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Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake Icon.png
Birthday Cake battle.png
Basic information
Track Throw
Level 6
Accuracy Medium
Base accuracy 75%
Affects One Cog
Minimum damage 48
Maximum damage 100
Organic boost 52-110
Carry capacity
Minimum 3
Maximum 3
Preceded by
Whole Cream Pie Icon.png

Whole Cream Pie

Succeeded by
Wedding Cake Icon.png

Wedding Cake

Skill points gained


Skill points needed


Sound files
Throw sound

Birthday Cake is the level six Throw gag that is preceded by Whole Cream Pie and succeeded by Wedding Cake. A Toon obtains this gag by gaining 6,000 skill points.


  1. The Toon takes out a Birthday Cake and throws it at the targeted Cog.
    • If the gag hits, the Cog is hit by the Birthday Cake with a large pink splat.
    • If the gag misses, the Cog jumps to the side and dodges the Birthday Cake, making it vanish.


The damage of the Birthday Cake increases by one point for every 76.9 skill points gained.


  • In Alpha, the first appearance of Birthday Cakes, despite not being a physical gag used by Toons, came from Slappy's hot air balloon that was located on the plate.
    • The second appearance of Birthday Cakes was during Sir Max's birthday.[1] Flippy temporarily replaced all his Whole Cream Pies with Birthday Cakes in his pie stand to celebrate Sir Max's birthday.
    • The third appearance was during Doomsday that was used by Flippy to defeat the Director of Ambush Marketing. Toons, however, could not use the Birthday Cake or any other gag besides the Whole Cream Pie during the event since gags were generally unavailable for the duration of Alpha due to lack of Cogs and the battle system.
  • A single organic Birthday Cake is able to defeat an unlured level nine Cog.
  • A single organic Birthday Cake is also able to defeat a lured level 11 Cog, rather than just a lured level 10 Cog.
  • An organic Birthday Cake used together with a Fruit Pie Slice is able to defeat a lured level 12 Cog.
  • During the Twelve Days of Winter, the Birthday Cake is given a Christmas-themed look, containing red frosting and green candles.