Example of Completed Key Task

A beta key task completed

Beta Key ToonTasks are a special type of ToonTask with the reward of a beta key that gives you access to the Beta stage of Toontown Rewritten. After you complete a Beta Key ToonTask, the HQ Officer in Toon Headquarters will tell you that you can view the beta key on your account on the Toontown Rewritten website. This Beta Key can be given to another person or used by the owner if his account hasn't already been activated.These ToonTasks are rare to find, and can only be found after a toon has entered Daisy Gardens. You can only find these tasks in NPC Toons in buildings, but not from HQ Officers.

List of ToonTasks

This is the list of beta key tasks that were found by other Toons.

  • Defeat 6 Mover & Shakers
  • Defeat 6 Ambulance Chasers
  • Defeat 60 Ambulance Chasers
  • Defeat 8 Level 4+ Cogs
  • Defeat 2 Two+ Story Lawbot Buildings
  • Defeat 2 Two+ Story Sellbot Buildings
  • Defeat 4 Two+ Story Cog Buildings
  • Defeat 20 Five+ Story Lawbot Buildings
  • Defeat 10 Cogs
  • Defeat 18 Cogs
  • Defeat 10 Sellbots
  • Defeat 50 Cogs
  • Defeat 12 Glad Handers
  • Defeat 180 Cogs


  • These type of ToonTasks are the only special ToonTasks available in the game.
  • These are the only ToonTasks that does not reward an item in the game.
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