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This page contains an archive of every blog post published on Toontown Rewritten's website throughout the year.

This page lists all blog posts that were posted on Toontown Rewritten's website during the year of 2013.


Knock-Knock Contest

Posted by Sir Max on October 3, 2013 06:18 PM

We've been holding a contest for the best knock-knock jokes to add to the game on Toontown Central Forums. The winners each day will receive an Alpha Key!
Find the latest contest thread here.

A Big Surprise All 'Fa You!

Posted by The Toontown Team on October 28, 2013 03:45 PM

At last, it has finally been one W.E.E.K. (Waiting Eternally Every K.A.D. (Kool Acronym for Day)) after we announced Toontown Rewritten, and you know what that means:
Today officially marks the start of Alpha Testing!
10-26-98 alpha.jpg
We know that it has been a long time since we originally promised the Toontown Rewritten Alpha, however we do have good reason for the delays. The more we worked on Toontown Rewritten, the more we saw that this game is severely outdated and needs a big rework. These past 3 months we have been setting groundwork to make sure that this game is not only revived, but revived so that it will last. That being said, without further ado, here are the very first release notes of Toontown Rewritten.


Now, some of you may say that playing the Maze Game over and over again for eternity will get boring. I will tell you now that you are 100% wrong in every way possible. However, because we like you, we will be releasing a daily update at 2PM Toontown Time (PST). These daily updates will include bugfixes as well as features that YOU vote. Along with these daily updates, every Saturday will include a major update to add something completely new. At times we may skip a daily update to allot more time to testing a specific feature, but we will try our best to keep the game fresh to everyone.
If you are one of the lucky 100 who have earned an alpha key (Or even if you haven't) we recommend that you hop on over to MMO Central Forums and join our discussion. Alpha testers will be able to apply to the special super not-so-secret Alpha Forum where you can vote on the daily update and talk to your fellow testers.
It's been a wild ride for us, and it's only going to get better from here. I can't want to see all of you in-game. Even if you aren't an alpha tester, keep your eyes peeled on our blog for updates. There is no specific time allotment for the alpha, but the public launch will come as soon as we feel comfortable with releasing it.
As the toons of the past would say... Stay TOONed! And remember: Time is ticking.

Daily Alpha Update: Cannon Tag

Posted by Sir Max on October 29, 2013 02:00 PM

So I've been doing some polling, and results are showing that apparently, toons don't enjoy playing the Maze Game endlessly for the remainder of their lives. Who knew?
10-29-13 cannon.jpg
Nevertheless, I did some talks with marketing and apparently the Cannon Game and Toon Tag are considered "in" right now. Rather than putting those old things in, I came up with an even better idea: Cannon Tag. You launch yourself from a cannon, then make a mad dash to tag someone midair without colliding or crashing. It's the best of both worlds!
...Unfortunately, the Toon Council has rejected the game due to a few oddly bent appendages along with some trips to Dr. Pulyurleg. Oh well, their loss! In the meantime, have fun playing both the Cannon Game and Toon Tag!


Daily Alpha Update: The Chatless Update

Posted by Sir Max on October 30, 2013 02:00 PM

It's been only three days since Toontown Rewritten launched, and one thing is certain: It is really hard to be chatless. We've had trouble communicating with you, which shows us that something needs to be done about SpeedChat to make it better.
Introducing... The Chatless Update!
10-30-13 chat.jpg
Up until Friday (And probably some minor updates after that.) we will be adding and adjusting SpeedChat Phrases based on your feedback. Remember: Not everyone can nor wants to use SpeedChat+. We want SpeedChat to give just as good of an experience as SpeedChat+ for those who choose to be chatless.
We've started out today by adding one new section for testing-related phrases. It's not much, but we don't want to change anything major without your feedback first. Whether you are an alpha tester or not, let us know in the comments what you want to be changed in SpeedChat.
Additionally to the Chatless update, you guys voted for the Ring Game to be added. Just in time for Halloween, we also fixed that terrifyingly toony bug that caused arms and legs to look odd when making a toon. We don't need anymore nightmares to go with the ones that come tomorrow!


Daily Alpha Update: Black Cat Attack!

Posted by Shockley on October 31, 2013 02:00 PM

Hello Toons! Shockley here.
For those who don't know me, I'm Toontown Rewritten's Top Toony Test Technician, Nutty Network Nerd, and Systems Setter-upper!
10-31-13 hallooween.jpg
You all know what today is, I'm sure. The spookiest day of the year is upon us, where toons go door to door to receive nothing but Jellybeans. I get the chills just thinking about it. This year there appears to be a twist, however. I've heard that a local blue dog named Flippy has begun his campaign for President of Toontown, and what better way to start it than by throwing some buckets of black paint on toons?
You'll find Flippy standing around Toontown Central throughout the day. Simply approach him and yell your newly-located "Toontastic!" Phrase to get covered in permanent black paint. Ah, the joys of Halloween!



Daily Alpha Update: The Final(ish) Chatless Update

Posted by Sir Max on November 1, 2013 02:00 PM

Hi there!
I can only use Speedchat.
Having fun?
Me too.
What do you want to do?
Let's go ride the trolley!
Got gags?
Sir Max is the greatest! I absolutely love these SpeedChat Phrases he wrote!
11-1-13 race.jpg
In case you couldn't tell, the above was written completely using SpeedChat Phrases. We've been trying to clean up and rework SpeedChat, and we're confident that SpeedChat is much easier to use than it was three days ago while still keeping a safe way for toons to talk to each other.
Thanks to your suggestions, many phrases have been added and moved around. This marks the end of our major SpeedChat rework, but we're not stopping here! Keep your eyes peeled as development continues, because no doubt there will be more to come. My ears are open for feedback!
We'd also like to give a thank you for an awesome Halloween yesterday. It was fun to see everyone running around as black cats thanks to Flippy. He might not throw buckets of paint on you anymore, but I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Flippy as he continues his campaign. You know how politicians are.
Stick around, because as we announced in our first post: We will be pushing a major update every Saturday to go along with the minor daily updates. In the meantime, enjoy playing the Race Game!


Super Saturday Update: What Does the Toon Say?

Posted by Sir Max on November 2, 2013 02:00 PM

woof arf rruff ruff, arf woof woof. arf woof rruff arf- woof arf arf rruff! arf woof, rruff rruff woof, arf, woof, arf woof.
Oh, I'm sorry! Here, let me turn SpeedChat+ on for you. Better?
11-2-13 whatdoesjcsay.jpg
Welcome to Super Saturday, the first somewhat-major update for Toontown Rewritten. We've packed in a couple new features, along with a boatload of bug fixes that we piled up over the week.
Let's start with the obvious one: SpeedChat+!
It was annoying at first to be Chatless, but as the week went on I started getting used to it and enjoying it. As a thanks for your feedback and patience, SpeedChat+ is now available. It currently uses the original Disney whitelist (with a few modifications), however this is only temporary. In the future we will be adding a new way to make typed communication not only easier, but safer.
Next up on the list is a whole new feature for you to spend time with when you are sick of playing Toon Escape over and over again: Fishing! One of the locals, Freddy, has set up a pond in Toontown Central to fish in. Grab a rod and head on over to the docks!


Daily Alpha Update: The Developer and the Frog

Posted by Sir Max on November 3, 2013 02:00 PM

This week has been a HUGE week for Toontown Rewritten. It was only a few days ago that we allowed Alpha Testers to begin playing, but it already feels like we have been here for weeks. We're having tons of fun playing (but mostly making) each update, and it seems like you guys are too.
11-3-13 frog.jpg
On Sundays, we will usually have a much smaller update than normal to give ourselves a bit of a break and also have time to fix bugs from Saturday's major update. Besides, we need some time to actually play the game ourselves to make sure that the bugs reported are true. Though, before checking if they are true, I need to get onto fixing that bug where toons turn into frogs. Sounds pretty nasty, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Don't forget to head on over to MMO Central Forums and vote for which Trolley Game you want added next, as we still have a few more to go.
See you around!


Daily Alpha Update: Ice Escape

Posted by Sir Max on November 4, 2013 02:00 PM

No time to talk today, fellas. Look, I don't want to say that we're in trouble- but we're in trouble. Alright, okay, so: I might have stolen an entire ice rink.
11-4-13 ice.jpg
We figured that it would be really cool to organize some teams and start a good ol' game of Ice Hockey. The problem is, apparently, it's "illegal", "immoral", and "impossible" to dig up an unused hockey rink and drive it to a Trolley station. No worries, though. I'll let you in on a little secret: This isn't the real hockey rink. This is an inflatable one. Hawkheart and I split up, and he already has the real one already set up near Toontown Central!
Hop on the Trolley and join in for a non-violent and purely Canadian Ice Hockey Game!


Daily Alpha Update: Spidah Huntin

Posted by McQuack on November 5, 2013 02:00 PM

Crikey! Don't sneak up on me like that. I need you to be very quiet fellas, we're spidah huntin'.
11-5-13 jungle2.jpg
Dese spidahs of the Toontown Jun'gl are known to be the most dangerous in this world. One single bite is enough to drive any toon insane... with an Aussie accent. That's right, mate. The venom goes so deep within the veins that it messes with your own brain to make you talk, think, and type like a full-blooded Australian. I twas bitten meself by that very spidah over there. I'm glad you showed up, because we'll be need'n your help.
Hop on that there Trolley and swing through some Jungle Vines to join our expedition. Just watch out for the spidahs!


Daily Alpha Update: Ice Sink

Posted by Sir Max on November 6, 2013 02:00 PM

Remember that Ice Rink we stol- err- borrowed a few days ago? Yeah, well, it melted. For whatever reason, you aren't supposed to leave ice in the sun for over 48 hours. Or over 2 hours, for that matter.
11-6-13 petshop-temp.jpg
Don't get discouraged! I know that Cannon Tag, Ice Hockey, and Ice Slide didn't work out, but we can make this work. Alright, so all of those fish you have been catching the past few days? Normally they go straight to the Pet Shop for studying, then dumped back into the pond. (Which is a bit strange, don't you think? They're studying the same fish over and over again. Heh, scientists.)
Anyway, as I was saying: I snuck into the Pet Shop last night and borrowed a big bucket of those fish, then dumped them into the melted Ice Rink. Classic! I also dumped a boatload of treasure chests down there for you to dive for. Honestly, I have no idea what is inside of them. Probably nothing. It's the thought that counts!
Now, I might have definitely forgotten the snorkels. So you're going to need to hold your breath down there, along with dodging angry fish and carrying a heavy chest back up to the surface. Hey- it works! That's all that matters. I'm going to go ahead and put this on the list of good ideas.
Hop on the Trolley now to play a completely non-dangerous game of Ice Hockey Ice Slide Treasure Dive!
P.S. - While in the pet shop, I also managed to borrow a bunch of Bamboo rods for us. Just step up to the dock and upgrade your rod to catch some new fish!


Daily Alpha Update: No update?!

Posted by Sir Max on November 7, 2013 02:00 PM

You guys aren't going to believe this. So I was talking with the others, and they're like "Hey, we're working on some big stuff for Saturday. Let's just not have an update today." Of course, myself looking out for all of you, wouldn't stand for it.
11-7-13 catching.jpg
So I stand up and tell them not to jump to any conclusions, because I have this brilliant idea for a game. They all rolled their eyes at me and told me to sit down, but that didn't stop me! I took out my charts and looked them in the eyes. "You guys ready for this? I don't think you are. This game is the best yet. Ready now? Alright."
"Crane Dozers."
At that point security dragged me out of the room and locked the doors, which did sort of stop me. But only for a minute! Now we may not have the props, or the land, or the funding... I'll tell you what we do have, though:
...Yeah, nevermind. We actually we have nothing.
Did I stop there? Not at all! I was walking around and found some "public" property with a treehouse already built just for us. I managed to find some "volunteers" hanging out in Toontown Central, along with a big crate of apples that someone left laying around near an unlocked truck full of anvils. Oooh man, you guys can't even imagine what I put together.
Hop on the Trolley to play the newest edition to the Sir Max List of Good Ideas: The Catching Game!
Now, the Toon Council doesn't exactly know about this thing yet. If anyone asks: McQuack did it.


Daily Alpha Update: To Sling or not to Sling

Posted by Fat McStink on November 8, 2013 02:00 PM

A tumbleweed lazily blows across the landscape...
Enter stage left, our lone hero, Fat McStink
To pie or not to pie, that is the question...
Whether tis nobler in the mind--
Wait, huh?
11-8-13 pieornotto.jpg
I was all ready to put on my one man show Doglet, Prince of Dogmark, but it looks like nobody showed up. So, uhh, I guess it's time to start the weekend. Like all princes, I prefer to start my weekends in style:
With fencing slingshots.
Oh, and be sure to grab an umbrella, too. It might rain today. Anyway, I'll see you guys later! I hear that the Toon Council is polishing up the tweaks for Super Saturday.


Super Saturday Update: Silly Saturday

Posted by Sir Max on November 9, 2013 02:00 PM

Heya again, everyone! You've probably been wondering why our updates have been so dry this week. And let me tell you: We definitely did not build a huge Trolley roundabout to replace the instant transportation that we had before.
11-9-13 tracks.jpg
Nope, just kidding. We did! Previously, Trolley Stations were built using an experimental version of Loony Lab's Portable Hole device. The Trolley would go through a pitch-black tunnel and instantly be taken to whichever game you wish. We were looking through these plans and said "You know, sometimes instant is just too- you know, instant."
Luckily, we found a pretty great solution. This past week we have built an entire track- titled "Trolley Tracks" (The toon who came up with this name has been fired. Literally. We shot him out of a cannon somewhere, no idea where he went.)- that will get rid of these instant transportation issues. Trolley Tracks adds an intricate series of tracks that forces you to play for three rounds instead of quitting when you want to. Man, the progress we are making is phenomenal.
Along with Trolley Tracks, Loony Labs is testing out their new "Toon T.A.G.S. (Totally Awesome Graphic Simulator)" - a holographic display that will indicate your name above your head. Never again will you have to awkwardly say "Hey... you!" when you forget a friend's name!
Pretty nice update, right? Not yet! We've got one more thing in store for you: Bingo. Ever been fishing, when suddenly you have the urge to attend a game of Bingo? Me too. That's why we have created Fish Bingo, a game that allows you to passive-aggressively compete with your friends to earn a big pot of Jellybeans. We know that this is going to take a toll on those bamboo rods and Jellybean jars, so last night I snuck into all of your houses and replaced your rods with Hardwood and Jellybean jars with a 120 bean jar. You can thank me later.
Not Super enough for you? No worries. We have a lot more in store coming up this week. Stay Tooned! (See what I did there? Because like, instead of tuned, you stay TOONed. Because you're a toon. Ahaha, I crack myself up.)


