeping things fairly simple so that the page content would be the main focus.
Shortly after our announcement, I had the chance to work on our website redesign involving the streets of Toontown. I took much of my inspiration from the awesome concept artwork that Disney created for a Toontown reboot in 2010 (Give "Downtown Toontown" a search, they did some awesome work!)
The idea behind this was that since Toontown Rewritten was taking all the elements of a game we all know and love, while bringing in fresh new ideas, I wanted the backdrop to give that same feeling. You start out walking the streets of Toontown Central, a famous and familiar place, but the further into the distance you go, the more new and exciting things you start to find. You may even recognize a few buildings inspired from the original artwork.
Creating the Concepts
Aside from illustrated works like the website or launch window, there's plenty of things that I do behind the scenes here at Toontown. I'd love to tell you all about them, but the team had a team of Lawbots put me under lock and key to keep them secret until they are released! I did manage to sneak a few out to talk about though that might pique your interests.
Concept-duckhunt sm.png
Part of my work here at Toontown Rewritten has been making concept art for the new content that our team will work on. As a minor example, you can see the drawings I did for the Toon Council Presidential Election in our last Backstage post, "Designing Doomsday". If you click on that fancy picture over to the right, you'll see a few others that I think you'll find fun to look at, and a bit of a tease for the future.
I know I may not run around the streets of Toontown as often as other folks here on the team do, but if you ever spot a puny purple rabbit with a vest named Captain Sandy, make sure to stop by and say "Howdy!"
You can also keep up with some other behind-the-scenes work along with my other projects on my deviantART page, which you can get to by clicking on Captain Sandy over to the right.
That's it for my Backstage column, and I hope to see every last one of ya’ll over at ToonFest. See you soon!


Backstage: Making the Melodies

Posted by The Toontown Team on September 7, 2014 02:00 PM

Welcome to the next entry of Toontown Rewritten's ToonFest backstage column! I'm the lead composer over here at Toontown -- you may know me as a little red cat named Cool Peaches. Unlike Kati and Joey, the authors of the other Backstage posts thus far, I actually haven't been part of the team since the beginning, which gives me some pretty great stories to tell.
Today we're going to hit the road and check out some history with the team, such as how I've gotten here, what I’ve worked on… You know, maybe I can even sneak in a new song I've written! Oh, but don't let Joey know. As much as Sir Max disobeys the Toon Council, Joey sure is a stickler for keeping things secret until they're released.
So, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?
The New Toon in Town
Music-composition sm.png
My time here on the team first began in February, where I was a complete stranger to everyone! (Unlike many team members, which were referred by friends.) Believe it or not, I made it straight onto the team just by sending an email to support showing off some of the compositions I've made in the past. After four days of selecting samples and anxious waiting later, I got a response from none other than Joey himself. It turns out that the team had been searching for a composer right when I sent my email, and I was given a little test: Write three jingles for an upcoming event that had been in planning.
Some hours later, I had completed all three and sent them off to see what they thought… …and got a response that probably made it one of the proudest moments of my life: Joey telling me that the songs basically guaranteed me a spot on the team. Those three songs were completed without any tweaks necessary, and later became Slappy's Theme during the Toon Council Presidential Election.
The next day, I received the first project I would work on as an official member of the TTR Team, and the biggest track I have worked on yet: Setting the tone of Doomsday.
Creating a Cogtastrophe
The hugeness of the Doomsday melody is definitely a stark contrast with those first three jingles that took a few hours. I'd believe that this piece clocked in at a month! …Okay, that’s not entirely true. According to my computer, the time between the first version of this piece and the version that made it in game was a mere 4 days, but I don't even want to count how many hours it was. I swear, I remember this piece taking weeks!
In any case, the big burst of a theme that I wrote for Doomsday took a lot of researching to put together. This wasn't just any ordinary Cog battle, this was the Cog battle that decided the fate of Toontown, and I wasn't going to let it run dry! There were tons of mash-ups put in there, from a standard Cog building floor to the theme of the CJ Battle. If you listen closely, you'll even hear a few unused themes.
Tunes for Future Toons
Everything you heard during Doomsday was composed by myself, my personal favorite being what I think is the best piece I've ever written: the credits theme. That won't be so true for the next event, though.
Just like I was picked up, we managed to pull another Toon onto the team named Yorke who has been helping out with composing plenty of themes for upcoming events. In fact, you'll get to hear his debut track right here at ToonFest! He has composed the entire event this time around, and I can tell you that you're going to love it.
I've been wrapped up in composing things for a later event, but I know you Toons can be pretty eager to hear something new. Did you know that Daisy Gardens doesn't actually have music when you go into a shop? It just reuses the street theme, unlike other Playgrounds. I've been working on a piece recently to put in there, and YOU can help shape it up before it goes in game! Give it a listen by clicking the picture to the right, and let me know what you want to be improved before I send it over to Minnie to be used as an official melody.
My role is to write music over and over and over again until I’ve done an appropriate job realizing the scene that it accompanies. It can be a slow job at times, but it’s all worth it!
Joining the TTR team was probably the best decision that I have ever made. It pretty much finalized my decision to become a professional composer, gave me a reason to do well in school, and deepened my interest in music ten-fold. Being here has made me a much better person, and I wouldn’t trade my position here for the world.
If you have a dream: Whether it's to compose music, become an artist, or even one of the developers of Toontown: Don't give up! My chances of getting onto the team were one in a million, but I was that one. You can be too! I want to take the little space I have left to thank every one of you who has been following the project since it's early days (Just like myself at the time!), as well as all of my fellow team members who have made my experience the best it can be.
You Toons are the best, and make being here all the more worthwhile! Hope to see you at ToonFest!

Backstage: Translating the Tooniverse

Posted by The Toontown Team on September 13, 2014 03:00 PM

Witam, guten tag, and bonjour! -- Those are all ways to say "Hi!" in other languages, though I prefer the first one myself. I'm Agata, one of the long-time team members over here at Toontown Rewritten. You may not have heard of me before -- and that's because what I'm here to talk about today is a brand new feature making it's debut for the first time on Toontown!
It's time to tell you the exciting tale of...
Translating header.png
Blast to the Past
Translating oldsite sm.png
A couple of years ago, wasn't the only place to play Toontown -- and it wasn't through Rewritten, either. Toontown had servers placed all around the world in plenty of different languages: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese! The UK had their own, too, despite being in the same language. The fanbase wasn't small, and there were plenty of Toons just like you who played the game with their friends across the world. You may even have played on one of those servers before (Shout-out to our many Portuguese fans!), but sadly they were closed long before was.
As great as they were, there was a clear problem: each of those languages had its own separate server, and thus different players. You know that us Toons love to stay united, but we couldn't do it when everyone was playing on a different server around the world!
One for All, and All on One!
We were all incredibly sad to see the other servers shuttered, just as much as we were when closed its doors. While Toontown Rewritten too is primarily English, we've been receiving fan letters, emails, and visits from players all around the world who have been keeping up with our project. From the huge outreach, we decided to work on something to change the Tooniverse forever and truly unite all of us Toons...
Toontown Rewritten will be internationally available for everyone, starting with French, German, and Polish languages. These won't be separate servers, however: we're taking it to the next level. We will be releasing Toontown to play in multiple languages without you losing the ability to hang out with your multilingual pals - it's as easy as clicking a button!
Uniting the World
Translating oolala sm.png
When you think of a translation, you may just be thinking of the Shop names, ToonTask dialogue, and Cog attacks. Those are all awesome to be able to read in your own language, but it really isn't enough. Toontown is all about teamwork, and what good is teamwork when none of your pals can understand what you're saying? Luckily, they won't have to.
Through the SpeedChat system, Toons from far and wide will be able to communicate with each other without even having to know a separate language! For example, let's say you and three of your best pals have just met up in Toontown Central. When you click the green SpeedChat button, you scroll down to find "Hello!" and click it. You see it as "Hello!", but for your French friend sees it as "Bonjour!", your German friend sees "Hallo!" and for your Polish friend as "Czesc!" Pretty neat, huh?
Similarly, if they choose a SpeedChat phrase in their own language, it will show in English for you. This means that you can direct your team's strategy with SpeedChat and be understood by everyone, regardless of language. It's a universal language, and you don't even have to take the time to learn it!
On the Lookout
Just as there are 3 languages to be released, there are 3 translators working on them. There is Nicolas, who maintains the French version -- you may know him as that lovable horse named Goshi! There is also Romeo who maintains the German version, and myself who helps out with the Polish version. Hello!
While we're only looking to support these three languages for the time being, we certainly aren't going to leave any others out! We're hoping to support as many languages as there is demand for, and we'd love to take you onto the team to help us do it. We're going to hold off on starting any new languages for now, but if you are up for translating Toontown into your own language, feel free to shoot us an email and show us what you can do!
When I first began translating, it was really overwhelming. Did you know that Toontown has over 10,000 strings of text that needed to be translated? (And it doesn't help that the developers keep adding more!) Along the way, however, I realized just how fun translating is! Making up megaphone jokes, figuring out the rhymes for Sticky Lou, referencing Polish business slang in Cogs’ attacks and staring at the screen trying to fit lengthy Polish words where shorter English sentences once were - it all gave an immense amount of fun.
There were, of course, a few challenges on the way. English and Polish quite obviously differ, and Toontown was made directly for English. Although both are Indo-European languages, English is "Germanic" while Polish is "Slavic". I’m not going to go into the boring, linguistic details, but take my word for it: it’s a pretty complicated language! The developers have had to engineer new ways to display the text while still being able to support all languages, and it has proven to be quite tricky at times. But hey, don’t worry: it’s nothing Toontown can’t handle and soon enough you’ll be able to play it in another language for yourself, too!
If you have suggestions on how we can better support Toons from around the world, let us know! We're always looking for ways to help Toontown become even more united.
Toontown International is still in the works, but it will be available to everyone soon through your local Shtickerbook. Do widzenia, auf wiedersehen, and adieu -- I'll see you all at ToonFest!

