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*This gag is similar to the [[Small Magnet]].
*This gag is similar to the [[Small Magnet]].
[[Category:Lure Gags]]

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Rabbit racing

A runaway Toon seems to have had slipped on a banana peel while racing and caused a bit of a ruckus! Luckily, there is probably some form of edit tool that can clean things up. Remember to avoid plagiarism when editing.


$1 Bill
$1 Bill Icon
Basic information
Level: 4
Accuracy: Low
Number of rounds lured: 3
Preceded by:
[[File:$5 Bill.png|center|50x50px|link=]]

[[$5 Bill]]

Succeeded by:
[[File:$10 Bill.png|center|50x50px|link=]]

[[$10 Bill]]

Big Magnet is a level four Lure gag. It preceeds the $10 Bill.


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