Daily Alpha Update: Robot Thief

Posted by Sir Max on November 10, 2013 02:00 PM

The Toon Council had another meeting last night- it took some persuading, but I was finally able to get back in. (I'm telling you, these people just don't understand the beauty of Crane Dozers.)
11-10-13 thief.jpg
They opened up the meeting by congratulating everyone on their hard work these past two weeks on getting every Trolley Game completed, and that it was time to move on to the next thing. No, no, seriously. They said that every Trolley Game was finished. We hadn't even completed the new version of Cannon Tag!
"Fellas, fellas! Come on! There are still tons of possibilities. I know that you haven't been fans of my work in the past, but just sit back and listen to this one. Robot Thief."
I then continued to tell the greatest game ever conceived. The Toon Council stared in awe I told the story of Cog Thief: It was a story of love, of live, of death- and of explosions. It was truly beautiful. Some of the members began to weep softly, unable to imagine the magnitude of this. "Sir Max," they said, "When can we begin work on this game?"
I then showed them the budget needed to build Robot Thief and was instantly rejected. These guys. One minute they are in tears of joy, the next they are shooing you out the door. I can't wait for the elections to get these guys out. I was on my way out to find some more "public" property to build Cog Thief on, however one of guys from Loony Labs stopped me and told the Council that he believed the idea was worth the money. He even volunteered to have Loony Labs manufacture the parts needed!
Thanks to him, I'm pleased to announced a brand new, completely not the same as any other game you might have disliked, version of Robot Thief! The Toon Council has agreed to put this one last game in, however they are pulling it out in an instant if you toons don't enjoy it. Please send in any feedback you have about this game, as we will greatly improve it if it becomes popular.


Daily Alpha Update: The Tale of the Fish Bingo Controller

Posted by Hawkheart on November 11, 2013 02:00 PM

Earlier today, a bunch of Toons informed me that the bingo game wasn't working for the second day in a row! How could I stand for this? At that moment I decided I must immediately remedy the problem. Fish Bingo is the best thing in Toontown, after all!
11-11-13 bingo.jpg
I made my way down to Toon Hall to figure out whose fault the lack of working bingo was. There was one problem, however: Toon Hall is big. Like, really big. And it being under construction makes it even worse. Running through the halls, I spent literally hours trying to find this Toon until I came to a door labeled "BINGO OPERATOR."
Once inside the room, I saw a desk with a very tall chair turned behind it. "Hey, you. Why isn't the game working?" I asked the unknown figure in the chair. No response. After twenty minutes of waiting, with no response, I started getting angry.
"WHY AREN'T YOU RESPONDING TO ME? WHY AREN'T YOU DOING YOUR JOB CORRECTLY!?" I yelled, outraged that one would let the glorious game of Fish Bingo be ruined.
No response.
I was fed up with this. The Toon in the chair was not only ignoring me, but he had not even turned his chair to look at me once! I decided that if he wasn't going to do his job, I would! I turned his chair around, only to reveal that there was no Toon at all. (Which explains the 20 minute silence...) I sat down in the chair, feeling the power rush through me. I am in charge. I am the Bingo Operator. I turned my chair towards the monitors and began my work. Bingo will be played.
As it turns out, Fish Bingo is automatically ran by this weird machine, needing nothing but a simple button press to work correctly. Oops.
I smashed some buttons together and turned a few knobs, so bingo is probably working again. Probably.


Daily Alpha Update: A Cringe-worthy Update

Posted by Sir Max on November 12, 2013 02:00 PM

I'm just going to go ahead and tell you now: This update is pretty bad. Some may even call it Cringe-worthy. Really, we were going through it earlier saying "Wow, this is the worst update we've ever done. Why would we create such a horrible update? I'm not really sure if we can even call this an update."
11-12-13 woahthedate.jpg
Rather than creating some more content for the update, we put ourselves into time out for six hours, along with writing "This update is bad and we are bad." on the chalkboard 6,047 times. There is a reason, however! What's the reason, you say? That would ruin the surprise! Don't Confuse yourself too much thinking about it.
For the next few days, we will be having some relatively small updates to fix the bugs that have built up these past few weeks. We don't like having to lower out new content push, but the next thing we're working on is a pretty big scale and takes time to complete. We do have something to keep you from getting Bored, though!
It has been pretty bland with nothing but waving, sleeping, and jumping. To fix that, over the next few days we need you to Think of which emotions you want enabled. We will add four emotions per day over the course of four days, leading up to Saturday's update. It may not be much, but it is the least we can do to provide you with some content while we work on boring bugfixes.


Daily Alpha Update: A Slightly-more Delightful Update

Posted by Sir Max on November 13, 2013 02:00 PM

Hmm... Just cross that out, add a bit here... No, no. That won't do at all.
11-13-13 explosion.jpg
Oh, hello! Some guy left this script for "Doglet" laying around. It's not completely terrible, but it definitely needs some more jazz, so to speak. Anyway, this update may still be small, but at least it's a bit more Delightful.
Now, back to this script. The first thing on the todo list: Change everything. It is no longer being called Doglet, but now Maxlet. Next up, explosions. Let me just make a few edits...
Uh huh, yep, seems good to me. Let's see how it looks so far:
A tumbleweed lazily blows across the landscape...
A giant explosion breaks the silence, alarms blaring and lights flashing
Enter stage left, our lone hero, Fat McStink Sir Max
Another explosion
Have not a fear, comrade. Activate the LASERS!
Cue laser light show, followed by a Dance sequence
ExplosExplosion interrupted by another explosion
Our hero, Sir Max, somehow saves the day
Wow! That was the greatest saving-the-day I have ever seen!
Hahaha! Yes it was, Billy. Yes it was.
Cue Applause, take a Bow before receiving an Emmy award for every category. Walk of into sunset.
If that isn't the finest theatrical work ever created, I don't know what is. I even teared up a bit at that ending. I should become a writer, actor, and director. If you happen to be a talent agent, you know where to find me. Not everyone at once, now!


Daily Alpha Update: Everybody do the Flop!

Posted by Sir Max on November 14, 2013 02:00 PM

Man oh man, am I excited for today's update. Today's update introduces an art that has been studied for many generations, each one trying to perfect it. That's right, everyone. Today we are introducing the flop.
11-14-13 flop.jpg
The flop has many shapes and forms. Some may go for the simple trip, while others may practice the more advanced forms such as "Belly Flops" or the classic "Banana Peel."
The toons from many generations ago have evolved these traditions from simple gags to an art that takes much of a toon's life to perfect. If done correctly, the flop can cause Laughter from nearby bystanders, and in rare cases, the occasional Cry of joy. Don't expect to be able to bring up these emotions on your first try, however. Wondering how you yourself can ever become as brilliant as to master these hilariously joyful actions? Just spend about 10 hours straight practicing, and then you'll only have a few years to go!


Daily Alpha Update: The Grey Zone

Posted by Professor Prepostera on November 15, 2013 02:00 PM

Hello there, toons! I'm Professor Prepostera, one of the scientists of recently-founded science facility, Loony Labs. I was asked to write this post today due to my thesis written to get into the labs- a study on "The Grey."
11-15-13 grey.jpg
The Grey is one of the quirky phenomenons of Toontown. It is a very rare sight to catch a glimpse of it, thus it's nature even being unknown to us at the labs. Some have reported getting themselves into the distoonified area by literally breaking the wacky world around us through means of antisillions or glitchinitives. Those toons- the ones that have come back- say that it is endless, with unexciting gravity and never-ending limits.
Some describe the Grey as an area beyond areas, undrawn and unimaginable. As all of the tooniest of toons know, imagination is our strongest power and the very same thing that created the world around us. An area that is simply unimaginable is a scary thought, but a scarily intriguing one.
Will the areas of the grey ever be drawn and revealed to us toons? Or are they all worn out, abandoned, and unpainted canvases beyond the likes of our tooniverse? I'm not sure myself, but these are the questions we scientoons ask at the Labs. Enjoy your update, everyone!


Super Saturday: Photo "Fun"

Posted by Sir Max on November 16, 2013 02:00 PM

HUGE news today, everyone. I just got word that the very first neighborhood of Toontown, Donald's Dock, has finished construction! I've already bought a pretty fine shop on Punchline Place, and other toons are buying up others very quickly. It'll be no time before we can all open for business.
11-16-13 whatisthis.jpg
I bet you're all wondering "Sir Max is opening a shop?! Oh boy, this is going to be the best. What is it?" Well fine toons, let me tell you: It is a photo-realistic painting shop! For great prices, you'll be able to pick up your own paintings drawn by none other than this green dog himself. I need to wait on a few... err.. "Shipments" to come in first, however.
Unrelated to that, there is a new Trolley Game that I've been working on. You're going to love this. Alright, so first of all, it actually doesn't take place on any of the Trolley stops. Just meet me on the Trolley and we'll ride it for a bit, then hop off at the playground we were just at. This is part of the fun. Here comes the best part: Everyone grabs a camera, stands in the middle of the playground, and spins around to- wait for it- take pictures of other toons!
It's actually pretty great. Whoever takes the best picture not only gets some gold stars(!!!), but also a hefty sum of Jellybeans. Oh, but you can't actually keep the pictures you took. I need those to.. Uh. "Ship" to somewhere. There is this toon down the block that sells photorealilistic photos. Not photorealilistic paintings that are actually just photos, because that would be a clever way to trick people into taking pictures for him! I don't know anyone who would ever do that.
Anyway, let's get back to that new neighborhood. Punchline Place has opened it's doors, and the streets are open! You can head on over to Donald's Dock, fully equipped with a Trolley, pond, and even a boat that sails itself! Other neighborhoods are finishing up very quickly, so we want to know which one YOU want to open up next. Each day this week we will open up a new area to explore, chock-full of toontastic new things to do.
Now, the Toon Council has seen that there are going to be some bothers as Toontown expands. To help with this issue, the Toon HQ of Toontown Central is now Open! It is currently still being prepared for use, but feel free to peek inside. In the future, it will serve as a hub for toons to come together to post tasks that need to be done and also keep a close eye (literally!) on the citizens of Toontown. We are polishing off some of the bricks before putting the under construction sign into a wood shredder, but you can expect the update to come within the next hour.


Daily Alpha Update: Going Green

Posted by Shockley on November 17, 2013 02:00 PM

Hey Toons! Shockley here once again. After being forcibly dragged away from my keyboard a very relaxing week-long break, I'm back to writing code and squashing bugs!
It seems like everyone is enjoying the newly-constructed Donald's Dock. So now we have plenty of room and no need for expansion, right? Can I see a show of hands who think so?
Uh huh, yep. WRONG! Everyone who just raised your hands, you've just failed the test. You can go home now.
11-17-13 gardens.jpg
Okay, so we've gotten rid of them. Now if you are still here, I assume it is either because you are asleep or eagerly awaiting the update that wasn't just spoiled in the image above. This is good! The eagerly awaiting part, I mean.
It is now with great pleasure that I unveil the third addition to our fair city of Toontown: the Daisy Gardens! We have also added, not one, but- wait for it- TWO connecting streets. Head on over to Silly Street - Toontown Central, or Seaweed Street - Donald's Dock to get there. Sorry for the short post today, but Sir Max seems to have ran off somewhere. He was mumbling something about needing to get some pictures developed.
See you around!


Daily Alpha Update: Ice-Ape Escape

Posted by Sir Max on November 18, 2013 02:00 PM

Hey there, fellas! I'm back once again for the update. Sorry for my absence yesterday, but the police managed to catch up with me. And by catch up to me, I mean I blatantly walked back to the exact location where I stole borrowed the Ice Rink. Now, now- Before you go calling names, let me explain myself.
11-18-13 apescape.jpg
So I got a call from McQuack yesterday to come inspect the new neighborhood before it was released today. "Oh yeah, no problem!" I say to him. "I'll be there in a few minutes."
I arrived at The Brrrgh, only to find that the entire squadron had me surrounded. I'm sure you all remember back when Hawkheart and I borrowed that Ice Rink. As it turns out, we sort of took it from the construction of the new area. It was a frozen lake in the middle of snowy nothingness. How would I know that it had a major part in the construction of a new playground?
I was taken into Toon HQ and sentenced to a 20 minute timeout, and let me tell you: Those were the hardest 7 minutes of my life. You see, my timeout room was the glass case with all of the fancy science equipment. I started messing around with some chemicals in there, but after I accidentally shrunk McQuack, they made me stop. You think I stopped there? Ohohoho, of course not! See, the Toon HQ was testing their new banana-peeling machine in that same room. I was playing Hide and Seek with the ape inside of it (Which is harder than you think in a 10 x 5 rake-long room), but he threw a fit when he couldn't find me. He slammed through the wall, banana in hand, making a gaping hole for me to slip through.
Now, if you happen to see anyone looking for me, I threw some green paint on the ape who is probably running around causing havoc somewhere. Just point them in his direction, and we'll all be fine!


Daily Alpha Update: The Land of Music

Posted by Sir Max on November 19, 2013 02:00 PM

Behold! The lime dog approaches! Greetings, my good fellows! Let's go to The Land of Music!
11-19-13 dejavu.jpg
Wait, wait, wait. I feel like we've been here before. Definitely getting some deja vu vibes. I can't seem to place my finger on it, but I'm pretty sure we already did this. Shockley was there, so was Goshi and the other guys. We all ran to Minnie's Melodyland together, showing off the new streets of Toontown... Bah, that can't be possible. Minnie's Melodyland wasn't even built yet!
Back to reality: Without further ado, yada yada yada, Minnie's Melodyland! You can get there through newly-opened Loopy Lane in Toontown Central or Sleet Street in The Brrrgh. See you there!


Daily Alpha Update: Donald or Daffy?

Posted by Sir Max on November 20, 2013 02:00 PM

Man, has this been an exciting week! We've opened five neighborhoods already, and it is getting pretty tiring. We've still got a few more to go, though! Before announcing today's neighborhood, I should tell you about what went on a few months ago when planning the construction of it.
11-20-13 donald.jpg
It was an average Toon Council meeting. The table was flipped over, Chip and Dale were arguing, pies were being thrown - the usual deal. We had planned every single neighborhood except for one, which was undecided. Suddenly, I had a brilliant idea.
"Hey guys, how about we call up Daffy Duck? He may be willing to move to town." Suddenly it all went downhill. Donald Duck threw his hat onto the ground and stormed over to the head of the table. He went on a raging fit about Daffy, calling him some names that I don't care to mention here. "He's not even a real duck! Have you seen a black duck? I certainly haven't!"
After an hour of his ranting, we finally voted to give Donald a second playground for him, however he could only use it for sleeping. Just to make sure that he followed this rule, the entire playground is a gigantic bed made of the fluffiest feathers that a toon could pluck.
...In fact, this place is pretty cozy... Maybe it wouldn't hurt to lay down for a second or...two... . . . ZZZ . . .