Backstage: Toontown Retextured

Posted by The Toontown Team on September 16, 2014 03:00 PM

Hello, Toons far and wide! (Yeesh, we're running out of ways to say "Hi.") I'm Maya, the slate blue rabbit known as Slate. I am one of the three artists on the texturing team here at Toontown Rewritten. While Kati handles all of the graphic work and drawings, we take care of the things you see in-game -- and I'm here to tell you all about what we have in store!
Texturing header.png
The Claim to Fame
Way back in the day (Which hardly seems like a year ago.) before the days of Toontown Rewritten, I was just an ordinary Toon like you helping out with some fan art and graphic design on community fansites. Joey, our beloved Sir Max, secretly kept an eye on me while I was sharing my works. You can probably imagine how surprised I was when I was offered to join the team as their very first texture artist -- It was exciting to be welcomed in by the team, the very same ones I had been actively following for a few weeks in hopes that we would be able to play Toontown again!
Texturing uvmaps sm.png
While I would have loved to fly out over to a Toon HQ of our own, most of our design and development takes place over the internet! As you may have guessed from Agata's Backstage column, the Toontown Rewritten team is made of toons from all over the world. I live in Israel, which is half-a-world away from most of the team. You'd think that this would open up some problems for working together, but really it has made us think of all sorts of creative ways to collaborate without being near each other at all. Amazing what happens when Toons unite, eh?
Taking in a new Team
Texturing designstages sm.png
It didn't take us too long to understand that one person couldn't be texturing everything on their own. This time around, the team asked me to reach out to a few people that I had been watching and see if we can round up a Texturing Team for the massive project that we were about to undertake. (And it wasn't Doomsday, either! We'll get to that.)
Shortly after my arrival, my fellow texture artist Elizabeth (Also known as Joyful Roxy, or June) joined in and nailed everything I threw at her. A while after that in preparation for the election, we took in Roxana (Which you may know as Boo Boo) to help out. I know, I know -- we've been over how I joined the team, how the others got involved (And how you can as well!), and the mandatory hint towards something bigger, so what exactly does texturing compose of?
I'm glad you asked! Us texture artists are responsible for all of the new art you've seen in game -- the Election props, a couple of new shirts, and the upcoming ToonFest event as well. There is something bigger, however, that our real job here at Toontown Rewritten has composed of. Just like our upcoming Toontown International update, there has been another top-secret project brewing in the depths of Toontown Rewritten for the past year...
Tooning-Up Toontown
Texturing beforeandafter sm.png
Let's face it: Toontown is old. As in 11 years old. Believe it or not, Toontown was designed to be able to run on a Windows 98 desktop -- that was released before some of you were even born! Those fancy-shmancy computers were revolutionary at the time of their release, but they certainly didn't have much processing power.
11 years later, computers have come wonderfully far -- and Toontown has too! Have you ever noticed any of those weird looking walls, flat trees, and blurry objects? Our main goal here at the texturing team of Toontown Rewritten for the past year has been to get rid of all of that, and bring the game up to speed with the rest of technology. For the first time, I officially present Toontown Retextured -- a complete revamp of the original Toontown graphics.
Texturing toontowncentral sm.png
As you can see from the images, we've been taking every part of Toontown and turning it into something new with even more detail than before. It's new, it's clean, and it's completely toggleable! Our main focus throughout this side project of ours has been to make sure that we don't ruin the Toontown look -- we've taken every precaution that we can to make sure it looks just as great as the original, but we understand that not everyone wants to get rid of the blurry streets of our old town. If you like the original look, no sweat!
Now, don't get too excited yet! Just like Toontown International, Toontown Retextured is still being worked on and not quite ready for you guys to use. We'll be doing our best to get it out soon, and we'll keep you posted on our progress with occasional Backstage posts just like this one.
Texturing forthefuture sm.png
We'd love to hear what you think so far, and any suggestions for the future. Who knows, maybe we'll even get to see some new graphical options such as dynamic shadows and all sorts of other fancy options for Toons to enjoy!
Being a texture artist in Toontown Rewritten might sound like a lot of work, but we really enjoy every moment of it. We are really thankful for even being a part of this awesome game, and even more so for having the chance of seeing you all enjoy something we took part in remaking.
If you ever see us around town, make sure to say hello! That's it for this backstage column, but I'll see you in the newly-textured land of ToonFest!

ToonFest is Tomorrow!

Posted by The Toontown Team on September 18, 2014 02:00 PM

In just a few hours, Toontown is going LIVE to Toons far and wide, and ToonFest will officially begin! We want to send a huge thanks once again to everyone who has been with us for the ride: Whether a new Toon in town or a pie-slinging, laugh-inducing, long-time Toontowner, you guys are the reason we've made it this far!
14-9-18 toonfesttunnel.jpg
We know everyone is excited for ToonFest, which will be officially launching at 2:00 PM Toontown Time (PST) tomorrow, so we wanted to take some time to go over what to expect and how to make the most of the weekend. Don't worry, we'll keep it short and sweet through the form of frequently asked questions (Which haven't been frequently asked yet, but they would have been) listed below. Let's check 'em out!
What time does ToonFest start?
ToonFest starts around 2:00 PM Toontown Time (PST), and will last all weekend until Monday! (We do have a habit of extending events past their original end date, though... It helps with the excitement!)
What should I wear?
"Oh, anything is fine." is what we'd say if we didn't have some insane new outfits for you to wear. It's a good thing we have some insane new outfits for you to wear. We have two Alpha shirts, a Beta shirt, a PlayTime shirt, and a special shirt for all Toons who attend ToonFest! Be on the lookout for those designs tomorrow -- you'll want to check your closet!
How can I get there?
Just click the handy-dandy ToonFest Teleportation Button! You'll know it when you see it. You can also enter the tunnel through Acorn Acres if you'd like to enter the party loud and proud in a more fashionable sense. We know the feeling.
What kind of activities will there be?
Sssshhhh, that's a surprise! We have all sorts of activities for you to do -- a few Toontown classics, some popular activities that you guys really enjoyed in the past, and something completely new as well that will be sticking around after ToonFest! Our lips are sealed until tomorrow.
...But there might definitely be a 3 minute Finale Firework show of grand proportions. Just a thought.
Are we going to be invaded by Cogs/find Bossbot HQ/host an Election/conquer the earth/make a new Toon Species/go on a hunt for...
No, no, no, yes, no, and not yet.
ToonFest is going to be awesome -- but by no means is it on the scale of The Toon Council Presidential Election. ToonFest was put together throughout the past month as a fun place to celebrate and do some unique activities with all of the new Toons of Toontown. We're saving the massive content for later!
I experience a lot of freezing when playing Toontown and I'm worried about how that I won't be able to play with so many Toons in the area. What should I do?
You should do absolutely nothing, my dear player, because there's a big engine patch being sent out with ToonFest! We've been working to reduce stuttering through finally multi-threading parts of Toontown, as well as some other fun fixes that you'll see tomorrow. Don't expect it to fix every problem you've ever had, but it will certainly help with the freezing a bit.
How are you guys handling the server load? What happens if there is a problem?
We've been building an arc and counting our animals two by two, because let me tell you: There's going to be a flood tomorrow. And it has a good chance of being catastrophic.
We have no idea of knowing how many Toons will show up tomorrow, but we've been preparing the best we can. Don't be disappointed if the servers go down under heavy load or things seem to be breaking at the seams, because we're declaring tomorrow the official ToonFest Test Fest. While we've been double and triple checking everything we can, with such a huge amount of players there is a good chance that things could go wrong. If they do -- don't sweat it! We're going to be here all night monitoring things to make sure they stay in tip-top shape, and we'll have it all fixed up so you can play perfectly smooth on Saturday if anything goes wrong.
Let's put it this way: We built a bridge, but none of us are exactly professional bridge engineers. We've checked over the bridge design over and over again and can't identify any weak points, but suddenly we're going to be moving busloads of people over this bridge at the same time! It's going to be awesome to see how things go, and despite the pressure on top of it (Pun intended!), we're excited for it.
It's going to be an awesome weekend, and we'll be partying with you the whole way. It's a good idea to download the Launcher and files ahead of time so that you'll be able to get in right away when the PlayTime system is shut off. (We'll miss you, PlayLine!)
Toons of the world, let's save our town.

