Birthday Cake battle
Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake Icon
Basic information
Track: Throw
Level: 6
Accuracy: Medium
Base accuracy: 75
Affects: One Cog
Minimum damage: 48
Maximum damage: 100
Organic boost: 52-110
Carry capacity
Minimum: 3
Maximum: 3
Preceded by:
Whole Cream Pie

Whole Cream Pie

Succeeded by:
Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Sound files
AA pie throw only

The Birthday Cake is the level six Throw gag. It was first used on a Cog by Flippy during Doomsday to defeat the level 50 Skelecog boss, the Director of Ambush Marketing. It is preceded by the Whole Cream Pie. Once a Toon earns 10,000 skill points, they will gain the final Throw gag, Wedding Cake.


  1. After choosing the gag, the Toon will take out the Birthday Cake and throw it at the targeted Cog.
  2. If the gag misses, the Cog will jump to the side and the Birthday Cake will disappear. If the gag does not miss, the Cog will be hit by the cake with a large pink splat.
  3. The Cog will be destroyed or return back to normal.


The damage of the Birthday Cake increases by one point for every 76.9 skill points gained.


  • The Birthday Cake made its first appearance in Slappy's hot air balloon, located on the plate.
    • The second appearance was during Sir Max's birthday.[1] Flippy replaced all his Whole Cream Pies with Birthday Cakes to celebrate Sir Max's birthday. 
    • The third appearance was during the Doomsday event, being thrown by Flippy.
  • Before Sir Max's birthday, when a Toon would say "Piece of cake!" to Flippy in SpeedChat when meeting him, he'd say "Sorry, only pies here."
  • McQuack, usually getting into mishaps due to his bad luck, got hit by a Birthday Cake once from Slappy's hot air balloon. Slappy claimed that this type of Birthday Cake was "unbirthday", meaning it was a trap.
  • Using two max damage Birthday Cakes, is enough damage to destroy a level 12 Cog.
  • A single organic Birthday Cake is able to defeat an unlured level nine Cog.
  • A single organic Birthday Cake is also able to defeat a lured level 11 Cog, rather than just a lured level 10 Cog.
  • An organic Birthday Cake used together with a Fruit Pie Slice is able to defeat a lured level 12 Cog.
  • During Christmas time, Birthday Cakes have red, white, and green frosting with green and white candles.



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