Daily Alpha Update: hi im roger dog

Posted by Roger Dog on November 21, 2013 02:00 PM

. . . ZZZ . . .
hi im roger dog you can call me roger dog for short
11-21-13 hiimrogerdog.jpg
im here today to announce that we roger dogs have succeeded in taking over the world so thats pretty cool i guess.
to celebrate we opened this outdoor zone where we can golf and stuff but its not actually done yet so we cant golf. sorry. but its still a place where you can go and we are going to call it chip and dales acorn acres.
by the way have you seen my friend roger dog? his name is roger dog you can call him roger dog for short. i might be roger dog.
but yeah thats it i guess. bye roger dog


Daily Alpha Update: "...And it was all a dream."

Posted by Sir Max on November 22, 2013 02:00 PM

. . . ZZZ . . . roger.. acorns...
AH! Woah, I'm awake. Is it 2:00 TTT already? How long have I been sleeping?
11-22-13 permits.jpg
You guys aren't going to believe this. I fell asleep at Dreamland and had the most horrible nightmare. You know that guy Roger Dog? I had this dream where he took over all of Toontown. For an entire day, everyone turned into Roger Dog. Gah, gives me shivers just thinking about it.
Whew. Anyway. Somehow, it appears that we finished a whole update even though everyone was sleeping. It's probably best not to question it and make the most of what we have. I'm proud to announce the opening of our final neighborhood in Toontown: Goofy Speedway! Head on over to the Speedway through Toontown Central to go racing on the streets and alleys of Toontown!
There is just one catch though. We sort of haven't gotten the permits yet to allow you to race on the streets, so the tunnels are going to be temporarily closed. It's in the works, though!


Super Saturday: Crash Course

Posted by Sir Max on November 23, 2013 02:00 PM

Helllloooooo everybody! Get yourselves ready for this Super Saturday update:
Remember those permits that we needed yesterday? We got them. Didn't even have to forge them. Since we have those permits, today I'm glad to announce the grand opening of Goofy Speedway!
11-23-13 crashing.jpg
Goofy, with the assistance of Hawkheart and McQuack, has been working pretty hard on this racetrack throughout the week. It was absolutely stunning. You should have seen it. They had this fancy scoreboard, along with these awesome tracks open in the streets, the country, and of course the speedway. I decided to buy myself a sweet looking Kart to test it out. It didn't really end well.
So here I was minding my own business, just preparing for a race. Suddenly, this butterfly comes over and lands on my nose. I flick it away, at the same time accidentally putting pressure on the gas peddle. I quickly turned to the side, accidentally running into the rural raceway. I spun around quickly, which caused some sparks that set the oil-covered grass on fire. We're not done yet, though! After crashing through there, I managed to turn around and plunge straight into the city circuit. Thankfully no one was hurt, but I hope that those first few buildings had insurance.
Finally I swatted the butterfly away, which actually was just flying away as it saw that I was flying through the air straight towards Hawkheart's scoreboard. So yeah, that is pretty much destroyed. Never fear, though! The Speedway Circuit remains untouched. So there's that. Plus, I save 15% or more on my car insurance. That lizard really knew his stuff!


Daily Alpha Update: Country Construction

Posted by Sir Max on November 24, 2013 02:00 PM

It's been a whole month since Toontown Rewritten went into Alpha. Can you believe that? We're breezing right along through development, and despite these daily updates being hard to put out sometimes, it has definitely kept our motivation high.
Anyway, let's get to this update.
11-24-13 rural.jpg
When building Goofy Speedway, we were confined to a pretty small area. Sadly we could only fit two Speedway Tracks within our property, so we had to find some other places to build a track. The first solution: Public Property!
Just a few miles out of the Speedway there are these lush, green hills. It's a pretty nice sight. Perfect place for a racetrack. We got to work immediately, however it turns out the public property wasn't exactly, well, "public". Shockley and the other guys came pounding on our door ordering us to stop. Apparently there is this big housing construction going on there, Estates or something of the sort. Why are they even constructing houses now, anyway? Wouldn't it have been a good idea to give the citizens of Toontown a place to live before inviting them to live here? And they wonder why we only have 100 citizens...
So do you think we stopped there? Really, have I ever stopped there? Of course not! We calmly let him know that we would pack up our equipment and move to a different hill. Once they had all went home, we snuck back out and finished the entire raceway overnight!
Don't worry if you get one of the houses next to the raceway- You'll only hear cars speeding by every 10-15 minutes. We also left you a gift basket and a free bike horn. In fact, you should be tthe ones thanking us for giving you easy access to the raceway. I'll even do you a favor and take the gift basket and bike horn back as a way to thank myself for the work we did for you. You're welcome!


Daily Alpha Update: Need for Speed

Posted by Sir Max on November 25, 2013 02:00 PM

Happy Monday, toons! We've got yet another track for you today, and this one is definitely the best yet. Ever heard of Street Racing? Well, legally we can't call it that because I'm already being watched from our last incident with the TTPD. (Toontown Police Department)
11-25-13 vroomvroom.jpg
So we are in fact racing, and it is on a street, but we are definitely not Street Racing. Are we clear on that? Great! Now lets get back to the update.
We have two areas out for you guys to head over to: Blizzard Boulevard and City Circuit. Now, I'll be honest with you when I say I have no idea where those streets are actually located, nor how we travel to them so quickly. It's best not to question it.
One more thing before I let you go: I'm going to need you to sign a few papers before heading out there. By no means is it dangerous for you- but we haven't exactly informed the pedestrians of the street yet and it's cheaper to just have you sign a slip of paper. Don't worry, they'll figure it out.


null [CONFIDENTIAL] - Yes, that means you too.

Posted by LL-TERMINAL43 on November 26, 2013 03:35 PM

:reqparser:(info) init req parsing
:cryptlkr:(info) initializing encryption modules
:cryptlkr:(info) got as key: THREE ROW TWO RIGHT
:xferbse: starting transfer
-said it would be right over here...
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Wqotqle akek iwyve 5 :: vqp zuir
Sqezfyvd swub syjq zkcyvqe
[unable to reproduce audio] Holy smokes! Nice little mechanical arm. I won't bother you, I'm just here for- What are you- OUCH!
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Lqkwzfyvd iwyve 5 :: Sutva
Lzkvvyvd iwyve
Dimm, for the love of Walt, what are you doing in my office?
Ah-oh, heya Surlee. I was just looking around for that sprocket you were working on. Prepostera sent me out to get it; he said it would be right here in this drawer, but your darn robotic hand hit me on the head.
Ah yes, I moved it this morning. I put it right over- Dimm. What is that computer doing? Why is the scanner on?
Oh, huh. I must have bumped the keyboard when searching for the sprocket. That would explain the arm.
Lzkv zubijqeq :: Zubiwqllyvd eu lqva
Dimm, shut it off.
Are you sure? I heard that unplugging a computer while its-
Dimm, shut off the computer right now.
:xferbse:(fatal) lost connection

Daily Alpha Update: Get Ready Fore This

Posted by Sir Max on November 27, 2013 02:00 PM

You guys better be ready for this update. Let me tell you, it's a pretty cool update. Not the best of updates, but it is still a pretty nice one. Let's get to it, shall we?
11-27-13 mystery.jpg
So this update- Wait. Wait wait wait. Hold the phone- I just noticed I have a typo in the title of this post. Looks like I said "Fore" instead of "For". Haha, you guys must have thought that this update was for Golfing! Ahahaha, no. In fact, we have absolutely no new features in this update whatsoever. Man, I bet that got your hopes up! Hahaha! Haha. Ha. haaaa...
You know, I'm feeling a bit bad about that now. We are indeed working on golf, but it's not quite ready yet. See, we had to call up some of the fellows from the Labs because golf balls really like to defy the laws of physics.
Since you got your hopes up, I'll tell you what we can do. The actual area for Golf is already complete, so we've gone ahead and chunked the Under Construction sign into the wood chipper. Feel free to run around and admire the openness of the area, and don't forget to check out our MYSTERY TUNNEL! oHohohohoOOOO! Spooky!


Daily Alpha Update: An Unexpected "Thank-you!"

Posted by Sir Max on November 28, 2013 02:00 PM

Ah, Thanksgiving. Or, as some of you international toons may call it: "Thursday."
Thanksgiving is a pretty great holiday. We can all gather around the Picnic Tables in Acorn Acres, spend some time with our family, and best of all: the food! No one can pass up on the traditional buttered toast, popcorn, and jellybeans. Mmmm.
11-28-13 thanks.jpg
I don't want to talk to much about the update today, because there isn't much to talk about. Updates are starting to get smaller as we are closer to finishing up the Alpha testing, but that isn't the reason I'm not talking about it. Let's talk about Disney.
We all know that the community likes to pick on Disney, calling them greedy and "cogs" for closing Toontown. As much as I would love to take on the role as the savior of toons (And it would be a fitting role too, mind you.), that simply isn't the case.
It's absolutely wonderful that everyone is loving Toontown Rewritten, but please don't think of us as a Toontown replacement, nor that we are better than Disney. Disney did what they had to do as a company. Toontown needed work, and they didn't think that it was worth their money to improve it. They rather invest in something else, which is what companies do. They may not have done it in the best way, but they did what they had to.
There's also the efforts of Jesse Schell, who thought of the idea of Toontown, and also trying very hard to convince Disney to bring Toontown back. I don't know if he will ever succeed, but he certainly won't if no one follows his advice. Many people gave up on that advice when Toontown Rewritten was announced, but we shouldn't. I would take a new Toontown from Disney over Toontown Rewritten any day. We are only trying to properly finish what Disney started 10 years ago.
The point is, if you are thankful for anything about Toontown- be thankful for Disney, Jesse Schell, and the rest of VR Studio who created this toontastic game. I know that I am, as well as I'm thankful for all of you who have been supporting us so far. I just wanted to take this day to take our minds off of TTR for a little bit and think about all of those great years we had with the original Toontown.
Happy Thanksgiving- or Thursday- from all of us in the Toon Council!


Daily Alpha Update: Reeling in the Gold

Posted by Sir Max on November 29, 2013 02:00 PM

All I hear nowadays are people talking about investing in Marshmellows, Jawbreakers, or for the really crazy toons- paper. No, seriously. Paper money. Why on earth would anyone use that?
People are saying that the Jellybean economy is going to collapse sometime soon, so I decided to start looking into a new investment: Fish.
11-29-13 fishing.jpg
I was talking to Hawkheart a few days ago, apparently he has this fancy job as a Fish Bingo operator or something. I don't know what that's all about. So anyway, he started talking to me about how the Pet Shops are starting to get really interested in fish. Some toons have caught new, rare species never seen before. With these fish we could develop even wackier things to spruce up the construction of our town.
For that reason, fish sales are going sky high. I had a brilliant idea: Why not put a pond in every playground? For "science"!
Hawkheart agreed to the idea, so we went ahead and installed a pond into every playground for your fishing needs. I even installed a pond in that big hole in The Brrrgh where we borrowed that Ice Rink. You're welcome, Brrrgh! Fisherman Freddy got a few of his buddies to collect fish at the ponds- but really, I wouldn't bother them. They're really busy. Instead, whenever you get some fish, just bring them down to me and I will take care of them for you. For science"! Definitely not reaping the reward for myself.
Oh, and one last thing: To help you catch even more fish, I went ahead and replaced everyone's rod with this shiny golden rock that I found. There was absolutely tons of it, and I doubt any of it would be worth a single Jellybean. I mean seriously, who would pay money for gold?


RED ALERT: Toontown is being invaded!

Posted by Sir Max on November 30, 2013 02:00 PM

Toons, I don't have much time to talk- Super Saturday is officially off. Toontown is being invaded.
As I write this, an army is descending from the skies upon Toontown. I'm not sure what these things are or where they have come from, but they are definitely not a force to mess with. Toon HQ is on full alert, and toons are instructed to stay inside.
11-30-13 butterdies.jpg
They are roaming our streets, even some trying to infiltrate Toontown Central. Some toons are reporting that they can even cause a Toon to go sad- something that hasn't been seen for a long time.
The Labs keep telling me that this is nothing to worry about, they are only "Butterflies"- but I know better. I've stockpiled on canned pie filing and bordered up the windows. If any of you need me, I'll be locked in my basement. Stay safe out there, everyone.



Super Sunday: On Par

Posted by Sir Max on December 1, 2013 02:00 PM

Whew- Toontown is no longer under alert. So it turns out that the butterflies were really harmless after all, and we skipped Super Saturday for nothing. I told you guys that the butterflies were harmless, but nooooo. You just had to call a Red Alert.
Anyway, luckily, Sunday also starts with an S. So welcome to the first (and last!) Super Sunday! That's like, twice the honor. Let's call it triple.
12-1-13 golf.jpg
So, remember a few days ago when I was telling you about the golf balls continuing to defy the laws of physics? Well, we had a nice little talking to them. I was very stern, and made a pretty big impact on them. We went on out to the course, and...they still continued to defy the laws of physics.
As every good golfer knows, you can't allow your golf balls to run willy-nilly disobeying science and the tooniverse itself. Luckily, I heard of a good reform school up the road. We packed up our golf balls and sent them off to the "On Par" school of golf for a while. When they came back, they knew every single rule of golf by heart- Err- plastic? Whatever golf balls are made of.
We took them out to the field again, and....! They still continued defying the laws of physics. Once again, like every good golfer, I slammed my club onto the ground and stormed off of the field. Luckily a few of them decided to behave, but we still have major shortage of golfballs that obey the tooniverse. And by shortage, I mean we have one.
Because of that, currently only one person can play golf at a time, and only one course at a time. Once you are done, pass the golf ball on to the next fellow in line and wait for your next turn. It'll be a Walk in the Park!

Daily Alpha Update: Hole-some Sabotage

Posted by Sir Max on December 2, 2013 02:00 PM

You cannot imagine the golfer's rage that is going through me right now. As you guys saw yesterday: Our golf course was sabotaged!
Hold your gasps folks, because I'm not done telling the story yet. In fact, I haven't even started. I'm going to start now.
12-2-13 SABOTAGE.jpg
So, you remember that single golf ball that obeyed the laws of physics? Yeah, so it turns out he was just pretending to obey physics so that he could get in and do an inside job. Once inside of our golf courses, he immediately disregarded all rules of the tooniverse and sat there like a rock. Or at least, it seemed that he did. But no, I'm not done yet!
That golf ball had the nerve to sneak a camera in there and take pictures of our courses. I bet you it was sent to us by that new town across the country, Loontown. I never liked any of those toons. To make it worse, it turns out that all of the golf balls are in fact wanted criminals. Apparently they stole a bunch of that of that useless yellow rock a few weeks ago, before I had even found it. Don't ask me how they did it, because I honestly have no idea.
Anyway, lesson learned: Never take golf balls from the dumpster outside Loony Labs. No worries, they are all gone now. We called the TTPD and had them all arrested. I managed to get another whole new set of golf balls that actually obey the laws of physics, so we can not only play golf- but play it with friends!
No worries- these aren't from the dumpster outside of Loony Labs. I've learned my lesson. These are from the dumpster outside of Toon HQ.