ToonFest: Let the Festivities Begin!

Posted by The Toontown Team on September 19, 2014 02:00 PM

It's TIME! But really, do we need to tell you that? I'm sure you already know. Grab your gags, your friends, and every Toon in town: Because it's time for ToonFest!
14-9-19 toonfesttime.jpg
Upon logging in, you'll find yourself with a fancy new button in the top-right to take you straight to ToonFest anytime you want -- even if you're already there! (The new iPhone has absolutely nothing on our button technology.) You can also head over to Acorn Acres and enter the tunnel with the big "TOONFEST" Banner over it.
I could sit here all day and tell you about Picnic Games, ToonFest Tower, Target practice Flippy's new pet, and the Grand Finale Fireworks Show on Sunday -- but why tell you when you can see for yourself?
Us Toon Troopers over at the TTR Team are just as busy and excited as you, so we're going to have to keep this post short while we go to greet you at the doors. Remember, today is ToonFest Test Day, which means there may be a few road bumps here and there that we'll fix up along the way. We'll fill you in on all of the juicy details of the Fireworks and the new outfits soon -- but we think you'll find it pretty easy to find something to occupy yourself with in the meantime!
Toons of the world, it's PARTY time!

ToonFest: Apparel has Arrived!

Posted by The Toontown Team on September 20, 2014 02:00 PM

Well, we hate to say that we told you so -- but we told you so! As expected, there were some oddities throughout ToonFest Test Day, but now here on Day 2 of ToonFest things have started to straighten up and we're back into the swing of things. We'll be releasing updates all throughout the weekend to improve your ToonFest experience as more problems are reported. Don't worry! We'll extend it as long as we must to ensure that you get plenty of time to fully experience it.
14-9-20 toonfesttees.jpg
As the festivities have gone on, we've had a whopping 3,000 Toons Online at once -- and the number keeps on growing! For those of you who are still having trouble getting in, we have loads of releases coming out to help you. Remember: Toontown Rewritten is still in Open Beta, and this was all expected and anticipated so that we could finally work the issues out once and for all. ToonFest is just a bit of a distraction to give you motivation to help us out.
Distraction as it is, it doesn't mean that we can't make it as fun as we can. Now that we've had some time to ourselves, it's time to release the official ToonFest Apparel for everyone to use, and tell you about the Finale Fireworks Show that will be going on every 3 hours starting tomorrow at 2:00PM Toontown Time!
We have 3 outfits and 2 shirts to give out, each of them based on how long you've been here with us on Toontown Rewritten. If you've been here since alpha -- you can get all 5! If you've been a PlayTime user, you can get the PlayTime shirt and the ToonFest shirt. See how it works? To redeem them, just head over to your Shitckerbook on the "Options" Page, then click the "Redeem Code" tab and enter any of the codes below. If you're not sure that you are eligible -- try the code anyway! It will let you know if you can get it.
Now, without further ado, presenting the official Toontown Rewritten Tester clothing!
Tf shirt-codes.png

ToonFest: An Exclamation of Extension!!

Posted by The Toontown Team on September 21, 2014 02:00 PM

You know what we love? Exclamation points. I'm sure you've noticed, considering we've used one in every ToonFest title so far. We've used so many, in fact, that we ran out of our entire allotment with these last two. Oops.
We really couldn't make this post without the extra one in the title, though, because as anticipated: ToonFest has been extended! (Hey, I found a third one! (Fourth.))
14-9-21 finalefireworks.jpg
We've heard your cries and have been fixing our bugs, and as a result we've set our sights to end ToonFest this Saturday rather than tomorrow. That's almost an entire extra week of partying! (Apparently we left a bunch of exclamation points stuffed between the couch cushions.)
Of course, that means that the Fireworks Finale will take place on Friday at 2:00PM Toontown Time rather than today -- but that's a small sacrifice for the extra days that the area will stay open. Let me tell you though: If that picture is anything to judge by, it'll be worth it.
We want to give a sincere thanks to all of you for helping us test out our servers and ToonFest, which has been going great. We've managed to spruce up plenty of things that we wouldn't have spotted without you, and just today we managed to hit a grand total of 200,000 registered accounts! (These two were under the refrigerator!)
Toontown's future is looking brighter than ever, and it won't stop with ToonFest. We're getting our team together to start planning out the future with some massive things planned, and we want you Toons to be here every step of the way. You already saw plenty of it through our Backstage Blog Posts, but there is much more to come. Stay TOONed for that news! (Look, I didn't want to say anything, but we might have stolen that one from the library. They have more exclamation points than they know what to do with.)
In the meantime, here are some more fixes to make your ToonFest experience run even smoother! Do you really think we'd extend it without fixing a bunch of bugs? Pfffft... Maybe!

ToonFest: Finally, the Finale Fireworks!

Posted by The Toontown Team on September 26, 2014 02:00 PM

A wise Toon once said, "Let the wild rumpus start!"
And with that, he was driven insane with a celebration so great and so loud that he ended up leaving it entirely. He did have a celebration, however, and it was a pretty great one!
14-9-21 finalefireworks.jpg
ToonFest will be closing its doors in just under 24 hours now, and we're ending it with a BANG -- literally, as usual! Starting right now, a Grand Finale Fireworks show will launch in all playgrounds across Toontown. Unlike Fireworks of the past, this show is a whopping 3 minutes long and takes you through an entire journey of Toontown Through Time!
Don't forget to stop by Alec Tinn in the ToonFest area for a ride to the top of the ToonFest tower, which has the best view of the Fireworks in all of Toontown. (Careful, though -- I hear he has a fear of heights.)
We want to thank everyone for stopping by ToonFest and having fun with it while it lasted. It's been tons of fun, and it's going to be even better next year! We're up for one more day of partying, then it's back to the cream pies and cog fights for us. Besides, rumor has it that Lord Lowden Clear has something big brewing for us. We're going to need all the Laff we can get.
See you at the show!

ToonFest: That's All, Folks!

Posted by Flippy on September 27, 2014 02:00 PM

Boy, does time fly! It's your Toon Council Presidential President, Flippy, here. (Can't forget about my new pet Fluffy, either!)
It's been just a little over a week since ToonFest began, and it's finally about time to wrap things up. The Troopers are taking down the banners, Alec is deflating the balloon (He's almost a bit too terrific about doing that.), Melville is taking his last bucket of fish to the Pet Shop, and Fluffy and I are on our way home.
14-9-27 tatatotoonfest.jpg
The last burst of the Finale Fireworks are launching as we speak, so if you're able to, you may be able to hop on and get one last look at ToonFest before we finish taking down the decor! Once it's gone, it'll be gone until next year with the launch of the next ToonFest.
Now that the festivities are coming to a close, I'd love to hear: What was your favorite part of ToonFest? The fishing? The games? What do you want to see to make it even better next year? And what do you want us here at the Toon Council to do next? We're always looking for fun things to do around town, and we have a whole bunch of them coming up soon.
We're going to be taking some time to Toon-Up a few things around town, so you'll have plenty of time to train your gags and Laff in the meantime. Be on the lookout, though: With the opening of Toontown, it's finally time to start cranking out the new content and fun things to do for the future. Stay TOONed, there's going to be a lot more on that coming soon!
Until next time... Toons of the world, UNITE!
-- Flippy and Fluffy


Additions to Acorn Acres!

Posted by Fisherman Nutty on October 3, 2014 03:30 PM

Yello! You'll never guess what rabbit just landed himself a job at the nuttiest place in Toontown: Fisherman Nutty! (Hint: That's me!)
Oh, the nutty place I was talking about: That's Acorn Acres. The Toon Troopers thought it'd be nice to spruce the place up a little, ya know? Not with spruce trees though - no way, no how! I wouldn't dare let them ruin our acorn sanctuary with that vile hunk of wood.
14-10-3 sprucingthingsup.jpg
Right, fish. You guys like fish, right? Right! Turns out that river in Acorn Acres has a whole load of fish swimming through it, and now we've got out very own pond to catch 'em from! I've seen everything from Grizzly Bear Acudas to Strawberry PB&J Fish come from that pond, and I'd bet there are even more species that will migrate there if we keep offering them those tasty Jellybeans to eat!
Uh-huh. There's also something here about the ToonFest Picnic Games being brought into Acorn Acres -- but that's just boring. It's all about the fishing in my book.
Say, since I seem to be the keeper around here now, what other things do you think we can use to spruce oak up Acorn Acres?


