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Big Wigs are the eighth cog on the corporate ladder of Lawbots. Their levels range from eight to twelve. It is a building-only cog, unless there is an invasion.

  • The Big Wig's trading card states that it had a cog move called "Throw Book." This attack was removed in Toontown Beta 2. If this was not removed, Big Wigs would have been the only level 8 cog with three attacks instead of two.
  • The cogs in the jury on the Big Wig's trading card are (from left to right) Robber BaronGlad Hander, and Penny Pincher.
  • On the trading card, it says the cog's name is "The Big Wig," but it is "Big Wig" in the game (Meaning that it does not have the work "The" in it's name).
    • Also on the trading card, a toon is being trialed and is threatened by the Big Wig throwing a book, presumably the "Throw Book" cog move.
  • Big Wig wears the same suit as a Legal Eagle, but the Big Wig has different colored hands and head mesh.
  • On the cog wallpaper of Toontown, their hands are very small for their body size.
  • The starting phrase, "You can't handle the truth," is from the movie, A Few Good Men.
  • Big Wig's weakness is the Storm Cloud because it makes their hair frizzy.
  • Big Wig and Legal Eagle have the same weakness, but for different reasons.
  • Big Wig has the weakest power trip of all the cogs that have it, because it only does 16 damage when it is level 12. 
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