Daily Alpha Update: Dumpster Diving

Posted by Sir Max on December 3, 2013 02:00 PM

Sooooo... I know that you guys are a bit aggravated that golf is in fact still not working. I have a logical explanation for it though, along with some great news!
12-3-13 uglyhat.jpg
So, first, the explanation. You know, it was all fine and dandy. I got those golf balls from the Toon HQ dumpster, tried them out, and all was well. However once we opened up, it turns out that they were the exact same golf balls as before. It turns out that upon arresting the golf balls, the TTPD just threw them into the dumpster. And the dumpster that they threw them in just so happened to be the same dumpster I grabbed them from.
Yeah, yeah, lesson learned for real this time. No more getting golf balls from dumpsters next to Loony Labs or Toon HQ. However, I wonder if Goofy Speedway has any in their dumpster...
So now onto the good news. Let me tell you, this news is pretty great. Some news you have been waiting for since golfing was first deployed. Ready?
Everyone has received a complimentary golfing hat! Granted, you can't actually use it for golfing. I'll tell you what you can do though: Imagination. Imagination, a golfing hat, and a metal golfing club go a long way. Mostly into prison. Of course that isn't it for our update today, though. We've got some even better news.
TODAY WE HAVE... Nothing. That's pretty much it, actually. Sorry toons, but we can't open up the next course until golf is actually working. We're trying our hardest to find some golf balls that will obey the laws of physics, but they are hard to come by these days.

Daily Alpha Giveaway: Daily Alpha Giveaway?!

Posted by Sir Max on December 4, 2013 04:30 PM

Daily Alpha Giveaway? Daily Alpha Giveaway.
That's right, everyone. We've decided that Alpha Testers have had enough fun this past month, and it's time to look at the other side of the community. I'm looking at you, Duke Whistlecrump! I know you want an alpha key.
12-5-13 welcome.jpg
Like good ol' Duke up there, we know that there are plenty others who want keys as well. We didn't put a limit on Alpha testers because we wanted to watch the community suffer, but because we wanted to make sure that the game was stable and had some things for players to do. With the Trolley, Racing, Fishing, and Golf (Still working on that fix, by the way.), we think that it is ready to let some new testers in.
I don't really think you are ready for this giveaway. Because for one thing, it's going to last 10 days. That's right folks, 10 days of pure alpha key giveaways. From now until Super Saturday the 14th, we will be giving out alpha keys daily. A whole total of 10 keys!
With these keys, you'll be able to sign up for Toontown Rewritten and download the Tooniverse for yourself, just as all of the other alpha testers have. We don't have any rules about what alpha testers can and can't do. You can record videos, let your family members play on your account (Be careful with sharing accounts! We recommend not sharing accounts, unless it is with a family member), or whatever else you want to do.
Of course, the rules that applied to the original Toontown still apply on Toontown Rewritten. If you abuse your alpha privileges, we'll have to revoke your account. And I really don't want to do that. I'm a crier. :(
By the way, I lied about the 10 key thing. Hold your head back up high, because we actually have a total of 100 Alpha Keys to give away. And you'll never guess: I lied once again. Hang on to your socks, toons, because we aren't giving out 0, 10, or 100 keys. No, we're actually giving out 200 alpha keys! That means 20 keys per day!
Now, for those of you who haven't fainted yet, let's talk about how to get these keys. First of all, we have the main giveaway. Simplest thing ever. All you have to do is head over to our Giveaway Page and answer today's question, along with your toon's name and some way to contact you. This is not only a way to allow more toons into Toontown, but also a way to gather feedback from the community on what we can do better. The first question we want to ask you is something that we all loved to suggest to Disney: "What do you think is the worst part of Toontown, and why? How could it be made better?"
Every day we will pick a random 10 people to send alpha keys to. Please don't enter more than once per day, as we will be checking for fraud. Putting in a second entry will cause you to be disqualified, and no one wants that!
I know what you're thinking. "Sir Max, where are the other 10 keys?" Well my good man, if you had let me finished speaking I would have told you that we are having secondary contests every day as well. We will be going to fansites, YouTubers, and other places in the community and asking them to host alpha key giveaways. Some may call it the "Tom Sawyer effect", and that is exactly what it is! However, marketing tells me that we need to sound less self-centered, so we're going to go ahead and call it "Community Involvement."
The first of these secondary giveaways, because we haven't contacted anyone yet, is going to be hosted by us. We have been watching over the communities, and the reactions to TTR are phenomenal. We have a few people in mind who we really want to have alpha keys, so the first secondary giveaway will be Developer Picks. Don't worry- future secondary giveaways won't be like this. We will have a wide variety of ways to give keys out.
Enough of me rambling on. Go ahead and enter our main Giveaway, and keep your spirit high in the communities as we go through and pick out the tooniest of toons for our picks. We will announce the winners every day at 2:00PM Toontown Time, along with where you can go for the secondary contest.
See you all later!

Daily Alpha Giveaway: A Clean Slate

Posted by Sir Max on December 5, 2013 02:00 PM

Heyo! Welcome to Day 2 of the Daily Alpha Giveaways. I know you are eager to hear these winners, so I'm not going to waste any time.
12-6-13 slate.jpg
But actually, I'm going to waste a little bit of time to talk about this. First of all, we had 4,500 entries. No, seriously. 4,500 entries. We were expecting 200, maybe 500. Not 4,500. And guess who had to count all 4,500 of those out by hand? This guy! No, not me. This guy behind me, Fat McStink.
Well, at least, he was counting them out. He got to 70 when one of the Lab guys stopped him to say that we could put this into a machine to do the counting for us. Did you know that they sell contest counting machines? Who knew.
Now, before announcing the winners, let's talk about today's contests for the 4,480 of you who are about to be disappointed. Winners, you can get your glory in just a few paragraphs. First of all, we have today's giveaway. We've got another question set up for you over on the Giveaway Page: What's something in Toontown that you never want to see changed?
Next, we have the secondary contest. We're starting with a clean Slate- literally. We asked Slate to make herself look nice, because we want her to do the first community giveaway. Slate is an awesome YouTuber who has been livestreaming videos of our Daily Updates, and she is also one of our team's texture designers. You can head on over to her channel to get the details about her contest, and we'll be announcing the winners right here tomorrow!
Now, without further ado, here are the first 20 winners!
Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Today's Question:
"What was the worst part about Toontown, and why?
How can it be better?"
1. Ace of Spades
...The worst part of Toontown districts are therefore the most played in the 'Nutty River' and with that, many players were limited to playing in empty districts without the chance to go on a VP, or CFO, it was really sad in Toontown...
2. Connor
The worst part of Toontown is the greeners! How can it be made better you ask? Well, you can fix that glitch that greeners used for hundreds and hund- well, just a couple of years, that made toons stuck on the VP lobby! That'd be toontastic, because no toon deserves to be greened.
3. Grabovski
...The worst part of Toontown is the trolley because you need to play minigames that don't grant you many jellybeans...
4. Fireball
I dont really like the matching game, I wish it could give hints...
5. Donut Cannon
The fact that you can have 6 gag tracks...If the game was limited to 5 gag tracks per player, there would be a lot more teamwork-based strategy in the game.
6. Swat
The hackers was my main problem. I got hacked many times and I'm sick of it.
7. Super Spike
Limited to 50 friends. Too many trolley games that I didn't like. You could ask the toontown community what games they would like instead of you putting all of them back into the game, put the ones we want.
8. Princess Melody Kookyton
...After thinking of what you guys have done, I'll say fishing is the worst. I would like it if fishing could be based on statistics a bit more than luck...
9. Fireball (Popular name, eh?)
In my opinion the worst part of toontown is when the CFO get a safe and put at his head and we need to throw a safe to get the safe off...
10. Blueberry Duck
I think gardening is the worst part of Toontown, and I think you can make it better by making it so plants will grow faster...
Developer Picks:
For our first secondary contest, us team members picked 10 people from the community who we really want to see playing in Toontown Rewritten.
1. Coach Zucchini - YouTuber
Coach Zucchini, or "Coach Z." as most call him, is the most subscribed Toontown YouTuber of all time. He does many rants about the good and the bad in Toontown, which is exactly the kind of feedback we want with Toontown Rewritten.
2. Flypikachu - MMO Central Forums Member
Flypikachu said something in a thread yesterday that really caught our eyes. "I hope that everyone is happy, no matter what happens, if you win a key, and if you don't win a key. A true toon stays happy even though they don't win anything. Good luck everyone, and for those of you who win a key tommorow, have a toontastic day."
We hope that you have a Toontastic day too, Flypikachu!
3. Amanda - #ToontownPS Veteran
Amanda is one of the toons who has been following Toontown Rewritten very actively since the very beginning. She has been very helpful the IRC and never complaining. In fact, I once accidentally gave her alpha access and had to revoke it. She didn't mind at all, even though that was a bad move on my part.
4. Shorty - Toonbook Member
Shorty is a pretty active guy in the community, and a talented artist as well. He is one of the winners of a logo contest that Toonbook held a few months ago when gathering ideas for the Toontown Rewritten logo, and he also made this awesome video after TTR was announced.
5. Ugly Corny - Community Gossiper
Ugly Corny may not be the most cheerful of toons at times, however he has made a name for himself in the community by devoting time to find information about the rumored "Toontown 2.0" or "Downtown Toontown" that Disney had been working on. Maybe one day he will be leaking things that we're working on!
6. Roxy and Taffy - MMO Central Forums Member
Similar to others, although she has never won an alpha key, Roxy has been keeping watch on Toontown Rewritten since the very start. She is being a very active and helpful part of the community, and I hear that she is even arranging some sort of Christmas present for the community. You can head on over here if you want to help her. No worries, we haven't peeked!
7. Fastfestival - Toonbook Member
Fastfestival is a long-time supporter and active member of Toonbook. She is very nice to the members of the site, and has been patient as well while waiting for Toontown Rewritten. Thanks for your support!
8. Captain Flippenhopper - #ToontownPS Veteran
Just like Amanda, Captain Flip has been around for quite a while. He has kept a positive attitude in the IRC, and we like having him around. See you in alpha!
9. Colorless Rainbow - Toonbook Member
Colorless Rainbow has added a lot of color to our community since Toontown Rewritten started. She is one of the many artists on Toonbook that generously donates their time and talent to brighten a fellow toons day.
10. Owooo - #ToontownPS Veteran
Once again, we have someone who has been following TTR since before we even had a name. Besides, how could we pass up on someone named after our favorite SpeedChat phrase? Owooooo!
Thanks for checking out the winners, and be sure to enter for tomorrow's giveaway over at Slate's Livestream or the Giveaway Page!

Daily Alpha Giveaway: Clans, Groups, and Guilds- Oh my!

Posted by Sir Max on December 6, 2013 02:00 PM

One of the biggest parts about Toontown was the groups within it. Some toons love clans, some prefer to do their own thing. There were some really awesome groups that brought toons together such as The Cold Callers Guild, KTTA/ATTA, The Guild v2.0, Toons United, LEAF Clan, and many more.
12-6-13 toonbook.jpg
Perhaps you started a clan once, but it never really caught on. With all of the famous clans listed above it can be hard, right? Today we want to give all of you a chance to get your group started, with us as backers.
Before we get into that, lets talk about our Daily Alpha Giveaway! Once again, head on over to our Giveaway Page and answer the feedback question to enter. We still have another 160 keys to give out! Remember, you can enter once every 24 hours to be selected for the next group of alpha testers. Today's question: "What can Toontown do to better encourage teamwork and support clans?"
From what I've heard, Slate's stream was a huge success as well. Slate's contest had a series of questions for toons to answer, such as "What did you like the most about your main toon?" - Everyone could answer these questions once, and in total there were somewhere around 7500 answers. I checked around the shops, and unfortunately they don't make answer reading bots. Slate is having to read all of those in a very short amount of time, so we let her delay the announcement of her winners until tomorrow's post. Try not to burst from anticipation.
Now, lets move onto today's contest. Ever heard of a site called Toonbook? You better, because I own it! Toonbook is a social networking site that Fat McStink and I created to stop people from sharing personal information in game to contact one another. To find your friends, all you need to know is their toon name!
One of the main things to do on Toonbook is to create and manage groups. Toonbook gives you easy tools to create and advertise groups to make building a clan a bit easier. The Toonbook Staff is going to be choosing the top three most creative and popular groups made in the next 24 hours. Top 3? Why Top 3? Well I'll tell you why: The winners aren't getting one, not two, but three alpha keys each. We're doing this so that you can choose a few of your group's members to head in game with you and start planning out the group for when Toontown Rewritten is released to the public.
You can head on over to Toonbook to learn more about that, because I know you don't want me talking (typing?) all day. Though, you could just scroll straight to the end. In fact, why don't you just scroll straight to the end right now? I want to see the winners!
Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Today's Question:
"What's something in Toontown that you never want to see changed?"
1. Maka
The Cog invasions.
2. Zombie
I think some people disagree, but I don't want to see the sellbot factory's obstacle course areas for laff or gags changed... I find those areas fun!...
3. Doctor Lucky Fuzzynugget
The Lil' Oldman task. Without it some people will not be ready for the CFO, CJ, and CEO...
4. Fireball (Very popular name, apparently.)
The cog battles. They're probably the most important thing in Toontown. If the battles are changed a large chunk of Toontown Rewritten fan base would leave. i know I would. I think most of the people reading this agree too.
5. Scarletstrike
I hope you never change the fact that we can talk in Chat instead of Speedchat.
6. Sir Frizzy Electrowhip
Something I never want changed in Toontown is racing. I really like the way that it gives you a chance you to compete against other toons.
7. Nerfbily
The money system i.e. jellybeans.
8. TwinkleMuffin
The pie throwing awesomeness. Would be a shame if that changed.
9. Raven
Something I never want to see changed is the estates. I love how you can plant gag trees and flowers, and love how your doodles can roam free there.
10. Miss Marigold Petalzapper
Gifting friends because I love giving friends gifts.