What's the Hubbub?

Posted by The Toontown Team on October 5, 2014 05:00 PM

After a whole day of mopping up a mess, we stopped by our mailbox to see that there were several trucks of letters waiting next to it with various questions composed to us. Many of them consist of:
"What's the hubbub?"
"This is a whole bunch of hullabaloo!"
"How can this issue cause so much skulduggery?"
"A wop-bop-a-do-bop?" (A-wop-bam-boom!)
14-10-5 kabobbled.jpg
So here's the low-down run-down of the time-down of this past day: There was an issue. (Someone call in Captain Obvious!) -- While the issue was shortlived, we needed to take a day to make sure it doesn't happen again. We've spent the whole day taking a whole boatload of precautions to make sure this won't happen again, as well as going through and fixing up server performance along the way! (As always, good things come from bad things.)
Don't sweat it - your Toon probably wasn't affected. If your Toon was affected, it luckily wasn't anything serious! At most, you might have lost a few gag experience points and might have to turn in the last ToonTask or two again. If your toon has been severely affected in some way that you can't continue, go ahead and shoot us an email! Make sure to put "Periwinkle!" in the title so we can rush to get your Toon an anvil as fast as possible and hit them on the head with it to make them remember whatever went wrong.
We know that it's hard to go a day without Toontown, which is exactly why we're making up for the lost pie-splats next weekend. TOON in tomorrow for some information on a special event that none of you will want to miss -- it'll help with any lost training, too!


Not with Points, but Experience

Posted by Lil Oldman on October 6, 2014 02:00 PM

Hello. I do think that this is my first time imposing a greeting upon a few of you, so some would say that an introduction would be in order. However, I need no introductions. I will give you one anyway: I am The Blizzard Wizard. Bah, let's get on with this.
14-10-6 doublethecheese.jpg
The Toon Council is a smart band of Toons - perhaps even as smart as I. Though I do not plan to bother with the atrocities of toonocracy, I am simply a messenger. I do think that the Toon Council has been into my Lumpy Cheese, as they've gone mad with the announcement I have been sent to announce.
Back in my day, Toons would train 36 hours a day, 9 days a week, 14 months per year to exceed our gag limits. Even now, when I sit old and maxed, I still travel the cold streets of The Brrrgh to train my gags and discover more. Maybe only during Mr. Hollywood invasions. They have excellent caviar.
Nonetheless, I am now announcing the reason I have been sent to announce in which the announcement is Double Experience Weekend from Friday to Monday. Go to the streets my children, (Do not think you are actually mine. I am merely a polite rabbit.) and train the gags you have been given. The experience returned will be twice as much, and quadrupled over the invasions.
What's that, toad? Ah yes.
It is time to feast. Remember: You do not truly earn a gag with points, but with experience. Do not ask me what this means. I do not know.

Resistance Rangers, Assemble!

Posted by Good ol' Gil Giggles on October 9, 2014 03:45 PM

Greetings, from the Toon Resistance!
I'm Resistance Ranger Good Ol' Gil Giggles, though you can call me Gil. Or Giggles. Probably not Good Ol'.
14-10-9 thecogcrushers.jpg
I know you may be used to our leader, Lord Lowden Clear, though he wasn't able to attend this briefing. He's always busy with whatever shenanigans he has to tend to, but in no way would he allow us members of the Toon Resistance to miss this. All of us over at the H.Q. just received word of your Double Experience Weekend event, and here's the deal: We want in.
Throughout the whole weekend, us Resistance Rangers will be hosting Building-Busting marathons throughout Toontown, and we need YOU to help us. Starting tomorrow at 3PM Toontown Time, you can meet up with us and become an honorary Resistance Trainee by helping us to take down some of the toughest Cogs in Toontown. Toons who go above and beyond to show those Cogs who's boss will be awarded the Cog-Buster Uniform and Resistance Salute by one of our own Resistance Rangers!
Not too big on Laff or gags? Don't worry about it. There will be plenty of bigger toons there willing to help you out, and with the double experience you'll be up there in no time.
Here's the time schedule for our official events. If you can't make one, don't worry! Our Rangers will be all over Toontown even when the events aren't going on.
14-10-9 resistanceruntimes.png
That's all from me. We're all pumped up to give our gags a good work out (And those Cogs a good busting!), so I hope to see you there.
Toons of the world, UNITE!
Good ol' Gil Giggles
Toon Resistance Ranger

Double Experience, Triple Performance!

Posted by The Toontown Team on October 10, 2014 02:30 PM

It's been just a few hours since Double Experience Weekend started up, and the Cogs are already getting their cans kicked! Toons everywhere have been piling up on their experience, and it's about to get a whole lot sillier with the Toon Resistance Marathon that starts up at 3:00PM PST (Just an hour away from when this post was made!)
14-7-16 qua-drup-le.jpg
Aside from the great gagwork, you may have noticed something even more exciting coming in to Toontown. As always, us folks over on the team are are not only working on making Toontown better than ever, but also continuing to improve the game's performance and safety. Just today, in addition to Double Experience Weekend, we launched a BIG update to fix plenty of the issues you Toons warned us about!
As you run through the streets to take down those buildings, hopefully you'll notice that you're running smooth as butter with our various tweaks and fixes. We encourage you to check out high-population areas to see just how much it works for you, and what we have left to patch up.
Throughout the week we've also released a bunch of updates to address the Periwinkle issues that you have been emailing us. If you're still having issues -- we haven't forgotten! We're still working on the last batch of muck-ups (A lot of which have been fixed in the last update!), and we'll keep fixing them as you report them to us.
Thanks for keeping up to date on the news of all things Rewritten -- and have fun with Double Experience Weekend!




Abracadabra, Accessories!

Posted by Sir Max on October 18, 2014 02:00 PM

Get ready for this, Toons! The Toon Council has been searching quite a while for someone to write this post. Toontown is about to get more style than it's ever had since those ToonFest tees, and they needed someone cut out for the job of announcing it. They needed charisma, looks, and an ego big enough to fit the hat on his head...
Luckily, I think I know a guy.
14-10-18 jacko-uhoh.jpg
My my, it's been quite a while since I last spoke with ye! I've been up to all sorts of projects since then -- shenanigans, as some would call them. There was that run-in with with the forest monster known as "Fluffy", then I worked with Fisherman Nutty on setting up a fly-geyser-fishing championship before the Toon Council shut us down. Oh, I also met a wizard!
Don't worry, I didn't anger a wizard this time. Well I mean I did, but not intentionally. And this guy isn't actually a wizard -- he just enjoys wearing the hat. Probably. He's at least not like the last wizard I angered. Probably.
I met the guy a few weeks ago -- Jack O. Kazam I believe his name was -- while strolling around town. He had this awesome collection of hats, so I said "Hey! Mind if I go ahead and sell some of these in the Cattlelog for Halloween?"
He said no. But we did it anyway! Courtesy of Clarabelle, we've sent out a FREE Accessory Trunk to every citizen of Toontown, which can be used to store the newest addition to Toontown's most famous Cattlelog: Accessories! We've also got two new Halloween Costumes heading your way -- a Jester outfit for boys, and a Witch outfit for girls. Luckily, that one was indeed not stolen from a witch.
Get the costumes while you can, because Halloween is coming up quick! I'm emptying out my Jellybean Jars for an all-night trick and treating marathon, and I've heard that Flippy and his monster "Fluffy" have some tricks up their sleeve too.


The Wizard Who Haunted Halloween

Posted by Jack O' Kazam on October 23, 2014 04:00 PM

Eerck heh hehck...
Gather around, guys and ghouls, for a story -- a spooky story, at that.
I've written it on my scroll, a scroll I can't retract.
You see, every Toon down in Toontown likes Halloween a lot.
... And it'd be a lie if I told you: "I did not."
14-10-23 illbewatching.png
I'm quite fond of Halloween, the whole Halloween season!
But this year, my love has changed for a very green reason.
I could mention the trees, grass, or candy-stuck paws
Though I'd rather just tell you: Sir Max is the cause.
He's taken my hats, my glasses, backpack, and shoes.
And those Toons have bought each one, despite the news!
And so for those reasons:
Backpacks, glasses, and shoes,
I stand here on Hallow's eve, despising you Toons.
I've stared down my cauldron with a sweet, little frown
Because of it all, things are about to get spooky in Toontown.
You see, I have an idea.
Ohoho, a wicked idea.
I've conjured up a wonderfully wicked idea.
Every Toon who Treat-or-Tricks, from the Twenty-fifth to the First,
Will be receiving a visit from my Pumpkin Head Curse!
Jack O' Cadabra, Hocus Presto, Kazam!
Never again, I tell you, will I be given this scam.
None of you will be able to take me down.
This Halloween, I own Toontown.
A head of pumpkin, taking place of your hat!
Not one of any able to meet my match.



