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This page contains information about content that has been removed or no longer exists on Toontown Rewritten. Over the years, some pieces of Toontown content end up being outdated.
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Beta Key ToonTasks were a special type of ToonTask with the reward of a beta key that would have granted you access to Toontown Rewritten during its Beta stage. After the completion of a Beta Key ToonTask, you would have to visit HQ Officer in any Toon Headquarters in order to claim your reward. The HQ Officer would then notify you that you are able to view the rewarded beta key on your account by visiting the website.

A beta key was either to be given to another person or used by the holder if his/her account did not already have a beta key. These ToonTasks had a high rarity, and could only be obtained once a Toon had began completing ToonTasks in Daisy Gardens. They are no longer available as the game moved into Open Beta.

Task types

Cog specifics

Cog buildings

  • Defeat 2 two+ story Lawbot Buildings
  • Defeat 2 two+ story Sellbot Buildings
  • Defeat 4 two+ story Cog Buildings
  • Defeat 20 five+ story Lawbot Buildings
  • Defeat 40 two+ story Cog Buildings
  • Defeat 2 four+ story Cog Buildings

General Cogs

Cog Headquarters


  • The Beta Key ToonTasks, including the Toon Resistance ToonTasks in 2015, are the only special set of new tasks created by Toontown Rewritten.
  • These were the only ToonTasks that did not reward an item affecting the actual gameplay.
  • Before these ToonTasks were introduced, beta keys could only be earned through contests from the Toontown community.


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