Daily Alpha Giveaway: Toonbook Traitors

Posted by Sir Max on December 7, 2013 02:00 PM

Hello, everyone! Welcome to what would normally be Super Saturday, however we don't have much time for that today. We have 30 keys to hand out, after all!
12-7-13 toonter.jpg
First Topic: Our Daily Alpha Giveaway. Once again we've got a whopping 4,500 entries, and the number won't stop climbing. Today we have another question that is less about what Disney did wrong, but what we have done wrong. "What is the worst thing that Toontown Rewritten has done so far, and how should we have done it?"
Toonbook had a huge success yesterday as well. Over 600 new clans were made, and we gained a ton of new members. It seems like you guys had a lot of fun with it, and I'm glad that you did! It was a hard decision, but we managed to narrow down three groups that really stood out. Check them out with the other winners below.
Finally, we need to get to some more serious business. Apparently a group of Toons have created "Toonter", a Twitter for Toons. Obviously, they are traitors of Toonbook. The fiends! Don't worry, toons. I managed to infiltrate their systems to take them down. At least, until I gained a few followers... Head on over to Toonter to join in on their alpha key contest. All you have to do is make a meme relating to Toontown and "Toont" it with the hashtag listed in their rules. You can head on over there now to check it out!
Enough of that, though, lets take a look at these winners.
(And for those of you who don't understand my amazing sense of humor, the traitor part was a joke. Toonter is pretty cool. Follow me!)
Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Today's Question:
"What can Toontown do to better encourage teamwork and support clans?"
1. Weird Spike RockenNugget
One small thing that can be done is clan name tags. In this feature, you can buy something that is called a clan tag... When you buy it, you will be able to gift it to other people in your clan/guild. You can type your clan name in it, and it will go under your name tag, so you will still have your name tag visible.
2. Fat Dudley Pickleflinger
I think that toontown could possibly bring trolley tracks to a larger scale, and let more people on the trolley... My mind is fuzzy. :/
Don't worry Fat Dudley Pickleflinger, I get what you're talking about.
3. Sir Lancelot
I think that adding a party system to Toontown would be great. Also little things like a clan list in game, and adding a clan tag above your name, and just adding an in game clan system.
4. Popcorn Flipperscooter
Toontown should have contact with clans; always helping and trying to give them information to be up-to-date.
5. Buster
Chat for everyone so people can talk. And if they are using profanity on chat don't let them have it.
6. Italiana Princepessa
I think a better way to encourage teamwork would be to create tasks that say "Complete 5 buildings with 3 other toons" or something like that.
7. Big Biscuit MegaMuffin
Toontown can encourage teamwork and support by enhancing the speedchat as well as the speedchat plus. By enabling toons to freely (minus foul language) chat with each other teamwork will follow...
8. Aunt B.D. McBee
I think if a Toon sees another Toon by himself, then they can talk and take over cog buildings or do ToonTasks together.
9. Prince Lollipop
Ban everyone in hacking teams so we can be in peace while we play at estates
10. Miss Pearl
Help, Never Give Up even how hard it is, Cheer for each other, If there's a bully, stand up and Never Stop trying. :D
Slate's Story Contest:
On Thursday, we asked Slate to host a contest during her livestream. Using Google+, toons posted answers and stories to her page based off of the questions asked. One toon was chosen for each. Here they are!
1. Jackpie
What did you like the most about your main toon?
What I liked the most about my main toon was that he was like a best friend to me. He always made me smile, and we did everything together.
2. Gamemaster
What is your best Toontown memory?
My best Toontown memory is, get this, Toontown itself. You see, Toontown was not only my first online game, it was also the game that introduced me to the internet in general... Of course online games is nothing new now, but it was something I've never experienced before.
3. The Stroke Of Midnight?
What activity did you like the most on Toontown, and why?
My favorite activity was just being apart of the toons that hung around helping other toons get there tasks, gag tracks, and doing boss battles. I can't wait to do that again.
4. Boo The Monkey
Who was your best Toontown friend, and why?
Ladybug Pedalmuffin was my toon's best friend because we could relate to each other. The moment that we first met being the same level 14 cog suit in CFO's lobby, we clicked!... We were really productive together and we had a ton of laughs. We can't wait to rewrite our toon's friendship in Toontown Rewritten.
Toonbook Group Contest:
The following are clans, groups, and guilds that were created over the past 24 hours on Toonbook. The Toonbook staff judged them based off of creativity, maturity, and popularity. Each one received 3 keys to pass out to their group, with an extra key to the #1 winner.
1. Thankful Avengers - 173 members
"A group of Toons who are thankful for having a re-made version of Disney's Toontown Online, and ready to to get vengeance on Toontown by defeating cogs, tasks, activities together as a group."
2. Bullying in Toontown! - 85 members
"In this group, we will be helping to stop the bullying in Toontown and in Toontown sites! We will be hosting events and rewarding toons for helping other toons... No one wants those nasty toons in Toontown!"
3. Toon Assisters - 132 members
"...If you ever need assistance when Toontown Rewritten is out, simply post in the group and an officer will be off to help!... I hope you all utilize this tool to your advantage and enjoy it!

Daily Alpha Giveaway: The Sunday Paper

Posted by Sir Max on December 8, 2013 02:00 PM

Don't you just love reading the Sunday paper? Waking up, heading over to your doorstep, pulling out the comic section. Ah, gotta love it.
At least, I'm sure that kids all those years ago did. Welcome to the new age, baby!
12-8-13 thereisntahint.jpg
The world we're in today is all about modernizing everything. I mean think about it, you're reading this news on a computer right now. (I haven't forgotten about you, mobile users! A mobile site will be coming soon so that sign will get out of your way.)
Anyway, just because we are all about modernizing things doesn't mean that we have to forget about papers. Take The TTC Times: Rewritten, for example, who just recently started publishing again after a year-long hiatus. They're eager to get back in business, and they're going to need your help to do it.
As always, before talking about the above paragraphs, I'm going to leave you hanging and start talking about today's contest. We've got another feedback question for you today, this one also relating to news. "How can we improve our news, both in-game and out of game? What kind of sections do you want to see in the in-game news?" As always, head on over to our Alpha Giveaway Page to enter. It doesn't hurt to try!
Finally, let's get back to the news. The TTC Times: Rewritten need some help with their setup this week, and they want you to help them. Either type up an article or make a comic in the next 24 hours, then submit it to the MMO Central Forums thread. If you win, they'll send one of those sweet, sweet Alpha Keys your way. You can learn more about that over here.
Now, let's take a look at those winners!
Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Today's Question:
"What is the worst thing that Toontown Rewritten has done so far, and how should we have done it?"
1. Bunnyhup2
I don't think Toontown Rewritten has done anything bad so far. Just keep doing what the original Toontown did.
2. Gloop
Not putting in cogs Alpha yet :(. Everyone likes to fight cogs...
3. Mystic Twilight
Honestly, I feel like those who contributed money towards Toonbook should have gotten alpha keys. I don't mean that you should have said, okay, donate to toonbook and we'll give you a key. I just mean give one to recent or long term donators...
4. Neko
Toontown Rewritten, while recreating Toontown, has neglected Toonbook... Besides that, the only thing I think that the actual game has done wrong is the amount of people being let into the servers. I think that around 600-700 would be better...
5. Rizeh
The worst thing you guys have done is reimplement the way Speedchat Plus works...
6. Bucky
Nothing! I think you are doing a great job at this!
7. Mango
Showing gameplay too early. When I saw it I wanted to play Toontown Rewritten more...
8. Seabeauty
Toontown rewritten has kept people waiting for a long time to play, what some people would call, a childhood could have allowed more alpha testers to toontown to get the job finished faster
9. Little Dynamite Doggengadget
nothing you have only made the world a better place!
10. Cool Loopy
Honestly, I believe you guys have done everything wonderfully and that no one could have done a better job than you guys. :)
Toonter Meme Contest Winners:
The folks over at Toonter hosted a contest to find the best meme-makers in the community. Their staff got together and picked out these winners below to win an alpha key.
1. Starlight - @Starlight
Toonter Contest Starlight.png
2. Sir von Witty - @wittykitty
Toonter Contest Sir Von Witty.png
3. Eric - @Eric
Toonter Contest Eric.jpg
4. John - @???
Toonter Contest John.jpg
5. Miss Fumblewhatsit - @fumble
Toonter Contest Miss Fumblewhatsit.png
6. Miss Thunderton - @MissThunderton
Toonter Contest Miss Thunderton.jpg
7. Coconut - @Coconut
Toonter Contest Coconut.jpg
8. Spike Poodlesnooker - @spikepoodlesnooker
Toonter Contest Spike Poodlesnooker.png
9. Ciaran - @???
Toonter Contest Ciaran.png
10. Von - @Von
Toonter Contest Von.png

Daily Alpha Giveaway: This Atta Do It!

Posted by Sir Max on December 9, 2013 02:00 PM

You guys atta be ready for this, because this contest atta be really good. Atta. For those poor few of you with punless souls, what I'm trying to say is that the ATTA is taking over today's Daily Alpha Contest! The secondary one, I should say.
12-9-13 adultswhat.jpg
The ATTA (Adult Toontown Addicts) is a group of parents and adults who have magically resisted turning into a cog throughout their lifetime, and still play Toontown actively. You guys who thought you were weird for reading a blog about a kid's game, you can stop viewing these posts in private now. You aren't the only one. I know you're out there!
For the rest of you younger folk who are a bit confused, no worries. The ATTA has a partner clan called the KTTA (Kid Toontown Addicts) that you are welcome to join before ascending into adulthood. You can head on over here to learn about the two groups, as well as joining in on Today's Alpha Key Contest!
Enough of that, though, lets get to today's question. Shockley, press that button! *drumroll*
Today's question is... "What is the most memorable set of ToonTasks for you? What made them so good/bad?" You can be-bop on over to our Alpha Giveaway Page to answer the question and get another chance to win an alpha key. Assuming you haven't already won, of course. Speaking of which, here are today's winners!
Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Today's Question:
"How can we improve our news, both in-game and out of game?
What kind of sections do you want to see in the in-game news?"
1. Lime Dog
TTR could make the news frequently updated to make it good. Sections id like to see would be top toons and little teasers for updates :D
2. Huckleberry
The news should include answers to questions.
3. Mister Skids
Toonbook posts, Facebook posts, News page on your website, MMO Central forum - your doing all the right things. I just think an official Facebook page would be helpful for us older kids so that we can get the alerts on our devices...
4. Sam Handwhich
You could have different sections of news. One as updates, one as events, one as new things coming, etc.
5. Miss Mary
Some sections in the news should be top toon video maker of the week...
6. Humpy Humpy Ballonazap
I would wanna see the original newspaper because that paper was the awesomest toon paper ever...
7. Z.Z.
To improve your news, just keep it the same. The daily updates are great! I would like to see player created articles, like Alpha Tester articles.
8. Dinky McDoodle
Maybe billboards or something displaying information on current cog invasions, news, or specific boarding times for boss battles or other elevators which have boarding groups. The leader would put in a group name and a time of when the group is to board the elevator.
9. Carrot
You could add more sections, like maybe a sports section...
10. Mindy
I never really read the in game news because it was really slow to load and I would get tired of waiting. I would like news stories about which gags are best against which cogs (if there is an advantage to using squirt vs. throw) or something like that...
TTC Times Comic Contest:
The TTC Times rebooted recently, and had some people write articles and comics for their issue that's coming out this Friday. The best ones were chosen to receive one alpha key each.
1. Quacking Jabberquacker
A Day in the Life of Roger Dog
...There were many buttons and levers, which confused Roger Dog so he pressed a random button to see what it would do, the pod opened and out came a clone of himself!
"im the real roger dog" the clone said.
"no im roger dog" Roger Dog replied...
2. Alien Reindeers
Funny Finance
...Of all the alternate currencies, Marshmallows suffered the most. Regardless of the recent bean bounce, the Marshmallow supporters are in some serious hot water, or rather, the Marshmallows are NOT in some serious hot cocoa...
3. Listenup
Chef Listenup's Tips!
...It's good to train toon up and trap together, because you get hit after each gag you play if the cog is still standing. You are in good shape because you can keep racking up points for the low gags/low damage to the cogs, and continue to use tons of toon ups and traps to max your efforts...
4. Spare
The Strange Case of Spare
...Lil Oldman finally arrived at his estate. As he unlocked his estate door, he felt as if someone was watching him. He looked around, but just grumbled to himself that nobody could be at his estate. Quickly he opened the door and turned the light on. He stared for a second and could not believe what he saw: Nothing.
The Silly Meter was gone...
5. Jon
Golf Balls and Glue
...These stubborn golf balls have been thought to be defying physics and not moving, despite being hit by the club. However, it turns out that it’s not actually the fault of the golf balls—they’re being glued to the ground. Yes, you read that right. Somehow, the golf balls are being glued to the ground. We took a sample of the substance used to make them stick, and it was blue glue. One of our best investigators set out and searched for a clue to see who is ruining the fun of the golf course...
1. Raichi
TTC Times Comics Raichi.png
2. Fluffabunny
TTC Times Comics Fluffabunny.png
3. Lemonmuffin
TTC Times Comics Lemonmuffin.png
4. Mr. Pie Guy
TTC Times Comics Mr. Pie Guy.jpg
5. Lavabear
TTC Times Comics Lavabear.jpg

Daily Alpha Giveaway: 140 and Counting

Posted by Sir Max on December 10, 2013 02:00 PM

Heya guys. SM here. We've got another contest for you, and this one is pretty nifty. I hope you know how to abbreviate!
12-10-13 abbreviations.jpg
We're heading back to MMO Central Forums yet again for another sweet contest. This time, rather than by a newspaper or clan... #cont
We're being treated to a contest by MMO Central Forums themselves! The contest is simple: Make a fake bug report in tweet (or Toont?) form.
If u have evr used Toonter or Twitter, u know that u only have 140 letters to type with. MCF is doing the same! Learn more right over #here.
Whew! That's over with. The lack of paragraphs was starting to get to me. Before looking at the winners, lets take a look at today's feedback question for our Alpha Giveaway Page: "Have you ever used Toontown Fansites or forums? Which was your favorite one, and what could have made it better? (Both in-game and on the site itself.)"
Now that we've got that out of the way, lets see who our lucky toons are! We've still got quite a few days left, so don't be discouraged if you haven't won yet. A small chance is better than no chance.
Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Today's Question:
"What is the most memorable set of ToonTasks for you?
What made them so good/bad?"
1. Memory
I loved the Donald's Dreamland Toontasks... While I would being doing tasks, I would hit the page up key and look at the stars. They also gave me something to do when I was bored.
2. Nicholas
Those darn gosh super specific ToonTasks always frustrated me to no end. You needed one kind of cog, or one type of cog building, that seemed to never come around until your Task was finished... So annoying!
3. Ivanna Bee Scary
I feel like everyone is going to say Lil' Oldman, but his honestly weren't THAT bad... I remember I once took this DDL task for like 300 5 story buildings. It took forever to complete, and it made me lose interest in the game! I don't know who thought it'd be funny to put that in the game, but I think it's way too time consuming (even for Toontown).
4. Spellboy
I really liked the toontasks for the Sellbot HQ. Not only are a lot of people there, but the rewards you get for them are very nice...
5. Abracadabra
Mine had to be the Daisy Gardens Legal Eagle Key. Always a tough one.
6. Seth
I guess it would be one of Lil' Old Man's tasks... Overall it was good because I manged to gather a lot of better gags.
7. Pancake
The most memorable set of ToonTasks for me was Lil' Old Man because they were so hard and I took forever on them.
8. Joe
The most memorable is the Lil' Oldman tasks because it taught me the importance of taking down Cog Buildings and it required teamwork with other toons. I made a BUNCH of friends doing these tasks, and it really prepared myself for Cog HQ's and Donald's Dreamland.
We borked up yesterday and forgot to push the question until a few hours after the post was made. These answers are for yesterday's question: "How can we improve our news, both in-game and out of game?"
9. Colonel Bonzo
...The only thing I can really think of is to maybe find some possible way to decrease the loading time for the in-game magazine, thing. I one time even crashed because it was so resource demanding.
10. Big Buzz Whiskerklunk
Something I would like to see regarding in game news would be a note telling events happening that day and that week.
ATTA Suggestion Contest:
The ATTA (Adult Toontown Adicts) had some people suggest various cattlelog-related things. They picked their favorites to receive an alpha key!
1. Dactor
I'd like to see a musical animation/emotion in the 'cattlelog', like an air guitar animation!
2. Nanu
A mount to buy to ride around the playgrounds and get to places quicker.
3. Loopy Lucky Loopengrooven
I would like to see a tv and/or enterntainment center made out of logs. I would also love to have a cowhide leather living room set... (Yes, I like my beary cowboy theme!)
4. Good Knight
I would love to see outfits indicating someone who finished certain things. Examples include an individual outfit for each Playground completed, Cog Headquarters maxed out, Racing finished, Golfing, Fishing, Gardening, everything...
5. Sonic
A new item I would like to see in the Cattlelog would be a mailing/messaging system, would be mainly useful for your friends offline. You could send them a custom message to their mailbox and they will get it when they come online...
6. Bobbie
I would love to see long pants for boys, maybe heels for girls, jewelry sounds nice... A garden hose would be nice, too.
7. Bookhound
I would love to see a doodle door in the catalog. It would be a special object that would allow your doodle to come in the house...
8. Miss Faith McToon
I think we need the raspberry emotion for the cogs when we kick their behinds and possibly to give the raspberry to some toons.
9. Gibstack
...Toon-designable furniture! I believe they had 2-3 contests back in 2007-ish for furniture, but other than that, there hasn't been anything like it.
10. Meister
I would love to see gift cards in the cattelog because like real life, you can give toons a cattlelog gift card so they can buy what they want.