Spooktown's Trick-or-Treat Week

Posted by Sir Max on October 25, 2014 02:00 PM

If you haven't noticed by the decorations, costumes, candy, and ominous dark clouds signaling the end of Toon-kind as a whole: Today marks the start of Toontown's annual Trick-or-Treat Week!
As the tradition goes, six shopkeepers from around town have volunteered to distribute Jellybeans until November 1st to any wacky Toons who walk in their door and say "Trick or Treat!" -- but you're going to have to solve a spooky riddle to find them!
14-10-25 moretricksthantreats.jpg
Trick or Treat Week isn't all fun and games though, because the forecast is calling for a 100% chance of gloom and darkness all around Spooktown -- err, Toontown. Now, I know what we're all thinking: "A bunch of dark clouds showed up when that fake wizard said it would. His curse must have been real!"
Well, my trickster Toons, I'm legally obligated to tell you that there is in fact no danger at all this Halloween, and Trick or Treating is completely safe. That said, I can also tell you that I am definitely not packing my bags for the upcoming apocalypse! That'd just be silly. I mean, someone would have had to anger a real wizard for that to happen... Heh.
As for the clouds, you know who I blame? The weatherman. That guy was in a sour mood this morning and now we have all of this gloom. Typical. It certainly won't put a stop to our Trick-or-Treat Week, however, because BAM: Here are the riddles.
Hw puzzle-2014.jpg
I'd love to stay and help, but the apocalypse doesn't plan for itself, and I'd prefer to get out of here before that Pumpkin Headed Curse (Which definitely isn't real.) takes effect on you poor fellas.
See you in the bunker. Don't forget your pre-canned pie supplies!


A Whole Y.E.A.R. of Toontown!

Posted by The Toontown Team on October 28, 2014 02:30 PM

We just happened to be checking our calendar a few minutes ago, when suddenly we realized that it has been a whole Y.E.A.R. (Yipes, an Enternity After Release) since we launched Toontown Rewritten: Alpha!
Between the Toon Trooper's wacky stories, the mystery of Doctor Surlee, the 26th and the two, and events such as the Toon Council Presidential Elections -- we've been through quite a lot this year. And mind you, we're planning to go through a whole lot more!
To give you a quick refresher, we've hand-picked some of our favorite posts throughout the Y.E.A.R. -- along with a few that you'll want to re-read to give yourself a refresher. Trust me, you're going to need it. I've heard that there is an old friend who needs our help.
henanigans of the Update Variety
"Cannon Tag" -- The first appearance of Sir Max
"Ice Escape" -- The crazy tales of the Toon Troopers begin
"The Fish Bingo Controller" -- Hawkheart discovers a secret room in Toon Hall... "Thank-You!" -- We send Disney a big thanks for letting Toontown live a little longer!
"hi im roger dog" -- Roger Dog takes over for a day - in dream form!
"Red Alert!" -- Toontown is INVADED! ...By butterflies.
"The Blizzard Wizard" -- Sir Max ends up covering Toontown in snow by angering a certain Wizard that we all know too well.
"A Shocking Return" -- Toon Trooper Shockley talks about his job over on the Toon Council, with a little mention of a certain scientist...
"A Picture Problem" -- The Toon Troopers discover that Sir Max has a selfie problem
"The Greatest Party in the Tooniverse" -- Fat McStink, after having a series of bad parties, creates the greatest party in the Tooniverse
"Rhymes for a Reason" -- The TTR Team starts the tradition of rhyming in informational news posts.
"The Countdown to Beta -- Six different news posts appear describing what happened between in the gap between Alpha and Beta when the Cogs took over.
The Story of Toontown Rewritten
"The Grey Zone" -- Professor Prepostera tells about his study of "The Grey"
"CONFIDENTIAL" -- A secret message finds it's way onto the Toontown News on the 26th of the month...
"Emergency Broadcast" -- Again on the 26th, a secret message appears on Toontown...
"Manual Transmission" -- Another secret message on the 26th. What do they all mean?
"Call Log" -- Another 26th, with yet another anomaly.
"The Two" -- The Two Toons make their appearance addressing a certain Doctor, who seems to have tried running away from his problems once again.
"Emergency Memo" -- Doctor Surlee attends Lord Lowden Clear's mission, which ends up going horribly wrong.
"Surlee v. Council" -- Another encrypted message appears on the 26th, with seemingly Lawbot origin.
"ToonTasks Galore?" -- A seemingly harmless update from Mary-Go-Round: Travel Agency gives a little hint about one of Doctor Surlee's secrets.
Events, the Election, and All-Else
"Black Cat Attack" -- Flippy introduces his campaign by turning Toons into Black Cats
"Don't be Wacky!" -- Flippy's competitor, Slappy, makes his very first appearance!
"A Beary White Christmas" -- Slappy turns Toons into Polar Bears for his Christmas campaign!
"The Great Snowball Fight" -- Slappy is on a roll, bringing snowball fights to Toontown and promising that they'll be back again next year -- only pure sadness could stop him! But... Oh...
"The Toon Council Presidential Elections" -- Alec Tinn announces that Toontown will be voting a president of the Toon Council between two competitors -- Flippy and Slappy
"Clobber the Competition" -- Flippy bakes pies for Toons all around town!
"High in the Sky" -- Slappy brings his Hot Air Balloon into Toontown Central!
"Election Day" -- At long last, the election arrives... but with a rude interruption.
"COGS have invaded Toontown!" -- The metal menaces known as Cogs make their first appearance on the streets of Toontown. Where did they come from? How do we stop them? Where is Slappy?
"ToonFest 2014" -- We celebrate one year of Toontown Rewritten's announcement with the grand ToonFest 2014 event! Flippy also seems to have found a new pet which he calls a "Doodle."


Have a Hauntingly Hilarious Halloween!

Posted by Flippy on October 31, 2014 02:00 PM

Hello there, freaks, frights, and ghouls o' plenty! It's Flippy, President of the Toon Council of Toontown. It's a tad of a tradition for me to stop by here every Halloween, and thanks to a certain Toon Troop of mine: this Halloween has been the most horrific one yet.
I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that I have been quite frankly traumatized in every fairly fearful form imaginable!
14-10-31 toontasticallyterrifying.jpg
Lucky for us, according to Jack O' Kazam's spell, we have only one day left of the Pumpkin Head Curse, which will be ending at the strike of the clock to end the day of November 1st! (Yikes, I'm even starting to rhyme like him.)
Although Trick or Treat Week will be ending, there's one not-so-lucky tradition here in Toontown for today only: Black Cat Day! Every cat who crosses my path and says the phrase "TOONTASTIC!" will be sent a spell that only the most terrifying Toons of Toontown can consider... The Black Cat Curse!
Any cat can stop by Toon Hall until the stroke of midnight on October 31st to receive their new look -- if you dare -- but be wary: That spell is permanent!
From all of us Toons here on the Toon Council, have a Hauntingly Hilarious Halloween!


Tom's Toontorials: Welcome Valley

Posted by Tutorial Tom on November 6, 2014 02:30 PM

Howdy there! It's great to see you again. I'm Tutorial Tom, and welcome to one of my Toontastic Toontorials!
Today is the Toon Council's latest addition to the Tooniverse of Toontown: Welcome Valley.
14-11-6 dontrunitsonlyatoontorial.jpg
If you didn't know, Toontown is split up into a bunch of different districts, which can be accessed through your Shticker Book. Each district is the same version of the Toontown world, but with some slight changes. Some districts could have active Cog Invasions, others could have buildings taken over by the Cogs, and all of them have different amounts of Toons in each.
TOON TIP: If you're having performance issues or trouble finding Toons, try switching to a different district!Welcome Valley, however, is a bit different. Because of all of the new Toons that have been arriving in Toontown, the Toon Council has made a district specifically for them! When you're the new Toon in town, you'll be taken straight to Welcome Valley after leaving my introductory Toontorial to a bunch of Toons just like you.
Welcome Valley is free of Cog Invasions, but you probably don't want to stay there very long in case you go exploring. Here is how Welcome Valley works:
• Unlike other districts, Welcome Valley is a sub-district of Toontown. This means that there is more than one Welcome Valley.
• If you're trying to find a friend in Welcome Valley, you may not see them due to being in different sub-districts! For example, you might be in "Welcome Valley, Easel Acres" while your friend is in "Welcome Valley, Graphite Gulch."
• When teleporting to Welcome Valley, you'll straight to Toontown Central to be with the new Toons. You'll leave Welcome Valley as soon as you leave Toontown Central.
So whether you're a new Toon in town who needs to stick around the Central, or a high laffer looking to help out others -- Welcome Valley is the place to be. Hope you enjoy!



