Big Toon is a temporary toon effect. You can earn this by doing Just for Fun! ToonTasks. This makes the Toon increase in size. Clothes, accessories, and gloves will also increase its size. On the other hand, speed and jumping height is the same as a normal Toon.


The time may vary depending on what playground or neighborhood you are in, the further you are Playground wise the longer it is.


  • Polar Toon also makes you turn into a big Toon.
  • Toons may visit Hibernation Vacations in The Brrrgh and use the speed chat phrase Howdy! to remove any Toon effect.
  • Completing a ToonTask that offers a different Toon effect while Big Toon is active will replace Big Toon.
  • Getting the Big Toon effect on a Toon with a skinny body, tall legs and a tall head, one can achieve an incredible height which is useful for standing out among a crowd.
  • Toons are also able to get a preview of Big Toon on April Fools Day. The effects will go randomly on your Toon.


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