Daily Alpha Giveaway: The Shopkeeper Parable

Posted by Sir Max on December 11, 2013 02:00 PM

This is the story of a toon named Zippy. All of his co-workers were gone. What could it mean? Zippy decided to... Oh, hello!
Sorry about that, I was just typing up some dialogue for my entry in today's backstory contest.
12-11-13 stanley.jpg
We're taking a break from MMO Central Forums and heading over to a new area: TTRForums! TTRForums is a forum that just recently started, named after none other than Toontown Rewritten itself, of course. We're really excited to see the new fansites people are making and want to help them get started, which is why we asked TTRForums to host today's contest.
Before we talk about that contest, you know what's coming next: The Daily Alpha Giveaway question! We have seen literally thousands of suggestions since Toontown Rewritten started, most of which are really, really good. The question is, which ones are the best? No, that isn't the actual question. That is our question. Your question is: "Of all of the suggested features you have seen, which one do you want the most?"
So let's get back to TTR Forums. They're hosting a creative contest today, and pretty easy as well! All you have to do is type up a story about how a certain shopkeeper got their job, or perhaps why their Toontasks are the way they are. They'll be picking their favorite entries to receive a glorious Alpha Key!
They are going to be a bit late on setting up their contest, but I'll put a link right here (It's here!) when it is up. In the meantime, time to check out these winners!
Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Today's Question:
"Have you ever used Toontown Fansites or forums?
Which was your favorite one, and what could have made it better?
(Both in-game and on the site itself.)"
1. Hall of Fame
I used Toontown Hall every once in awhile I found it quite a great site but some of the events were not very well planned at times but overall I like the site...
2. Radical Rocket
I have used a LOT of forums. Toontown Hall, Toontown Central (before MMO Central), Toontown Nation, among others. My favorite one? I personally love all of them equally. I think there needed to be more involvement with forums. There weren't even shoutouts to the forums on the original Toontown and nothing really went on to do with the forums...
3. Master Flapjack
My favorite Toontown fansite was the one that preceded MMO Central Forums: Toontown Central... If there was a sort of a connection between such a sight and the game itself, like in the in-game news, then that could've made it a lot better.
4. Toonuniverse
I've never used forums, but my friend would say Toontown Central Forums.
5. King Felix Jeeperhopper
Yes, I have used Toontown Fansites and forums. My favorite one was Toonbook, and it could have been made better if it wouldn't reject a password so many times when trying to make a new account.
6. Lady Pearl Twinkletooth
I've only ever used the old TTC Forums, so it's my favorite by default... I loved (and still do) the site, and I'm really glad it got converted to MMO Central. :D
7. Matrix
I have been on many Toontown Forums and my favorite ones were those that always talked about VP, CFO, CJ, and CEO battles. It would have been better if they let everyone post on them though.
8. Bonkers Twinkleberry
I've used and enjoyed Toontown Hall because of all the activities and events they host.
9. Kryptonite
Yes, and I would have to say that my most favorite one out of the few I knew about was "Toontown Hall". I think Toontown hall could have made itself better by having a few more guilds/clubs for some other things that they didn't already have covered.
10. Rosebud
My favorite Toontown fansite besides Toonbook is TTC Forums
MMO Central Forums Tweeting Contest:
The folks at MMO Central Forums challenged everyone to write up a silly bug report using only 140 words, as if it were posted on Twitter. Here are their favorites!
1. Meep Meep
@TTR I have this unfortunate problem where I'm limited to 140 character on Toontown. Please help!!!! #deniedtyping #140bug #help #cookies #!
2. Tattooed Heart
@TTRTeam Whenever I go racing, my car disappears and my toon has to run without the car! #pleasefixthis #imaslowrunner
3. Luna the Cat
@TTR #helppls #foundbug There's weird bumps on dog toons' heads! #ewewew #gross #fixitimmediately #alphakeycontest
4. Cheezynerd
@TTRDEV OMG so I went to DDL and I saw a fish doing the worm #fixpls #bugreport
5. Odd
@TTRTeam I have a problem I want to wear my dino suit for Halloween so I put it on and now it's tryin to eat me! #Alphakeycontest #Bug #HELP
6. Spike
@MMOC Instead of my doodle eating jellybeans to learn tricks, he's spitting them out at my toon! Help! #DoesClarabelleAcceptPrechewedJellies
7. Squeezie
the cogs have made their own robotic gags and are defeating themselves with them.... odd #accidentalvictory #whatdowedonow....
8. Matrix
@TTR, I have this lone shark in my pond and its been eating all my mackerel, leaving holes in them. Can you believe that? Hopefully it will be gladly handeled. #Hopingforthebest #Lonesharkprobs #HoleyMackerel!
9. Femesol
@TTRBugExterminators Every time I go for a swim my clothes remain dry!!! #dryclothes #cooldown #alphakeycontest
10. Lori
@TTRDEVS Crashed during crane round in CFO after getting a -39 hit with safe #wouldhavebeenJBsanyway

Daily Alpha Giveaway: Eddit, or Reddit?

Posted by Sir Max on December 12, 2013 02:00 PM

Ooooh, boy! These giveaways sure are getting pretty tiring. You know what they say, though: Another day, another jellybean! Or in this case, another contest.
12-12-13 editorreddit.jpg
Today we're taking a break from Toontown fansites and be-bopping on over to a couple of third party websites with Toontown categories. To be specific, we're going to Tumblr (Toonblr) and Reddit (Toon'ddit? I dunno, we don't really have a cool name for it. We're just going to call it /r/Toontown.)
Both Myself and one of our texture designers, Roxy's Joyful Uber, are hosting the contests today on behalf of Toonblr and /r/Toontown. To make up the difference we are giving 5 keys to each site, even though reddit clearly deserves more than you Toonblr folk. (I'm hosting the reddit contest, by the way.)
For both of our contests today, we're going to be asking all of our graphic artists in the community to come up with some cool designs. On Toonblr, Roxy has set up five different categories that you can enter. Her and Joshsora will be picking out their favorite for each category. NOTE: These aren't going to be used in game, it's just for fun to check out the awesome art you guys can do. You can enter the Toonblr contest by clicking the blue words that say "enter the Toonblr contest".
For those of us that are a little less artistic, you can come on over to /r/Toontown and join me in the "Design-a-Snoo" contest. Snoo is that little white alien that reddit uses for their logo. The moderator of /r/Toontown agreed to letting us come there and submit a few for him to use. You can learn more about that contest right over here.
Speaking of third party websites, our feedback question is pretty similar today: "What kind of tools can Toontown Rewritten release to help other websites? (Examples: Toon stats, Top Toons display, Invasion tracker API, etc.)"
This question may not apply to those of you who don't use fansites, so feel free to type "I'm not sure." if you aren't sure. Enough about these other sites, though. To the winners!
Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Today's Question:
"Of all of the suggested features you have seen, which one do you want the most?"
1. Wacky Crinklesplat
I would want a few more restrictions for what low toons can do. For example, I don't think that they should be able to do the Front Three or VP.
2. Hque
I want all, because all I want a good game!
3. Carrot Bunny
I would like to see new gags. I love the old gags too but it would be nice to switch it up and see new cool gags, because sometimes the old ones just get boring.
4. Pie R. Squared
New species sounds like a good idea.
5. Aunt Z.Z. CheezyKnees
I think it would be really cool to add more species of animals to choose from.
6. King Paddleboing
I think there should be minigame voting in the trolley. When you get to the Trolley you get to vote on what minigame you want to play, but you are not allowed to play the same minigame as last time.
7. Little Pearl Sparklepop
I'm not too fussy, I think they are all good suggestions!
8. Chuy
I really like the idea that someone put to ride a bike which makes completing those pesky end-of-road tasks a bit more doable :)
9. Catman
Of all the suggested features, I want golf the most. Golf and racing. Those two were my favorite in Toontown, and they will be my favorite again.
I'm with you, Catman. Both of those are actually already in Toontown Rewritten!
10. King Fluffy Bananaboom
The suggested feature I want the most is to have all 7 gag tracks.
TTRForums Backstory Contest:
You guys submitted some really awesome stories, and the TTRForums staff is having some trouble going over them all! They're going to take a bit of extra time and announce their winners tomorrow.

Daily Alpha Giveaway: The Final Countdown

Posted by Sir Max on December 13, 2013 02:00 PM

OooooooooooOOOooOOOoooooohhhh boy. This is it, fellas. The final day. We are literally in the final countdown. I can hear 80's music all around me. Such intensity!
12-13-13 finalcount.jpg
You can feel the tension in the air. What will today's feedback question be? What website is hosting the secondary contest? What lucky toons are going to get their paws on the last 20 Alpha Keys in the Giveaway?
Well, my curious friend, I have an answer for all of those in order of randomness. Random counter says that I'm going to answer #2 first: We're hosting the secondary contest. In fact, we are merging the giveaway into one full thing and randomly picking 20 lucky toons to receive keys!
Now, I've been reading some of your complaints. You're "never entering another key contest again", you say. Well, sadly, you toons who said that just lied. "You can't force me to enter!" you may say, but we just did.
That's right. Everyone who has entered since the beginning of these giveaways was just entered into this final one. That means if you entered all 10 days of the giveaway, your name is in there 10 times. If you entered 3 days of the giveaway, your name is in there 3 times. Basic Math. (Whichever one of you thinks that Toontown has no educational value, consider yourselves wrong. Hooray for math!)
Now, for the question. This is the final one, so make it count! "What can Toontown Rewritten do to make the game better for you, personally? Not the game as a whole, but you." It can be big or small, a tweak or a huge feature.
This has been an awesome experience, and I love reading your feedback every day. No matter who wins tomorrow, I hope that all of you had fun doing this. Toons of the world, checkoutthesewinners!
Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
The people listed below were randomly selected from the entries to win. Head on over here to enter for tomorrow's giveaway!
Today's Question:
"What kind of tools can Toontown Rewritten make to help other sites?
(Examples: Toon stats, Top Toons display, Invasion tracker API, etc.)"
1. Tomasina
With Top toons you can add Top Doodles, like most laff given, most tricks done, etc.
2. Kenoch
An Invasion Tracker would be vey helpful. I've used it countless times in the original Toontown.
3. Dippy Skippy Nuttymuffin
Put up some advertising on TTR website for other websites.
4. Baron Zooblecrump
API for toon update for websites. Top Toons for buildings destroyed, most bots destroyed, etc.
5. Weird Zany Rufflespeed
...I think it'd also be cool if the game server could output some in-game information directly to the Toontown Rewritten site itself. Features like invasion trackers on the Toontown fansites were useful and it would be nice to have that built directly into the Toontown Rewritten site.
6. Knuckles
Invasion Tracker!!!!
7. Odieboy
A tool that can help Toontown Rewritten release to another website is a tool that can track invasions, like the good ol' invasion tracker website, but make it official! Nobody will be banned for using it!
8. Avada Kedavra
I really have no idea...Once again, we borked up and forgot to push the question. These toons still entered in the time period, but he answered the question "Of all of the suggested features you have seen, which one do you want the most?" instead. Sorry!
9. Elijah
More animals to choose from, and animals to have tales.
10. Cookie
My most wanted feature would probably be the idea of bikes or another form of transportation for the tasks that require a lot of walking around.
Eddit or Reddit? Contest:
I asked redditors of /r/Toontown to put their art skills to a test and make a version of "Snoo" based off of Toontown. These below are my favorites. Keep an eye on /r/Toontown, as the moderator (/u/Mysteryman64) and myself will be choosing one of them to use as the subreddit's logo soon!
1. Mellowbit
Reddit Contest Mellowbit.png
2. Greenitthe
Reddit Contest Greenitthe.png
3. Vyradia
Reddit Contest Vyradia.png
4. Derpygoose
Reddit Contest Derpygoose.png
5. Annelle
Reddit Contest Annelle.png
June and Josh hosted a Tumblr ("Toonter") contest yesterday to see some of the fanart that you guys can draw. They asked for five different categories, and picked a winner from each. NOTE: These are just for fun, not in-game designs.
1. Mischief and Science - Toon Trooper Symbols
Toonblr Contest Mischief and Science.png
2. Gale Slash - New Cog Emblem
Toonblr Contest Gale Slash.png
3. Shiba-ty - Shticker Book Redesign
Toonblr Contest Shiba-ty.png
4. Slendytoon - Friends GUI Redesign
Toonblr Contest Slendytoon.png
5. "Cogs Make Me Uncomfortable" - New Shirt Design
Toonblr Contest Cogs Make Me Uncomfortable.png
TTRForums Backstory Contest:
TTRForums was interested in what kind of fanfiction the community could come up with, asking everyone to write a story about how an NPC earned their job. These don't relate to TTR, just a fun story to tell. And a key to win!
1. Footballtoon
The Discovery of Lord Lowden Clear
...Postmaster Pete was in awe. “Oh my lord, Lowden…what is this?” Pete gradually asked, his head still turning, stunned by the visual in front of him. Lowden answered, “Well, I’m working on designing a Cashbot suit. I’ve been studying how the Sellbot suit parts worked, and have managed to come up with a working Cashbot form of the cog suit. I just need the gloves to complete it...
2. Fire Lord
The Tanley Parable
...This is what Toon 427 did every day of every month and every year, and although others might have considered it cog-like, Tanley enjoyed every moment that the orders came in. And Tanley was very happy. Then one day, something very strange happened. Something that would forever change Tanley. Something he would never forget...
3. Mayday Parade
Loony Louis' Story
...Binky sprayed me with his seltzer bottle and decided to move on to the next exercise. Which was the best thing I've ever seen. It was a mini Cruiser Clown Car! It was equipped with horns, and even wheels shaped like pies...
4. Thing
Johnny Cashmere's Accidental Success
...He always dressed a little different than the other toons. He wore a shirt and a pair of shorts like every other boy toon, but his entire outfit was strangely colored...
5. Awkward Pineapple
Inflatable Wrecking Balls
...Bruce was different, though, he would not let the cogs change him. As he left his house, he said bye to a few of his neighbors, but they were too busy acting loony to notice...
6. Obsidian
Detective Lima, On The Case
...They stormed each neighborhood and claimed it as their own. Lloyd Lima did all he could to protect his citizens from these robots, AKA "cogs", but in the end, they were all run out of Lureville...
7. Princess Hulagadget'
Whispering Willow's Voice Training Secret
...I can still remember how things were, back when Donald was still awake. He had called me, telling me about his new Dreamland, and asking me if I'd like to open up a shop there...
8. Slendy Toon
Vidalia Vavoom: The Love that can Never Be
...Years pass as Vidalia's task to toons is to recover and deliver the special love note to Snooty. She knew it was time to confess. It's been almost 10 years since she's known him...
9. Remedy
Flippy's Audition
..."I'll make them wacky! Fun! Excited! Toonier than toonier can go!" Flippy exclaimed, jumping onto a table. "I have the enthusiasm of all the toons combined." ...
10. Chariot
Leo's Fenders - The Pie, The Yesman, The Mouse
...The robot walked up to the Toons, with a very creepy grin on its face. It had a metallic suit on, and had excellent posture for a robot, if Leo did say so himself...