United We Stand

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on November 11, 2014 02:00 PM

Greetings from the Toon Resistance! Over time, us Toons have continued to "UNITE" more than ever before, which is an important note to remember here on Veteran's Day.
Many Toons have given their happiness to fight back the Invasion of Cogs -- including one dear to many of us, a certain green duck named Slappy.
14-11-11 dividedwefall.jpg
Even more important to remember, however, is that Cog activity has been lower than usual. We have reason to expect that the Cogs are planning something -- a series of events, even -- and we're going to need to prepare. Who knows what monstrosities of metal await us in the upcoming year, and I'm sure even sooner as well.
Keep your eyes peeled and your gags stocked for any secret Cog Memos that we may be able to intercept; we're going to need them to unveil their latest plots!
Don't fear, however... I have a few plots of my own to cook up. I'll fill you in on those details later. We wouldn't want any Name Droppers getting word of this, would we?
Until next time, keep them bustling -- with laughter!
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance
PS - If you happen to see four Toons rummaging through potential clues around Toontown, don't worry about it. They're with us.

Bah bop BWAH!

Posted by The Cogs on November 17, 2014 02:32 PM

Buh bwah blah. Blahblah bwah bwahbap. BWA. Rah bwahrah blah rah. Bah. Bopbapbwa, bah rahrarad, rah. Bwapbada rahdrarah, bwopbap. Rahbahrah, radabap, bwah. Bah bop BWAH!
14-11-17 thesourceofcourseis.jpg
Rada, rah bwapbabah bop. Bwah ropdada rah. Bah bwah. Bopbada wah bwah. Wah radahbop. Bwaparah bop, bopawbop bwadabopba.

Skelecog Invasion Weekend

Posted by Toon HQ on November 21, 2014 02:00 PM

Skelecogs are taking over Toontown!!!
The Bloodsuckers were boastfully bad, but we've never seen an invasion of proportions this grand. Our data shows that the Cogs have sent their pre-fitted "Skelecogs" to districts all over Toontown, and there are too many to get an accurate reading on the amount!
14-11-20 rattledembones.jpg
Some extra-terrific Toons earlier this week managed to pick up on a transmission that got sent right here onto the Toontown blog in Cog-ese. They were able to decipher it and warn us of the incoming invasion, but we could have never expected something this humongous.
We have some reports from some insiders on the Toon Resistance that the invasion is scheduled to last all weekend -- but we can hold through! The Skelecogs will send in waves on and off throughout the day, but luckily we've managed to secure six "Safe Zones" that are completely invasion-free. Check out the list below.
Inv safezones.png
Now, there's no time to waste! Grab your gags, find some friends, and show those Skelecogs that we do not mean business!


Our Pleasure to Return

Posted by ??? on November 26, 2014 04:35 PM

It’s time again. Welcome Back.
I wonder if they missed us.
I’m certain the Doctor didn’t.
Oh, by far nonsense. It’s been far too short since our last encounter.
Far too long for him, I’m sure.
You've been off quite easy these past few months, Doctor. The ripple has it’s affects, it’s ups and downs. The public has noticed your hiding, you know -- they suspect the Cogs, last seeing you in the courtroom case. We know better, as do they. We would have loved to welcome you back personally, but once again you haven’t seem to have acknowledged us.
Now hang on, I believe we’re doing this wrong.
Are we, now?
The cipher, of course. It’s always a cipher.
Ah, we can’t make it too easy now can we? This is big, after all.
Yes. He wouldn’t like it given away just like that. Switch it to 5x+16.
Diw, xkqttg Fiahix, wk qxkd’h yidchkxc. Wzkhzkx ix dih wk’xk xkqt qh qtt ec fkvqhqvtk -- Ziwkrkx, irkx hzk fmxqheid ip gimx kbnkxeykdh, qc gim zqrk rkxg wktt diheakf, hzk xenntk qppkahc gim krkxg yidhz pxiy hzk fqhk gim qxxerkf.
Ziw tidu zqc eh vkkd cedak hzec qtt vkuqd, pix hzky?
E’f cqg q gkqx cedak hzk pexch qdiyqtg.
Qdf pix mc Hiidc?
Perk gkqxc aiynickf edhi q yqhhkx ip idk. Amxeimc.
Heyk ec heaoedu, hzk Fiahix ec xeuzh. Hzk cnkkf qh wzeaz eh heaoc yqg rqxg.
Qc wktt qc hzk fexkaheid.
Teok q xittkx aiqchkx.
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Wem nndd puscotbsma, klo wemc lyqlefqrps sl oscf, hpsb hpbe nmtb mpbcoabsus. Hpr qbflo gqtbsmrcg sh ail efyyec fmirld hprq st yobb, sma bil antreco lqot as wls. Hb nsob sw, ftyfwn hb’d nnt smf fsowg, rfevgqh kw gqlcb smf ffecrbhsw rg gqblwghbx. Ekfr b olbbco rlstblo.
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Welcome back to your experiment. We’ll be in touch.

The Thankful Thanksgiving Sale

Posted by Sir Max on November 28, 2014 12:00 AM

Ah, the evening of Thanksgiving Day. As the plates of buttered toast, popcorn, and jellybeans are cleared; while relatives are bid "Farewell 'til the Holidays!"; it's times like this where you want to curl up by the fire, sit back, and...
14-11-28 smartshopperschoosejellybeans.jpg
We're thankful for a lot of things here at Toontown. As always, we want to give a huge thanks to the folks at Disney Online who originally ran Toontown before our fan revival started, all of the people who have helped us out over the past year such as Bloomberg News for their awesome interview, and most of all: YOU!
As a thanks to you Toons for helping us out around town and making Toontown what it is today, Clarabelle Cow has started the first ever Annual Cattlelog Sale in the spirit of Black Friday shopping, starting right now at midnight Toontown Time!
Don't have your next Cattlelog Issue yet? No problem. As long as you pick up your Cattlelog before December 4 at 11:59PM Toontown Time, you'll get a special issue with a week-long sale of 25% off every item.
Happy shopping, and while you're out there -- don't forget to say "Thanks!"






An "Ice" Time at the Brrrgh

Posted by Professor Flake on December 2, 2014 02:00 PM

Professor Flake, here once again for the first time in a while.
In case you were wondering, we (Don't be mistaken -- it's still just me) finally got a building set up for the Precipitation Foundation right on Polar Place, and I've been studying the weather there ever since. Eh, I've studied the occasional Lawbot too, but they're boring.
14-12-2 superdupersnowflake.jpg
Things have been getting chilly here in the Brrrgh. It's f-f-freezing, and more than usual. You see, ever since Doctor Surlee's Super-Duper Air Conditioner went crazy, it has been snowing every d-d-day for years. It'd be great to turn it off every now and then, but no one can find the blasted thing under all of this snow!
My colleague at Loony Labs responsible for the forever-winter wonderland around us, Doctor Surlee, told me today that it has been helping with the silly levels that the S.I.L.L.I. Team (Scientists Interested in Laugh Levels Increasing) have been tracking. Whether or not they're helping with the silliness, however, I want to get to the bottom of this pile of snow so we can keep this machine from freezing my research!
Mark my words, one of these days we're going to regret letting that thing create an eternal blizzard. Who knows what catastrophe it could cause over this upcoming Winter season.
As always, I'll be up to my research. Feel free to stop by Toon HQ for an opening -- my Junior Research Scientists all seem to quit as soon as they get their hands on these Lawbot Suit Parts I've been collecting.
Keep in t-t-touch, Toons!

Gardening is a GO!

Posted by Professor Ivy on December 6, 2014 02:30 PM

Ah, the search of adventure. I remember it well. As a Toon, I'm sure you too are always seeking for adventure. Luckily, you'll need to look no further than the great outdoors!
14-12-5 nowmakeracinggo.jpg
My name is Professor Ivy, the gardener down in Daisy Gardens. Don't give me that look; did you think these flowers tended to themselves? Ah, but no bother, it's one of my favorite things to do. I too searched for adventure in my early days as a Toon, and I tried everything! Fishing, racing, trolley games, video games (Pfft, who would waste their time on a boring ol' video game?) -- it just couldn't cut it!
At long last, though, I finally found my calling -- and now you can too! I've teamed up with Clarabelle Cow to start offering exclusive Gardening Kits in the Cattlelog to get you started growing just like I do! "Where are the seeds", you're wondering? Well, I'll give you a Top-Secret Toon Tip: They're jellybeans!
What are you waiting for? Toontown's newest expansion is calling you, and all you need is a Gardening Kit and a couple of beans to start. Don't forget about the Gag Trees, either... But that's a tip for another day!
Now get outdoors, and lettuce start gardening!


PS - Since you bothered to read down this far, for one week only, you can get the gardening kit for FREE by entering the code "gardening-is-go" in your Shtickerbook!

Estates are a BLAST!

Posted by McQuack on December 11, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Have you felt it?
Rumblings. Shaking. Faint sounds of explosions in the distance. I don't know if you've felt it, but I have. There's something coming. A monstrous, dreadful mechanism with enough power to blow the feathers off my face. Weapons so powerful, they could only be known as...
14-12-11 itwasprobablyanaccident.jpg
So, hey there! I've been absent for quite a while from the blog, leaving things to Sir Max to run for the most part. It's not that I don't love posting here, but things always seem to go out with a "BANG" when I'm around. I don't know if it's bad luck, something with the planetary alignment, or just cleverly written comedic relief -- but explosions love me. The feeling isn't exactly mutual.
Understandably, you can see why I'm not too excited about the rental 48 Hours of Cannons that is now available for purchase in the Cattlelog, nor the corresponding brand-new 48 Hours of Game Tables that us Toon Troopers had to build. But -- BLAM -- as you can see, Toons have already started buying them and shooting -- KA-BOOM -- themselves off into the sky, willy-nilly. It's just indecent!
Luckily, I've boarded up my doors and locked myself inside until this all blows over. The Toon Council is bound to see how unsafe these things are for little ducks like me soon enough... Right?
Hang on, I hear something outside. I'll be righ-- Oh, not again.


Toontown's Twelve Days of Winter!

Posted by Flippy on December 15, 2014 02:15 PM

On the first day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
A holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-15 happyholidays.jpg
Happy Winter Holiday from the Toon Council, Toons! You know Spray the Halls, Lure Good Cheer, Toontown's Merry, and more -- but have you ever heard the Toontastic tune of Toontown's Twelve Days of Winter? I guarantee that you most certainly haven't, and I'm here to teach it to you!
Over the next 12 days, from December 15th to 26th, special events will be happening every day as part of our silliest celebration of the holidays yet! We have all sorts of surprises ready -- and some of them that I'm sure will be interrupted by whatever the Tooniverse throws at us! The best part about Holidays in Toontown is that you never know what to expect, and I can tell that this year is going to be bigger than better.
So grab some hot cocoa, jump into Toontown, and get your Christmas Cheer ready -- because Toons from around Toontown will be posting news to deliver all-new holiday events to you, both big and small, every day for the next 12 days! Today's announcement is the first event, and Sir Max will be kicking off the second tomorrow.
I won't be posting every day of the event, so in case I don't see you before then -- Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and have a great Winter Holiday!

Rollin' Away the Christmas Tree

Posted by Sir Max on December 16, 2014 02:15 PM

On the second day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-16 whatdoesthatevenmean.jpg
Admittedly, I've never been too much of a fan of the traditional carols. Some hoppin' "Jingle-Drop Rock", an epic piece of "Carol of the Cogs" -- and my personal favorite, "Rolling Away the Christmas Tree" -- now that's my style.
Oh, that wasn't a typo. I really did mean "Rolling Away" the Christmas Tree, not "Rocking Around". Part of my Toon Trooperly duties again this year was to set up the Christmas decorations and lights all around Toontown, and boy was that a blast. Today is the first day of Hanukkah, the holiday of lights, after all. Walt only knows why they'd allow me to do it again after the Great Blizzard of '02, but what can I say? I'm a natural at exterior design.
Now, although we needed lights, I certainly wasn't going to give in and buy any! Sadly, the Brrrgh's heating system was strictly off limits this year. Not like that would stop me, but they protected that thing pretty well since last year. Barbed wire, electric fences, and the worst of all: warning tape. There was no getting through it.
Luckily, I stopped by my pal Hawkheart's estate to help him load up the prized Christmas tree he has been growing, and in that instant I conjured up a plan. I loosened up an end of the rope tying in the tree onto his kart, so right when he moved forward that thing went rolling away!
Away to the tree I flew like a flash, jumped on top of it and started a pretty quick dash. It plowed through the street leading to Hawkheart's estate, wrapping up all of the lamp posts and lights along with it. They're perfect decorations! Sure, those lamp posts were probably there to serve as... Well, lamp posts, but it's not like we ever use them. Really, when was the last time it got dark around here?
Once again, I'd tack this feat onto the Sir Max List of Good Ideas as an even better one than last year. We've got our lights, a huge Christmas Tree standing tall in Toontown Central, and nothing could ever go wron--
Oh, hey there Hawkheart. Heh.
Well, I better run. Literally! See you soon, Toons, and have a great Winter Holiday!


Oh, Bring Us Some Caroling Pudding

Posted by Hawkheart on December 17, 2014 02:15 PM

On the third day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Wacky winter carols,
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-17 singforsnow.jpg
One of the longest standing traditions in Toontown has been gathering around over winter, getting in groups, and going around to sing some great Holiday Carols! We even tried getting Sir Max in on it last year, but he ended up losing his list somewhere...
Oh well, that was his lost, because here's a little secret that Sir Max doesn't know: Every year, certain shopkeepers chosen to receive carols give out beans and a special treat for those who make the most of the season by visiting every shop: A fully-constructed, state-of-the-art, hyphenated-phrase, Snowman-Head.
Here's the trick: This isn't just any old choir practice - it's a music-filled choral scavenger hunt! You'll have to sing some silly songs to learn where to go, then sing even sillier songs (Some may even call them wacky) to get your reward. It's a whole lot of fun for everyone.
Here's your list to spread some Winter Holiday cheer - I'll see you on the streets! Don't forget to bring us some caroling pudding.
Wh puzzle-2014.jpg


Waiting for the Winter Wonderland

Posted by Professor Flake on December 18, 2014 02:00 PM

On the fourth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
A blizzard full of snow,
Wacky winter carols,
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-18 wemayneedthoselamps.jpg
I don't want to say I told you so, but according to the records -- I did. As if it weren't cold enough in the Brrrgh, something really wacky is going on with the weather indeed.
Through my research at the Precipitation Foundation, it seems that Doctor Surlee's Super-Duper Air Conditioner has not only gone haywire once more, but managed to increase it's scope to create snowfall on the entirety of Toontown. Where in the Tooniverse am I going to go to get some fresh air now? It's even snowing in Daisy Gardens!
Grab some scarfs, hats, and snow-goggles -- because my data is showing that this blizzard isn't stopping anytime soon. I'm anticipating that it will run through the end of the Winter Holiday at the very least, and who could predict what chaos will occur if it manages to accumulate? (Answer: I can!)
I need to get researching on this thing. This could finally be our big break to find the origin of that plagued air conditioner and shut it off for good! Stay warm while you can, Toons -- I'll be waiting in the Winter Wonderland.

Baby, there's Cold Callers Outside

Posted by Toon HQ on December 19, 2014 02:00 PM

On the fifth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
(bum bum bum...)
Blizzards full of snow,
Wacky winter carols,
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-19 lowdenmaystarttoworry.jpg
ATTENTION ALL TOONS: A Mega-Invasion has Begun!
Version 2.0 Cold Callers are taking over Toontown!!!
The cold weather isn't the only thing cold around here, Toons. According to the Cogs, 'tis the season for buying, which means that the Sellbots were more than overjoyed to send a fresh batch of their newly-constructed Version 2.0 Cold Callers onto the streets of Toontown!
The icy skies are messing with our telescope, but we're predicting that the Mega-Invasion waves will continue until tomorrow at least. There's no time for Winter Holiday cheer today -- we need to get out there and get those Cold Callers before they freeze our assets!
Enjoy your holidays, Toons, but be careful out there. Version 2.0 Cogs have an extra layer of protection under their suit to keep them alive twice as long, but the Resistance Rangers will be out and about today to help you out. We've managed to secure these districts from the invasion, which you can hop into to stay away from the winter chills:
Inv safezones.png
Stay warm, stay alert, and most of all -- stay cheerful!


You're a Mean One, Mr. Caller

Posted by Lord Lowden Clear on December 20, 2014 02:00 PM

On the sixth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Twice the gag experience,
(bum bum bum...)
Blizzards full of snow,
Wacky winter carols,
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-20 badbananawithagreasyblackpeel.jpg
You're a mean one, Mr. Caller. The Toons, with the help of our Resistance Rangers, have been fighting hard against Version 2.0 Cogs -- but things are getting tricky. I figured it was time to play my card and step in to activate the most cheerful event of the Season: (For us Rangers, at least...)
Double Experience Day!
For the next 24 hours, Toons will be able to run around with double experience while fighting of the remaining Version 2.0 Cold Callers in the invasion. It's a great way to boost up that Gag Experience before Christmas Day, and also a great way to start off for any new Toons in town!
We've heard the news going around the Tooniverse lately, so there has never been a better time to start off a new Toon and bring your laff up quickly. Until next time, keep them bustling -- with laughter!
Lord Lowden Clear
Leader of the Toon Resistance



Jack Frost Nipping at Your Nose?