Sleepy Staurday

Posted by Sir Max on December 14, 2013 02:00 PM

. . . ZZZ . . .

Super Saturday: The Future is Now!

Posted by Sir Max on December 15, 2013 02:00 PM

This is it, everyone. Super Saturday, the final day of the alpha giveaways! Don't you start jumping down to the button of the page to see if you have won, yet. We need buildup! Excitement! Interior decor!
It's been quite a while since our last update, and honestly I've missed them . Everyone (Except for myself, mind you.) enjoyed the 10 day break from development, but we're all eager to get back into the swing of things as well. And, of course, there is no better way to kick off development again with a major update!
We've packed in two pretty great things for you today. First, lets talk about how big Toontown has grown to. We've had over 200 new toons move into town, and there is definitely a big need for expansion, tools, and actual houses. Loony Labs has been studying the traits of toons as more have moved in, and began experimenting with a strange technology known as "friendship."
To prepare for the introduction of friendships. Loony Labs just sent out a firmware update to Toon T.A.G.S. (Totally Awesome Graphic Simulator) which adds a whole new display for you to receive information about a toon. Not only can you instantly remember their name, but you can also view their location, achievements, and anything else that you have forgotten. Move over, passive-agressiveness! We're truely in the future, now. Who would have ever thought of having a visual display go right over your eyes, especially without having to wear some kind of cheesy looking glasses.
Along with the new display, Loony Labs has introduced a whole new form of communication throughout Toon T.A.G.S.- Whispering. You can now talk directly to a toon without causing a public commotion by "Whispering" to them. They haven't developed the technology needed to transmit a custom sentence yet, however SpeedChat phrases are working without any issue.
Now, let's move onto some more exciting news: Expansion! Toontown Central is officially the first neighborhood in Toontown to completely complete construction. All of those shops on the streets and in the playground are now open for toons to browse, however they aren't quite open for business yet. Today we're having a browsing day before the shopkeepers open up tomorrow. Toontown is growing fast, and there is still much more to come!
Now that I've hyped you up about the update, I know that you're eager to take a look at these last 20 winners. First, let me say that it has truly been awesome to go through these contes-OKAY, okay! Don't start a riot! I'll give you guys the winners. What are you, animals?


Daily Alpha Giveaway Winners:
These are the final toons who managed to win alpha keys. The last alpha competition included the entire week of drawing, so their answers are for various questions throughout the 10 days rather than a specific one.
1. Shanelle
When they stopped allowing girl toons to wear the striped shirts. It would be better if they could. It's just a striped shirt!
2. King BinkyPepperoni
The worst part of Toontown? To start out, there aren't many horrible parts about Toontown, but of course, everygame has its ups and downs. Well developers, I can safely conclude that the worst part of Toontown was the lack of a story mode... Now, imagine if Toontown had its own story mode that led you all the way to the end of the game. Now that, my toons, would be Toontastic!...
3. Digie McToon
The worst part of Toontown is the repetition of the game.
4. Sandy McBoing
Well, Toontown is a perfect game. In my opinion, the worst part was when it closed...
5. Daffodil Bud
I think you guys should work on things that are most important to the game like, cogs, tasks, shopkeepers and other stuff if that's an option you want. But if you guys want to work on minor things that is perfectly fine by me! Lets keep this community toontastic!
6. Midnight Light
Something in Toontown that I NEVER want to see change is Toon Memory Game. It just wouldn't be the same without it!
7. Yorky Dog
The environment or the atmosphere of the game, in the main areas the scenery lets out that inner child we all have while the cog areas show a side more dark and hopeless. That is something I hope never gets altered or changed :D
8. Silly Dan
Maybe feature a clan in the newspaper.
9. hickerydickery
the worst thing they done is make us wait for toontown rewritten to come out.they should of released more alpha keys. :)
10. Flapjack Palemonkey
Less fake news that don't actually effect anyone.
11. Sama
try to keep it similar to original toontown with more places to go. new games.
12. Ladybumblepounce
A video showing each new IMPORTANT add! The video can show why,how, and where this new added thing is! And it shows an example of using it. Just a creative idea :)
13. Triumphant
It was definitely the last couple of tasks for toon up but it was worth it in the end because I really felt that I have earned it.
14. Ella
Sometimes they are very hard and i need a lot of friends to complett them but sometimes they are so good and so fun!
15. Hawkheart
The cogs would be a beginning!
16. Last Olympian
I would love the pink slip limit to be higher or even no limit at all, goes as well with all the awards, of course not lawbot because once the book is fully done, theres nothing else that goes to that.
17. Mcflurry
It would be great with no spam, no hack and no parkers !
18. Lavender
Personally, I didn't like having such a limited option of toontasks to chose from. Make it so each time you go ask them, they're different!
19. Dan
Keep adding on! It's boring to just keep doing just for fun tasks, so if there was a way to incorporate new tasks that earn you more bank space or something, that'd be awesome.
20. Master Jake Octodoodle
Come out sooner


Daily Alpha Update: Loony Lab Lullabies

Posted by Sir Max on December 16, 2013 02:00 PM

Today is a dark day, toons. I was going through my duties today when I had two horrible realizations.
#1: Yesterday was in fact not Saturday.
#2: Toontown Central isn't actually the first neighborhood to complete construction.
12-16-13 zzz.jpg
First, let's discuss this Saturday thing. Upon looking at the calendar, it turns out that yesterday was Sunday. Who knew? I'll tell you who knew: Loony Labs. Those wacky lab monkeys over there put some sort of chemical in the air to put us all to sleep for a day so that they could polish up their Toon T.A.G.S. update. Though, it was pretty poor planning on their part considering they fell asleep too and didn't get everything fixed up correctly. Luckily, they've fixed it today!
Now onto the next issue: Toontown Central isn't the first playground finished. It slipped my mind that Toon Hall is still under renovations for whatever reason, making the playground... Incomplete.
Sorry, Toontown Central, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass over the imaginary award to Donald's Dock for the first neighborhood completed. Now, now. It will be okay. You guys still have the imaginary award in your imaginary showcase for being the first playground, along with the first playground to house Shopkeepers! (All Shopkeepers have now moved into the shops in Toontown Central.)
Speaking of toons, did any of you see Flippy this weekend? I heard that he was out campaigning again for Friday the 13th, giving new toons a chance to get themselves covered in a bucket of black paint.
Anyhoo, head on over to Donald's Dock and take a look at these lovely new shops, along with the spiffy updates to Toon T.A.G.S. See you tomorrow, everyone! (Which is Tuesday, apparently.)

Daily Alpha Update: Guard(en) Your Account

Posted by Sir Max on December 17, 2013 02:00 PM

Today's post is a bit of a reminder for you alpha testers out there. No worries, we've got an update too, but I want to talk about some safety first. Not the boring ol' Drivers Ed. safety, no. We need to talk about your account.
12-17-13 accountpolice.jpg
So look, alpha testers, you are kind of a big deal. There are only 300 of you, and there are plenty of people reading this post right now that would kill spiders to have your account. (Sorry, non-alpha testers! We still love you too!)
Now, with that high-demand for alpha keys, there are plenty of people who want to share, or even steal your account. We understand that some of you want to share your account with your best friends, but you really shouldn't due to the security mishaps that could come with it. You may think you trust your friend, but this is Toontown Rewritten that we're talking about. I would gladly shove a pie in my best friend's face for one of these keys.
The point we're trying to make is, please don't share your account! We want you to have fun, and you can't have fun if someone tries to steal your password. Keep your password safe (We recommend making it a different password than other websites), and don't enter your account anywhere except for the Toontown Rewritten website.
As for you non-testers, please don't bug the testers to share accounts. I know that you really want to get into the game, but patience is virtue. Don't worry, we'll be passing out more keys and moving into Beta before you know it!
Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the real important stuff: Updates! The shopkeepers have moved into Donald's Dock, and I just got word that Daisy Gardens has finished construction as well. I'm not going to waste any time talking about it, mostly because I've exceeded my mental paragraph limit.
See you tomorrow, toons!

Daily Alpha Update: Freezing Preperations

Posted by Sir Max on December 18, 2013 02:00 PM

Another playground has finished construction today fellas, and I can tell you that it isn't Minnie's Melodyland. No, really, it isn't. That wasn't sarcasm.
12-18-13 glubglugglug.jpg
Yep, we're doing the ol' switcharoo today. I needed to stop by Eddie the Yeti's shop to make some preparations for something, so I asked the builders to switch from Minnie's Melodyland to here. Using the same order of neighborhoods is boring, anyway. It's not like we're in some sort of game where each neighborhood is slightly more difficult than the one before it!
The shopkeepers have also moved in over to their shops in Daisy Gardens, so be sure to pay them a visit. I wouldn't recommend using Silly Street, though. Seems that there is a bit of road maintenance going on over there.

Daily Alpha Update: A Trip Down Memory (And Alto) Avenue

Posted by Sir Max on December 19, 2013 02:00 PM

It's been three months since Toontown closed. Can you believe that? I certainly can't. Even harder to believe, Toontown Rewritten has been in development for four months. That's 1/3 of an entire year!
12-19-13 xxneverforgetxx.jpg
As we went over on Thanksgiving, although Toontown Rewritten is around, don't give up hope on Disney's Toontown Online. Jesse Schell gave us some clear advice when Toontown closed, and in these 3 months I think that some of us have forgotten that advice. (If you did, here's a nifty little link to remind you.)
Now, let's take a right turn on Memory Lane and head on over to Alto Avenue. I've finished my preparations for a certain something in The Brrrgh, so I went ahead and gave the workers permission to head back to Minnie's Melodyland to finish construction. Be sure to stop by there and do some window shopping, along with saying "Hello!" to the shopkeepers that just moved into The Brrrgh.
Super Saturday is just around the corner! Be sure to stop by then to check out the cool stuff we have in store.

Daily Alpha Update: Twas the Night Before Saturday...

Posted by Sir Max on December 20, 2013 02:00 PM

It's a good thing that we're going to Dreamland today, because this update is pretty boring. It's not too boring, but not quite as good as the rest of the week.
12-20-13 thenightbefore.jpg
It's been a week, and I'm proud to announce that the construction of Toontown is now complete. That doesn't mean that everything is completely done (I'm looking at you, golf balls!), however Donald's Dreamland is officially the final playground to finish construction!
The Kool Katz of Minnie's Melodyland have moved into their shops, and once the rest of the shopkeepers move into Dreamland tomorrow the neighborhoods will be complete! Assuming they don't sleep on the job, that is.
We'd like to give you a bit more than the finishing of Dreamland today, but myself and the others are busy at work on Super Saturday. We've got some pretty awesome stuff coming in this next week, and I have no doubt that you will be excited for it. Don't forget to check in tomorrow and see!

Super Saturday: The Blizzard Wizard

Posted by Sir Max on December 21, 2013 02:00 PM

Ah, Christmastime! It's such a wonderful representation of the good spirit of the season, whether you celebrate the holiday or not. Also, consumerism!
12-21-13 theworldendedtodaylastyear.jpg
No toon wants to be part of the scum of consumerism, though. Business. Pfft. The natural enemy of fun. You aren't even going to believe this: For decorations, the Toon Council was actually intending on buying lights. I know, I know. Always looking out for Toontown, I quickly put a stop to that. "Where are you going to get the decorations, then?" They asked. The answer is simple:
Remember that heating system we installed into the Brrrgh? It's actually lightbulb powered. Who needs an actual heating system when incandescent bulbs work just as well? Anyhoo, I went over to the heating system and unscrewed all 7,352 bulbs, covered them in a few various coats of paint, then strung them around the trees of Toontown.
Problem solved, right? Errrr. Sort of. Alright, so you know that old guy who owns the Blizzard Wizard on Walrus Way? Yeah, it turns out he is sort of an actual wizard. To get vengeance for the loss of his heating system, he put this whole spell on Toontown to spread the blizzard of The Brrrgh to all neighborhoods of Toontown so that we can all suffer in the coldness with them.
So maybe my plan wasn't too well thought out, and maybe we're all huddled together right now searching for warmth. Of course, none of that matters. Have you seen those lights? They're beautiful! Time to add yet another victory to the Sir Max List of Good Ideas.
Enjoy your winter vacation, toons!