Posted by Slate on December 21, 2014 02:15 PM

On the seventh day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Brand new winter styles,
Twice the gag experience,
(bum bum bum...)
Blizzards full of snow,
Wacky winter carols,
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-21 lovelyweather.jpg
There's plenty great about the Winter Holiday. Presents, decorations, -- fighting Cogs, according to Lowden -- and of course the best part of all: FASHION! The season is the perfect time for setting trends and finding new ways to keep warm for the winter in new, wacky ways. Luckily, I've got something in store for you.
I'm one of the fashion designers here in Toontown -- do you remember those Halloween costumes, or the ToonFest Clothing? Those were my work!
With the ongoing blizzard and chilly Cold Callers taking over, I went off to design some brand new clothing to keep Toons bundled up over the remainder of the winter season -- and I'm giving it away a little sample for free! If you want to get away from Jack Frost's bite, enter the code "nipping-at-your-nose" to get some brand new accessories that you've never seen anything like before.
Keep an eye out on your cattlelog, too, because these are just a sample. The matching coats and additional colors will be making it's way to a Cattlelog near you soon, so you can stay warm no matter what the weather! Happy Winter Holiday from us tailors!


Dreaming of a White Winter

Posted by Paula Behr on December 22, 2014 02:00 PM

On the eighth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
The whitest winter ever,
Brand new holiday styles,
Twice the gag experience,
(bum bum bum...)
Blizzards full of snow,
Wacky winter carols,
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-22 justliketheonesiusedtoknow.jpg
Have you looked out your window today? The snow has been starting to accumulate overnight... By the end of the day, I'd even predict that there will be a perfect patch of it covering all of Toontown! Professor Flake won't be happy, but don't pay attention to that grump. I love the winter weather!
My name is Paula, Paula Behr. I loved the winter weather so much, that I managed to get myself my own white coat of fur last year from Slappy Quackintosh himself. Of course... There were very few of us, and not many of us... Well, not many of us were able to stay the most cheerful during the Cog attack on election day.
I've been pretty lonely throughout the year, with all of my Polar Bear friends never being seen again after that dreaded Doomsday. I was one of the few who survived with Laff to spare. Slappy promised that he would be back every Christmas Eve to deliver Polar Bears to anyone in Toontown who wants to be one, but it's been ages since we saw him...
Hey, don't let me damper your Christmas cheer. There is plenty to be excited about! Get out there and build some snowmen, grab some accessories, and take a stroll through the Winter Wonderland of Toontown!
While on your walk, don't forget to stop by and say "Howdy!" to me in my shop, Hibernation Vacations. The Brrrgh is crisply chilly this time of year!


Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel, I Made It in the Snow

Posted by Shockley on December 23, 2014 02:15 PM

On the ninth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Fancy furniture items,
The whitest winter ever,
Brand new holiday styles,
Twice the gag experience,
(bum bum bum...)
Blizzards full of snow,
Wacky winter carols,
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-23 andgettingonoccasion.jpg
Shockley here -- One of Toontown's Toon Troopers in charge of construction and all of that junk. Can you believe that tomorrow is not only the last day of Hanukkah, but Christmas Eve as well? We're wrapping things up with only two more days left of the Twelve Days of Winter -- and you're certainly going to enjoy them!
Today's gift introduces an all-new type of furniture I've been toying with: Interactive Furniture. The first test run of my new product starts with an item up for order in your Cattlelog Issue: The Dizzy Dreidel. Why should furniture sit around like furniture when it can spin around and do all sorts of fun interactive things? Answer: It shouldn't!
When you put your Dreidel down in your house, just tap it and it will jump up and start whirring around. It may not seem like much, but this is only the test run of my brand new line of Interactive Furniture products!
Let me know if you have any sweet ideas, and we'll get them published into the Cattelog. Have a great Winter Holiday everyone -- I hope you have fun with Interactive Furniture!

Santa Toon's Coming Tonight!

Posted by Doctor Surlee on December 24, 2014 02:00 PM

On the tenth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Surlee's lost package?,
Fancy furniture items,
The whitest winter ever,
Brand new holiday styles,
Twice the gag experience,
(bum bum bum...)
Blizzards full of snow,
Wacky winter carols,
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-24 wheredidthosebearscomefrom.jpg
Hello, and Merry Christmas Eve. They asked me to come in today to take care of today's tenth day of winter, by popular demand. I can't say I'm the most festive, though I certainly would have brought a gift if not for these trashy mailboxes. Yes, I'm talking to you. Gah!
Mailboxes. I swear to you, you can't trust them. Irrational? Perhaps. It's no mere coincidence, however, that my package for the tenth day of winter just happened to be arriving today, yet it's nowhere to be found. Just look at his smug metal little face. He's plotting something. I just know he is.
No matter, the festivities must go on. If you'd like, I'll be on Toontorial Street looking for my package. I'm always up for a nice little chat.
Remember to be nice: Christmas is tomorrow!


We Wish You a Toontastic Christmas!

Posted by Flippy on December 25, 2014 02:15 PM

On the eleventh day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
Cheerful Christmas costumes,
Surlee's lost package?,
Fancy furniture items,
The whitest winter ever,
Brand new holiday styles,
Twice the gag experience,
(bum bum bum...)
Blizzards full of snow,
Wacky winter carols,
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!
14-12-25 andahilariousnewyear.jpg
I hope you're having a Very Merry Christmas, Toons! Santa left all sorts of goodies in my stocking, as I hope he did for you too. Word on the street is that all those Cogs got was a cup of oil and some coal -- maybe it'll straighten them up for next year. (Although I wouldn't bet my Jellybeans on it!)
Although Christmas has always been more so Slappy's swing, in his... Absence... I wanted to try to make this Christmas just as great as he would have. I was making my rounds to the Toontorial today and even happened to notice from behind the fence that Doctor Surlee is allowing new bear Toons to become Polar Bears! He'll be leaving tonight at midnight, so don't miss out on the chance.
Hold on just a lickity split second, though. There's still something left at the bottom of the tree... It's... It's... New holiday clothing! There is even an accessory paired with it!
Enter the code "coming-to-town" in your Shitckerbook for an exclusive Santa outfit, or "on-the-shelf to dress yourself up like a little elf! All codes from the 12 Days of Winter expire right when it ends tomorrow at midnight, however, so grab your free costumes soon!
Now, we've got decorations, snow, new items, new accessories, new clothing, and an overall BLAST of a time, but we're still missing something to make this Christmas just as great as Slappy's... Well, besides Slappy of course.
Stay TOONed tomorrow for the last day of the 12 Days of Winter, and our most fun holiday update yet. All of us on the Toon Council hope that you and your family have a great time over the remainder of Christmas!

Rocking on Top o' the Snow

Posted by Flippy on December 26, 2014 02:00 PM

On the twelfth day of winter, Toontown gives to you:
The Great Snowball Fight,
Cheerful Christmas costumes,
Surlee's lost package?,
Fancy furniture items,
The whitest winter ever,
Brand new holiday styles,
Twice the gag experience,
(bum bum bum...)
Blizzards full of snow,
Wacky winter carols,
Trees and lights o'plenty,
And a holiday packed with very merry news!!!
14-12-26 snowworries2.png
Whew. What a mouthful! It's finally the final day of Toontown's 12 Days of Winter, and boy has it been a blast. Just look at all of those updates! Let me tell you, it isn't easy organizing one of these posts every day. Now I know how Sir Max felt last year with the Daily Updates.
Christmas may be coming to a close, but we have one last event to keep your spirits jolly over the rest of our Winter Holiday. Toons and Toonettes, it's time for the second annual Great Snowball Fight! Snowpiles have been shoveled in every playground to use as forts for your epic battles of grand proportions, and all you have to do is run up to them to grab as many snowballs as you can carry.
It's been a great Winter Holiday, and although the Twelve Days of Winter end today, you can keep on enjoying all of our holiday hilarity up until December 29th, where we'll take everything down and get set up for our New Years event!
As Slappy used to say, and as we'll continue to do in honor of him, let the Great Toontown Snowball Fight COMMENCE!

Let the Firework Rumpus Start

Posted by McQuack on December 30, 2014 03:20 PM

Well, it seems that winter is over. At least, the only part of winter that matters. Snow has melted, the decorations have been cleaned, and in just a few hours we'll be partying into the worst part of winter that most certainly shouldn't matter... New Years Eve.
14-12-30 stoptheclock.jpg
Don't get me wrong, the festivities and food are on point. It's silliness at it's finest, but there is a part of New Years Eve that I dread every year. Just 20 minutes ago I found myself being dragged off to a "celebration" over at Goofy Speedway by Sir Max. There was a bit of a big problem upon arriving, though: There wasn't anyone there.
I asked Sir Max what was up, and before I could run I suddenly realized what was happening. He took out his button and activated the fireworks, shooting up gleaming, beautiful bursts of color into the newly-lit night sky. The colors, shapes, and sounds were magnificent as the fireworks boomed across the stars.
...And it was perhaps the most horrifying event I have ever encountered. "A late Christmas present," he says! "To make up for your fear of explosions," he says! He's just lucky none of them hit me this time. If I see one more set of fireworks, I tell you... Every hour? Until January 2nd?
Well, if you need me, I'll be nowhere. Because if I say where, my house is going to explode. Again.