Daily Alpha Update: Carol of the Cells

Posted by Sir Max on December 22, 2013 02:00 PM

I'm telling you guys, I just can't seem to get a break. I'm sure you all remember the Ice Rink incident last month, how the Brrrgh wasn't really happy about it. We worked it out though, right? We did work it out, at least, we did until I took away their heating yesterday. Lil' Oldman isn't the only one angry about that, apparently. These people just don't appreciate free Christmas lights.
12-22-13 headhunt.jpg
So I got called back in today, and I'm now sentenced to some community service. I've gotta run all around Toontown singing Christmas Carols to toons. Not too bad, right? I mean, I am an excellent singer. Exquisite, as some may say! Well, no, it isn't that bad. Except for the fact that this list is in gibberish and Clarabelle isn't selling jackets yet.
On top of that, as I was writing this post my list just blew off somewhere. Oof. If anyone happens to find it, though- no need to return it. In fact, how about you guys just sing the carols for me? I need to save my voice for Christmas day. We can't have it getting damaged, right?
Whew! I knew I could count on you guys. So if you see the list, just go ahead and go to all of those places and sing the correct carols for me. I did not definitely just bury the list underneath a pile of snow in the Brrrgh, so you'll probably not find it there.
Thanks for the favor, and see you around!

Daily Alpha Update: Snowman Surprise

Posted by Sir Max on December 23, 2013 02:00 PM

Man, did I luck out yesterday. Not only did I get out of caroling, but apparently that last shopkeeper I was supposed to visit had this giant snowball trap set up. I've heard that a few toons went over and got pelted with snowman heads. Oof!
12-23-13 snowwhat.jpg
No worries, however. I have a plan. It's simple: We carol some more. I'm talking caroling by the masses. These shopkeepers are going to need gallons of figgy pudding. We're going to carol them dry, so much that they'll have to lock their doors and hide from the joyful cheers of our voices.
To help out, a few toons put together the list of clues from my Community Service paper to figure out which shops to go to. I still recommend trying to solve the puzzle for fun, but if you are stumped, the answers are right at the bottom of this post. Be careful out on the streets, though. The blizzard isn't letting up, and Toontown is covered in an entire blanket of ice and snow!
Oh, and one last thing: I know you toons may have been a bit disappointed because I was preparing for something big last week. Lucky for you, that big thing that I'm preparing for hasn't come out yet. Keep your socks on tight, because tomorrow we're going to be seeing something brand new!
Snowman Head Clues:
Each clue contains a hint to shopkeeper name, their store name, and their favorite carol that they want you to sing. Make sure that you do them in order! Hover over a box to view the answer if you get stumped, but you should try solving them first. No need to take the fun out of it!
1. Joe's most popular after New Year, stop by the central and give him some good cheer.
Smokey Joe - Used Firecrackers
Loopy Lane, Toontown Central
"Lure good cheer the Toontown way! Happy Winter Holiday!"
2. Not to be confused with Santa Paws, Fully Stop and sing merrily without laws.
Patty Pause - Full Stop Shop
Alto Avenue, Minnie's Melodyland
"Toontown's merry, come what may! Happy Winter Holiday!"
3. The cold Nip is coming this way, don't take Naps in your sleigh.
Kathy Nip - Cat Nip and Cat Naps
Lullaby Lane, Donald's Dreamland
"Load some pies into your sleigh! Happy Winter Holiday!"
4. Lars is a Tuft Guy no matter what they say, but his flowers need a bit of spray.
Lars Biceps - Tuft Guy Gym
Maple Street, Daisy Gardens
"Deck the halls with seltzer spray! Happy Winter Holiday!"
5. Don't go too far across the Sea, Dinah needs help with her tree.
Dinah Down - Deep Sea Diner
Seaweed Street, Donald's Dock
"The trees are brighter than light of day! Happy Winter Holiday!"
6. There are lots of snow Hazards on the road, Ski your way to lighten the load.
Harry the Hazard - Ski Shop
Walrus Way, The Brrrgh
"Snowman heads are hot today! Happy Winter Holiday!"

Don't be Wacky - Vote for Slappy!

Posted by Slappy on December 24, 2013 02:00 PM

Hello, hello, and hello to you too!
Not many of you know me, but I guarantee that you will after today. It would be nice for me to introduce myself for you to know me, so here is an introduction: I'm Slappy! I've lived in Toontown for a few years now, living in the Colorful Canvas district just past the outskirts of Donald's Dreamland. Whew, what an introduction!
12-24-13 wackyslappy2.jpg
I bet you're wondering why I'm here. Of course you are, I'm wondering that myself! What is our purpose, anyway? What's the point of this cartoon? But no, not literally here in the Tooniverse. Just here on this blog post. I'll tell you why I'm here: Publicity! Lots and lots of publicity.
Why do I need this publicity? Aside from fame, fortune and glory- I'm needing some publicity for the Election. Surely, you have heard about the Toon Council Presidential elections coming up. Toontown is getting bigger and bigger, and we need to make sure that everything stays just toony enough. My good fellow Flippy and myself are running for the election, and hopefully the better one of us will be chosen. Whether that is him or myself, I have no idea! It might be me, though.
Anyhoo, down to the real reason I asked Sir Max to allow me to make this post today. I heard last month that Flippy has been allowing people to turn into Black Cats on Halloween, and I just can't see why. Black is a such boring color. You can't put any colors on top of black- which certainly isn't toony. Not toony at all.
I get it, they are pretty cool, and I'm not one to judge. Toons love them, and I'm perfectly okay with that. I'd just like to give you guys a better present, this Christmas Eve. For the next 48 hours, I'm going to be freezing my socks off (Plot twist: I don't wear socks!) in Toontown Central just for all of you. For the first time in Toontown history, you can come see me and I'll turn you into a white Polar Bear.
Why white? White is my favorite color, because it is any color. The color of a canvas. You can put anything on white, creating from dark hollows to wondrous scenes of beautiful colors. White is with no doubt the most creative color. It's the base of all colors! Not black.
Thank you for reading, my dear toons! I wish you all a lovely Christmas Eve, and be sure to stop by and chat with me to turn into a Polar Bear. They won't be available for quite a while afterwards.
Remember: Don't be wacky - Vote for Slappy!

Daily Alpha Update: A Beary White Christmas

Posted by Sir Max on December 25, 2013 02:00 PM

Ah, it's finally Christmas day. As Slappy introduced to us yesterday, it's a Beary White Christmas in more ways than one. I'm not talking about Barry White the singer, nor Barry White the ambassador to Norway. (Shoutout to Norway!) No, I'm talking about Polar Bears.
12-25-13 ochristmastree.jpg
We know that you guys have been asking for white toons for quite a while now, even before Toontown Rewritten. Slappy certainly knew how to give the community a nice gift, though I'm sure that Flippy will be around soon enough to make up for it.
I hope that you have all had great days today, and before I sign off, us at Toontown Rewritten want to give you one last little present. I asked the community earlier today if there was anything I could do for an update (Originally, no update was planned.), and one of the biggest request was teleportation access.
After a bit of negotiating (and bribes!) with the Toon Council and Loony Labs, the current citizens of Toontown now have teleportation access to every playground using Loony Lab's new "Portable Hole" technology! The Toon Council is using this as a period to test the technology to see if it is safe for use in the everyday lives of Toons. The unlimited teleportation is only temporary for this testing period, but it is a great use nevertheless.
I hope that you and your families have had a Beary Merry Christmas. Don't forget to stop by and see Slappy to turn into a Polar Bear, because they won't be available for quite a while after tomorrow. Merry Christmas to you all!

Daily Alpha Update: The Wrath of Lil Oldman

Posted by Sir Max on December 26, 2013 02:00 PM

H-h-heyo, everybo-d-dy.
Shivers, and takes a sip of some Hot Chocolate
Aahh. Much better. As you can see, this are getting rough here. The snowstorm has turned into an all-out blizzard over the entirety of Toontown, and boy are we unprepared.
12-26-13 wrathofLOM.jpg
It's the day after Christmas, so we all went around taking the lights off of trees and putting them into a box to become tangled before returning them to the Brrrgh. It's just, there was one little thing that we didn't think of: All of the bulbs were burned out. It turns out that leaving 7,352 lights turned on for 5 days straight is pretty bad for the blub, and also bad for electric bill costs. Needless to say, the citizens of the Brrrgh aren't happy.
I went ahead and took it on myself to call a light company and order 7,352 for their heating system. Problem solved? Not to them! It's going to take a few days to deliver all of those bulbs, and not one of them are happy about it. I'm telling you, people just don't have the spirit of the season anymore.
I told Lil' Oldman about the dilema, since he is a pretty reasonable guy. I figured that he would call off the storm, we'd sit back and have a cup of Hot Chocolate, and all would be well. So I talked to him, and I've got some great news: He is in fact not calling the storm off, and making it three times worse! Toontown is completely covered in a white blanket of frozen ice with no shoes to protect us from the freezing cold.
Okay, so maybe the news wasn't so great. But by saying great news, it made it sound great, right? Right. shivers
So, not only is the Brrrgh still frozen solid, but now all of Toontown is under a blizzard of humongous proportions, some calling it the second Ice Age. (And not even the movie!) But hey, I've got some Hot Cocoa! Can't beat that. Haha. Ha. shivers

Daily Alpha Update: The Great Snowball Fight

Posted by Slappy on December 27, 2013 02:00 PM

Hello, hello, hello once again! I bet you didn't expect me back so soon. Neither did I! You see, right before I went home yesterday, I saw that all of us here in Toontown were beginning to be in a bit of a dilemma- and dilemmas are nothing that toons should have to deal with.
Luckily, I'm here to fix it! How? With a Genuine Snowball Fight.
12-27-02 thegreatsnowball.jpg
Now, let me tell you, I don't like having to take up two slots of the week's blog posts. I came with my polar bears, and that's all I needed. I don't like advertising much, but hey, you can't win an election without people knowing who you are!
That being said- I really just couldn't pass up on this opportunity to teach all of you how to make the perfect snowball. There's no use being cooped up inside waiting for the heat to come back. Toons are active, toons are silly, and toons always find a way.
I'm standing right in my usual spot in Toontown Central, so be-bop on over and get a few snowballs to pelt your friends, enemies, and random passersby with. I'll give you as many as you can carry, and feel free to stop by for more free of charge! Just don't be too wacky with them!
Let the Great Toontown Snowball Fight COMMENCE!

S-super S-s-Saturday: Frozen Solid

Posted by McQuack on December 28, 2013 02:00 PM

Mmm-Mmmphph, mmph mph. Mmph! sound of a blow-dryer
Mmmp--AHHH. Much better. Sorry about that, my beak hadn't been dethawed yet. Hello, toons. McQuack here.
Sir Max ran off with some blue dog to work on something. He mentioned explosives, so I recommend staying somewhere safe tomorrow. Nevertheless, he asked me to do this update today while he was gone. Boy, is it a good one! Or more so, it was going to be a good one.
I'm sorry to tell you toons, but development is frozen for today. Literally. I was on my way to put together today's big Super Saturday Extravaganza, when I tripped and fell into a lake. And by lake, I mean the Donald's Dock Harbor. With snow outside. In -15°F.
Upon falling into the water, development was literally frozen solid. I thought that people only turned into icecubes in cartoons, when suddenly I figured out that we are in fact inside of a cartoon. Who knew?
It's not a complete disappointment, though! Slappy informed me that he would stick around another day to let the snowball fights continue, and boy are they getting intense. I've heard that quite a few toons put together a huge organized snowball war yesterday, and I can't wait to join one. The lightbulbs for the Brrrgh just arrived however, so you better get to those fights soon before Lil Oldman puts an end to this Blizzard.
Welp, I need to get back to being defrosted. Sorry for the frozen development!

Daily Alpha Update: New Toons and New Years

Posted by Flippy on December 29, 2013 02:00 PM

Uh, err- Heya toons! Excuse me, as I've never done anything like this before. I think some of you know me from my strolls around Toontown, but a lot of you probably don't. My name is Flippy, a bright bluer-than-blue dog who threw black paint on you "toontastic" toons for Halloween! I'm also the other candidate for the Toon Council Presidential Elections!
12-29-13 flipforfireworks.jpg
Slappy is surreptitiously silly with his snazzy snowball fights and popular polar bears, which is certainly a tough nut to crack- even with all of the nutcrackers going around this holiday season! I did have one little idea though. It may not be too wacky- and it's certainly not Slappy, but I would like to launch some fireworks as we approach this upcoming year.
I approached Sir Max about the idea, who was horrendously happy to work with me- and even more so, the explosions! Every hour until January 2nd, us toons will be celebrating the New Year with Toontastic fireworks bursting over the playgrounds. When the Toontown sky turns to night, the colorful rockets take flight!
This may not necessarily clobber the competition, but I hope that you all enjoy it. Stay Tooned for a Toontastic New Year, everyone!

Daily Alpha Update: New Year's Eve Eve

Posted by Sir Max on December 30, 2013 02:00 PM

I'm back! Man, it feels like forever since my last post. If forever is a glorious stress-free three days, that is. Between Slappy's Snowball Fights and Flippy's Fireworks, it has been a pretty nice weekend. It's about to get even nicer, though!
12-30-13 eveeve.jpg
Now, I know that our updates haven't been all that much lately. And I hate to say it, but it won't get much better this week. We're not only on a break for the holidays, but also working on a few things that take much longer than a week to make. Nevertheless, today we've got something to lighten up your day!
See, Flippy ordered the fireworks from Smokey Joe's shop: Used Firecrackers. Smokey Joe messed up the order though, and accidentally gave us a "4" on one of the sets of fireworks instead of a "3". It was displaying the wrong year!
To make it up for this, Smokey Joe went ahead and gave us a whole extra set of fireworks. Rather than one new set today, we have two! And due to the changes we made with fireworks, technically, we have three. That means you can see a total of four different sets of fireworks. That's 4 hours of pure entertainment! If that isn't a major update, I don't know what is.
Flippy is hoping that you all enjoy the show. Explosions are always fun! Or, "Toontastic", as he says.

Daily Alpha Update: Opening a Brand New Year

Posted by Sir Max on December 31, 2013 02:00 PM

Hello once again, toons. This is the last time I'm going to be writing a blog post this year. The clock is counting down, and in just a few hours we'll be in a brand new era of Toontown!
12-31-02 openingyear.jpg
We're opening up a brand new year for Toontown- literally. See, there is one problem with being a cartoon: The laws of the tooniverse don't really apply. Like at all. We're still cleaning up the mess from that whole golf ball debacle, and these dysfunctional doors haven't made it much better.
This morning Goshi went over to Too Many Secrets, the building architect, and had a talk with him about the doors. They inspected them, and it turns out that the doors were put on backwards. The left door was on the right the entire time. Whoops! They went through and sawed off each door, turned it around, and glued it back on. Problem solved! Don't push too hard, though -- the glue isn't completely dry.
So, there's one New Year's Resolution solved. It's not even the new year yet! We're on fire! I wish you all a Happy New Year as this night comes to a close. (Also literally!) Don't forget to enjoy the new fireworks!